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Regent T3 ( Sentinel )

Regent T3 ( Sentinel ) 3d printed SciFi Board games XIA Tier 3 spacecraft REGULATION XIA SPEC
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Regent T3 Sentinel - Tier 3 XIA spacecraft with 3mm mount hole. REGULATION XIA SPEC!! The Regent series of craft is based off of two basic spacer needs: Firepower and MO'aR Firepower. The evolution of Tier 3 provides DOUBLE the Offensive capability of the T2 design harnessing Quad Heavy Plasma-Fusion reactors to supply the outter vector field engines and their inline weapons banks independently. Each augmented with its own double axis gyroscopic stabilizer array for control, accuracy and increase powerplant output efficiency. Sufficient streamlining, flight control surfaces (atmospheric) and engine output to cope with its increased mass, the Sentinel has forgone some of its agility by means of armor plating in key areas.This is a single-minded Killer in the hostile environment of the outter rim. Regent Systems Bonus: Plus on all ATT rolls. Optimized for WSFP.


IN: 1.387 w x 1.387 d x 1.387 h
CM: 3.524 w x 3.862 d x 2.258 h