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Forum: It arrived!
 Topic: Many Things
Many Things [message #81435] Tue, 17 December 2013 05:53 UTC
avatar TurtlesAreCool  is currently offline TurtlesAreCool
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Well, it's that time of year. I've been slacking off in my printing (too much Baldur's Gate?), but I managed to make Christmas presents this year, just in time. After a few mishaps, I'm in good shape.

1. These angel ornaments took a try to get mostly right. I messed up the colors on the first try. The only thing I'm bummed about now is I accidentally blurred the colors on the sword guy when I applied some sealant to protect from color loss and smooth the surface. Apparently, my sealant was a little too wet from me keeping the paintbrush moist. Eh, well - I'll do better next time. My two younger siblings will (I hope) like these decorations

2. On the left is a music holder - to keep those pesky pages from flipping closed at the most inopportune moment! On the right is my particular favorite of the bunch - an ornament for my mom. I applied some metallic paints in places to bring out the details. I think it's a little too big for a pendant, but that's for her to decide. I just make the things!

3. This is a (belated) anniversary gift for my parents from myself and my older sister. The polished silver really comes out nicely. Shapeways polishing is nicer AND (judging from one experience, which is totally a sufficient sample size) cheaper than having a jeweler do it locally. Although it's entirely possible I caught the jeweler on a bad day and/or I angered him in some way...? I dunno. Anyway, I like the shine on this. We'll see if I can keep my grubby fingerprints to a minimum until the gift wends its way home.

4. This is a smaller version of the Bringer. He's been tweaked somewhat to make sure he's printable at the new scale, and I fixed his minor helmet problem (no mouth hole! he must get hungry in there). A friend of mine made an off-handed comment about the model a while back, saying he liked it but it was bigger than he'd normally use. And he likes to paint, so I can give the unpainted model and then make more stuff! Score one for the good guys!

5. This is a tie bar for my dad. This photo is actually before I shined it up a tad using a random home remedy for shining bronze. (lemon juice and baking soda) Turns out it works! I'm currently applying thin coats of sealant to the back first, hoping that this will prevent future corrosion. So I haven't taken a more updated picture. The polished bronze is very sharp, other than the oxidation that I observed.

 Topic: Custom Christmas Tree Ornament
Custom Christmas Tree Ornament [message #81342] Sun, 15 December 2013 20:40 UTC
avatar dcyale  is currently offline dcyale
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I never know what to get my sister-in-law for Christmas, but then I realized she loves her tree, and she loves her house- Problem solved.


This is her house:


And here is picture of the model before I applied a little silver glitter paint and a gold thread (embroidery floss) both from Michaels.


I don't mean to come across as conceited, but I am really happy with this one.

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 Topic: Lada jewellery in polished Silver
Lada jewellery in polished Silver [message #81299] Sat, 14 December 2013 18:51 UTC
avatar vaclav.mazany  is currently offline vaclav.mazany
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Hello to all those that like Lada cars :)
Today I have a sweet silver polished pendant and earrings for you.

If you wish, you can see more on my BLOG.
More Photos and Info Here

Feel free to comment, I'm always glad to hear opinions.

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 Topic: Flute accessories
Flute accessories [message #81267] Sat, 14 December 2013 03:27 UTC
avatar cokane  is currently offline cokane
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These are a custom designed tuning ring and end cap for a Tipple traditional Irish flute. Printed in polished alumide. Available to order on my store:

[Updated on: Sun, 15 December 2013 12:24 UTC]
 Topic: Illusions in metal
Illusions in metal [message #81070] Wed, 11 December 2013 21:59 UTC
avatar eriban  is currently offline eriban
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Today I received an order with four of my impossible triangles printed in metal. I am very happy with the result that I want to share some pictures right away.

First my "Mini" impossible triangle in three different metals. From left to right: Matte Bronze Steel, Raw Brass, and Polished Bronze.


I used to have only one impossible triangle printed in Matte Bronze Steel. Now I have three variants printed in this material, from left to right: Cubed & Compact, Mini, and Cubed.


They're all available in my shop:

The perfect gift for those always asking for the impossible! :-)

I hope you like them.


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 Topic: Three Snowflake ornaments and stempunk heart
Three Snowflake ornaments and stempunk heart [message #80252] Sat, 30 November 2013 19:28 UTC
avatar mkermol  is currently offline mkermol
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Hi everyone.

