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 Topic: Onshape app for direct inlog or the other way around
Onshape app for direct inlog or the other way around [message #147333] Fri, 27 May 2016 12:21 UTC
avatar JackSavior  is currently offline JackSavior
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A integration with onShape would be great!
Shapeways can make an app in onShape to directly transfer models to my Shapeways account.
Or even better you could now (beginning from 25th May) can very easily program your own feature in the "create your own feature" tool in onShape, which should look like this.

Button with Shapeways logo.
If you press than the STL will be saved to an account of Shapeways that you can login to by a popup window.

onShape and Shapeways are the future, that is what I think
 Topic: First To Try Removal List
First To Try Removal List [message #146842] Tue, 24 May 2016 17:47 UTC
avatar MrNibbles  is currently offline MrNibbles
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Senior Member
I see that shop owners are still confused by what removes a material from First To Try, particularly for the strong and flexible options of which there are basically three classifications (wSF, p-wSF, p-dyed-SF). If there isn't already a listing or table somewhere that specifies what materials are removed from FTT when a specific material is successfully printed you should probably add it somewhere for future reference.

I'm not sure I even know how it works for SF materials. This is my take on it:

Print wSF, remove wSF from FTT
Print p-dyed-SF, remove wSF and all other p-dyed-SF color options from FTT
Print p-wSF, remove wSF and p-wSF from FTT

 Topic: Manual Correct Problems need to be address ASAP - rejecting 1mm thickness wires on WSF
Manual Correct Problems need to be address ASAP - rejecting 1mm thickness wires on WSF [message #146726] Tue, 24 May 2016 00:09 UTC
avatar AotrsCommander  is currently offline AotrsCommander
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I am becoming increasingly concerned with the manual checking system.

In the past two weeks, I have had three models (one of mine and two commissions) be rejected, with the rejected parts being stated as variously "unsupported wires" or "weak geometery" and indicating the gun barrels, which are 1mm or (in the latest one) 1.1mm thick - well above the minimum requiresments of WSF materials.

Further more, these models have been printed before and I use and have used gun barrels and other parts of no less than 1mm on nearly every single model of the 300+ models in my shop, so I KNOW they will print because I literally have hundreds of them printed.

The error reports have also been variously unclear, unhelpful, wrong in reporting what the rejection issue was and contratrary to both the established design rules and previous printing experience.

This is more rejections I the past fortnight that my models have had anytime in the past year, since I started working at a model designer full-time.

What is going on?

If Shapeways has changed the design criterion for WSF such that it is no longer possible to print models with 1mm thick parts (as a deliberate decision contrary to prior operations), it means that Shapeways is no longer a viable print house option. It further means that, basically, I am out of a job, as my webstore here is my primary source of income. so this is a VITALLY important issue that needs to be resolved.

If the design rules have changed, then they need to be updated immediately and tsuch a change of magnitude needs and needed to be sent out to all shop owners and an emergancy update.

If the design rules have not been updated, then the manual checking system needs to be dealt with post-haste, as these issues are wasting my time, your time and most of all, our mutual customer's time.

 Topic: Model updates without "First To Try"
Model updates without "First To Try" [message #146711] Mon, 23 May 2016 19:03 UTC
avatar reducedAircraftFactory  is currently offline reducedAircraftFactory
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Hello Shapeways,

There are times that a model fulfills all of the design guidelines and yet -- after a test print is done -- Shapeways has some suggested changes to improve printability. I'm usually okay with that and updating the model is no problem.

Some those same suggestions could be applied to other similar models too. For instance, if we're seeing problems printing 0.8mm diameter wires on one model (say, gun barrels on an airplane), and it's suggested to increase them to 1.0mm, that probably applies to other places I've used 0.8mm wires in a similar way. I'd love to go in and improve some old models, to reduce the chance that customers will encounter the same problem.

