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Pirates 3" Buckle - 2 Prong

Pirates 3" Buckle - 2 Prong 3d printed Jewelry Belts Finished Belt
Finished Belt
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  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


1800's style 3 inch, 2 Prong Buckle. Styled from that worn by Edward Kenway from the upcoming AC4: Black Flag game.
Use with a 3" wide belt such as Tandy Leathers' 3" x 50" cowhide leather strip #4578-00 or Tandy Leathers' 3" x 66" cowhide leather strip #4579-10
AC4 fans should also be sure to check out the Baldric model I also offer thru my shop! Link: PIRATES BALDRIC PART SET


IN: 2.998 w x 2.998 d x 2.998 h
CM: 7.614 w x 2.844 d x 9.524 h