Cage Ear cuff Ear Wrap Medium

Cage Ear cuff Ear Wrap Medium 3d printed Jewelry Earrings
Modern, sleek ear wrap in a cage-style aesthetic. Great in any color, with any outfit. A great way to fancy any regular updo. Slips on with no need for any piercings. So comfy you'll forget it's there- plus, no need to worry about it slipping off because it hugs the ear perfectly! (but check measurements just to be sure) styling tip: throw your hair in a top knot or casual pony to provide your audience the best view of your unique ear cuff ;) otherwise, this piece is super versatile and will work with practically any outfit! I will say I believe this is best printed in nylon/plastic, as I have not tested one in metal yet. If the fit is right, the result could be incredible in a gold plated metal I believe, but I think the bendability of the plastic prints is ideal for this design. I made it an option to print in gold plated if anyone wants to take the risk! I say it is a medium because I believe my ears are probably medium or a bit above average size and this fits mine perfect. The inner gap of the ear cuff (the part where the outside of your ear is cased) is approx 7mm wide. The outside lip of the ear cuff (the part which hugs the cartilage of your ear) is approx 4mm wide.
cm: 0.986 w x 3.18 d x 1.38 h
in: 0.388 w x 1.252 d x 0.543 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.