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Crash Striker (Cache)

  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


"Focused power. The Crash Striker fires explosive energy bolts, heated to burn a large area on impact. The weapon's body is devoted to condensing energy supplies, forcing energy through thin bands within the Crash Striker's structure just before firing. Access to energy condensers within its frame allow the Crash Striker to attach to the Crash Cannon, enabling both weapons to operate on regular energy supplies. Three sharpened claws mounted on the front of the Crash Striker allow the weapon to be used for stabbing, three cuts and the offer of a point-blank shot a common occurrence. Battlefield testing reported a weapon with highly destructive capabilities and an intimidating presence, though its threat of a burn broke formations more often than it did circuitry."


IN: 1.18 w x 1.18 d x 1.18 h
CM: 2.996 w x 2.498 d x 7.516 h