Palm-Protect for MacBook Pro

Palm-Protect for MacBook Pro 3d printed Accessories Cases
A set of engineered Palm Protectors for the MacBook Pro. My inspiration were my wrists, who didn't want to look cut up anymore. Designed for the 15" unibody version. Available for sale, soon. First I'll test them on my own MacBook Pro and on different sizes.
cm: 11.64 w x 4.05 d x 9.54 h
in: 4.583 w x 1.594 d x 3.756 h


I am designing a protector of my own, but I do not have a macbook pro. I need the dimensions to include the mouse pad. Would you be willing to measure the palm rest and send me the dimensions?
January 5, 2014, 11:45 pm
Not For Sale