9mm Heavy Duty Camera Rig

by KandT
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

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I created this remote camera rig for the more serious work. It serves as the base for camera specific mounts such at the 9mm GoPro Mount found here. This rig will allow you to mount and unmount your camera setup in seconds, without making any modifications to your heli, making that this mount can be easily passed around on the field.

The rig fits to 9mm skids such as found on Align T-Rex helicopters, but in general any 9mm skid will be fine. The rig is fastened using M5 bolts, such as the GoPro Thumb Screws. If you don't have GoPro Thumb Screws available, a normal M5 bolt with a washer will do fine.

This item consists of both the left and right side part.

A 9mm rod will connect both skid pipes, providing a very stable base for mounting camera's. The rod used in the pictures is a skid pipe from an Align T-Rex 700 which can be found in any hobby shop.

While the rig was been tested on various helicopters including Align T-Rex 600, T-Rex 700 and the T-Rex 800 Trekker please do keep in mind this is a fixed setup: any existing vibrations caused your heli will be transferred to the camera, as this rig has no antivibration mechanisms built in.

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IN: 2.106 w x 1.319 d x 1.22 h
CM: 5.348 w x 3.35 d x 3.1 h


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@mydiva Thanks for notifying this, it seems the Shapeways message system doesn't like the "&" in my username. Meanwhile I changed the username to "KandT" which seems to work fine. Looking forward to receiving your message.
July 29, 2013, 9:34 am
@k&T thank you for your quick replay! I use to write you but i get always this error: Writing a Private Message There was an error There is no user named "K&T" in this forum. What can i do? -------- The quality of this parts are perfect an fits perfect.!!
July 29, 2013, 9:14 am
@mydiva Hi Mydiva, I'm happy to receive input: the easiest way to send a picture is to klick on "K&T" on the top of this window and use "Send Message" (I prefer not to post my e-mail address out in the open to avoid spam), please let me know if this works for you. About the vibrations, as I noted in the GoPro design this is a fixed mount, so any vibrations on the heli will be visible on the pictures. A couple of tips: obviously it will help to get rid of the vibrations on your heli, that's a no brainer (balance blades, tail blades etc...). What I did is: while filming experiment by adding various amounts of tape on the blades, see if it helps. Also, the head speed can have a big impact, if you lower the head speed you'll see a significant reduction in vibrations. Try setting the Idle 1 speed as low as you feel comfortable, keeping Idle 2 normal. During flight, while filming switch from Idle 2 to Idle 1, while the head is slowing down, check if there's a sweet spot: that's the speed to run at. Finally if all of this doesn't help: try using a carbon fibre rod instead of an aluminium one, it turns out the aluminium rod has quite some flex in it, which in some cases tends to amplify the vibrations.
July 29, 2013, 8:17 am
Dear K&T I have buy the 9mm Heavy Duty Camera Rig and 9mm GoPro Mount for T-Rex Heavy Duty Camera Rig. I have test it and the result are very but becouse of the vibrations. I have find out and other way to mount the gopro on the 600 EFL Pro. Can you please give me your email adress that i can send you pitcture? Maybe you can make an another system.
July 29, 2013, 7:49 am


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