Finally got these in the lens properly :) It's only part of our collection for this years christmas. I hope you like them, cause we just love how they turned out. We intend to give the models another look soon, refine them according to specifications for silver and release them as wearable pendants.


The other model is a steampunk/magic themed pendant inspired by the Iron Man character from the Marvel Universe. It's something we wanted to print for a long time but never really had a chance until now. Since now we have an idea of how the colors print on it we will be releasing a secondary color scheme for the same model.


 Topic: Twist Apart by JIN-HOO and OSKAR
Twist Apart by JIN-HOO and OSKAR [message #80240] Sat, 30 November 2013 15:37 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Twist Apart was proposed by Jin-Hoo Ahn, the inventor of the award-winning Hanayama Cast G&G. It is a variation to my Turn Apart puzzle. The puzzle is held together by dovetail joins. The object is to twist the puzzle such the puzzle can be taken apart, piece by piece.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum, also for more photos.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: Swirling Tannenbaum
Swirling Tannenbaum [message #80201] Fri, 29 November 2013 17:54 UTC
avatar mkermol  is currently offline mkermol
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Hi guys!

Just got this baby this morning. Designed by my wife and modelled by me. At first we weren't sure how it was going to turn out, especially the colors. But now I have to say that the guys at Shapeways did an awesome job with this (our first sandstone design). The model is light but suprisingly sturdy, and the colors nice and juicy, exactly as we wanted them to be. Hope you like it :)


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 Topic: New Tritium powered jewelry!
New Tritium powered jewelry! [message #80120] Thu, 28 November 2013 19:03 UTC
avatar Innovo  is currently offline Innovo
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Hi everyone!
A quick showcase of my newest designs.

Tritium ''Delta'' Pendant


Tritium 'Mechano' Ring


Tritium 'Duo' V.2 Ring



Innovation & Design
 Topic: "Series 2.0" dog tags and charms
"Series 2.0" dog tags and charms [message #80037] Thu, 28 November 2013 00:20 UTC
avatar imhavoc  is currently offline imhavoc
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My first order of dog tags (version 1.0) showed me that I needed to rethink the structural part of my designs, but assured me that the art part was good. My order of a set of "2.0" dog tags and charms showed up today. I am thrilled!

I also completely redesigned my "TARDIS" ear rings.






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 Topic: Mixup Kites by OSKAR
Mixup Kites by OSKAR [message #79658] Sat, 23 November 2013 11:39 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Mixup Kites was proposed by Jared McComb at the Twisty Puzzles Forum. It is a non-shapeshifting variation to the Mixup Cube. All the 18 "center" pieces can swap position with each other.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: my new pendants and bracelets
my new pendants and bracelets [message #79468] Thu, 21 November 2013 08:35 UTC
avatar MindEversion  is currently offline MindEversion
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hello all Smile






 Topic: Wheel of Hecate Ring
icon14.gif  Wheel of Hecate Ring [message #79378] Wed, 20 November 2013 01:15 UTC
avatar swbookworm  is currently offline swbookworm
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This is a much belated It Arrived! Ray716 did a great job. He also uploaded a size 6 ring for me to order. It's fantastic and the detail, which is difficult to see, is stunning. tml?li=search-results&materialId=53



[Updated on: Wed, 20 November 2013 01:17 UTC]

 Topic: boOpGame Figurines Collection
boOpGame Figurines Collection [message #79274] Mon, 18 November 2013 20:19 UTC
avatar boOpGame  is currently offline boOpGame
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Hi everyone,

Herewith Limited Edition of boOpGame Figurines Collection.

Enjoy !

 Topic: new video with 3d printed pendants
new video with 3d printed pendants [message #79194] Sun, 17 November 2013 19:51 UTC
avatar melkon  is currently offline melkon
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 Topic: EMD SW1500 locomotive
EMD SW1500 locomotive [message #79169] Sun, 17 November 2013 03:44 UTC
avatar stonysmith  is currently offline stonysmith
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Shapie Expert
I designed this locomotive as a semi-static model - there's not currently a motorized chassis available for it.
Thanks so much to Walter Smith (@southernnscale) for sharing his painting skills.

For the non-train people that will see this.. it's 2.5 inches long, 1:220th as large as a real locomotive. The little guy standing in front is 8mm tall.

