E-Cig Cradle: The Nicolounger, web style

E-Cig Cradle: The Nicolounger, web style 3d printed Accessories Accessories
When you're at your desk, you get a chair. A nice chair, with armrests and lumbar support. And what does your trusty nic-stick sidekick get? It gets to lay there, among the paperclips, like it's a flippin' ball-point or something. This will not do.

This is a stand for an e-cigarette. Designed for ceramic, but should work in plastic, too. It holds devices from 14 to 28 mm in diameter. It has a 9mm slot for pass-through cord.

cm: 3.6 w x 7.46 d x 10.81 h
in: 1.417 w x 2.937 d x 4.256 h


  • Glazed Ceramics

    Bright white ceramic with a glossy, smooth finish. Food-safe.