Unfortunately, if I do this, it sets the dreaded "First to Try" flag, which means not only a scary message on the model's page but increased scrutiny the next time the print is attempted, potentially pointing out other problems and resulting in a rejection for an order. Generally I avoid this -- I'd rather leave an inferior (but successfully printed) model in place than set "First to Try" flag.

It seems to me that if you can determine that the old model lies completely "within" the new model, you could leave alone the "First to Try" flag. For instance, if I take an existing model that has already printed successfully and I simply thicken a wire from 0.8mm to 1.0mm, I shouldn't incur the First-to-Try penalty. Is it possible for your software to detect such a thing? (I don't mean the bounding box; I mean that the new model has only added voxels to the old.)

If you could change this, I would happily go in and fix some things in my older models where I am fearful to tread today. And I imagine this is true for other designers too. That would result in less misprints for you (higher profits, less shipping delays) and less rejected-on-print designs for us.

Reduced Aircraft Factory
 Topic: Suggestions for improving the work-flow with "My Models"
Suggestions for improving the work-flow with "My Models" [message #145839] Sun, 15 May 2016 19:56 UTC
avatar formFabrik  is currently offline formFabrik
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Junior Member
1. Let each user set a default material or material family which then gets used when the list of models is displayed. For example, I use colored sandstone on all my models but each time I log in to do work, they are all listed as "White, strong and flexible" plastic. I have to scroll down a list about 50 entries to see the colored sandstone prices -- each time!
2. I'm not sure how the zoom tool works in the "edit" window, but it doesn't work well for me. Usually such a zoom tool works as follows: a given vertical (y-) displacement of the cursor will cause zoom in/zoom out of the object. However, no matter how carefully I move the cursor the zooming happens in a jittery, unpredictable manner. It's nerve-racking. What's the trick here?
3. It seems to me there's a lot of wasted information when a model is first read in. It would be real nice if the minimum wall thickness could be calculated at that point and displayed so the user (meaning me) can use that value to scale the model, in case the walls are too thin. Or, better yet, provide an automatic scale command that scales the model so that all walls are (minimally) valid. As it is, every time I want to do something with a model, it has to recalculate everything, even though I haven't uploaded a new model. That wastes everybody's time.
4. Texturing appears to be broken in the interactive 3D editor. The pictures generated with the higher-quality renderer show the correct texture but the interactive renderer shows them incorrectly, which is not a major issue but still irritating. See attached screenshots.

The nice thing about these problems is that each of them can be easily solved! Please correct me if I have misrepresented the current state of the user interface.

Charles Gunn
 Topic: shop design diversity and link from youtube annotation
shop design diversity and link from youtube annotation [message #144324] Sun, 01 May 2016 11:27 UTC
avatar wata  is currently offline wata
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it would be nice if we can change shop design .
for example , changing n * m matrix ,size of picture ,
background (not only banner) ,font , etc.

and i hope youtube annotation link to my shapeways shop .

thank you for reading , sorry my poor english.

 Topic: Photos only option
Photos only option [message #143847] Thu, 28 April 2016 17:28 UTC
avatar berubewood  is currently offline berubewood
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I was thinking it would be nice if shoppers could click on a box that would filter results to only show items with an actual photo. That way, people who put the effort into printing and photographing their work don't have to get lost in a sea of renders on the results pages. Just a thought. :-)


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 Topic: Brass and Bronze Hardness?
Brass and Bronze Hardness? [message #143274] Sun, 24 April 2016 13:34 UTC
avatar patmat2350 is currently online patmat2350
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Shapeways: Can you add typical HARDNESS values to your descriptions of brass and bronze? Your foundry should have immediate access to this information.

