1/100 SU-86 Siege Tank

1/100 SU-86 Siege Tank 3d printed Miniatures Vehicles
One of my own designs, the monstrous SU-86 siege tank or self-propelled gun. This is based on my T-86 chassis, except that the hull is slightly deeper to make room for the relocated engine and large magazine. The SU-86 is armed with a 300 mm main gun, the type found on rail cars during World War I. Such massive weaponry merits a very heavy platform to support it; according to my calculations, the SU-86 would weigh around 120 tonnes (which is heavier than any WWI tank but still lighter than the German Maus). The SU-86 could conceivably be used as a tank destroyer, but is far more useful for bombarding enemy cities and military bases with explosive and incendiary shells.
cm: 7.602 w x 10.1 d x 3.524 h
in: 2.993 w x 3.976 d x 1.387 h


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