Fishing Lure 2 - Diving with wobble body

Fishing Lure 2 - Diving with wobble body 3d printed Accessories
This fishing lure has a jointed body to make it wiggle like a minnow with a spoon to make it dive. This can mimic the look of a freshly wounded fish or the motion can generate a strike! It works well on medium to deeper water. The body would benefit from being printed with 100% solidity and be used on a line tied directly to the eyelet. Painting is up to you. The fancy lures in the stores are for our benefit but the fish respond to some basic rules. Shape and silhouette are important. Fish are pretty much colour blind but flashing metallic colours are good to get their attention so a base of silver with clear model paint sounds like a good formula. Try to render markings similar to local fish.
cm: 10.046 w x 2 d x 2.338 h
in: 3.955 w x 0.787 d x 0.92 h


  • Satin Black Ceramics

    Muted black ceramic with a matte, smooth finish. Food-safe.