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Mayfly Nymph Bug 1inch

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  • Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle.


Ultra realistic mayfly nymph to be used as a lure for fishing. You can print it in hard plastic and then make a mold from it for soft plastic baits or you can 3D print it in soft plastic and use it as a fishing lure. I originally designed this to be used for fly fisherman in 12mm, 25mm and 35mm but for 3D printing the 25mm and 35mm (1inch & 1.35inch) was the best option. This model is the 25mm which is 1 inch long. This lure can be used to catch trout, bass, panfish and more! Happy fishing!


IN: 1.802 w x 1.802 d x 1.802 h
CM: 4.576 w x 0.508 d x 1.762 h