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 Topic: The shameless promotion of our very first 'Little Putin' (and Tiny Putin)
The shameless promotion of our very first 'Little Putin' (and Tiny Putin) [message #128564] Tue, 01 December 2015 16:43 UTC
avatar talamiram  is currently offline talamiram
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These new 3d Putin figurines will feature this modern day maverick in some of his most legendary moments.
Little Putin no.1 Is on horse back, Next in the cue are Putin the Birthday Hockey Champ and Putin the Judo Master.

+We mounted him to the roof of a car, and made a fun little video driving around NYC. (coming soon!)
+He plays well with his inspiration: Little Sad Keanu, the coolest and saddest model on Shapeways, made by @neuralfirings
+Our lead designer is @aspan13 he lives in India, he's amazeballs.
+The Forum says that if you mention Aimee the merchandizer, you may receive additional shameless promotion, than again that post was
from like 5 years ago... So maybe by now she has two babies and moved to Berlin. Either way, we're shameless so here we go:
@aimeemoyer you rock!

Cheers, and Feedback welcome!

ignorant art

oh snap forgot the link to the thing:



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 Topic: Spherigear Transmission by OSKAR
Spherigear Transmission by OSKAR [message #128268] Sat, 28 November 2015 15:33 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Spherigear Transmission is an experimental gearing mechanism that uses spherical gears, a.k.a. spherigears. The mechanism can be folded by 180 degrees in both directions, while maintaining the engagement of the spherigears. As usual with my gearing mechanism, also this one has no obvious application.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the contraption at my Shapeways Shop.
See also at Reddit.
Read more at the Non-Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



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 Topic: Victorian Corset Cup in Porcelain
Victorian Corset Cup in Porcelain [message #128178] Fri, 27 November 2015 18:51 UTC
avatar BonniePhantasm  is currently offline BonniePhantasm
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My "Corset Cup", which is shaped like a Victorian damask corset - floral damask pattern, which is mirrored on left and right side of the corset - with the typical short form in fashion around 1860-68; created as a coffee cup with the lacing ribbons serving as a handle.
The corset lacing extends to the inside of the cup as well.

This is what it looks like printed in Cobalt Blue porcelain:

Hope you like :-)

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 Topic: Spinning pendant
Spinning pendant [message #127055] Sun, 22 November 2015 10:01 UTC
avatar isaachadad2  is currently offline isaachadad2
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This kinetic pendant was produced in regular raw brass (non interlocking). You can create your own online, easily and in minutes. Any shape and material (even gold).
Watch video:

 Topic: Porcelain Candlesticks.
Porcelain Candlesticks. [message #126497] Wed, 18 November 2015 19:22 UTC
avatar LukeHarding  is currently offline LukeHarding
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Hi everyone,

Got my first porcelain prints through this week which was pretty exciting. I've included some photos as well as the links so let me know what you think. The colours are excellent though I will admit I was hoping the finish would be a little smoother but this does nothing to ruin the aesthetic.

Firstly the 5 Sided Geometric Candlestick. I love geometric objects and the forms that you can produce just with triangles etc, no curves. c-candle-stick


The 12 Sided Geometric Candlestick, along the same lines as the previous version but with more complex faces. I wanted to see how well this printed and was quite impressed with the small details. ic-candle-stick


Lastly another sort of candle stick thats perhaps a little more traditional in form. An experiment in how the porcelain material affects the aesthetic in terms of whether the candle stick looks more solid or more slim. c-candle-stick


 Topic: New coffee related porcelain prints
New coffee related porcelain prints [message #124638] Tue, 27 October 2015 09:28 UTC
avatar MadAsU  is currently offline MadAsU
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These are my three latest porcelain prints and I am really excited at how they turned out - and that they are now available for others to buy!

