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Dancing Dice & Dominoes Puzzle

Dancing Dice & Dominoes Puzzle 3d printed Puzzles Games The puzzle in solved state
The puzzle in solved state
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This is a puzzle of my own design. It has nine tiles, numbered from one to nine. A tile can move by swapping it with one of its neighbours. Not all tiles can be swapped though. A pair of tiles can only be swapped when their sum is divisible by three or five.

The main challenge is to restore the puzzle in its original position, with the tiles in ascending order. More challenges of varying difficulty exist. Thirty-six are described in a separate booklet.

It is a fun puzzle. Each tile has its own movement constraints. Some are easier to move around than others. There are also no general recipes for changing the position of two or more tiles. You need to analyse and plan ahead to solve the puzzle. Mindless trial and error will not get you far.

You can see the puzzle in action on YouTube. You can also play it as a Flash game.


  • You need to assemble the puzzle yourself. Detailed assembly instructions are available on the forum or as PDF
  • Assembly requires eight screws. These are not included and need to be purchased separately elsewhere
  • The colored dots on the tiles shown on the photos are not part of the printed model. When desired, you have to purchase and add these yourself
  • In the photos the tiles have a different color than the frame. This is recommended. You can order the tiles and frame separately to independently select colors of your choice. This will, however, be more expensive than choosing a single color


IN: 3.543 w x 3.543 d x 3.543 h
CM: 9 w x 3 d x 9.09 h