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Forum: It arrived!
 Topic: Cartoon Lemur Kiki by Henrieke
Cartoon Lemur Kiki by Henrieke [message #83639] Wed, 22 January 2014 19:09 UTC
avatar Brian123  is currently offline Brian123
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This is an updated model I made on over a year ago. Finally had time to revisit it and apply some tweaks given to me by the character's creator, Henrieke, then finish it with this final pose. The model was started in ZBrush, followed by re-topology in ZBrush, then more editing in Hexagon. Though, recently I purchased Modo and use it for the final posing, final painting, and renders.

I ordered the model from Shapeways and another from a different service. They looked pretty much the same and not sure which one this is, but it's the only one I have now to take a photo of after selling the other print at a recent event. So I put in the photo details that the finish may vary, such as glossiness, which is always the case as it depends how long it's left in the super glue that day, or how the print heads on the printer are, etc.

The model stands about 4 inches tall while standing on the tail. It's hollowed out with a long slice under the tail. There's extra raised details around the eyes, such as the iris, eyelashes, and eyebrows, which really adds to the model compared to simply textured on.

The character is for sale at $40 and Henrieke, owner of the character, gets half the profits earned. She also lives pretty close to Shapeways in the Netherlands.

Here's the Shapeways page with a 3D Turntable on Youtube:

Here's Henrieke's tumblr:


PS: Feel free to feature this model :)


[Updated on: Wed, 22 January 2014 19:36 UTC]

 Topic: Invisible Handlebar Cube by OSKAR
Invisible Handlebar Cube by OSKAR [message #83417] Sat, 18 January 2014 19:45 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Invisible Handlebar Cube was suggested by Kelvin Stott after seeing my Tunnel Cube. Invisible Handlebar Cube is functionally identical to Adam Cowan's Handlebar Cube, but now with invisibly-connected handlebars.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



[Updated on: Sat, 18 January 2014 19:47 UTC]

 Topic: First two pieces of my chess team arrived
First two pieces of my chess team arrived [message #83414] Sat, 18 January 2014 16:26 UTC
avatar knickknacks  is currently offline knickknacks
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Got two of my brandnew self designed chess men:(pawn and bishop). Excited and happy.. I think they are really cute. Cant wait for the others to arrive.index.php?t=getfile&id=49831&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=49832&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=49830&private=0

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[Updated on: Sat, 18 January 2014 16:31 UTC]

 Topic: Detailed decorative heart
Detailed decorative heart [message #83412] Sat, 18 January 2014 15:53 UTC
avatar lumecluster  is currently offline lumecluster
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Shapeways Crew
My second 3D print arrived! Something simple and sweet for your walls or desks. This piece was also drawn from a black and white illustration (see below). Although I had to edit out a lot of the finer details, I'm happy with how it turned out :)


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Lumecluster | Where Dreamers Find Courage
 Topic: Hummingbird pendant for my Grandma. Really happy with my first order.
Hummingbird pendant for my Grandma. Really happy with my first order. [message #83200] Wed, 15 January 2014 05:13 UTC
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I know its a bit late but I just found out about this forum. I decided to jump into 3D printing with Shapeways by designing a hummingbird pendant to give to my grandma for Christmas.

Since it was my first attempt I ordered in both White Strong & Flexible and Frosted Ultra Detail to see which one turned out best.

They both came out really cool with the nested hummingbird wobbling along its centerline as I intended. In the end I chose the FUD to give since it had a smooth finish and I liked how light diffuses through the material.

I did find the frosting pattern a bit curious and ended up polishing most of it out.

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 Topic: Aquaman belt buckle and experiment with yellow dye and WSF
Aquaman belt buckle and experiment with yellow dye and WSF [message #83191] Wed, 15 January 2014 00:51 UTC
avatar niquegeek  is currently offline niquegeek
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Thought I would post this for people to see the color that's possible with a little Golden yellow liquid Rit Dye.
I kind of wish we had more color options directly on shapeways, but if it's for yourself you can always use any fabric dye out there!


index.php?t=getfile&id=49558&private=0 html?li=aeTabs

 Topic: Birds Silhouette iPhone5/5s Case
Birds Silhouette iPhone5/5s Case [message #83183] Tue, 14 January 2014 21:26 UTC
avatar hongchen  is currently offline hongchen
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Shapeways Crew
This iPhone case design is inspired by the dynamic form of bird flocks, symbolizing peace and freedom.