First up is my little man coffee cup - the little man makes a great handle for the cup and looks awesome in the gloss black:
Link to product here

Secondly is a pour over coffee maker. The concept was actually driven by trying to find a solution to being able to place the 'cup' part into a coffee cup without having a large, flat base on the product - which would make it really expensive to print given it is based on surface area. So I came up with the idea of having 'stands' which developed into the rocket idea. Again, super impressed with the finish of the celadon green - there are thicker and thinner parts due to where the glaze may sit and it looks super cool.
Link to the product here

And finally the Fuchs cup - this is based on the Fuchs wheel which is popular in classic Porsche 911s and some done-up VW beetles. The wheel embossing is on both the inside and outside of the bottom of the cup - so you will see it appear when you finish your coffee. This has been printed in matte black to best represent the tyre and the finish is great. I have another similar design with a formula 1 wheel which I may print if demand is there.
Link to product here

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 Topic: Celtic Earrings & Pendant
Celtic Earrings & Pendant [message #124552] Sun, 25 October 2015 04:46 UTC
avatar Armstrong3D  is currently offline Armstrong3D
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Just received these today :) Super stoked about how well they turned out.

I'll be taking new photos with a model soon.

 Topic: Cute Baby Creeper (Halloween)
Cute Baby Creeper (Halloween) [message #124348] Wed, 21 October 2015 12:56 UTC
avatar phnghue  is currently offline phnghue
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Little baby creper decoration: 2s1
Full Color Sandstone.

  • Attachment: Q10.JPG
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 Topic: DJ Headphone Cufflinks
DJ Headphone Cufflinks [message #124198] Sat, 17 October 2015 11:37 UTC
avatar UniverseBecoming  is currently offline UniverseBecoming
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Shapie Expert
For all the music lovers out there I created these DJ Headphone Cufflinks!


Sculptural artist James William Kincaid III
Universe Becoming Jewelry Design
Patterns For CNC
 Topic: 3d Miniatures from my video game Vox
3d Miniatures from my video game Vox [message #124108] Thu, 15 October 2015 04:18 UTC
avatar AlwaysGeeky  is currently offline AlwaysGeeky
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I just received my first 3d printed model from shapeways and I am VERY impressed, I wasn't expecting the print quality to be anywhere near this good and I am thoroughly pleased!

Printed in White Strong & Flexible plastic with the default finish.


This is a Mage character from my very own video game Vox... it is a voxel rpg adventure game where the player can customize everything in the game, from characters, items, weapons to monsters, scenery and whole worlds.

My plan is to have a whole selection of different character models to print and also some different items and monsters that are iconic to the game, for example the Mimic monster: e-from-shop&optionId=57980123&rc=MoreFromDesigner

Also I plan to allow players to create their own characters and export them from the game and then 3d print their own characters... I already have the model exporters in my game and allow the player to pose and set their character however they like for export.

 Topic: Camera Aperture
Camera Aperture [message #123408] Mon, 28 September 2015 17:55 UTC
avatar 3DPrintingDog  is currently offline 3DPrintingDog
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1) Image of item produced in White Strong & Flexible plastic (unpolished):

2) Link to item page

3) Back story: The cameras of today that are built into smartphones are a marvel of modern technology. However, in my opinion, these camera phones lack a certain human touch that had existed since the dawn of the early cameras. The pioneering inventors of the camera modeled it after the human eye so that the camera would "see" just like people see. As a result, the early cameras were a mechanical extension of all of us, allowing us to connect with the camera on a personal level. I've attempted to reconnect with that personal touch found in vintage cameras with this 3D printed kinetic sculpture.


 Topic: Do Dogs Know How To Operate a Computor?
Do Dogs Know How To Operate a Computor? [message #123368] Sun, 27 September 2015 13:51 UTC
avatar NikkruGadgets  is currently offline NikkruGadgets
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Do dogs know how to operate a computor? Probably not. But that won't stop them from trying.


