Bumblebee Elbow Upgrade Ratcheted

Bumblebee Elbow Upgrade Ratcheted 3d printed SciFi Toys
This is an elbow upgrade to allow rotf cannon bumblebee and hftd battle blades bumblebee deluxe figures to have another point of articulation on the elbows, and it makes the arm look longer without making it look weird and allows cannon and blades bee to have a proper elbow movement though blades bee arms should not peg in place due the new longer elbows on vehicle mode, though they will still fit and for cannon they will fit, just need a little fiddling on the vehicle mode this is the ratcheted version tightness may vary from figure to figure and version to version or even on the same version of the figure, so be aware of that, just a little sanding or nail polish coat will help sadly it wont work on the dotm figure, may work on the first movie new camaro version(or remold) still working on the hftd compatibility, will be available when done
cm: 2.686 w x 1.25 d x 0.6 h
in: 1.057 w x 0.492 d x 0.236 h


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