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Forum: Work in progress
 Topic: Bird Pendant
Bird Pendant [message #111435] Tue, 03 March 2015 09:38 UTC
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NET & SPIDER PENDANT [message #111389] Mon, 02 March 2015 19:04 UTC
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Check my latest model







 Topic: Pendant Lion Head
Pendant Lion Head [message #111301] Sat, 28 February 2015 15:02 UTC
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Look at my last model



thanx all d?li=shop-results&optionId=55972908

 Topic: Check out my new models!
Check out my new models! [message #111174] Thu, 26 February 2015 10:04 UTC
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Here is my latest models...

1. Pendant black hole wired (this model comes in two sizes small & large)


2. Pendant Burning Heart


3. Pendant Circular Meander


4. Pendant Cross Curved


5. Pendant Feynman Diagram


The last one (5) comes in a slightly different version

For all my models so far you can visit my online shop at: 0

I hope that some of them deserves to be feautred when of course will be printed...

thank you all.

 Topic: WIP 2Hums Feed ring
WIP 2Hums Feed ring [message #111165] Thu, 26 February 2015 07:47 UTC
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I'm going to finish when I get my Mac back.

[Updated on: Thu, 26 February 2015 07:48 UTC]

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 Topic: Beta Testing
Beta Testing [message #111108] Wed, 25 February 2015 14:17 UTC
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Junior Member

As the topic says I'm interested in testing items that are in Beta phase. I'm not charging anything, besides just keeping the item. if anyone is interested, or multiple people are interested I'll give you a list of things i have and will be able to test. Kind of like this;

iPhone 4s
DSLR Camera
a 5 year old that loves to play dress up.


When it works it works
 Topic: Seahorse pendant
Seahorse pendant [message #111048] Tue, 24 February 2015 15:48 UTC
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 Topic: A custom box for a game
A custom box for a game [message #111009] Tue, 24 February 2015 00:02 UTC
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Hello everyone,

Let me start by saying I am a complete noob when it comes to the world of 3D printing and everything that goes with it. So bare with me as I write this post. Recently, I acquired these two cards games and these two particular games the cards all but make the games so to be safe I put all the cards in rigid card sleeves. As a result neither game's cards will fit in their respective boxes anymore. So I decided that since both games come from the same made up universe why not design a box to put them in and get that box printed.

Well so far I've designed the box base (22" L x 14" W x 3.5" H) the way I would like it. Haven't designed the lid for it yet but I'm not worried about that at the moment. I just want to get my basic idea out there first to see what others think. Biggest question I have is if this can even be 3D printed. If it can't what can I do to make it 3D printable. If it can be 3D printed would it be able to hold the weight of the cards without falling apart.

Couple of things about this box. Except for the holes where the cards will go and the indents for the text everything else is filled in. Question is, should it be? Every hole is designed to fit the cards EXACTLY as in no wiggle room. These holes range anywhere from 1/4" to 2.4375". Question is how exact is 3D printing? If my box could be printing I would want the cards to fit nice and snug but I don't the box design to be so exact that during printing it is off by a little bit and the cards then won't fit. At the same time I don't want the spaces to have so much extra room that the cards end moving around or not staying up straight.

Between each hole is a 1" space for the labels. The labels are each indented 0.1". Wasn't sure how much of an indent to use so I just went with 0.1". Just because I thought it should be there (and to give me space to add holes or connectors for a lid) I have a 3/4" space around the entire box.

I also have a 1" space on the bottom between the bottoms of the holes and the bottom of the box.

If you need other measures I can provide them.

I created this whole thing using SketchUp 2015 (The free version) because this was the first thing I found I could use.

I guess some basic questions would be: What are the size dimension limits on 3D printed objects? Does my box exceed those limits? If so, how could I modify my box so that it could be 3D printed? How much would a box like this cost to be 3D printed? What could I do to reduce that cost without reducing the integrity of the design? Assuming I choose plastic as my printing material what then are my color choices? Do I have a limited palette or a huge range of millions of colors to pick from?

Again I am total noob when it comes to 3D printing and this was the first forum I found that hopefully can help guide me in what my next steps are.

I've attached (hopefully) a picture of my design to give you an idea of what I'm thinking. If you need other info or files, let me know.

 Topic: Feedback on Wooly Thing?
Feedback on Wooly Thing? [message #110939] Sun, 22 February 2015 00:35 UTC
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I think this is complete, but I haven't tried getting it printed yet and I'm still open to feedback/suggestions.

