1/100 KV-2 Turret, 152 mm Howitzer

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This is the slab-sided turret and 152 mm howitzer found on a variant of the Soviet KV-2 heavy tank. This turret added an extra 10 tonnes (the KV-1 weighed 43 tonnes, the KV-2 weighed 53), making the KV-2 too heavy for its engine and transmission. As a result, breakdowns were common, and only 969 were produced before other tanks took its place, such as the SU-152, essentially the same tank but without the rotating turret. This is also the turret used on Rhunnish guard towers and the Rhunnish assault howitzers SSU-10 and SSU-12-150, the former being identical to the KV-2 and the latter being identical except for an 800-hp engine and better transmisson.


IN: 0.748 w x 0.748 d x 0.748 h
CM: 1.9 w x 6.034 d x 2.3 h