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Cyber-Bob the FlatBead

Cyber-Bob the FlatBead 3d printed Keychains Pendants Shown with green tritium vials installed
Shown with green tritium vials installed
  • Stainless Steel

    Bronze-infused stainless steel with visible print lines and rough feel.


The f5 Designs FlatBead series are beads with internal cavities for tritium vials, unique in the market and completely impossible to make by machining.
The oval hole fits two 550 paracords side by side and the beads are very suitable for lanyards.
FlatBeads are made to fit 3 pcs 1.5x6.0mm tritium vials from Veleno Designs (not included)
Colors, prices and ordering info can be found here. When ordering, it is wise to specify that you are purchasing vials for a Renegade Productions product.

Please read my info page on tritium vials


IN: 0.518 w x 0.518 d x 0.518 h
CM: 1.316 w x 0.92 d x 0.99 h