hong chen
 Topic: Innovative Bicycle iPhone5/5s Case
Innovative Bicycle iPhone5/5s Case [message #83182] Tue, 14 January 2014 21:22 UTC
avatar hongchen  is currently offline hongchen
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Shapeways Crew
This iPhone case is designed for those bicycle enthusiasts. It takes the creative bicycle design from BMW as prototype, and integrates the organic geometry with dynamic pattern of curves together.


hong chen
 Topic: Muscular Cyclist iPhone5/5s Case
Muscular Cyclist iPhone5/5s Case [message #83177] Tue, 14 January 2014 20:30 UTC
avatar hongchen  is currently offline hongchen
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Shapeways Crew
This iPhone case is designed for cycling enthusiasts. It abstractly renders a muscular cyclist riding on the steep and narrow country road, focusing on the vivid 3d geometry of the helmet and road bike.


[Updated on: Tue, 14 January 2014 20:31 UTC]

hong chen
 Topic: Twisted Chess Set
Twisted Chess Set [message #83126] Mon, 13 January 2014 15:27 UTC
avatar WillLaPuerta  is currently offline WillLaPuerta
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Got the test pieces for my Twisted Chess Set.

The knight had a crack but that was easily mended. Think I should make them a little thicker?

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 Topic: FutureFlower Necklace
FutureFlower Necklace [message #82947] Fri, 10 January 2014 13:54 UTC
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Shapeways Crew
We're really happy with how this turned out, the chain is very strong and the necklace fits perfectly around your neck.


More pictures soon !

Wesley Günter - - Set a course, for the future ! *back on the forums ! x)
 Topic: Hollow Heart Pendant
Hollow Heart Pendant [message #82863] Thu, 09 January 2014 12:30 UTC
avatar Tribal  is currently offline Tribal
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I'm really happy to say
My newly made Hollow Heart Pendant just arrived printed in polished alumide.
Unfortunately i couldn't print it in any other material cause of tax and customs cost in my country, but i bet it will look better in metal. html?li=search-results&materialId=23

[Updated on: Thu, 09 January 2014 14:40 UTC]

 Topic: HOT!!! Fragrance diffuser
HOT!!! Fragrance diffuser [message #82797] Wed, 08 January 2014 16:57 UTC
avatar disegnouno  is currently offline disegnouno
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Hi All!
Our "HOT" ceramic product has just arrived!

Just like the former train, HOT is a fragrance diffuser, and it can also be used like a little home humidifier.

Thanks to Shapeways technology we have reached a quite complicated shape.
Waiting for your comments.. and eventually for your "like" !

Thanks a lot,



 Topic: Geared Workout Cube
Geared Workout Cube [message #82622] Mon, 06 January 2014 09:20 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Workout Cube is a regular 3x3x3 Rubik's Cubes that requires a lot of force to turn. Its is meant for practicing speedcubing. It is a bit similar to altitude training for athletes and ankle weights for dance practice. In the early days, the top speed cubers used to be guitar players with strong fingers. Imagine training with this heavy rough cube, and then doing a speed run with a real Dayan!

The first version of this puzzle had friction plates to dampen the rotation of the centers, using vaseline as viscous dampening fluid. Unfortunately, the force was insufficient to impress speedcubers. A typic comment was "my Rubik's band cube is worse".

This new version of this puzzle uses six tiny gear boxes with planetary gears. The gearing ratio is 7-10-25, so the little spinner turns much faster than a face, thus increasing the friction significantly.

The idea for this puzzle came up in a discussion between Ulrich Meffert (the son of ...) and Oskar. Currently, speed-cubing is incomprehensible to watch, as it goes too fast to understand the solution approach used. A commentator could not keep up with the solver to provide commentary. One solution would be to provide commentary on a solving video in slow motion. Another solution would be to slow the solver down. As each turn takes a lot of force and time, the Workout Cube would force the solver to rethink solving algorithms, as now minimal-number-of-moves solution become more important than fast-to-finger-trick moves.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: David Krentz Chubbies
David Krentz Chubbies [message #82619] Mon, 06 January 2014 07:12 UTC
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The complete set (To date) of the "Chubbie" line from Paleoartist David Krentz.
These little figures are charming, fun, and just the right size for occupying ones cubicle, bookshelf, or dashboard.

