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Forum: Suggestions
 Topic: Order by most favorites?
Order by most favorites? [message #87780] Sat, 12 April 2014 10:08 UTC
avatar axd  is currently offline axd
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Another way to find interesting stuff is to provide a way to order by models most favorited?

I assume the current "Most popular" is based on number of page hits, or number of items sold.


 Topic: loads of favorites...
loads of favorites... [message #87701] Fri, 11 April 2014 12:26 UTC
avatar axd  is currently offline axd
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Junior Member
Hello Shapeways,

I'm suffering from a variant of GAS (*): there's so much good stuff on Shapeways, that my Favorites is becoming unmanageable.

How about introducing a tag concept so that I can bring some order in this madness? Currently, 'Favorites' and 'Wishlist' could become two such tags.

But I would also like to order my favorites by (just an example) color, type, material, price category and general category (and other criteria), or for example by 'order now','order next week', 'great', ...



* Gear Acquisition Syndrome

edit added: especially when one sees that models get tagged a volonté - but by the designers.
(sorry, wasn't aware of the Suggestions forum - thx)

[Updated on: Fri, 11 April 2014 19:20 UTC]

 Topic: Material Status page updates
Material Status page updates [message #87014] Mon, 31 March 2014 20:08 UTC
avatar mkroeker  is currently offline mkroeker
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I think it would be nice if the material status page was updated more regularly, and/or contained a notice when to expect the next update.
Case in point - is Ceramics still delayed (indefinitely?) by unspecified machine issues two weeks after the notice was posted ?
 Topic: "Musical Instruments" category for shop?
"Musical Instruments" category for shop? [message #86483] Thu, 20 March 2014 19:40 UTC
avatar portablemusic  is currently offline portablemusic
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Junior Member
Hi there,

I have just posted a penny whistle for sale on Shapeways.

Is there any chance you could add a "Musical Instruments" category, for models like this. There are a few musical instruments on Shapeways now, it'd be a good category to have.

All the best

Donald Lindsay
 Topic: The future?
The future? [message #86229] Fri, 14 March 2014 18:26 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
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Have a watch,

Stratasys' multimaterial technology has been around for a looong time now.
Can this 3DP technology be incorporated into Shapeways list of materials?
If so, you know that the 1 million triangle limit needs to increase 2, 3 or even 5 fold to make this possible.

Will this be in Shapeways future?


 Topic: Urgent to can delete the 3d public view
Urgent to can delete the 3d public view [message #86126] Wed, 12 March 2014 12:14 UTC
avatar HOLDEN8702  is currently offline HOLDEN8702
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Senior Member

3d rotating public view is working wrong in some full color models.

It's necessary to can delete this wrong view from the list of photos in the model page.

I'm reporting this bug in the appropiate section of the forum 25#msg_86125

and finally Mitchell Jetten admits this is running odd.

Best thing is that this runs ok in the end, but if we can delete it, then we can choose.


 Topic: Why is Shapeways' community hidden away?
Why is Shapeways' community hidden away? [message #85706] Sun, 02 March 2014 19:27 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
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I first came to Shapeways website due to an accidental search related to 3D modelling, the first place I headed was the forums just for a look-see, then I headed to tutorials, blah blah blah years later and here I am asking...

Why are Shapeways' forums tucked away in a non-obvious place?
The first place people go if they have questions is a forum.

So come on Shapeways, evangelise yourself, get the community back where it should be and get interactive with the community... others might just lead by example :)

Put the forums back in a place where visting people can find them please (and fix the login)

 Topic: Primered/Sealed WSF
Primered/Sealed WSF [message #85702] Sun, 02 March 2014 19:10 UTC
avatar AcetheSuperVillain  is currently offline AcetheSuperVillain
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We know that WSF's porous nature makes it a little finicky when it comes to painting your models. Primer coats are a must, and many shapers have also suggested applying a sealant, such as floor wax to make the outside watertight.

