Mini D4 Shell Dice Pendant

Mini D4 Shell Dice Pendant 3d printed Pendants Dice in Gold Plated Brass (top view)
in Gold Plated Brass (top view)
  • Polished Brass

    Pure brass that's hand-polished to a fine sheen.


This is a small version of the D4 Shell die, specially designed for Raw/Polished Bronze, Raw/Polished/Gold Plated Brass and also available in Silver.
The Mini D4 Shell Pendant is a four-sided die, so you can roll it: it's special shape makes it roll better than most of the polyhedral D4. And the result is very easy to read: it's just top the die!
And you can also wear it as a pendant: it is made so that you can hang it to a necklace and still show any of the four numbers from 1 to 4 the right way up.
If you like it, you will perhaps also appreciate the geometrical shape of the Dod Earrings...


IN: 0.557 w x 0.557 d x 0.557 h
CM: 1.414 w x 1.414 d x 1.5 h