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 Topic: Chrysalis - Butterfly Cocoon - Premium Silver
Chrysalis - Butterfly Cocoon - Premium Silver [message #82543] Sat, 04 January 2014 16:31 UTC
avatar IzaG  is currently offline IzaG
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Junior Member

thank you shapeways! amazing details!


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 Topic: Iron Man Ring
Iron Man Ring [message #82532] Sat, 04 January 2014 07:32 UTC
avatar vivenda  is currently offline vivenda
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Took me nearly 6 months to finally get this done in metal.


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 Topic: Ancient Warlord Earrings
Ancient Warlord Earrings [message #82519] Fri, 03 January 2014 23:09 UTC
avatar DesignbyDalton  is currently offline DesignbyDalton
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Printed in allumide and coated with polyurethane.

Send an email to for a free quote on any custom orders.
 Topic: Tiger track links and tiny beehives
Tiger track links and tiny beehives [message #82425] Thu, 02 January 2014 15:22 UTC
avatar Kaczor  is currently offline Kaczor
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Today I've got my prints:

King Tiger tank track links, 1:10 scale, for preparation of metal casting.

LIttle apiary TT/1:120 scale.

 Topic: New Star Wars Empire ring in Silver!
New Star Wars Empire ring in Silver! [message #82389] Thu, 02 January 2014 01:24 UTC
avatar niquegeek  is currently offline niquegeek
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Just wanted to share my New Years Star Wars bling, I love this ring! It almost doesn't look like it has anything to do with Star Wars.
Here it is in my shop if anyone else needs one :)




 Topic: 6mm scale Truck, Mech, and APC
6mm scale Truck, Mech, and APC [message #82305] Tue, 31 December 2013 07:07 UTC
avatar multihawk  is currently offline multihawk
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I ordered these fellas a couple weeks ago and they finally came! This is my second order and I'm super proud of what I got. Not only do the small details I placed on my designs translate well in White Strong and Flexible Polished, but they are also quite sturdy. I love how smooth my models feel from the polish.

These machines are made roughly to scale with 6mm wargaming as I'm quite fond of the genre and fond of amassing huge armies of vehicles and robots.

Essentially I designed a futuristic military APC, a heavy duty truck, and a battle mech. One thing I'm surprised was how the mech was able to stand up so well. When I was modeling it, I was afraid that the feet wouldn't be able to hold up the entire thing. I did scale the feet up a couple times but was afraid that the bigger they were, the more odd it'll look. I'm glad to be able to find an equalizer between the size of the feet and its ability to make the mech stand on its own.

Overall, I'm very satisfied and will continue to make more vehicles and mechs for my shop.

Tutorials on how to prepare Sketchup models for Shapeways:


Tutorial on preparing Sketchup models for Shapeways for FULL COLOR SANDSTONE/PLASTIC:

 Topic: Minifig Cufflinks
Minifig Cufflinks [message #82288] Mon, 30 December 2013 23:53 UTC
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Today I received my first cufflinks in Minifig Style (
(polished gold steel)




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[Updated on: Mon, 30 December 2013 23:58 UTC]

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Minifigcustomsin3d at: Facebook Flickr Twitter
References: 3d Printing Industries, CNN, J. Burks, Ugly Duckling, M.Evans, Stop Motion Film,Computer BILD, How to Become a 3D Printing Entrepreneur
More then 270 shop items (more then 146 already printed once) More the 500 successful Products (Items&material printed once)
 Topic: Bubble Pent by Oskar
Bubble Pent by Oskar [message #82199] Sun, 29 December 2013 09:27 UTC
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Hi Twisty Puzzles fans,

Bubble Pent is a pentagonal variation to Mosaic Block and Bubble Block. It is a boublesized corner-turning pillowed pentagon prism. As a result of the pillowing, the puzzle never exposes any ridges mid-turn. This makes it a child-safe puzzle :-).

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: Sig Sauer P226 in 1/12 scale.
Sig Sauer P226 in 1/12 scale. [message #82186] Sat, 28 December 2013 23:18 UTC
avatar lensman  is currently offline lensman
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Shapie Expert
Customer wanted some Sig Sauer P226 handguns for a dollhouse project! Printed in FUD at 1/12 scale.
Forgot to take some pic's of them before painting...


