Air Hockey Table Billiards Pool Puck Set

Air Hockey Table Billiards Pool Puck Set 3d printed Board games Toys
These are Air Hockey table pucks for playing pool on your Air Hockey table. They are sized just a bit less than regulation pool ball diameter. Just like a real set they are numbered one to fifteen and are either solid or striped. Use your favorite pool hall rules adapted to two pockets and the mild insanity that is Air Pool. There is also a matching Cue-Ball Puck. I did not include a rack since getting one printed would be too costly. These will line up in a standard pool table rack. You can play with regular air hockey paddles but I also have cue stick adapters for sale here either separately in 5 degree and ten degree models or one of each in a set. So don't let that Air Hockey table gather any more dust. These will be printed white but can be colored at home as you like. Performance will vary depending on your table and how much beer you drink...just like real pool.
cm: 30.7 w x 19.9 d x 0.5 h
in: 12.087 w x 7.835 d x 0.197 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.