Cumulus Cufflink #504 Demi

Cumulus Cufflink #504 Demi 3d printed Cufflinks
This cufflink is a demi size.

The regular size of #504 is also available.

Cumulus is a family of designed objects reminiscent of cloud formations—not only for its rhetorical appearance, but for it’s capacity to morph, adapt, and change. Clouds are often perceived to carry significance beyond their physical states. Some perceive stories or memories in clouds. While some individual items in the Cumulus family appear familiar as a known type—for instance the pearl—the same system transforms, mutates, multiplies, and evolves into a family of solutions, each producing their own identity within the large family of cloud formations.

The cufflink manifestations of Cumulus are designed to be pressure fit into a standard buttonhole. The single ball end is just small enough to pass through this hole with a concentrated pressure, while large enough not to pull out without directed effort.

cm: 2.86 w x 2.708 d x 1.628 h
in: 1.126 w x 1.066 d x 0.641 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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