Earring (piston)

Earring (piston) 3d printed Jewelry Earrings
The first thing I want to say is sorry for my English (and from Ukraine, I do not know the language, I use the Google translator, so certain words may not make sense) This is my first model that I posted on this site. The idea of ??creating this earrings belongs to my brother, who advised me to create something extraordinary, non-recurring and proposed the creation of an earring in the form of a piston. After two hours of "torture" I created it ... I hope you enjoy my work =)
cm: 2.15 w x 4.982 d x 2.176 h
in: 0.846 w x 1.961 d x 0.857 h


I'm stuck on these pistons
June 25, 2013, 6:43 pm
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