Planetary Atom Pendant

Planetary Atom Pendant 3d printed Necklaces Pendants
This spectacular looking pendant is a depiction of the atomic planetary model. It shows the paths of 3 electrons in orbit around the nucleus. It is geeky yet very stylish and anyways, nerdy is definitely a winning trend at the moment. Great for anyone interested in science and looks fantastic in any of the metal materials, alumide, acrylics or plastics. Don't miss out on this amazing piece of jewelry! Necklace not included.
cm: 3.534 w x 4 d x 0.392 h
in: 1.391 w x 1.575 d x 0.154 h


This is the secret ATOM master pendant. Search this site for smaller atoms , you may wear as beads, or charms.
December 22, 2013, 10:14 pm
  • Stainless Steel

    Bronze-infused stainless steel with visible print lines and rough feel.


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