My print from the KeyChain CustomMaker Challage arrived

Organic, miniatures, visualization and animation
 Topic: Drunk pole dancing hamster wineglass decoration
Drunk pole dancing hamster wineglass decoration [message #123196] Tue, 22 September 2015 19:09 UTC
avatar Daphne  is currently offline Daphne
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Shapeways Crew
This hamster took a little sip from your glass and is now drunkenly dancing at the stem of your glass. This is my first try in full color sandstone and I love it! I didn't expect it to fit so great the first time, but it did! It's a fun decoration for wineglasses :)
 Topic: Deconstructed Typewriter
Deconstructed Typewriter [message #123152] Mon, 21 September 2015 18:00 UTC
avatar 3DPrintingDog  is currently offline 3DPrintingDog
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1) Image of item produced in White Strong & Flexible plastic (unpolished):

2) Link to item page

3) Back story: I love my smartphone, but I have to admit that I miss the old typewriter. There was something special about the experience of pressing down on physical keys and immediately having your thoughts transferred onto paper. I'm certainly not advocating turning back the clock. However, in this kinetic sculpture, I've attempted to use today's 3D printing technology to reimagine the experience of using a typewriter. All of the moving parts are 3D printed in place so no assembly is required. While this sculpture may not generate the next great novel, perhaps it will inspire someone to create the next great 3D printed work of art at Shapeways!


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 Topic: Ah-Who - pretty neat sculpture I recently found browsing the marketplace
Ah-Who - pretty neat sculpture I recently found browsing the marketplace [message #123150] Mon, 21 September 2015 17:56 UTC
avatar JoyComplex  is currently offline JoyComplex
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Shapeways Crew
I think this looks pretty cool!
Ah Who


 Topic: Posable Robot Arm
Posable Robot Arm [message #123076] Sat, 19 September 2015 03:44 UTC
avatar Diode_Press  is currently offline Diode_Press
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Junior Member

I made this model in White Strong & Flexible plastic (unpolished). Here is a link to the product page:

I've loved everything mechanical and robotic as long as I can remember, so this project is inspired by one of my earliest science fiction inspirations (a movie called Robot Jox). I wanted a way to display my Tungsten cube, and this seemed like a fitting way!

The model comes with the pieces connected with sprues, and then it can be posed and glued to a final position. Regular super glue makes a very permanent and strong bond.

I've created a video on my YouTube channel documenting the entire design and assembly process here:

It'd be great to be able to share the kit and video with a wider audience by being featured.




 Topic: Sci-fi miniature vehicles in color!
Sci-fi miniature vehicles in color! [message #122968] Thu, 17 September 2015 01:21 UTC
avatar multihawk  is currently offline multihawk
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This was something I wanted to do for a very long time, but with school and other things taking up my time, it was hard for me to sit down and model. Luckily, I found some time this summer to finally accomplish what I wanted to do: make and print miniature vehicles in full color!

I wanted to make such miniatures ever since I was little. I remember coming from elementary school to boot up my favorite Real Time Strategy games like Command and Conquer and Dawn of War. Playing those games made me love the idea of being able to command entire armies of vehicles. However, I wanted more as I wanted to have entire armies at my fingertips! Unfortunately at the time, Micro Machines, a brand of toys that focused on tiny vehicles, was discontinued (until now!), so I couldn't command armies on my desk. I turned to Epic 40k, but it too was discontinued, and was mighty costly!

Many years later, when I was in high school, I found out about 3D modeling and Sketchup. Seeing as how Sketchup was free, I decided to try it out. Though it was hard at first, I fell in love with the idea of 3D modeling and what I can accomplish with it. A couple years later, right before college, I found out about Shapeways. I need not say more as I used my Sketchup skills to open up a shop and sell an assortment of miniature vehicles.

Now, thanks to all the tools I have available, I can finally amass an army to command once again. Thanks to full color sandstone, I can make my armies look pretty while at it!


Overall, I was very satisfied with how these came out. The colors came out nicely and the material is as solid as ever. Unfortunately, some of the cannons broke off on the mechs and tanks when I opened them. However, it was a quick fix and I was able to glue them back on. Since then, I have updated the models to have thicker cannons to avoid breakage in the mail.

