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ALLY Minimalist Wallet v1.0

ALLY Minimalist Wallet v1.0 3d printed Accessories Wallets Material : White Strong & Flexible Polished
Material : White Strong & Flexible Polished
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


The ALLY minimalist clip wallet uses the flexibility of the "Strong and Flexible" polyamide material here at Shapeways and a tensioned clip design to clamp onto your credit/debit/member/ID cards and cash.

Version 1.0 can securely fit 1-3 cards which can be easily inserted and removed through an opening at the bottom. The durable design makes it perfect for taking on jogs, bike rides or days at the beach. Unfortunately, inserting cash can be tricky once 3 cards are already in the clip. This is something which will be fixed in later versions.

NOTE: I made some minor adjustments to the design which are reflected in the 3D renderings; the print pictured above has been slightly modified . No major adjustements were made, so you can expect a fully functional product as described.


IN: 2.2 w x 2.2 d x 2.2 h
CM: 5.588 w x 9 d x 1.004 h