Regent T1 ( Interceptor )

by Daviuss
Regent T1 ( Interceptor ) 3d printed SciFi Board games XIA Tier 1 spacecraft REGULATION XIA SPEC
Regent T1 Interceptor - Tier 1 XIA spacecraft with 3mm mount hole. REGULATION XIA SPEC!! The Regent series of craft is based off of two basic spacer needs: Agilty and Firepower. The basic tier 1 provides for these needs in FULL ( but little else ). Low mass design harnessing dual plasma fusion reactors to supply the outer vector field engines and their inline weapons banks independently augmented with their own double axis gyroscopic stabilizer array ensures powerplant output and efficiency for the added firing systemry over lower priority systems like crew quarters and life-support. ( You KNOW You won't be needing sleep anyhow ) Sufficient streamlining, flight control surfaces (atmospheric) and enough vectored engine output that you might forget to grab yer throttle with BOTH hands. Negatives?!? What Negati~ oh...Hold Space?!?! Ain't Nobody got Time Fo Dat!! Don't plan on hauling much ( It adds to this lean beauty's mass and there's no room for more crew anyhow ) This is a single-minded Killer in the hostile environment of the outter rim. Regent Systems Bonus: Plus on all ATT rolls. Optimized for WSFP.


IN: 0.844 w x 0.799 d x 0.446 h
CM: 2.144 w x 2.03 d x 1.132 h


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Anyhow, I should have time to get to work on that tomorrow after work =) At this point at least the rendering is done, it's just a matter of reconfiguring the STL files, re-cleaning and compacting the forms, uploading the files. Most of the time will actually be spend in navigating shapeways new page setups and postings lol =)
6 hours ago
Ok, so You mean 3 packs of the SAME model then? You haven't answered that detail lol =) To be honest I've contemplated making squadron variant packs for a while now but wasn't sure if anyone would want them. Guess that answers that question. Answer me this: How would You feel about a variant squadron pack ( for example a slipstream 1A 1B 1E ) or would You prefer all 3 the same in those cases? I could release both given the time anyhow I suppose. Oh, and You are quite welcome =) I'm just glad there's people that appreciate it =)
6 hours ago
If we can get all the models in sets of three that would be awesome, and I understand about shapeways little annoyances. Thank you for the hard work!
6 hours ago
@weregobbie Sure! When I get the time. Been kinda hectic lately and shapeways keeps changing the way we post models. =) Now do You mean like 3 T1's in a pack or a pack with T1,2 and 3 together?
6 hours ago
Can we get your Nomad series and your Regent series ships in sets of three and all in atleast White Strong Flexible Polished? (And/Or Frosted Detail?)
7 hours ago


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