Here's a link to the section where the minis can be purchased: 0

Tutorials on how to prepare Sketchup models for Shapeways:


Tutorial on preparing Sketchup models for Shapeways for FULL COLOR SANDSTONE/PLASTIC:

 Topic: Deconstructed Umbrella
Deconstructed Umbrella [message #122876] Mon, 14 September 2015 17:06 UTC
avatar 3DPrintingDog  is currently offline 3DPrintingDog
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1) Image of item produced in White Strong & Flexible plastic (unpolished):

2) Link to item page

3) Back story: I was walking my dog in the rain when a gust of wind broke my umbrella (we've all been there, right?). As I was getting wet, I wondered if it was possible to use a 3d printer to generate an umbrella with all of the moving parts printed in place. This moment of reflection led me to design this item, which contains multiple moving parts that are all generated during the 3d printing process. No assembly is required by the customer. The item also contains a couple of springs which takes advantage of the flexible nature of the material. The bouncy action from the springs also makes this item a lot of fun!


[Updated on: Mon, 14 September 2015 17:11 UTC]

 Topic: Medusa Ring
Medusa Ring [message #122527] Wed, 09 September 2015 10:28 UTC
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This is my Medusa ring I printed it out in stainless steel to give it that stone look. -13


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Let make fantasy a reality!
 Topic: My new little robots!
My new little robots! [message #122516] Wed, 09 September 2015 03:57 UTC
avatar sdownie  is currently offline sdownie
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Hello everyone!

These little guys were part of a special art project I (along with MANY other artists) was involved with called World Art Drop Day. Basically people involved would leave little gifts of art for people to find. Clues were given on social media on where you could find your art drop. I settled on 3D printing a couple of robots that I had designed.

Believe it or not, much of the actual 3D building was done on my iPad, though quite a bit of tweaking was done to the design in Blender on my desktop computer.

The models were printed out on Frosted Ultra Detail. Once I received the models I quickly put some black automotive primer on them to help bring out the details. Unfortunately, I was a bit pressed for time at the end and was unable to get a really good picture of the final product.

You can read a more detailed report about the robot's development here.

If I were to do it again, I would have attached the arms to the base for some added reinforcement. While it printed out just fine, one of the arms on one of the models did eventually break off and I had to glue it back on. Hopefully the people who found the figurines found them fully intact.

Here is a little render to give a better view of what the actual robot looks like:

As was asked of me on Twitter, the model is now for sale on Shapeways, if anyone is interested. Follow this link. Enjoy!

Steven Downie
 Topic: Custom Bottle Openers
Custom Bottle Openers [message #122449] Tue, 08 September 2015 09:06 UTC
avatar creera  is currently offline creera
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Junior Member
Hi All,

I've made a nice collection of (custom) bottle openers you can check at my shop!

Here are some pictures. Please let me know what you think of them?






Kind regards,

Marc Heusdens

WEDEMFASHION [message #122371] Sun, 06 September 2015 11:00 UTC
avatar WeDemFashion  is currently offline WeDemFashion
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Thought I'd share with you my latest work that is in the process of being released !


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 Topic: Balancing Gears by OSKAR
Balancing Gears by OSKAR [message #122278] Fri, 04 September 2015 16:25 UTC
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Balancing Gears is a puzzle in the wotsit category. It is balancing act with gears. Because of the gearing ratios, the hollow red gear will always remain on top of the other gears. This is a proof of concept, to see whether the red gear does indeed stay at top, and to see how stable the set up is. Like with many of my gearing mechanisms, also this one does not have an obvious application.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Non-Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: Little devils for the Canadian election
Little devils for the Canadian election [message #122155] Thu, 03 September 2015 01:31 UTC
avatar jcbear  is currently offline jcbear
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I make a lot of devils, and politicians regularly get portrayed as devils in editorial cartoons and such. So I have modelled some little, inexpensive devils for the upcoming Canadian election! -flying-devils?li=shop-results&optionId=57478041 al-imp?li=shop-results&optionId=57713589

Shapeways offers a rainbow range of colours in smooth and flexible, so the devils can be chosen to match the colour of the party someone favours – or disfavours. In Canadian politics, orange is for the New Democrats, blue for the Conservatives, and red for the Liberals. (Green is for the Greens, as it happens, and the BLOC Québécois uses blue like the Conservatives.)

