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Long Freighter

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Here we have for you today, a Babylon 5 style long freighter. Very common ships through out the galaxy. Good way to haul goods, ore, or sadly refugee's. Because this ship wasn't designed for passengers, it's extreme conditions at the worst. This is 1/1000 scale. Great for gaming of all sorts. Be sure to check our shop for many more items to go with this. Plus lots of other things that may peak your interest. This is an old design from TheVerse. Sadly ShapeWays has found an error that required me to seal up the cargo pods. Increasing the cost of this. I'll look into having someone repairing this as I don't know how to hallow out a ship. Stay tuned. Markup has been dropped on this model.


IN: 1.862 w x 1.862 d x 1.862 h
CM: 4.73 w x 12.4 d x 1.612 h