Patience, Persistance, Politeness - the 3Ps will help us get us to Perfect Printed Products
 Topic: Robot Miniature prototype
Robot Miniature prototype [message #79158] Sun, 17 November 2013 00:05 UTC
avatar ID_Johnathan  is currently offline ID_Johnathan
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My first Shapeways print arrived! I'm impressed with the quality of the WSF, and the Frosted Ultra Detail will be amazing to paint. It's going to be hard to wait for the next round of prints to arrive. Sad
 Topic: Ornaments for Dice Enthusiasts
Ornaments for Dice Enthusiasts [message #79149] Sat, 16 November 2013 18:30 UTC
avatar ceramicwombat  is currently offline ceramicwombat
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I ordered three of my dice sets in a larger size for use as ornaments to give to my friends and family this year. They are all posted in the Ornaments section of my shop.

First up is my Pinwheel Dice Set in alumide. When alumide was first released and I received test prints in the material, I wasn't impressed. It seemed brittle and grainy and unsuited for my models. On larger models, alumide is kinda amazing. I'll have to give alumide a second chance when ordering test prints for future models.


Botanical Dice Set in Royal Blue Strong & Flexible Polished. I maybe should have gone with the Coral Red. I might let my daughter go nuts with some glitter spray on these to make them pop.


Thorn Dice Set in White Strong & Flexible.


 Topic: Bronze Tie Pin
Bronze Tie Pin [message #79128] Sat, 16 November 2013 02:46 UTC
avatar TurtlesAreCool  is currently offline TurtlesAreCool
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I received my first bronze print today (polished). I'm pleased with the level of detail, but I do have a question. Do polished pieces generally have some color variation? My first instinct was that the metal looked rusty or stained, but I am unable to remove the apparent stain with a soft cloth. The surface does not feel rough, either. So, I'm a little confused.

The stains are much more obvious on the back (which is better than being on the front), but there are a few discolorations on the front also.



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 Topic: BunnyBot sculpts
BunnyBot sculpts [message #79058] Fri, 15 November 2013 09:37 UTC
avatar HEAVYPOLY  is currently offline HEAVYPOLY
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Hi all! Super excited to receive prints of my BunnyBot sculpture tonight. 2"FUD, 3"WSF, 4" FD and 4"WSF. More info here:

I want to make some silicone molds, thinking about cutting the arms, legs and head off with an xacto knife. Does this sound reasonable? How would you guys do it?

What's good for painting FD and FUD to get details to show up?

On to the pictures
 Topic: Corfe Castle Railway Station and Selsey Tramway Falcon coach in British N Scale (1/148)
Corfe Castle Railway Station and Selsey Tramway Falcon coach in British N Scale (1/148) [message #78876] Wed, 13 November 2013 14:50 UTC
avatar UserDeleted_20102014  is currently offline UserDeleted_20102014
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Finally, after much work, multiple problems and occasional cancellation when trying to print, because of tiny details..., I have in my hands this little wonder.

Knowing the limitations of the WSF material, I have to admit that when I've opened the box and look at the model... I've been pleasantly thrilled with the result.

I know that photos are not very good, but I hope you can appreciate the result.

Here, my printed model compared to a commercial model:

The question of tiny details is a real problem because I can not pretend to open a shop and having to write an email every time someone wants to buy the model, taking responsibility for details in printed model are not well defined , but I hope that, in a near future , Shapeways decide to include a checkbox or something so, under the heading 'print under my responsibility ', to work normally with this type of models.

I also hope that in future we can enjoy higher resolution materials with the same price of WSF (or less , of course XD Very Happy ) and that the final result for this scale (1/148) could be a bit better.

Well, overall I have to admit that result of printed model has been very good.

And this is a Selsey Tramway Falcon passenger bogies coach printed in FUD, including NEM couplings, whose final appearance is downright better than my previous test in this same material.

I've 'printed' wheels and couplers to see the posibilities of printing this kind of stuff, and the result has been not bad at all, but it seems that printing process of round parts is not completely 'spherical' , but I can replace printed wheels with Graham Farish metallic wheels and it rolls much better.

I have things to improve, as the overall modeling and size of the details, because some parts are too fragile, but I have to say that getting in my hands my own printed models, coming out of the screen, after 20 years giving to the subject of 3d modelling, is one of the most rewarding things I have ever spent.

And this is a link to a youtube video with the coach rolling (loaded with a few nuts, because it weighs nothing and derail while passing turnouts ).