The flying devils have a ring on the back and are meant to be suspended from a thread or mono fishing line; the standing ones stand.

I originally made the models for these figures in fired clay, about six times larger than these prints, and then scanned them. Larger versions can be seen in my shop,

The actual figures are derived from Luca Signorelli's frescoes in the cathedral at Orvieto in Italy. He worked shortly after 1500. I, and art historians, don't think he was entirely serious about devils, either.

If USA customers want a Republican devil, or a Democrat, or even a purple devil, so be it. And similarly for persons resident in other jurisdictions.



SHAPEWAYS JEWELRY TODAY [message #120877] Mon, 10 August 2015 17:11 UTC
avatar Nickolaos  is currently offline Nickolaos
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Hey everyone!

Here is my three last products arrived just today


A ring requested to be made in Raw Brass decorated - apart from the "M symbol" - symmetrically with small details (meanders) upon the limits defined by Shapeways. Although it has not be designed from me, this ring brings also a unique texture on all of it's surface which I'm glad to say that it makes it even more beautiful!





A simple pendant requested to be made in Raw Brass with Greek name capital initials.



Another one simple pendant made in Raw Brass with the Greek name "ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ" (Vasillis). This pendant will be taken in one more post production level to be completed as requested to get to it's final form.


 Topic: piece by piece
piece by piece [message #119929] Fri, 24 July 2015 13:45 UTC
avatar tinarity  is currently offline tinarity
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got it today and very happy about it. I always like to play with forms and trying to find a way of transformation from geometric to something a bit more flowing



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 Topic: Natural And Mythical Design From Finland
Natural And Mythical Design From Finland [message #119050] Fri, 10 July 2015 15:24 UTC
avatar Juuso_Kolehmainen  is currently offline Juuso_Kolehmainen
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In the far north dwells small country named Finland, quiet and unheard place where supposedly polar bears roam the capital, comes a new piece of ancient stardust to surface bearing a name... JK-Jewelry...

From country of thousand lakes comes a humble designer with passion and love to nature, embracing the gifts- gods of nature have bestoved for us to enjoy and love.

Design which thrives from these gifts from nature, features cherry picked and infused into practical design, nature has done all the hard work for us, why should we over complicate something that is perfect in its purest form? Natural beauty is what JK-Jewelry embraces and thrives on.

Background as wood-metal artisan for a half decade and quarter decade in industrial design, love for different materials have driven this designer into world of wonder, "Where should i look next? Silver feathered bird on a golden branch? why not!", on a quest for perfect piece of design which can only compete with itself.

Sincerely yours
Juuso Kolehmainen
My Shop
Jk-Jewelry Facebook <- Go and like!

Blueberry and shaman necklace prototypes are coming in a week or 2! will post them when they will arrive.

[Updated on: Fri, 10 July 2015 15:31 UTC]

Go and take a peek at my shop: You can go and like my Facebook page aswell:
 Topic: Extreme Reduction - 11 million to one gearing by OSKAR
Extreme Reduction - 11 million to one gearing by OSKAR [message #118619] Sat, 04 July 2015 08:22 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Non-Twisty Puzzles fans,

Extreme Reduction is an ultra-compact gearing system with an extreme reduction. The gear ratio is 11.373.076 : 1, that is, over eleven million to one!!! That extreme reduction is achieved in three stages.
-Stage 1: Two sets of planetary gears with a reduction of 24 : 1 and 25 : 1, respectively.
-Stage 2: Two subtractions, 26×26-25×27=1 and 25×25-24×26=1, respectively.
-Stage 3: Another subtraction, namely (25×26+1×25)-(24×27+1×26)=1.