[Updated on: Sun, 22 February 2015 00:36 UTC]

 Topic: Grumpy cat Meme :D
Grumpy cat Meme :D [message #110894] Fri, 20 February 2015 23:40 UTC
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Here is my latest meme design Grumpy cat in peace mod.
I was thinking about This cat so long suddenlly I came up with idea to make in a really Peacefull mode him,in that way its looking so ironic.
Peacefull but Not happy again :D

Best way to relax by see it on your desk while you work...

[Updated on: Fri, 20 February 2015 23:45 UTC]
 Topic: D36
D36 [message #110631] Tue, 17 February 2015 07:18 UTC
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Shapeways Crew
I was asked y a customer to make a D36 numbered from 0 to 35.
I took this opportunity to also release de D36 numbered from 1 to 36.
The shape is base on a cube for which each one of the 6 faces is divided into 6 in a balanced way (and 6 x 6 = 36). This subdivision gives the initial position of the faces of the truncated sphere die : 36 circles on a sphere. This rough shape is then refined so that each face is as large as possible.
Here are the underlying 36-sided polyhedron and the truncated sphere shape obtained by intersecting the previous one with a sphere of the appropriate diameter (this operation insures that all the faces have the same area):
Regarding the numbering, I worked hard with my customer to get also a kind of balance. For the die numbered from 1 to 36, we wanted each group of 6 numbers (located on the faces of the underlying cube) to feature either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 exactly as a 6-sided die (with the group with 1 opposed to the group with 6 etc.), and those 6 numbers of each group to sum up to 111 (since the global sum of all the numbers is 666, the number of the beast). And of course, we wanted the numbers of opposite faces to sum up to 37.
After believing a long time it was impossible, we come up with an elegant solution.
Here is the result:
And this is a rendering where you can see better the group of 6 numbers belonging to the faces of the underlying cube:
You can see for instance that 1+10+17+23+29+31 = 111.

I am currently working to have also a numbering of the D50 with numbers on opposite face summing to 51 (currently it is numbered so that the difference between numbers on opposite faces is always 25, that is 1 is opposed to 26, 2 is opposed to 27 etc. and 25 is opposed to 50).

  • Attachment: D36-2.jpg
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  • Attachment: D36-groups.jpg
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  • Attachment: d36.jpg
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So many things to design, so little time...
 Topic: Jungle Girl
Jungle Girl [message #110338] Wed, 11 February 2015 20:23 UTC
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Hello, new to Shapeways. Any feedback on this model before I get into rigging? The Dino is meant as a miniature and will be on a leash of some kind. Thinking I am going for pre-history (no metal). I want to print in multi-color.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.



[Updated on: Wed, 11 February 2015 20:36 UTC]

 Topic: Rose Coaster
Rose Coaster [message #110142] Tue, 10 February 2015 04:27 UTC
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Hey guys! I just finished my first design, but I'm hesitant to place my first prototype order without some review from people who actually know what they're doing! My plan is to make a silicone type coaster or dinner placemat and this is the first of many designs. It could also be adapted pretty easily into jewelry with some size adjustment. What do you think?? How can I improve it?

  • Attachment: Rose3 (2).stl
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[Updated on: Tue, 10 February 2015 04:31 UTC]

 Topic: Geeky Trooper Necktie Clip
Geeky Trooper Necktie Clip [message #109621] Wed, 04 February 2015 18:16 UTC
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I'm sharing my new model. I customized my other necktie clip, attached a stormtrooper helmet and some linear designs in the front.
I hope you like it. Comments are welcome.

Download it or shop it here: cktie-clip-w-earpods-holder
 Topic: Model not rendering green octagons
Model not rendering green octagons [message #109511] Mon, 02 February 2015 23:58 UTC
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Hi, I'm having some difficulty with my model,

Shapeways doesn't render the mid and top octagons correctly but it looks fine on the vrml.

Can someone help? I'd be willing to commission someone for a fix
 Topic: False Color Moon
False Color Moon [message #107722] Mon, 12 January 2015 10:37 UTC
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Following on from my popular false colour mobius moonscape comes a proper moonsphere edition.

Richly detailed with color as a function of height, this is a great alternative view of our moon.


<Shapeways render>

 Topic: Photographers Quadropod & Selfie Stick For iPhone 6
Photographers Quadropod & Selfie Stick For iPhone 6 [message #105765] Sun, 21 December 2014 14:42 UTC
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Here's my entry for the Extend the Function iPhone 6 Design Contest, Yes, I'm a couple of months late! HAHAHA! :D Well, that's because this wasn't easy! :D It took a long time for me to think it out. :D This is about the 15th major iteration change. What's hard is, getting it to fit on the back and also fold out large enough so that it can properly support the weight of the phone.

