Galaxy S3 Touareg case

Galaxy S3 Touareg case 3d printed Gadgets Cases

Phone case for a Samsung Galaxy S3. Tested to fit.

These are printed with a laser sintered plastic and should be sealed for best longevity. Basically they are porous by nature. I use Future floor shine by Pledge, however, any sealer for plastic will work.

These are printed in a hard plastic with very tight tolerances and might need a very thin layer of silicone to completely eliminate shifting. Most do not need anything.

If you order something offered other than the White Strong and Flexible or the Black your print will be polished at Shapeways. The polishing process removes material and might effect fit. In some cases you will need to add a small coat of silicone or throw a business card in between the case and the phone to eliminate shifting.

For my Galaxy S3 models click here.

cm: 7.256 w x 13.856 d x 1.312 h
in: 2.857 w x 5.455 d x 0.517 h


  • Black Strong & Flexible

    Black nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.