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Candlestick Loopetal 13

Candlestick Loopetal 13 3d printed Accessories Gift Guide Render with a 10 cm (4") tall candle.
Render with a 10 cm (4") tall candle.
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Candlestick for 13mm (0.5") diameter and 10cm (4") tall or shorter candles.

For a design suitable for lit candles, check this better design:

This candlestick alone, without a candle, is perfect as a decorative object. Because of the low thickness of this design, the available materials have low temperature resistance, so you must not use this candlestick with a lit candle. Also, the materials are light, so the candlestick can overturn easily when used with an unlit candle.


IN: 2.255 w x 2.255 d x 2.255 h
CM: 5.728 w x 5.716 d x 8.768 h