What is it exactly? This is an iPhone 6 case that has a permanently attached quadropod that unfolds for use and folds back up on the case when not in use. When in the unfolded state the quadropod allows forward and back tilting 180 degrees and right to left tilting 360 degrees. It also serves as an adjustable selfie stick by not unfolding the legs completely.

I'm sure I'll want to make more changes once I get the tangible version in my hands in Strong & Flexible, so I'm posting this as a work in progress.



A 3D printer printing a 3D printer printing a 3D printer printing a 3D printer....  Wait!  What??   SLOW DOWN SON!!!  HAHAHA!!!

 Topic: Wolf Head lampshade
Wolf Head lampshade [message #104171] Tue, 02 December 2014 17:57 UTC
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Hello All )) I get happy!
The Wolf head - was printed via Shapeways
Photo on my table and with one LED light inside.
3d model was made in Pixologic Zbrush, prepared for 3d printing (hollowed and optimized) and successfully 3d printed of White Strong & Flexible. Wall thickness - 1mm, 15cm tall
3D model preview:
 Topic: Good video camcorder for 3d photogammatry
Good video camcorder for 3d photogammatry [message #103835] Thu, 27 November 2014 01:53 UTC
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I am scanning my wife's sculptures using 123DCatch or other software that takes a bunch of 2-D photos and makes a 3-D model.

Doing it using a still camera is time-consuming. Then I thought, what about a VIDEO camera? It takes 30 frames per second, and you would just pick the "good frames" that you want to put in. The photography could be done pretty quickly.

However, what do I look for in a video camera that could do this well? I need something that can get tack-sharp focus quickly as I walk around the sculpture, and has decent resolution.

 Topic: Bowtie lens cap holder
Bowtie lens cap holder [message #103490] Sat, 22 November 2014 23:21 UTC
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Here's one of my late night musings - an interesting way to hold my camera lens cap while I'm taking pictures.
It would slide onto the camera strap, and allow the lens cap to snap in just like it does on the camera.

What do you all think? Flashy enough? Is the pattern okay? A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.
 Topic: The Witcher 3 Medallion
The Witcher 3 Medallion [message #103094] Mon, 17 November 2014 23:27 UTC
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Hello guys.

I'm a witcher fan and as I saw the new design for the Witcher Medallion for the upcoming game I just had to build my own version for 3D printing!
The test-print (polished metallic plastic) still takes ~10 day until arrival.
So I'm sharing some 3D renders and a turntable for now.
Although it's still in the "Demo"-Phase the model should already be fully functional ready for printing.

In my Shop



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 Topic: Business Card Dispenser!
Business Card Dispenser! [message #103010] Sun, 16 November 2014 04:42 UTC
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I'm currently opening up a Shapeways store, and this is my first design. What do you guys think?

You can also view a video and description here!

  • Attachment: DSC_9306.JPG
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  • Attachment: DSC_9338.JPG
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  • Attachment: DSC_9343.JPG
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 Topic: Stainless Steel Dreidle
Stainless Steel Dreidle [message #102805] Wed, 12 November 2014 01:55 UTC
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Hello every one,

I've got a dreidel here I have been working on and I would like to get some feed back on the design. It's posted as a Beta here
Let me know what you think, Thanks.

Like my renders? Send me an email at for a quote to make your items look just as good.
 Topic: I've opened a shop selling 3D models inspired by Namio Harukawa
I've opened a shop selling 3D models inspired by Namio Harukawa [message #102005] Thu, 30 October 2014 09:20 UTC
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I'm a huge fan of Namio Harukawa's work so naturally I decided to open a shop selling amazon women crushing men. This first model I've released is inspired by one of my favourite pictures of his and I thought of it as not being too graphic like some of Namio's work is. It's a good balance between being ornamental and suggestive so you could stick it in the living room. I do intend to release some more brutal facesitting models in future though! Feedback and questions are welcome.

Shapeways Shop

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 Topic: Arduino-powered, 3D Printed, Smartphone-controlled Robotic Arm
Arduino-powered, 3D Printed, Smartphone-controlled Robotic Arm [message #101904] Tue, 28 October 2014 17:34 UTC
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Hi guys!

We're developing a 3D printed robotic arm maker kit and we'd love to hear what you guys think of it

We've got a cool timelapse video of the build here.

It will come with a full set of of instructions and a gameified learning platform that teaches you how to make your kit and engages you with some of the science behind the electronics. The arm is controllable from your smartphone with our special Maker Connect chip.

We've got an IndieGoGo campaign launching pretty soon (you can read about that here), so any input is greatly appreciated!

