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Woven glove

Not For Sale
A woven glove in a basic triaxial weaving pattern. The fit is pretty close but not perfect: it's not based on a 3D scan but on a sculpt I made in Sculptris over a picture of my left hand.

I think there are 18 separate components/loops. The ring finger happens to have a few small rings running around it...

The wire is 1 mm across, which is a little too fragile. I expected more flexibility, I can just wiggle my fingers a bit. The weave is a bit loose, so the wires won't stay in their place very well which makes them look a little irregular. It doesn't matter because it was just a test that I didn't want to be too expensive.

If you are interested in this model, or a glove based on a 3D scan of your own hand, please contact me using the "Contact Designer" link. Other weaving patterns are also possible, as seen in one of the pictures.


IN: 8.29 w x 8.29 d x 8.29 h
CM: 21.056 w x 5.82 d x 21.72 h


That is so cool!
January 3, 2014, 2:09 am