Glenn ------ My Website Third Dimension Jewellery
 Topic: Die with 50 faces
Die with 50 faces [message #82067] Thu, 26 December 2013 15:13 UTC
avatar Magic  is currently offline Magic
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Shapie Expert
Shapeways Crew
My Truncated Sphere D50 arrived.
This is a die with 50 flat faces located around a sphere.
This model has been made a long time ago (August 2011), but has become public only now in December 2013.
The reason is that the numbering has been carefully studied to ensure a maximum fairness (a lot of groups of faces have their sums identical), and I wanted to keep the numbering secret, the time for me to challenge anybody to find a better numbering. But making a challenge with a reward is quite complex. And now, so much time has passed that I even do not remember the peculiarities of my own numbering.
So, let's forgot all that and enjoy it as it is!

So many things to design, so little time...
 Topic: "Salvo" Gunslinger figure from Drawn-SteelHero
"Salvo" Gunslinger figure from Drawn-SteelHero [message #82046] Wed, 25 December 2013 20:09 UTC
avatar Hectotane  is currently offline Hectotane
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Featuring the fembot heads for PBH Starscream and 'Con Hunt Terradive.

 Topic: Lay Relax
Lay Relax [message #81973] Mon, 23 December 2013 21:10 UTC
avatar yoogy  is currently offline yoogy
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Junior Member
Another great ART - Piece from Shapeways - Thank you
I am very pleased about the Quality - YES


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 Topic: Bracelets...
Bracelets... [message #81878] Sat, 21 December 2013 22:24 UTC
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I'd like to show you also this two bracelets:

Thank you so much!!!


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 Topic: Pattern
Pattern [message #81867] Sat, 21 December 2013 16:53 UTC
avatar StefanoAlberti  is currently offline StefanoAlberti
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I'd like to show you an object that I have just received!
It's very light and my wife loves it :)

If you like it too please click on "favorite", this would help me a lot!

Thank you so much!!!


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 Topic: Minifig technical diving equipment
Minifig technical diving equipment [message #81864] Sat, 21 December 2013 16:04 UTC
avatar wedge  is currently offline wedge
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still remember the Weekend Contest #12: Create Your Own Lego-compatible Add-on

So I found the time to rework the stuff. Now all is OK and here it is:
Minifig technical diving equipment


The Set containing the Fins, the BC system and the Scooter / DPV.
Painted with acrylics colours:

It is also usable with k-reo (Painted with acrylics colours.):

 Topic: Anarchy Cube by OSKAR
Anarchy Cube by OSKAR [message #81847] Sat, 21 December 2013 12:34 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Anarchy Cube is an anarchistic Rubik's Cube. It has six centers, twelve edges and eight corners, but they are scattered all around. Can you turn it into a cube?

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: My new product #TAG just arrived and ready in the shop
My new product #TAG just arrived and ready in the shop [message #81833] Sat, 21 December 2013 00:16 UTC
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Hi All,

my new product just arrived and ready to be in my shop. Check it if you like!

Thank you!!

B1GB1OCK creation

 Topic: A few pet tags in solid brass and bronze
A few pet tags in solid brass and bronze [message #81731] Thu, 19 December 2013 20:41 UTC
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Received my first brass and bronze prints today. The first two are of my popular sheriff's badge pet tag that have been made slightly thinner to help offset the increased cost for anyone interested in ordering one in brass,bronze, or silver.

The first one is in polished brass.

The second one is in polished bronze

And a side by side comparison

I wasn't expecting so much of the "marbled" look in the bronze, but it is starting to grow on me as it adds a bit of an "antique" look to the tag. The marbling isn't as extensive as it may appear in the picture as some of that is the background reflection. The back side also shows much less of the effect so it is quite random where it appears in the material.

I also ordered a copy of my .45ACP bullet pet tag. I have to say I am really impressed at how well the non-polished brass turned out. There is almost no signs of the print layers on the surface. I definitely see myself ordering more in these materials in the future.


( Here's a link to my tags if anyone is interested s&s=0 )

 Topic: Stainless dice
Stainless dice [message #81694] Thu, 19 December 2013 16:27 UTC
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Shapie Expert
I work here

From left to right, we have the standard size D6 stainless geared die, the mini D6 stainless geared die, and the standard size stainless hollow D20 die.
Standard finishes will be available on all. Working on some specialized finishes.

