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Dice Fair or Not? [message #19696] Wed, 27 October 2010 06:19 UTC Go to previous message
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Do you care if a die is fair or not?[ 9 vote(s) ]
1.Yes I only want fair dice 3 / 33%
2.Yes but if it looks cool enough it doesn't mater 5 / 56%
3.No looks are all that mater 1 / 11%

With the exception of the 1 die labeled Loaded all my dice have been designed to roll fair. By that I mean:

1) Have a center of gravity within 10um of the dies center(often within 0.1um)
2) All faces have an equally sized area to land on if landing on a flat surface
3) Dice are numbered so oposit sides add to 1 more then the number of sides.
4) All numbers between 1 and the number of sides are used only once.

This desire to make fair has even been extended to my two 4 dimensional dice though rule 1 is only accurate on the 3d model and not the 4d object it represents.

To do this I have had to jump through some hoops with some of my designs.(for example adding pegs to the missing cubes corners in my inverted die design.

I have no intention to change my practice of always making fair unless purposely making loaded, but I wondered what other designers believe that it is important to follow these 4 rules and also weather or not the collectors out there care.

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