Paper Roll Dispenser Swirl

Paper Roll Dispenser Swirl 3d printed Accessories Sculptures
For anyone who likes to use quality rolls of toilet paper as an alternative to standard tissue paper that's dispensed out of boxes, and for anyone who likes to save money in the long term, here is the swirl designed Paper Roll Dispenser (3rd of 3 designs). In addition to the cost-effectiveness, from my experience toilet paper rolls have a distinct advantage over regular tissue paper, being a more efficient way of clearing out your nose and even eye (crust). Take a quality ribbed roll of toilet paper (I recommend the Kleenex Cottonelle) and place securely into the dispenser. Take out to dispense as much needed and place back in. Finally, it looks a lot better than having a roll of toilet paper sit on your desk or shelf on its own in your living room or office. Please check out my HTC video
cm: 13.844 w x 13.866 d x 11.56 h
in: 5.45 w x 5.459 d x 4.551 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.