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Forum: Co-Creator Feedback
 Topic: Co-creator pricing in strong and flexible plastic
Co-creator pricing in strong and flexible plastic [message #104707] Thu, 11 December 2014 20:45 UTC
avatar drloris  is currently offline drloris
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I figured I'd post this here rather than in the shapeJS forum, because it's presumably a shared issue.

How does the new pricing scheme for Strong & Flexible Plastic work with co-creators?

For example, suppose I created a co-creator describing arbitrary geometric shapes, all with volume of, say, 6 cubic centimetres.
Then the max volume would obviously be 6.001cm^3 or something.

But the machine cm^3 would vary depending on whether it was a sphere, cylinder, cube, torus or whatever.

Do I have to worry about that? Would models get rejected for having too much surface?

Furthermore, is there an issue with number of separate pieces?
 Topic: Co-Creator Exceeded Max Volume Issue
Co-Creator Exceeded Max Volume Issue [message #103031] Sun, 16 November 2014 20:54 UTC
avatar bluecaboosestudio  is currently offline bluecaboosestudio
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The volume of my original model is 3.170 cm^3, and the only co-creator option is to change its color. Color doesn't affect volume, so I made the co-creator max_volume field 3.170 to match the original model. I placed an order for the default color of the model, yellow, so on my co-creator todo list I simply re-uploaded the exact same model file that was already on the site, but then I received an email telling me I've "exceeded the max_volume allowed on the co-creator template."

In the same order, I'm also having 8 other models printed where I ordered the "default" color and just reuploaded the files for them that were already on the site, and for each of them I didn't receive any errors. Those 8 also have max_volume set exactly the same as the original model.

My solution: To make the order go through, I simply took about 0.001 cm^3 off the problem model and uploaded that slightly smaller file to my todo list, and then in my customization settings I increased max_volume to 3.1701 so that any future orders will go through without a hitch.

I'm wondering if maybe the issue is that the original model has a volume of something like 3.1701 cm^3, and though Shapeways doesn't show the last digit, it's taking it into account when processing the co-creator max_volume field.
 Topic: Shapeways Insiders!
Shapeways Insiders! [message #95484] Wed, 06 August 2014 17:07 UTC
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Do you think you have what it takes to be a Shapeways Insider? Do you have helpful knowledge of materials? Do you want more from your shop?

Well than we're looking for you! Read more here on the blog and be sure to fill out the form linked here.

I learned a long time ago the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side, be an advocate for myself and others like me. -Maya Angelou Community Advocate
 Topic: Re-ordering of rejected models
Re-ordering of rejected models [message #63359] Wed, 06 March 2013 17:02 UTC
avatar vaclav.mazany  is currently offline vaclav.mazany
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From time to time Shapeways changes it's strict rules for the 3d printing process, which is kinda normal. But when this happens and someone orders the model, which gets rejected (it doesn't actually matter, if it's because of this), even when it was printed several times before. I know this was discussed here in the Forums already many times.
But, can't you (Shapeways) contact the designer (me), before you cancel the order and issue a refund ? I'm talking about co-creators which were printed already before. This is actually driving me nuts, as I have to contact the customer, he has to reorder it and so on.
I mean, I have 4 days to complete the order - because it's a co-creator, but you cancel the order strait away. Why not contact me, send me the screenshots with the issues, I will send / re-send the STL model, you'll check it and we WON'T BOTHER the customer with this stupid process of him re-ordering stuff.
One way or another, you still do check the model everytime I resubmit it, the price stays the same (it's a co-creator), there's plenty of time to finish the updated model (it's a co-creator), so what's the point in cancelling the orders and pushing customers to reorder it?
Again, I'm talking about model (co-creator), which WAS printed before, but rules changed from that time.
 Topic: Are the variables stored in shapeways?
Are the variables stored in shapeways? [message #45671] Sun, 18 March 2012 22:33 UTC
avatar skatersollie  is currently offline skatersollie
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I was just looking into this and is probably what i've been looking thought it was something the name of the title.. I thought it was a collaboration of designs by many didfferent designers. when in reality it's a template design interface...So basically it's where the designer models and places certain variables theat the customer may select.. Are the varibales stored in the shapeways database or does the customer specify and then models are reuploaded by the designer..The main feature i'd use is for scaling different sizes and colors...I guess the best way to find out is just try it out myself..
 Topic: Ring sales by size
Ring sales by size [message #45606] Fri, 16 March 2012 21:34 UTC
avatar cymonsgames  is currently offline cymonsgames
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As this is related to co-creators I'll post it here. i hope this is the right forum for this sort of stuff.

I was wondering if anyone has some sort of data sample of ring sales by size. I can't find it online at all. Something like "out of 100 sales X were size Y:" and so forth.
 Topic: 2 issues with co-creators
2 issues with co-creators [message #36428] Tue, 11 October 2011 17:38 UTC
avatar Magic  is currently offline Magic
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Hi all,

I had to face recently two issues with co-creators.

First the error message for co-creators is not explicit.
There was a problem when I uploaded one of my co-creators and I got the following message:


We are sorry to report that there is a problem with your personalized template
Happy Event Bead, Event Bead

It did not pass the check model_correction.

This message is typically of no use.
I uploaded the very same model in my shop (without going through the co-creator mechanism) and this time I got this message:

We just finished processing your product, Event Bead Sky, and ran a few checks on it to make sure your product can be printed.

Unfortunately, we were not able to process and thus print your product. The error message was:
Your object has not the correct size.

The size is 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00 cm / 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00 inch.

OK, now I can do something. Knowing the problem, you can fix it.
Can we have the same level of detail on message error for co-creators as for standard models?

Second, when i tried to fix the issue, I went back to the co-creator customization page and the customization texture was not visible anymore:
This is a huge bug. I had saved the image before, so I was able to go on anyway, but what if I did not keep a copy of this image? It would have been impssible to finish the customization.

Anyone noticed the same things?

So many things to design, so little time...
 Topic: Managing Co-creation template
Managing Co-creation template [message #22054] Sun, 02 January 2011 23:03 UTC
avatar artificial  is currently offline artificial
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There are two things that annoys me with the the (web)design of "Manage Template Details".
If I want to change anything, I have to click "Manage Template Details", then unpublish the model as a template, and then re-click the "Manage Template Details". There should be a "view" and a edit button. The edit button should unpublish the model and take me to the webforms where I can edit the details - with one click instead of 3 clicks. The view should just unhide the template details.

Then there is the "+" button next to the last value. It is a bit ambiguous, because will it add the value or will it give me a new value. It turns out that it gives me a new value.
But the last value always have the "+" button next to it, so I cannot delete it, because it doesn't have a trashcan next to it.

Hope you'll fix theese minor web-design details.

Thanks for your always great service!
Artificial / Anders:)
 Topic: Shipping Labels
Shipping Labels [message #13932] Wed, 23 June 2010 23:16 UTC
avatar dcooleo  is currently offline dcooleo
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I have done a co-creator shop for my Keeper Ring model. I have shipped multiple rings to myself and in the latest shipment of three I was pleased to see a label on the individual rings. The only problem I have is that these labels do not give the size for each ring. Perhaps this would be a special addition to add to the co-creator prints?
 Topic: Co-Creator platform
Co-Creator platform [message #13542] Thu, 10 June 2010 15:56 UTC
avatar pp  is currently offline pp
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This is the place to post, discuss or simply read about our Co-Creator Platform. Questions, feedback, updates, ideas, comments... anything as long as it's about the Co-Creator Platform

I will be posting anything even remotely related to our Co-Creator platform here....



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