I believe the bronze to be harder... brass is definitely dead soft in the as-cast condition. I actually have a hard time gripping it in my milling machine's vise- even solid sections squash and deform when clamped up in the vise.
 Topic: Material Status page
Material Status page [message #143003] Thu, 21 April 2016 11:20 UTC
avatar mkroeker  is currently offline mkroeker
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Shapie Expert
I just noticed that the status page still has the discontinued "Full Color Plastic" as "shipping on schedule" (last entry), might want to change that to "temporarily unavailable" ?
 Topic: Silicone or Other More Flexible Material
Silicone or Other More Flexible Material [message #142115] Tue, 12 April 2016 18:43 UTC
avatar cinemachine  is currently offline cinemachine
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What is the likelihood of ever being able to print in a material that is more elastic than the current "best" offering, elasto plastic?

One of the objects I'd like to start selling is almost like a "sleeve" for an already existing household product, so in a sense it fits over it and has to have some give to conform to it's shape. A more flexible material would also make it much easier to put it on and take it off which is a necessary factor.

Please let me know if something like this is currently on the horizon and I'll be patient :-)
 Topic: First to Try Status
First to Try Status [message #139768] Wed, 23 March 2016 21:26 UTC
avatar MountainShaper  is currently offline MountainShaper
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I have just enabled sales of my models in Coated Full Color Sandstone. I was surprised to see that they all appear under a First to Try heading. This doesn't seem right as they have all been printed several times in Full Color Sandstone and the printing process is exactly the same with just an additional manual coating process at the end.

Is it not possible to treat Full Color Sandstone and Coated Full Color Sandstone as the same material with regard to First to Try status?



Mountain Shaper
 Topic: New Sub-category Suggestion
New Sub-category Suggestion [message #139680] Tue, 22 March 2016 20:52 UTC
avatar MountainShaper  is currently offline MountainShaper
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I have just re-categorised all my models. Miniatures is clearly the most appropriate category, but there is no appropriate sub-category for them. I did make a suggestion of a new sub-category in the box provided for this, which I hope will be acted upon.

I have suggested a "terrain model" sub-category once before. There are literally hundreds of models to which this would apply. An alternative name for this sub-category would be "relief model", but I think "terrain model" is preferable.

As well as my 15 MountainShapes models, there are 17 pages of terrain models from Terrainator and 8 pages of terrain models from TinyMtn, plus lots of other shops with fewer terrain models.

There is also quite a lot of jewelry that is based on terrain models of countries.

Please do consider this. I am not making many sales at the moment, possibly because people aren't aware of this type of 3D-printed model.



Mountain Shaper
 Topic: Customer name in Sales review
Customer name in Sales review [message #139528] Sat, 19 March 2016 14:46 UTC
avatar czhunter  is currently offline czhunter
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Junior Member
Would it be possible to add Customer name in this table?

Sometimes I want to write a message to the customer and then I have to look for his name somewhere in e-mails.
It is probably possible to find it somewhere else, but to have it here, that for me is the place, where it makes most sense.


[Updated on: Sat, 19 March 2016 14:49 UTC]

 Topic: Add Centimeter Option on Upload
Add Centimeter Option on Upload [message #139224] Mon, 14 March 2016 17:24 UTC
avatar LrdSatyr8  is currently offline LrdSatyr8
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Junior Member
I do most of my modeling in centimeters and it drives me nuts that I have no option for it when uploading a new model to my shop. I always have to wait for it to load, then click scale and choose CM from the menu and click ok. Would make things alot faster if CM was just added to the available options upon uploading... right now you only got MM, Inches, and Meters.
 Topic: Shopowner defined default photo text overlays
Shopowner defined default photo text overlays [message #138157] Tue, 01 March 2016 21:42 UTC
avatar draw  is currently offline draw
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Senior Member
There are times that having the ability to lay some text over a model's default photo or all photos and renders might be helpful. I'm thinking various short comments like

3 sizes available
designed for porcelain
1mm or 2mm walls
8 options inside
3 loops sizes inside
5 phrase options inside
in development
more than X sold so far
most popular store item

If not on the photos and renders maybe adding a line just below the photo for the additional comments. (And perhaps the Customize banner for CustomMaker parts could also be moved below he photo/render so the photos aren't obscured.) Some of these would complement the new variant thing being worked on, or displace it in the case of having multiple dimensions of variant types (such as diameter and wall thickness and material options) when a simple variant tool won't do the trick. In other cases it gives the customer a quick idea of whatever might be different or unique about the part. Such extra information could in theory be added to the model title but that bloats the title.