So I'm wondering, would it be reasonable for shapeways to offer primered or sealed WSF models so that painters can skip that step? I feel like Shapeways' factory of the future should have access to more advanced materials and techniques than a lone hobbyist such as myself would, or at least be able to provide the outer coating at a cheaper rate due to economies of scale.
 Topic: Website suggestions
Website suggestions [message #85646] Sat, 01 March 2014 09:19 UTC
avatar mkaselis  is currently offline mkaselis
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Over the last couple of months I have twice placed an order, cancelled it, then placed (and went through with) another one. There are a couple of things that I found very irritating:
- there is no way to suppress the "not for sale" entries. Wading through 30 or 60 pages of stuff and having half of them not for sale is frustrating. Even just being able to sort them to the end of the list would be an improvement.
- the "store credit available" field in the ordering dialog is very small and easy to miss - I certainly did the first time round, and effectively ended up paying twice after cancelling my first order. I eventually used this credit for my second order, so no harm done in the end. Making it much more visible, or a popup asking whether to use it or even always using it by default would be a great help.
 Topic: All Section on Shops
All Section on Shops [message #85323] Mon, 24 February 2014 00:00 UTC
avatar Batjeepster  is currently offline Batjeepster
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Let us hide it if we don't want it. Since you have to make everything public in order to do some types of code the all section is a cluttered mess. Either that or bring back the ability to choose material at checkout so we can use the app that is in the lab for those of us with multiple sizes of models.
 Topic: Orientation
Orientation [message #85208] Fri, 21 February 2014 16:03 UTC
avatar AGAH  is currently offline AGAH
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Currently I understand that the orientation chosen by Shapeways is to get the best loading , which presumably means the most economical. How about charging a premium for choosing your own orientation ?
 Topic: Can we move the delete away from the reply in private messaging ?
Can we move the delete away from the reply in private messaging ? [message #84934] Sat, 15 February 2014 12:06 UTC
avatar tebee  is currently offline tebee
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Several times now I have clicked delete accidental when I meant to reply to a private message - can we change it so they are not right next to each other so stupid old fools like me don't delete things they don't want to !

Alternatively ask for confirmation

 Topic: I understand that Shapeways may print my print parts from the same order at different times but...
I understand that Shapeways may print my print parts from the same order at different times but... [message #84758] Tue, 11 February 2014 20:22 UTC
avatar Nocoolname  is currently offline Nocoolname
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Junior Member there a reason why they can't do the printability check (processing) for "all" the parts in an order at the "before" submitting any for production? The parts I have uploaded to date are just individual components that will go together to form a larger model. In some cases these components are themselves split into two or more parts to aid in construction, save on material and reduce weight, variously. My orders will generally include a full set of such parts to support the completion of a larger model. However, Shapeways' approach has been to review, process and send to production the parts individually or in small groups. This has meant that some parts go forward into production while others are rejected. Not a major issue if the rejected parts are easy and quick to fix but it becomes a real problem if there are repeated failures since having only half the parts is pointless if I need all to create the model. If the processing were complete on "all" of the parts "before" any were submitted for production and a report on printability provided to the customer that would give us the chance to determine whether it was worth printing any at all at that time. For me this would reduce the risk of ending up with only a few of the pieces I need and avoid the hassle of repeated refunds and re-orders. Indeed, I would have thought the latter might prove just as helpful to Shapeways?

The only alternative to the above is that I effectively upload all of my parts as one, with the parts connected to each other by a 'sprue' in the same way that traditional injection molded kits are usually presented. This would upload as a single file and would be reviewed/approved/rejected as such. Although this would reduce the risk of having half a kit produced it still seems a rather cumbersome approach. Even if the sprue meets the overall size requirements of Shapeways the shape and layout might surely reduce Shapeways' options to economise by combining parts from different orders and that's before considering the waste of plastic to create the sprue. Just a thought ;)
 Topic: Folders for the "My Models" page
Folders for the "My Models" page [message #83792] Fri, 24 January 2014 15:50 UTC
avatar DesignbyDalton is currently online DesignbyDalton
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Organization is nearly impossible on shapeways once you've uploaded more than 1 page of models. I would like to see that solved with a folder option in the My Models area. It would help me keep track of groups of items, seasonal items, and items that have multiple sizes. So, how about it? Help me clean up the work space with some folders?

If you like my idea show some support with a simple comment. Thanks.

I am always open for commission, if you like my work and want something unique to you, somthing no one else can have but you, drop me a PM and we can talk.
 Topic: Chrome, Nickle plating with the brass option?
Chrome, Nickle plating with the brass option? [message #83660] Wed, 22 January 2014 23:17 UTC
avatar replicaprops  is currently offline replicaprops
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I like the prices of gold plated brass, but there should be chrome, nickle and silver plated for people who want that color and don't want to jump up in price to solid silver investment casting. I am really surprised the variety in plating is not an option yet.
 Topic: Сooperation
Сooperation [message #83625] Wed, 22 January 2014 14:41 UTC
avatar Lukas199  is currently offline Lukas199
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Good day Dear Colleagues, My name is Ilya Alekseev.
I'm from Moscow, Russia.
I am an aspiring entrepreneur. Many times I came to your site and in store, I loved your products and how you make them. Unfortunately in Russia, these technologies are not a level and few who do it. System of production and sale of these products have a very The interested. In Russia, too, has a 3d printer but not such a level as you.
I would suggest you to open a branch of your production in Russia. American technology in great demand in Moscow and in Russia as a whole. The price of goods from the United States is much higher in Russia.Therefore, the company opened in Moscow We can save a lot of money on transportation and customs duty. Especially in Russia this kind of production is only beginning to develop, thus we can win the market not only in Moscow and Russia, but also the nearest CIS markets.
I ask you to consider this proposal. For all questions you can write me an email
You make the future, so why not make it international?

