'First Flight' 3D Relief Micro-Painting / Large

'First Flight' 3D Relief Micro-Painting / Large 3d printed Accessories Desk Toys

A tribute to the amazing achievement of human flight and the Wright brothers who ushered a new era into a new century.

Based on the famous 1903 photograph, this is a 3D relief framed micro-painting representation sized at

In: 4.0 w x 3.0 d x 0.3 h / Cm: 10.1 w x 7.6 d x 0.8 h

This is the large sized option. You can get the regular size one, here.

This item is part of a product line of framed micro-paintings called ''3D History'', depicting famous photographs and artwork of important historical, artistic, scientific and sociopolitical background. These micro-paintings can be displayed on a desk, a bookshelf, glued on a wall (via blue tack or double sided tape/foam) or even used as elaborate fridge magnets, if magnets are attached on the back.  

The painting 3D relief is not made by automated software which usually extrudes certain characteristics, up to a single height level. The relief is achieved manually and several techniques are employed to enhance the final result where applicable, depending on the subject (artificial horizon, full/partial 3D scene reconstruction, light enhancing presentation etc.).

The item is not self standing - A stand such as this is recommended for optimal display.

Note: The stand pictured with the 'First Flight' micro-painting is not included with the item. It must be purchased separately.

cm: 10.1 w x 7.566 d x 0.784 h
in: 3.976 w x 2.979 d x 0.309 h


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