What would you like to see on a robot arm? What kind of attachments would you like?

Just an FYI we switched from a RepRapPro to an Ultimaker 2 and our build quality has shot up.

Thanks guys, glad to become a part of your community
Ben @ Maker Club
 Topic: 3D Printed safety razor
3D Printed safety razor [message #101565] Tue, 21 October 2014 23:25 UTC
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Hey everyone, I wanted to share my current work in progress: a 3D printed safety razor! I am going to call it the Genisys, because it was first and I like to spell things differently. The current itteration is quite aggressive, so I definitely will be trying to dial that back a bit. So without further adiu, .html

Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
Check out http://JakeDrews.Com and http://WondrousWidgets.Com for more designs by Jake!
 Topic: Customised Robohand
Customised Robohand [message #101562] Tue, 21 October 2014 20:24 UTC
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I'm building a variant of the robohand prosthetic for a 7 year old girl called Hollie. Unlike other robohand and E-nable Hands I'm pushing several technology fronts at once. The main one being that it is based upon scans of her actual hands. The full hand being mirrored over to form the fingers and palm of her new Robohand.

The second feature is that I'm incorporating elastic elements into finger hinges. I'm doing this by using the elastic properties of the sintered nylon (strong and flexible) material. This is similar to the flexy hand design except using only the single material.

The third feature is that this is all done using Shapeways materials. I haven't seen this done by anyone else (or even an SLS printed hand, for that matter). Hopefully this will give me a nice uniformity that I couldn't get with FDM (reprap, makerbot style) Printers.

More details will can be found Here with more details of the next stages to be released soon.

Here's Hollie trying out the arm.
 Topic: Full Scale Animatronic understructure
Full Scale Animatronic understructure [message #101095] Sun, 12 October 2014 14:35 UTC
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This Animatronic Understructure is designed to be used as a generic mechanical mannequin.
Work in progress:
Create - Innovate - Inspire
 Topic: Articulated Cammy from SF in WSF
Articulated Cammy from SF in WSF [message #99226] Thu, 25 September 2014 15:18 UTC
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I work here
Hey Guys,

Just got this print and put it together, I had to take a dremel to some of the areas around the points because I made them too tight, but otherwise its a solid fit.

Any suggestions for going about painting?

Community Manager
 Topic: Venus of Willendorf Pendant
Venus of Willendorf Pendant [message #99083] Mon, 22 September 2014 23:21 UTC
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I have had a Venus of Willendorf model for sale for a while now - got a few favourites, sold a couple. So I decided to make a slightly smaller version with a loop so it can be worn as a pendant. For Mother Goddess worshippers and the like. Not such a good advert for Paleo diet devotees though.


[Updated on: Mon, 22 September 2014 23:25 UTC]

 Topic: YARR!
YARR! [message #98913] Fri, 19 September 2014 13:08 UTC
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Avast ye scurvy bilge rats! Tis International Talk Like A Pirate Day at last! All hands on deck! Man the cannons! Full sail ahead! Etceterrrra, etceterrrra. Arrr and all that jazz. And to start this day off right, here be me latest 2" Monster design. Who be he, ye asks? Why, none other than Jolly Roger himself!


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 Topic: iPhone 6 keyring stand - We call it Vector
iPhone 6 keyring stand - We call it Vector [message #98541] Sat, 13 September 2014 13:44 UTC
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Hi Everyone

We are new to these forums but we are loving our Shapeways experience and the great community that exists here.

We have designed an iPhone 6/6s stand that we call 'Vector'. it literally just clips on your keyring, or any place where it can hook around so its light, portable and very handy when traveling, in class, at work, or anywhere that you need to stand your iPhone up.

We wanted to challenge ourselves with 3D printing in mind, be different from what traditional manufacturing dicates, and came up with simplified geometric shapes and minimalistic curves. The result was two functional separate bodies which meet together seamlessly when mated. Also designed in mind is the multiple color options, which when mixed give an accent to the overall design, be it in one's favorite sport, corporate, school, team, or national colors.

We hope you guys like it. The images are renders as we are awaiting our first prototype but if all goes well and it works as designed, we think it will be a great lightweight accessory.

