Tiffany Yellow Diamond Modern Intpretation - nylon

Tiffany Yellow Diamond Modern Intpretation - nylon 3d printed Jewelry Pendants
For those who want a simple version of my modern reinterpretation of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond, the stone is represented by an interpretive framework.

For this simple version of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond sized "stone" just weave a chain through the facets and off you go!

In my other listing the stone framework appears as if set in a decorative prong setting.

This design is inspired by the real-life cut and size of the genuine stone. I had the idea for this piece while trying to find some artistic inspiration from a book I have on Tiffany Jewels.

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond was discovered in Victorian Era South Africa. At 128.54 carats the actual stone measures approximately 27mm x 28.25mm x 22.2mm

Through my artistic, Steampunk and modern lens, embellished with one C Westbrook Designs signature filigree accent.
cm: 2.72 w x 2.846 d x 2.214 h
in: 1.071 w x 1.12 d x 0.872 h


  • Coral Red Strong & Flexible Polished

    Pinkish red, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.