I apologize because video it is not a masterpiece, shooted over my layout under construction, that doesn't offer a too pleasant landscape (in fact, it shows that I have to push a little the 'Terrier' loco to start moving ... Embarassed ) and the room is poorly lit, and well, but the fact is that you can see that it actually rolls Very Happy

[Updated on: Wed, 20 November 2013 20:44 UTC]

More information about my projects in
 Topic: Tribal Heart Pendant
icon10.gif  Tribal Heart Pendant [message #78686] Mon, 11 November 2013 10:38 UTC
avatar Tribal  is currently offline Tribal
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My model Tribal Heart Pendant just arrived in polished Alumide, and im so excited to share it Shocked
Hope you guys like it !

[Updated on: Mon, 11 November 2013 10:40 UTC]

 Topic: TeaLight
TeaLight [message #78663] Sun, 10 November 2013 21:27 UTC
avatar AlanHudson  is currently offline AlanHudson
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I work here
Made a tealight using ShapeJS. An image is tiled 120 times around a sphere, then a hole was cutout and lined to make the edges sturdy. This example will be up on the ShapeJS examples pages soon or if you itching to try it message me and I'll send you the script. You can try out ShapeJS here:



Director 3D Tools
 Topic: FutureSpike Necklace & DelicBrace
icon14.gif  FutureSpike Necklace & DelicBrace [message #78658] Sun, 10 November 2013 20:37 UTC
avatar FabMeJewelry  is currently offline FabMeJewelry
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Shapeways Crew
Check out the new models Very Happy they are super flexible and have a high wearability factor !
The new click-in stystem works great, i'll post a short video soon.






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 Topic: Alternating Skewb by OSKAR
Alternating Skewb by OSKAR [message #78606] Sat, 09 November 2013 19:20 UTC
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Alternating Skewb was suggested by Bram Cohen at the Twisty Puzzles Forum after discussing Alternating Cube. It is a Skewb in which turns must alternate between clockwise and counter-clockwise. A geared flip-flop mechanism inside assures that every clockwise turn is followed by a counter-clockwise turn and vice verse.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: Kat Dragon pin 3.25" in additional materials.
Kat Dragon pin 3.25" in additional materials. [message #78400] Thu, 07 November 2013 15:43 UTC
avatar 0kat_kingart  is currently offline 0kat_kingart
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index.php?t=getfile&id=44533&private=0i just got Kat Dragon pin 3.25" models in raw bronze, that looks great! Also the pin models, printed in strong and flexible plastic in red, blue and violet, look better than i thought! The surfaces have a nice rich matte velvet like finish. i attached pin back findings to them and the inexpensive plastic material is strong but light weight. These plastic pins will look great on light weight fabrics! Happy to get these pins and actually hold them in my hands. They look and feel excellent! This design is also ready to order for the public in a pendant form 3.25" and 2" long. 0kat_kingart

[Updated on: Thu, 07 November 2013 15:45 UTC]

 Topic: Kat Dragon pin 3.25"
Kat Dragon pin 3.25" [message #78151] Mon, 04 November 2013 15:11 UTC
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i received the total of 10 Kat Dragon pin prints in ultra frosted detail and they are looking good. i put pin backs on them and am presently hand painting them. i refined the pin model design to work out the glitches in the printing process and the new design has been ordered by me with no hold ups, hopefully i will get the re worked models printed in black detail, steel and strong and flexible colors today. Will post pics of these newest models in my shop as i get them. 0kat_kingart

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 Topic: Credit Card Sized Thickness Samples
Credit Card Sized Thickness Samples [message #77921] Thu, 31 October 2013 08:22 UTC
avatar MichielCornelissen  is currently offline MichielCornelissen
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These have been useful to me so many times, but I never got around to publishing them. Well, no fancy production, but here they are! You can order them, and they're available for download too; if you would like to modify them, or just print a subset or something.

Cheers, Michiel ckness-samples.html
twitter: @michiel_ontwerp
 Topic: Impossible triangles
Impossible triangles [message #77602] Sat, 26 October 2013 16:53 UTC
avatar eriban  is currently offline eriban
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Hi all,

I have created more variants of my impossible triangle model, and just received them printed in Strong and Flexible, in various colors.

