Yosemite Bulk Head Log Car - N Scale 1:160

Yosemite Bulk Head Log Car - N Scale 1:160 3d printed Model trains Miniatures

This is a kit for a Yosemite Valley Railroad log car (second generation with the square bulk head). It requires standard trucks, bolster pins and Micro-trains Z 903 body mount couplers. It has holes in the deck for securing log chains, planking detail as well as a detailed underside.

This kit is only printable in the FUD material and will require cleaning before painting. I recommend washing with warm soapy water then soaking in 'Goo Gone' or a similar non-corrosive product for 24 hours. Then rinsing off with warm water and allowing to dry.

Log load, chain, trucks, bolster pins, wheels and couplings are not included in kit.

Please note the photos of the painted product are of the 1st run which was not as detailed as this one. The deck planks have now been made all different, some slightly overhang the frame, some are slightly too short.

For more information please see my blog - www.jamestrainparts.wordpress.com

cm: 7.1 w x 1.714 d x 1.566 h
in: 2.795 w x 0.675 d x 0.617 h


  • Frosted Ultra Detail

    Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.