 Topic: My Creations
My Creations [message #137573] Mon, 22 February 2016 19:28 UTC
avatar shawn_halayka  is currently offline shawn_halayka
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When I go to my home page I see my Activity first, instead of my Creations. Can anyone change it back to showing Creations first? Please and thank you.

[Updated on: Mon, 22 February 2016 19:34 UTC]

 Topic: progress bar in upload process
progress bar in upload process [message #137081] Tue, 16 February 2016 12:30 UTC
avatar MartinBoom  is currently offline MartinBoom
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would you be so kind, shapeways, to add a progress bar o some sort of numeric indicator of how much of the file is actually uploaded?
i know, i know, your limit for hiperhighspeed connections is so small (64mb) but not in every country that kind of speed is available nor currentely working smoothly. SO! that would be a huge help. and since your service goes down every now and then. it would be useful to know where the file stuck.

PLEASE! (or is there any other way to upload * ftp etc etc?)



 Topic: Porcelain Glazing Technique
Porcelain Glazing Technique [message #137012] Mon, 15 February 2016 15:21 UTC
avatar FEEDMEEEEE  is currently offline FEEDMEEEEE
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Hi Shapeways,

Would it be possible to get porcelain products sprayed with the glazes instead of dipped in the glazes? The finish would look so nice and smooth!

It would be really amazing to be able to request porcelain products to be sprayed or dipped?

I would love to be able to have the glaze sprayed with a nice even finish on a product and then have a small part of the same product dipped in a different glaze, offering a two colour porcelain product to customers. This would be so cool!

Kind regards,

 Topic: message sending to severel users
message sending to severel users [message #136182] Wed, 03 February 2016 09:35 UTC
avatar Mohsen_Abbasi  is currently offline Mohsen_Abbasi
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I wanted to send a message to my clients who wrote to me here, and they are a lot. So, I tried too write the user names with ;

After sending, I got something wrong, same with shapeways was offline. I clicked on the homepage and it works again. I checked the send folder and saw the message, without anything under "Recipient".

So, did it work, or not?

And when not, how to send the message to several users?

Best regards,
Mohsen Abbasi

Best regards, Mohsen Abbasi
 Topic: Minor "Shop Setting" suggesting
Minor "Shop Setting" suggesting [message #136063] Mon, 01 February 2016 23:38 UTC
avatar Echoco  is currently offline Echoco
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The "Remove my shop" button is uncomfortable close to the "save" button.
I haven't licked it by accident yet but I don't want it to ever happen.
I know there is another button I have to click before the shop does get deleted but another layer of confirmation like needing to enter the password to confirm the decision will help me feel safer.

I hope this gets considered :)

[Updated on: Mon, 01 February 2016 23:40 UTC]

Life's too long
 Topic: Free camera to generate renders
Free camera to generate renders [message #135269] Tue, 26 January 2016 12:17 UTC
avatar pinelas  is currently offline pinelas
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I think that would be great not limit the rotation of the camera to the axis selected when we are going to generate the renders of the product.

I have found that some products need more freedom to choose the right angle for the renders, like in the preview.
Also it allows play with pan and zoom. Thank you!