[Updated on: Sun, 14 September 2014 02:07 UTC]

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 Topic: full color plastic, the design improvement for designers
full color plastic, the design improvement for designers [message #98188] Mon, 08 September 2014 20:27 UTC
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sorry for the bad pictures, but real real cool about design.
if you look at the size of the out reaching arm holding the fish.
and the look at the size of the fish. anybody that's does any sandstone color knows,
it was impossible to have that much weight out reached without any support ,it would breaking in final stage of wet to dry.
keep your eye on that,

  • Attachment: plastic01.jpg
    (Size: 34.90KB, Downloaded 134 time(s))

  • Attachment: plastic02.jpg
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  • Attachment: plastic03.jpg
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 Topic: Multiplicator, the Kid Edition
Multiplicator, the Kid Edition [message #97497] Sun, 31 August 2014 17:37 UTC
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Hello all,

You perhaps have seen my Multiplicator.
I am currently working on a smaller version specially designed for kids.
This version is smaller but also more affordable (less than $50 instead of more than $100).
It can help to learn the multiplication table. I contains only the numbers featuring into the table of Pythagoras.
All has been simplified for kids:
- it look like a toy (I wanted to call it the Toydatkankount)
- only half of the cylinders are used: this avoids strange things that usually appear with logarithm tables like 4x5=2 because there is no distinction between 2 and 20.
- no number is omitted they are all written (no need to count the lines, just follow them).
- the number (and the lines) are colorful and they have been colored is an interesting way: for instance, 2 is blue 5 is yellow thus their product 10 is green, a color obtained by mixing blue and yellow. The colors I selected are blue for 2, red for 3, yellow for 5 and grey for 7.


What do you think? Can this work with kids?

I know some parts are really crowded with numbers, but I wanted all the numbers of the multiplication table (and only them) to be written explicitly. Furthermore, the number are really small (2.5mm high if I remember well). I hope this will be readable.
The wheels are 4 mm thick (except where pegs are inserted (2mm only). I could reduce the price further by reducing the thickness to 3 or perhaps even 2 mm (I don't know it the ring making the wheel is considered as a supported wall or not).
Later, I will do another image for the numbers to have a "classic edition" (featuring all the numbers between 1 and 100, of course this time some of them being represented by a simple line).

Here are the two parts:
- Wheels
- Gears and Axes

Comments and suggestions welcome...

[Updated on: Sun, 31 August 2014 21:58 UTC]

So many things to design, so little time...
 Topic: Interesting horse model
Interesting horse model [message #97311] Thu, 28 August 2014 19:38 UTC
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I recently made a simple horse model in this link: d=62

you can see the detailed muscles of the horse
 Topic: Medieval ring
Medieval ring [message #97168] Wed, 27 August 2014 13:01 UTC
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Hello all,

Well I made a medieval inspired ring design and I am curious about your opinion.

I was thinking to create a line of jewellery in this style for him and her.
And this is the first kick off.

Pretty new to all this and not yet very seasoned in modeling but I slowly get where I want to go :-)

Anyway, let me know what you think of it.



Area 50, where fantasy meets reality
 Topic: Animal Army Action Figure Heads
Animal Army Action Figure Heads [message #97156] Wed, 27 August 2014 12:11 UTC
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so this is a work in progress, its not certain or heavily a go yet. animal army is basically a line of action figure heads that you can apply to most ball jointed 1/18 scale action figures, as the title suggest it has animal characters and is a military themed scheme. i just want to know from the community if this catches your interest and if it is possible to sell it on shapeways, just drop a comment so i know that many of you guys will be interested, thanx
 Topic: Letters deep and with relationship on Gold Plated Brass
Letters deep and with relationship on Gold Plated Brass [message #96850] Sat, 23 August 2014 10:55 UTC
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In your experience I want to know the ideal relationship between width and deep of letters, to be printed in Gold Plated Brass. I've uploaded a model with deeper letters than its width -1.5 mm depth, for 1 or 1.2 mm thick-, and the wall thickness check marked it as OK. It will be printed OK or it will be refused?

Another question. I've designed and printed different models -with letters- but each model comes out with different sharpness, so I don't know what will be the exact relationship to reach the best results -well defined raised letters-. The manual polishing and plating process results in different finishes so I don't know the exact result until I got it on my hands! Any way to have a more precise result?

I know that's a different material but I've just received two identical parts in polished white plastic, and one of them has less detail!!! They look totally different for the polishing process -one sharper, the other one dull-. The polishing process must be best controlled.

Many thanks for your help.

 Topic: Vase with side planters (for small grass)
Vase with side planters (for small grass) [message #95926] Tue, 12 August 2014 12:10 UTC
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Hey guys what do u think of this one?

Let me know please.

 Topic: Gravity gun v1
Gravity gun v1 [message #95525] Thu, 07 August 2014 08:22 UTC
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Hi there,

This is a concept of superman's gravity gun, supposedly customised by batman.
The print is intended for full colour sandstone.

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