Dots And Boxes, Elegant Edition

Dots And Boxes, Elegant Edition 3d printed Board games
This Dots and Boxes board game is designed to fit Scrabble tiles. I used to play Dots and Boxes in school on paper. Players take turns drawing lines between dots on a grid. If you make a square with four dots you put your initial in the square and draw another line. This is a 3d print design of a wooden version I made a while ago. Same idea but players stand tiles up in the slots, if you surround a square you lay one of your tiles face up on the square. A really good player can gain control of the game and force their opponent all over the board. As play progresses long chains of squares called "snakes", dead ends, singles and "fours" all show up on the play area. You need 85 scrabble tiles to play this game. I didn't include tiles since it would be too expensive to print. One player plays the blank side of the tiles and the other plays the letter side. Google Dots and Boxes for more about game play and some pretty good computer versions of the game.
cm: 12.8 w x 12.8 d x 1.55 h
in: 5.039 w x 5.039 d x 0.61 h


  • Sandstone

    Delicate and grainy, with a coarse finish and sand-like color.