Cube Star : The Sun, 1 inch

Cube Star : The Sun, 1 inch 3d printed Sculptures SciFi
If the stars were cubes, the universe would be one wacky place. Now with your very own Sun cube, you can keep your favorite star in its proper spot: on your desk, in a box, or carefully stacked with other cube planets around it! Neatly avoids all 'rolling' problems found with other representations of stars and planets. The Sun is marked with its initial inside to help identify it in case of confusion. -Please note: Real stars planet are not cubes, they are spheres. Mostly.-
cm: 2.54 w x 2.54 d x 2.54 h
in: 1 w x 1 d x 1 h


  • Full Color Sandstone

    Fully colored material with a coarse finish and a delicate feel.


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