Bridge Pick Holder - Steinberger Bridge - Smooth

Bridge Pick Holder - Steinberger Bridge - Smooth 3d printed Music
The Valley Bridge Pick Holder is designed to clip onto the bridge of your bass keeping your picks close at hand without any permanent modifications to your axe or nasty tape residue. The patent pending Bridge Pick Holder simply clips over the outside bridge saddles without touching the strings or blocking palm muting.

FITS: Steinberger 5-string bridge found on makes such as Steinberger and Hohner headless basses. Tested on a Hohner B2A 5 bass with the Steinberger 5 bridge. The face of the holder features a smooth surface. It holds picks with a minimum thickness of .5mm (.016").

Other versions are in the works to fit many of the popular and stock bridges. Select "Strong & Flexible - Polished" for a smooth finish (except recessed areas) or standard "Strong & Flexible" for a textured finish. Realize that some details (points, edges) are worn down on the Polished models due to the polishing process.
cm: 8 w x 2.638 d x 3.106 h
in: 3.15 w x 1.039 d x 1.223 h


  • White Strong & Flexible Polished

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


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