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Exploding Ball 5cm

Exploding Ball 5cm 3d printed Puzzles Games Assembled puzzle in hand.
Assembled puzzle in hand.
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Assemble ten identical pieces (plus a small icosahedron) into a 5 cm diameter ball. The geometry here is very confusing, but it is based on a dissection of an icosahedron. More than 10 prototypes were made of this puzzle, because the angles have to be just right, and proper exploding depends on the friction between the pieces. The pieces need to be quite smooth for proper operation, so it is now available only in polished, white strong and flexible. The photos show how I have dyed it in 5 colors.

The small icosahedron can be replaced by a standard size D20 (~19mm face to face, the photos show a Game Science D20). This puzzle fits rather tightly out of the box, but loosens up with time.

This puzzle was designed by Stephen Chin. In 2010, the wooden version won an award in an international puzzle design competition.

Can be purchased at (depending on availability).


IN: 1.904 w x 1.904 d x 1.904 h
CM: 4.836 w x 11.118 d x 5.29 h


Read about this puzzle on the Shapeways forum:
April 26, 2010, 5:17 pm