 Topic: Model Train Category
Model Train Category [message #132762] Tue, 12 January 2016 15:24 UTC
avatar tl01  is currently offline tl01
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Junior Member
It would be nice if you can design your taxonomy to include the scale size for the Model Train category.
 Topic: ALUMINUM wire minimum?
ALUMINUM wire minimum? [message #131631] Thu, 07 January 2016 23:53 UTC
avatar weasel70  is currently offline weasel70
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Junior Member
The material guidelines for the new Aluminum SLM (hurray!) do not mention minimum wire diameter.
As I tend to make very wiry jewelry, I need to know this.
 Topic: Auto Check for One Material Only?
Auto Check for One Material Only? [message #123563] Thu, 01 October 2015 12:20 UTC
avatar Plumguy  is currently offline Plumguy
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Junior Member
Any chance that the auto check can be changed to test for only one material?
For example, as I'm usually interested only in Full Color Sandstone, can the auto check
be run only on THAT material rather than testing on materials that I'm not interested in at the moment.?

 Topic: better shop organization
better shop organization [message #123562] Thu, 01 October 2015 11:28 UTC
avatar petitepetpendants  is currently offline petitepetpendants
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I have a suggestion to make this site easier for shoppers,

Create listings that have drop down menus to choose from different variations of models.

This would be useful in several different instances.

Such as rings.

Right now when you find a ring (size 10) but you are a size 6 you must go back to that person's shop and hope that you can find your size.

What if instead you were able to choose from a drop down menu what ring size you were.

This could potentially increase sales on shape ways as rings are items that are small and relatively cheap to print, so more people can afford them. If The only downside is that rings need sizing and the current layout of the site makes it hard for people to find them.

You also could provide alternative colorings for the same model. I'm doing dog pendants right now, If I could create a Pomeranian base model, then through a drop down offer different sandstone colorings for that model I might make more sales than if I had to create 12 different listings for each coloring of a Pomeranian. The user would have to search for my model, which Is a pain and some people would probably give up.

[Updated on: Thu, 01 October 2015 11:34 UTC]

 Topic: selling / material choice : remind printability there !
selling / material choice : remind printability there ! [message #121993] Mon, 31 August 2015 06:18 UTC
avatar FabriceN  is currently offline FabriceN
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Junior Member
When choosing which material to sell for an object, I have to go back and forth many times between the material tab and the sell tab.
(yes, I'm always near the limit since I like microdetails :-) )

Basically, the usefull column about printability (+link to issues) should be copied in the material array of the selling tab.

 Topic: MyShop
MyShop [message #121967] Sun, 30 August 2015 14:17 UTC
avatar umwebejo  is currently offline umwebejo
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Junior Member
I struggle to find my own shop !
What about a MyShop link under my icon, or a Home page under SELL ?
 Topic: See The Shops I'm Following?
See The Shops I'm Following? [message #121961] Sun, 30 August 2015 12:27 UTC
avatar MuchDesign  is currently offline MuchDesign
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Is there any way to see all the shops I'm following? I realise I can see their latest activities in the feed, but this is dominated by active shops. When I'm shopping I like to see my favourite shops to find new things to buy. It's odd because sites like Etsy and eBay let you see BOTH your favourite shops and their latest items. It's very strange to only show a feed and not a list - like Facebook only showing the news feed and not being able to see your friends.
 Topic: ambiguous explanation in web page "how we pay"
ambiguous explanation in web page "how we pay" [message #121850] Fri, 28 August 2015 07:27 UTC
avatar FabriceN  is currently offline FabriceN
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Junior Member
1: in

first it is said in the "big picture":
"Markups are paid when the total you've earned (minus the fee) is greater than US$30."

but it is said in the before last point of the FAQ:
"We include the markup fee when we are counting whether your total markup reaches the US$30 minimum. "

E.g., one of my product has a $30.18 total markup (for precious metal), minus 1.06 fee -> it falls below the threshold... or not ?

2: Note that the email I received said "total: " for what was indeed the total markup minus the fee, so... not the total.

3: we can enter our pricings in either Euros or Dollars. But the rate of currency fluctuates.
-> So, is the price maintained in its origin currency ? or is the price setting just a currency-to-dollar converter then the reference price is the dollar version ?

thanks !