  • Attachment: dice.jpg
    (Size: 629.52KB, Downloaded 122 time(s))

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 Topic: Dragon hunting
Dragon hunting [message #81544] Wed, 18 December 2013 01:25 UTC
avatar jordanbanks  is currently offline jordanbanks
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Hi my name is Jordan I love using shapeways and every print gets better and better; here is my dragon ring. The ring is for a dragon hunter type feeling; the ring is perfect for conventions and/or fairs.

here is what it came out to be; please let me know what you think? eTabs





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  • Attachment: here 017.jpg
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Let make fantasy a reality!
 Topic: Many Things
Many Things [message #81435] Tue, 17 December 2013 05:53 UTC
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Well, it's that time of year. I've been slacking off in my printing (too much Baldur's Gate?), but I managed to make Christmas presents this year, just in time. After a few mishaps, I'm in good shape.

1. These angel ornaments took a try to get mostly right. I messed up the colors on the first try. The only thing I'm bummed about now is I accidentally blurred the colors on the sword guy when I applied some sealant to protect from color loss and smooth the surface. Apparently, my sealant was a little too wet from me keeping the paintbrush moist. Eh, well - I'll do better next time. My two younger siblings will (I hope) like these decorations

2. On the left is a music holder - to keep those pesky pages from flipping closed at the most inopportune moment! On the right is my particular favorite of the bunch - an ornament for my mom. I applied some metallic paints in places to bring out the details. I think it's a little too big for a pendant, but that's for her to decide. I just make the things!

3. This is a (belated) anniversary gift for my parents from myself and my older sister. The polished silver really comes out nicely. Shapeways polishing is nicer AND (judging from one experience, which is totally a sufficient sample size) cheaper than having a jeweler do it locally. Although it's entirely possible I caught the jeweler on a bad day and/or I angered him in some way...? I dunno. Anyway, I like the shine on this. We'll see if I can keep my grubby fingerprints to a minimum until the gift wends its way home.

4. This is a smaller version of the Bringer. He's been tweaked somewhat to make sure he's printable at the new scale, and I fixed his minor helmet problem (no mouth hole! he must get hungry in there). A friend of mine made an off-handed comment about the model a while back, saying he liked it but it was bigger than he'd normally use. And he likes to paint, so I can give the unpainted model and then make more stuff! Score one for the good guys!

5. This is a tie bar for my dad. This photo is actually before I shined it up a tad using a random home remedy for shining bronze. (lemon juice and baking soda) Turns out it works! I'm currently applying thin coats of sealant to the back first, hoping that this will prevent future corrosion. So I haven't taken a more updated picture. The polished bronze is very sharp, other than the oxidation that I observed.

 Topic: Custom Christmas Tree Ornament
Custom Christmas Tree Ornament [message #81342] Sun, 15 December 2013 20:40 UTC
avatar dcyale  is currently offline dcyale
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I never know what to get my sister-in-law for Christmas, but then I realized she loves her tree, and she loves her house- Problem solved.


This is her house:


And here is picture of the model before I applied a little silver glitter paint and a gold thread (embroidery floss) both from Michaels.


I don't mean to come across as conceited, but I am really happy with this one.

  • Attachment: tree1.JPG
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  • Attachment: house01.jpg
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 Topic: Lada jewellery in polished Silver
Lada jewellery in polished Silver [message #81299] Sat, 14 December 2013 18:51 UTC
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Hello to all those that like Lada cars :)
Today I have a sweet silver polished pendant and earrings for you.

If you wish, you can see more on my BLOG.
More Photos and Info Here

Feel free to comment, I'm always glad to hear opinions.

  • Attachment: _MG_0485.jpg
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  • Attachment: _MG_0482-2.jpg
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 Topic: Flute accessories
Flute accessories [message #81267] Sat, 14 December 2013 03:27 UTC
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Junior Member
These are a custom designed tuning ring and end cap for a Tipple traditional Irish flute. Printed in polished alumide. Available to order on my store:

[Updated on: Sun, 15 December 2013 12:24 UTC]
 Topic: Illusions in metal
Illusions in metal [message #81070] Wed, 11 December 2013 21:59 UTC
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Today I received an order with four of my impossible triangles printed in metal. I am very happy with the result that I want to share some pictures right away.

First my "Mini" impossible triangle in three different metals. From left to right: Matte Bronze Steel, Raw Brass, and Polished Bronze.


I used to have only one impossible triangle printed in Matte Bronze Steel. Now I have three variants printed in this material, from left to right: Cubed & Compact, Mini, and Cubed.


They're all available in my shop:

The perfect gift for those always asking for the impossible! :-)

I hope you like them.


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