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Flexible woven bracelet, 11 strand

Flexible woven bracelet, 11 strand 3d printed Mathematical Art Bracelets Bracelets printed in royal blue strong and flexible, size small
Bracelets printed in royal blue strong and flexible, size small
  • Royal Blue

    Dark blue, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.



I have been playing with braid designs since making a braided wedding band and matching bracelets for my fiancée. I tried stretching out the weave of the braid, to the point that the strands become separate from each other. The result can't be printed in metal (at least in any of Shapeways' processes), but in return it becomes very flexible! This design is made of a braid of eleven strands through each other, separate but interlocked. I also have a thinner, nine-strand version. As you can see in the photos, these bracelets are very flexible. The weave changes shape, becoming a thin solid weave or a wide and widely-spaced weave, depending on how the bracelet is flexed. They even bounce.

Please select a size when ordering. The lengths listed are the inside circumference of the bracelet in its relaxed state. They stretch a bit, which makes it easier to fit them over your hand. If you would like a size other than the ones listed, just choose 'other/custom' and tell me what size you would like in the 'special instructions' window.


IN: 2.659 w x 2.659 d x 2.659 h
CM: 6.754 w x 6.754 d x 2.398 h