 Topic: New Feature: Manage And Show Products In Folder
New Feature: Manage And Show Products In Folder [message #121782] Thu, 27 August 2015 09:52 UTC
avatar phnghue  is currently offline phnghue
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On Deviantart, at the gallery, I can feature arts in the main page. And I can manage art in folder, folder in folder, split topic...
I think it will be better, faster, easier to find products if we apply this feature to Shapeways.
The shop will be more professional.

[Updated on: Thu, 27 August 2015 09:53 UTC]

 Topic: grouping of PM
grouping of PM [message #121721] Wed, 26 August 2015 13:25 UTC
avatar Keymaker  is currently offline Keymaker
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Senior Member
Shapeways Crew
Idea that came up while i was checking new PM icon. (which is nice BTW)
Are you planing for grouping messages that belong to one "chat" (like gmail is doing it). Between same users with same title. So we can see all communication in one log?
Currently if i am replying and i want to quote something from previous messages it is complicated to find it. Especially if buried on page 3 (for example)

The only thing that limits us is our imagination.
 Topic: Set front shop section instead of show ALL!
Set front shop section instead of show ALL! [message #121702] Wed, 26 August 2015 01:25 UTC
avatar numarul7  is currently offline numarul7
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Shapie Expert
Knowledge Expert
Hi guys! Can we Designes have the option to select a section to be the front of our shop ? What do you guys think ? So the "first to try" , "beta products" can be viewed in separate section and stuff ?
Like "Designers Favorite" section -> front shop , then under that section "all sections" . "custom section a" etc...
I can make a section but I can`t set it up to be my SHOP first in order to people to see.
We have a lots of features on Shapeways like materials "plastics" vs "metals" having this option make designer chose what to show first and make the user not so scared by seeing bunch of things up but still access bunch of things up in the "all sections" section.

numarul7 jewelry and design
 Topic: Coupon codes
Coupon codes [message #121685] Tue, 25 August 2015 19:54 UTC
avatar Lightbringer  is currently offline Lightbringer
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Junior Member
Can Shapeways add the ability for a designer to create coupon codes, similar to the function on Etsy? This can help with knowing what marketing is working best, giving different coupon codes in digent places, as well as giving incentives for people to order early, particularly custom products before the holiday season.
 Topic: Nitride titanium plating
Nitride titanium plating [message #121657] Tue, 25 August 2015 09:03 UTC
avatar panguver  is currently offline panguver
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Senior Member

Can Shapeways add gold-plating by Nitride titanium to all metallic (or to other materials if possible)? This type of "gold-plating" is really wearable even on steel because Nitride titanium is very hard and wear-resistant and used by best Swiss watch brands.
 Topic: Please move the video into the image carousel
Please move the video into the image carousel [message #121574] Sat, 22 August 2015 16:31 UTC
avatar UtorCase  is currently offline UtorCase
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At the moment, the Youtube video is at the very bottom of the page after the description. Could this video be moved to the image carousel?
 Topic: Auto-assign tags and main description
Auto-assign tags and main description [message #121502] Thu, 20 August 2015 15:09 UTC
avatar panguver  is currently offline panguver
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Senior Member

Now you can add shop sections, assign models to it and... done. I suggest add to all sections "main description" and "main tags". How it would be works?

As example, on Charms&s=0 section I could add main description about Pandora charms and my techniques presented in this section. Also I could add main tags for all charms, (as example Panguver Amalham, Pandora, Generative, Charm, Bracelet, silver, gold, platinum) and I will no need enter such information for each listing separately. In listing (as result) will become additional description before current (personal) description of listing and all "main tags" in addition to "personal" tags on model.