The gear ratio of this mechanism scales to the 5th power with the number of gear teeth. That is, for ×2 times the number of teeth, you get ×32 times the gear ratio. Here are some exaple gear ratios:
-Teeth = 4, gear ratio = 2.185
-Teeth = 9, gear ratio = 87.220
-Teeth = 16, gear ratio = 1.322.209
-Teeth = 25, gear ratio = 11.373.076
-Teeth = 36, gear ratio = 67.320.649
-Teeth = 49, gear ratio = 305.880.100
-Teeth = 64, gear ratio = 1.141.624.705
The number of teeth of a gear needs to be an integer square plus or minus one because of the subtracting mechanism.

Whereas high reduction radios are typically achieved with worm gears, a planetary gear system like this is much more compact. The gears have a limited number of teeth, which makes the system very robust. Also unlike worm gears, this planetary gears system is coaxial, which makes it easier to place.

The application of this type of extreme reduction gears is unclear. A patient person could use it to move a heavy train locomotive with a dental dril.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the gears at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Non-Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: Quick release plate for Fuji X-E1 & X-E2
Quick release plate for Fuji X-E1 & X-E2 [message #118516] Thu, 02 July 2015 14:05 UTC
avatar aleksandar  is currently offline aleksandar
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Hi there,

this is my latest 3D printed accessory intended for Fuji X-E1 & X-E2: A Quick release plate.
Compact, Robust with with a fine surface texture printed in Metallic Plastic material.

Fully compatible with Arca-Swiss quick-release system and does not obstruct the SD card/ battery door.

Weighting only 23g. The plate has internal screw thread for 1/4″ bolt.

Find on shapeways
See the project on my website

[Updated on: Thu, 02 July 2015 14:07 UTC]

product deisgn, 3D visualisation & architectural photography
 Topic: Grinder Gears by Oskar
Grinder Gears by Oskar [message #117767] Sat, 20 June 2015 10:05 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Grinder Gears is a minimalistic gear transmission design. It has two outer gears, a green one with 27 teeth, and a red one with 26 teeth. Those two gears interact with the inner yellow gear. The yellow gear has 26 teeth inside the green gear and 25 teeth inside the red gear. The axis of the yellow hear is 1 mm offset to the axes of the green and red gears. When the yellow gear is turned, its center makes small 1-mm radius rotations, one rotation per tooth skip. This "tooth-skipping" type of action makes the red and green gears rotate with respect to each other because of their different teeth number. For each full rotation of the yellow gear, the red gear has moved one tooth step with respect to the green gear. This way a high reduction ratio is achieved.

The practical application of this gear transmission design is yet unknown. Benefits are its minimalistic near-coaxial design and its compactness. However, it also has a lot of friction and vibration, which may make it unsuited for a powertrain.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the gears at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Non-Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: Star Constellation Keychain
Star Constellation Keychain [message #117625] Thu, 18 June 2015 13:58 UTC
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I've created a range of keychains which show the twelve zodiac constellations they have all been printed in steel. and are now on my shop, I'm only allowed to upload 10 images here.
Dotsan Shop by Dot San, on Flickr by Dot San, on Flickr by Dot San, on Flickr by Dot San, on Flickr by Dot San, on Flickr by Dot San, on Flickr by Dot San, on Flickr by Dot San, on Flickr by Dot San, on Flickr by Dot San, on Flickr

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 Topic: Pipettes and batteries holder
Pipettes and batteries holder [message #117530] Wed, 17 June 2015 09:59 UTC
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Hello. My name is Miki, and I'm building scale models as well as painting paint-by-numbers pictures.
What I want to show here is not as pretty as the other items featured, but it works great for me functionally, especially since I couldn't find anything similar to it on the internet and without 3d printing I would have no other options. I think that this is where 3d printing can make the most impact, creating things which do not exist and never will due to them being too niche to produce in mass quantities.