Regards to you and your work
Alekseev Ilya.
 Topic: Feat request: Shopify app, Like the guys at theprintfull did
Feat request: Shopify app, Like the guys at theprintfull did [message #83496] Mon, 20 January 2014 14:53 UTC
avatar giorgiomartini  is currently offline giorgiomartini
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Junior Member
The printfull is an online priting service for posters, shirts canvases and other...

they have made an app to connect their servide to shopify, an e-commerce platform which lets you sell stuff online with your own domain...

please make something like this for shapeways....

I dont like having to ship with a shapeways box.. and also i dont like people buying from shapeways instead of from my web....

 Topic: Make Private Messaging easier to find
Make Private Messaging easier to find [message #83482] Mon, 20 January 2014 11:13 UTC
avatar David Bizer  is currently offline David Bizer
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Junior Member
Private messaging is totally hidden.
At least it should appear in the dropdown menu of forums.
It took me a bunch of minutes to find it again although I used it several times.
My workaround usually was searching for an email that had a link to a message
Anyways. Now that I know where it is I wont forget ever I hope.
But you should make it easier to access for other users.
 Topic: Shapeways Points?
Shapeways Points? [message #83265] Thu, 16 January 2014 02:07 UTC
avatar OmniaStudios  is currently offline OmniaStudios
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Not sure if this has come up yet, but why not offer point accrual for orders? These points could then be used later for store credit and such? There are several websites that I choose to shop at simply because they offer a bonus system such as this (, I love it; it keeps me coming back and makes me feel appreciated. :) Just a thought.
 Topic: Shipping options to Canada
Shipping options to Canada [message #82813] Wed, 08 January 2014 19:32 UTC
avatar FreeRangeBrain  is currently offline FreeRangeBrain
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Thanks ever so much for giving us USPS service to Canada!! We are no longer restricted to UPS's service and their associated brokerage fees. Praise be to the deity of your choosing!

Having said that, would it be possible to have UPS continue to be an option? USPS/Canada Post is considerably slower and it would be nice, when necessary, to expedite delivery in spite of the additional fees. Alternately, perhaps varying levels of USPS service with shipping fees varying accordingly?

Creativity - sometimes by the brute force method.
 Topic: Private messaging autoresponder
Private messaging autoresponder [message #82757] Wed, 08 January 2014 08:24 UTC
avatar macouno  is currently offline macouno
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Hi guys,

I'm getting quite a few requests for quotes through the private messaging here at the forum... which is great.

But I find the messaging system isn't really a nice way for me to keep track of all this back and forth... mail is much nicer.

So... what I'd love to see is an autoresponder to private messages... So I can tell people to mail me direct in stead of here.. And I can direct them to a page explaining a bit about what I can offer as well

 Topic: Share customer contact data for Co-Creator
Share customer contact data for Co-Creator [message #82688] Tue, 07 January 2014 12:46 UTC
avatar David Bizer  is currently offline David Bizer
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Junior Member
Co-Creator modifications can get more complex than replacing a piece of text for a phone cover.
For easier coordination it would be great being able to contact the customers directly.
Concerning privacy issues: Make a checkbox where they can select if they want to share their
contact details with the designer or not.
 Topic: File Uploads for Co-Creator
File Uploads for Co-Creator [message #82687] Tue, 07 January 2014 12:38 UTC
avatar David Bizer  is currently offline David Bizer
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It would be great to have an option for customers to upload files that can be used for the customization process.
 Topic: Make easy access for Forum
Make easy access for Forum [message #81245] Fri, 13 December 2013 20:18 UTC
avatar kreator  is currently offline kreator
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I myself found it strange not to have a Forum just one click away, clearly mentioned on top of the page, next to "Blog" link, for instance.
Once logged, one needs to first click on Make+Sell to be able to choose the forum link.
I've also read a post where someone only discovered the forum quite a long time after being on shapeways...
Best regards
 Topic: Forum: sort topics by date created
Forum: sort topics by date created [message #81112] Thu, 12 December 2013 09:18 UTC
avatar Wahtah  is currently offline Wahtah
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I would like to be able to sort the topics by the date/time they were created.

The default sorting by last reply is fine, but when I want to see what's new in "it arrived" for instance it gets very messy because everytime someone says "me too!" it gets put at the top. I used to use the email notifications for this but they have been stopped.