It's great way for really fast adding descriptions and tags to similar products.
 Topic: coherence and redundancy in object lists ( web interface issues)
coherence and redundancy in object lists ( web interface issues) [message #121490] Thu, 20 August 2015 09:22 UTC
avatar FabriceN  is currently offline FabriceN
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Junior Member

There are 4 lists of my objects.
I guess it is at least 1 too much (#3 or #4). Moreover the browsing access to these pages is quite heterogeneous, and the purpose of inventory is kind of mysterious.

- my public designer page
( access hidden in rightMenu/publicProfile )

- my shop page
( no direct access from either the rightMenu or the sell page: one has to go to publicProfile then shop )

- the main list of models
( accessed through "make" or rightMenu/Models : good )

- the inventory
( strangely it is accessed through "sell" despite most of what's here won't appear in the shop )
strangely despite some notForSale and notPublic objects appear, it is only a subset of the whole list with a different presentation.
strangely various settings that can be set for notInShop objects but often ignored.
Visibility through publicProfile (or shop) is set here, but strangely the order of presentation don't seem to be used for the profile list of objects.
 Topic: various suggestions about the painful web interface (edit model & pricing)
various suggestions about the painful web interface (edit model & pricing) [message #121489] Thu, 20 August 2015 09:17 UTC
avatar FabriceN  is currently offline FabriceN
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Junior Member
- selecting every materials to sell is a pain.
-> please add buttons 'select all' 'unselect all' 'revert', at least per sections of materials

- settling the pricing for all materials is a pain.
suggestion: propose a A + B.baseprice formula with custom A and B (globally or per sections of materials).
( conversely, I don't think a lot of people will use the option "one single price to rule them all" ;-) )

- in detail tab I can see default material and default image but only set the default image.
default material is hidden in pricing tab. should be setable in detail tab.

- In the detail list we are asked to name the material for each photo (and it is done in renderings).
But it does not show directly in the shop.
suggestion: left of right to the custom image caption, write the material name.

- image cropping: I guess you can find a js lib to do the cropping interactively. ;-)
- sometime we want a portrait format, not landscape.

- allow rotating point of view in 2 directions
 Topic: Suggestion: Manual Curation for related products
Suggestion: Manual Curation for related products [message #121403] Wed, 19 August 2015 03:35 UTC
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Often, the products of mine in the "related products" or "more from this designer" section of product pages are not ideal. The section seems equally likely to pick popular items as it is to pick unpopular ones. Especially for my most popular items, it makes sense to show either more pieces in the set, or other popular items of mine. It doesn't look very impressive when the "other products from this designer" are all unrelated to the product shown and only have material renders as pics.

I suggest that there be an option (checkbox-enabled) that allows the user to pick which items are shown in that section. That way, we can let the algorithm pick for us, or we can curate the section for best results if we want. Should be an easy change to make, everyone wins, everyone's happy. Seems like a good deal to me.

 Topic: Suggest make very easy customization...
Suggest make very easy customization... [message #121306] Mon, 17 August 2015 16:42 UTC
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Hi all,

At present time everyone can make two customizations for model - manual and CustomMaker. I suggest add there EasyScaleTool. It's very easy instrument with clear algorithm. This tool will have single parameter - "current size". When designer will want add ability to scale his model by buyer, he must be set "current size" (as example, 64mm for any bracelet from my shop section astic&s=0 ) and... viola!

When any buyer will open any model with this customization, he can able set needed size as "needed size" parameter, see updated price and make order. As example, if buyer will set 68mm as needed size, SW will compute "k" of scale = 68/64=1.0625 Computed "k" of scale would be used for on-line updating of price.

If buyer will buy scaled print, SW will create the temporary copy of model with computed "k" of scale. After shipping these temporary copies would be deleted automatically.

In any case, if model becomes unprintable in some size, SW will reject it by "too small size" reason.

It easy tool could be modified later with pull-down lists of ring/bracelet sizes for all countries, but now SW can public a conversion table of such sizes.

This easy tool will very useful for sales of plastic rings and bracelets right now.

What do you think about?
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