Make a Pony!

Make a Pony! 3d printed Figurines Toys
Some friends expressed interest in a blank base to make their own versions of ponies, so I put this together! :3

If you would like variations with hair, rather than sculpting your own, I would be happy to accommodate. Please get in touch with me, and I'll try to get something up here for you. The same goes for custom poses and facial expressions. Keep in mind: any additions or alterations to the current design could add to the cost of the item due to increased material used. I have no control over material costs.

SOME WARNINGS: I have not tested baking this with Sculpey additions yet. As it has a lower maximum temperature than Sculpey's curing temperature, I'll have to do tests to see how it performs within this material's limitations. IF YOU BAKE THIS WITH SCULPEY, PLEASE DO NOT EXCEED THE MATERIAL'S MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE OF 176 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT.
cm: 2.86 w x 5.124 d x 7.62 h
in: 1.126 w x 2.017 d x 3 h


  • White Strong & Flexible Polished

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.