From left to right:
1. 16 battery holder for AA or AAA size - rather than open a battery pack for just 2 batteries and having all the other batteries roll out of the pack and getting lost around the house, this enables you to store the batteries organized.
2. 3 glass pipettes holder / 4 glass pipettes holder - this is useful for my scale models or painting when I need to measure and mix an accurate amount of paint. Instead of having the pipette on the table or on paper after using it, and having the leftover paint messing around, you can store them in this stand (it also has a sunken area to absorb paint left overs from the pipette).

I've designed these items with a 3d app, and measured the exact radius of the items with a caliper. It came out so accurate, that the pipettes can fit the stand with just the rubber dome which is just a little bigger than the glass pipe. The stands are also so stable, that I can shake them quite vigorously and everything still stays in place.


 Topic: HO scale relay shed
HO scale relay shed [message #116982] Tue, 09 June 2015 05:30 UTC
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I have put this into a generic model railway thread, but wanted to call this one out specially.

This is an HO scale prefab concrete relay shed in a very fine detail - I went to a train show here in Sydney this weekend and saw several similar models but none with this level of detail - none of them had the stand on the bottom and none had the downpipe detail either. The others were other injection moulded or cast and just didn't carry the level of detail that this FUD
index.php?t=getfile&id=103600&private=0 relay-hut-ho-with-stand

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 Topic: Pendant named!
Pendant named! [message #115516] Thu, 14 May 2015 13:28 UTC
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I designed this pendant for my wife with my son's name on this!


It is not for sell though..

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 Topic: A real strong protection for the iPhone 6
A real strong protection for the iPhone 6 [message #115214] Fri, 08 May 2015 10:57 UTC
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Here is my new design for a protective case for the iPhone 6.

I was inspired to do this by the 'Bendgate' story of the phone and the constant images of shattered screens I see in the Internet. This is not a cheap cell phone and we stand to lose more than just the phone: we load the phone with data and seldom (or never) back it up.

I have designed a plastic case, which is inherently flexible so it will absorb impact and it will give a friendly tactile feel. But the clever thing is the steel reinforcing insert which gives it rigidity and it protects the screen against shatter. The trick is moving the metal part away from the phone when in use so that it will not interfere with the sensitive electronics as Apple say it should be. I have even got valid innovative claims for a patent in file

Here is a link to a video about it:

 Topic: Cracking Ice Pendant
Cracking Ice Pendant [message #114243] Tue, 21 April 2015 07:38 UTC
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Hi all,

This is my first design for women. The cracking ice pattern is totally hollowed, looks like a piece of lace. It's perfectly showing the beauty of a women.
3D printed in sterling silver. Here is the address:

 Topic: Miniature vehicles HO scale (1:87)
Miniature vehicles HO scale (1:87) [message #114112] Sun, 19 April 2015 01:51 UTC
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Hi, here are a few vehicles

This one is a convertible Bentley 4,5L

There are also fire trucks as modules that I was commissioned to design

And this one painted by John Mayes soon to be turned into a modular design

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Organic, miniatures, visualization and animation
WELL DONE TO SHAPEWAYS!!! [message #114095] Sat, 18 April 2015 19:23 UTC
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 Topic: New Key ring tools, our first products on Shapeways
New Key ring tools, our first products on Shapeways [message #114059] Sat, 18 April 2015 05:58 UTC
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 Topic: Bee motif cufflinks
Bee motif cufflinks [message #113235] Thu, 02 April 2015 03:05 UTC
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Hi all,

have a look at my Industrious bee cufflinks, I would love to have these featured!

index.php?t=getfile&id=95604&private=0 cufflinks?li=shop-inventory&optionId=43306595

I was inspired by the imagery of the bee which is used in St Peter's basilica in Rome on a papal emblem. Bees represent industry and are also incredibly important from an environmental perspective.

Would also love to hear any feedback!


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