NanoSlider Duo

NanoSlider Duo 3d printed Keychains Pendants
The NanoSlider Duo is a cord slider or bead for lanyards. Two 4mm holes fit paracord or similar cords, and in the center is a cavity fitting two 1.5x6.0mm tritium vials.
Vials can be purchased from Veleno Designs
This lantern will require cleaning of the internal cavity for the vial. This is best done with a 1.6mm drill bit. If you are planning to use this bead as a sliding bead, we recommend also cleaning the 4mm paracord holes. Please visit my web page for more information.
cm: 1.408 w x 0.62 d x 1.5 h
in: 0.554 w x 0.244 d x 0.591 h


  • Matte Black Steel

    Treated for a matte black finish and textured with visible print lines.


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