The four new models are shown in the middle. They are surrounded by earlier prints of the first model. More specifically from left to right: Cubed in Antique Bronze Matte (a print of the first model), Normal in Violet Purple S&F, Mini in Royal Blue S&F, Compact in Coral Red S&F, Cubed&Compact in Hot Pink S&F, and again Cubed, this time in Violet Purple S&F.


The shapes have many similarities in shape and size, which makes for nice combinations. For example, here are the Normal and Cubed version shown together.


All models are available in my shop.

I was inspired to make these variations after creating an animation of the impossible triangle. A first version, still without sound, can be found on YouTube . Now I only need this video to get viral. When that happens, everyone will want a physical souvenir to remember this animation by, and the sales will go sky high! Wink

Anyway, I hope you like these new variants.

  • Attachment: DSCN0356a.jpg
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  • Attachment: DSCN0295a.jpg
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 Topic: Dice
Dice [message #77431] Thu, 24 October 2013 05:41 UTC
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Well this is not Earth shattering 3D design but I decided to give all the kids in the family some dice this year as holiday presents (along with cold hard cash). My prototypes (0.64 inch or 1.63 cm sized) came in and they look nice. I also had some one inch versions made. For presents the small ones seem a bit cheapish and the large ones are just a little too large for kids' hands. I also designed some halfway in between at 0.82 inches that I will order soon. But for now here are the results of the 0.64 inch sized solid interior dice.


The die at the left is wsf-polished. The pips could be highlighted with paint or other coloring if desired. The one at the right is sf in black but I sanded the faces with 320 grit sandpaper to remove the dye and get more contrast for the pips. I thought that painting might be messy, especially if I try to do it! With my luck the paint would seep into the face and look messy. I will experiment with different colorants before I decide what is the best way to get more contrast.

With a tumbler and tumbler media bigger than the largest pip holes you could probably remove all the dye except for what is in the pips. In this design the gaps between faces along the edges are a bit narrow to I widened those up in the 0.82 inch version to make any sanding variations less noticeable. The dye on the surface of the die is attached very well. It took a lot of elbow grease and about 20 minutes to sand down all 6 faces and a few faces could use a bit more sanding. The only trouble I had was in the pips for face 6. When I tried to remove sanding powder from those holes the dye came out very easily with hardly any pressure. I assume that's because there was enough powder left in the pips that prevented good dye adhesion. Not a big problem though since a black fine point Sharpie should be able to cover up the reveal of the white underneath.


I also have some segmented designs with cavities under each face that allow filling of each die face with paint or something so it can dry before flipping the die and working on the next face. This allows different colors for different pips and it increases the weight of the die as compared to a hollow one. I'm guessing that filler is also cheaper than printing a solid die. Unfortunately I have not yet experimented with any fillers and I'm not sure what might work best.

 Topic: Atomic Earrings Bracelets
Atomic Earrings Bracelets [message #77374] Wed, 23 October 2013 14:52 UTC
avatar bobfield1  is currently offline bobfield1
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I just opened a new shop offering 4 styles of nylon bracelets. index.php?t=getfile&id=43456&private=0Would love some feedback!

 Topic: One World - One Humanity
One World - One Humanity [message #77326] Tue, 22 October 2013 19:07 UTC
avatar yoogy  is currently offline yoogy
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Printed in Steel - handpolished


 Topic: Voronoi-latticed tyrannosaurus rex sculpture for your wall and desk!
Voronoi-latticed tyrannosaurus rex sculpture for your wall and desk! [message #77285] Tue, 22 October 2013 10:26 UTC
avatar namisu  is currently offline namisu
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Hello everyone,
We just wanted to share our 3D-REX sculpture, it's a voronoi-latticed t-rex which comes in two versions, one is wall-mounted and the other stands on a flat surface. There are are also several sizes ranging from 8cm - 25cm. Here are some pictures, enjoy!

Currently we're trying to create a giant wall version around 30" out of several pieces to get past the volume restrictions. Also working on a simplified version that could be printed with a desktop printer like a Replicator.

Adrien, Octavio, Coco, Jose.


  • Attachment: 1.jpg
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[Updated on: Tue, 22 October 2013 10:27 UTC]

 Topic: Voilà
Voilà [message #77282] Tue, 22 October 2013 08:44 UTC
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This cuff is part of Voilà collection, born during our stay in France. We wanted to create something colored and easy to match with what you wear, so prêt-à-porter (easy to wear). The necklace is coming, we can't wait to see it because is the first try with chained parts.


