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Abacus iPhone 5 / 5s Case

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  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


This is for iPhone 5 / 5s only. If you want the iPhone 4 / 4s case, follow this link.

Unleash the ultimate computing power of your iPhone! With this abacus case you can perform complicated mathematical operations, without even unlocking your phone. Add! Subtract! Even multiply! It will not drain your batteries, and will work underwater and in outer space.

The beads look like tiny apples that move smoothly and freely. You can rotate them when the case is off, so you will have to take a few seconds to line them up before snapping the case around the phone. The material is polished and smooth white, and you can dye it if you submerge it into a colored liquid, like a strong black tea, or if you stain it with wood varnish.


IN: 2.401 w x 2.401 d x 2.401 h
CM: 6.098 w x 12.622 d x 1.3 h