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Little Darling Ring

  • Polished Silver

    Smooth and slightly textured sterling silver hand-polished to a mild sheen.


Affectionately known is "Little Darlings" or "Cobra Lilly's" the Darlingtonia is native to extreme Northern California and Southern Oregon. Nearly impossible to cultivate in captivity, the darlings prefer to run rampant in the wild, often found huddling together, waiting to strike.

This ring is a size 6, however due to it's unconventional form, can run +/- 1/2 size.

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Notes on materials:

Silver / Stainless Steel: Will have a slightly rough and/or pitted surface finish.

Glossy Silver: Glossy on the outside, less glossy on the inside. Reflections should be mostly even.

Premium Silver: You're going to blind yourself in it's shine.

WSF Polished: Milky and smooth, can get dirty over time but possible to scrub clean and dye. Costume jewelry: good for a night out on the town - not your sisters wedding.


IN: 0.776 w x 0.776 d x 0.776 h
CM: 1.972 w x 3.498 d x 2.034 h