Questo bracciale è parte della collezione Voilà, nata durante il nostro soggiorno in Francia. Volevamo creare qualcosa di colorato e facile da abbinare a quello che si indossa, quindi prêt-à-porter. La collana sta arrivando, non vediamo l'ora di vederla poichè è il primo oggetto con parti concatenate che realizziamo.


link to product

KIORO'design Team Ciro & Giovanna
 Topic: The Stress of Waiting is Gone....Excitement ensues
The Stress of Waiting is Gone....Excitement ensues [message #77017] Fri, 18 October 2013 17:01 UTC
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I designed this Pendent a few months ago and had it made in Frosted Ultra Detail. I wanted to get it printed in Silver and Gold Plated Brass for gifts, but I had issues balancing the cage wires with the minimum material conditions. As they got thicker, things looked weirder.

I was really stressed about buying two in premium metals, since this was my first run at printing this pendant. The two Pendants arrived today and I couldn't be more happy.

I was also concerned about enclosing a part within another, since it was going to be polished and knowing the inside would be more "raw" metal. Again, it's perfect and Shapeways did an amazing job. The Silver version was done in Premium and it's my personal favorite.

The packaging was outstanding, BTW....

Thanks again,

Darren Hartenstine

Here's the link to the Product Page.... t-1-25-inches-wide-fixed.html?li=feed&materialId=83

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 Topic: Plus One / Minus One tokens for Magic The Gathering or other card games
Plus One / Minus One tokens for Magic The Gathering or other card games [message #76773] Tue, 15 October 2013 13:09 UTC
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These are reversible counters with a +1 on one side and a -1 on the other side, suitable for Magic the Gathering or similar card games, or any board games really.

The raw print - White Strong & Flexible


Close-up showing the groove around the center, this serves as a guide if you want to paint the two halves different colors.

Close-up of the Alumide print - it's really crisp and has a slight metallic sheen.

Painted with black acrylic - they look great stacked as you can easily count them.

Close-up of the painted tokens.

Close-up of the -1 side.

I painted the numbers of the Alumide tokens to distinguish the two sides.

Here are the paints and inks I used.

The White Strong & Flexible is really fun to paint - you just dab the brush inside the numbers and it bleeds all the way to the edge on it's own. I used a size 1 brush, slightly damped with water. Here's a short video:

You can buy them at my shop:
They're also available in colored sandstone, with the black & white colors pre-printed, however I haven't ordered this material yet so I haven't got any photos of it.

[Updated on: Tue, 15 October 2013 13:12 UTC]
 Topic: Wired tetrahedron
Wired tetrahedron [message #76769] Tue, 15 October 2013 12:52 UTC
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index.php?t=getfile&id=42927&private=0My last attempt was too thin. This one (the big one) is sturdy and regular.

 Topic: New cardioidal variations just arrived
New cardioidal variations just arrived [message #76768] Tue, 15 October 2013 12:50 UTC
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index.php?t=getfile&id=42925&private=0I finally found the right proportions to obtain sturdy and regular models. index.php?t=getfile&id=42926&private=0

 Topic: Our model is beautiful ...
Our model is beautiful ... [message #76765] Tue, 15 October 2013 12:47 UTC
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A beauty is a beauty, no matter how small...
Thanks to the good printing quality of Shapeways !
Look at the beautiful sculpture , it just come from photos.
The3DforUS preview process that we offer guarantees that you can be sure that you are happy with the product before the 3D model is printed.
Why not visit our website for more information?!


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 Topic: A real-life Hooper Hero!
A real-life Hooper Hero! [message #76674] Sun, 13 October 2013 23:44 UTC
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In case anyone had any doubt about the flexibility of 3D printed materials when used for clothing, I've got a delightful little snippet of video from this past weekends NY Comic Con. I created this performance outfit for Veronica last year, and it has been used in a number of performances. It's 2mm thick to retain flexibility, and snaps together with printed-in fasteners that act as hinges to permit extreme flexibility.

Many people think of Hula-hooping as basically standing there as a hoop goes around you, but this clip might change that perception- the movements are fast and extreme. The design holds up very well, and it's very comfortable.

YouTube videos can't be embedded in this forum, but the video is here:

Hooper Hero demo at NY Comic Con 2013

...and a few images to give you the idea.

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