Keychain Mustache

Keychain Mustache 3d printed Keychains Fashion Cool. All Up In Your Pocket
Cool. All Up In Your Pocket
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  • Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle.


What can we say. Look at it. These badboys are awesome: Like wrestling alligators on the sun type of awesome. Like riding bareback on the endangered spine of a California Condor as it soars above the sea type of awesome. Like shaving the hair off your cat and dressing him in a cat sized tuxedo with tails, top hat and monocle type of awesome. Like Astronaut Bill Cosby awesome. Like 25ft Holographic Chris Farley and Tupac Reunion Concert Awesome. But don't take these convincing examples words for it. That's How Awesome This Is! Mustache. Awesome.


IN: 2.839 w x 2.839 d x 2.839 h
CM: 7.212 w x 1.036 d x 2.626 h