Is there maybe a secret query string code I can use, like /forum/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=83&li=nav&sort=xxx or something?
 Topic: Manage Inventory suggestion(s)
Manage Inventory suggestion(s) [message #80128] Thu, 28 November 2013 20:30 UTC
avatar draw  is currently offline draw
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It would be helpful to add a sorting category to the Manage Inventory page, one that allows you to sort models by given "display order". Otherwise you need to jump around between all the pages to see what order things are in or you need to look at the shop page in default mode to get a rough idea of how things are ordered.

Some other issues I've learned with regards to the use of the inventory page (after banging my head against the wall) that may affect the implementation of the above suggestion:

1) You can't change the display order of a model if it is not displayed and not for sale, but you can change the order if it is only for sale even if it is not displayed.

2) If you have given a model a display order number while it was for sale, but then remove it from sale, it will retain the display order number even though it is not utilized. If you then display it it can have the same order number as an item that is for sale and the display order in the store under default view gets all messed up.

I think it would also be great if you could set a display order for any item, whether for sale or not. Also the mange inventory software should preclude two items ever having the same display order number.
 Topic: Specified gifts instead of gift cards
Specified gifts instead of gift cards [message #79437] Wed, 20 November 2013 21:32 UTC
avatar FreeRangeBrain  is currently offline FreeRangeBrain
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It's too late for this season of gift giving, but...

Instead of purchasing a denominational value gift card, might it be possible to implement item-specific, or maybe even shop-specific, gifts? This is less impersonal than the regular gift card, in my opinion.

The way it might work is to pre-purchase the item with an email generated for the intended recipient. The recipient then has the option to complete the purchase, at which time produciton begins as usual. If the recipient declines, the payment is refunded along the same lines as a cancelled order. Worst case scenario shipping costs could be included when buying the gift card, with any excess refunded to the purchasing account at time of shipment. (What's the shipping cost to McMurdo Base these days? lol ) Perhaps there could be an option for the recipient to upgrade to a different material (as available for the ordered item, of course), provided they kicked in the cost difference?

This might also help to get around limitations on having to have the billing and shipping addresses in the same country. (Depending on the legalities and/or corporate policies causing the current limitation, of course.)

Creativity - sometimes by the brute force method.
 Topic: More Extended Descriptions
More Extended Descriptions [message #77816] Wed, 30 October 2013 02:57 UTC
avatar MrNibbles  is currently offline MrNibbles
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It would be nice to have separate extended descriptions for shop sections. They could be added to the general extended description for the entire store when viewing a shop section or simply replace the general extended description.

The idea behind this would be to clarify the offerings in a shop section. For example you might want a short description saying something like "These widgets are available in all combinations of size(x,y,z), interior (hollow, solid), and shape (square, round)." or "All parts in this shop section are designed in the HO scale for your railroad layout." etc.

 Topic: Personalized Default settings when uploading objects
Personalized Default settings when uploading objects [message #76918] Thu, 17 October 2013 10:02 UTC
avatar OBjuan  is currently offline OBjuan
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Junior Member

Who would like to be able to personalize their default upload settings?[ 3 vote(s) ]
1.Being able to customize my import options sounds great! 2 / 67%
2.Who cares. It's fine as it is. 1 / 33%

I would very much like it if I could set a variety of parameters for uploading an object just once, and then every object I import after that would default to those settings.
It's not that big a deal, but having to go and click 11 various radio buttons every time I bring in a new objects gets old and annoying, and stifles creativity.
- I want to upload all my objects in the Meters scale.
- So far I dont really ever want the ceramic materials, nor the sandstones, turn them off by default and I'll activate them in the rare cases.
- I would love it to auto price for me!
just adding X that I set to the price would be cool.
better for me, as I am a fan of whole numbers, would be if I could set up a list like
$1 - $5 = $7
$5 - $10 = $15
$10 - $20 = $25
$20 - $30 = $35
$30 - $40 = $50
$40 - $66 = $70
- Default Categories would be nice
- Being able to save various groups of tags which I could click 1 button and instantly add a bunch of metatags that are always gonna be grouped would be great!

Hook us up, please!

[Updated on: Thu, 17 October 2013 10:04 UTC]

the future merges with the past, and we are provided ever new opportunities to reinvent the now . . .
 Topic: Direct Markups to Recognized Charities?
Direct Markups to Recognized Charities? [message #76266] Sun, 06 October 2013 22:24 UTC
avatar Tresob  is currently offline Tresob
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It might be neat if I could set up certain listings to direct markup fees to officially recognized charities. Maybe through something like Paypal's MissionFish?

Not only would this be good for the charity, but it might encourage purchases.

Sometimes my customers have passed on items because the prices are too high even when I sell something without a markup.

However, if the customer considered the purchase as a donation, they might be willing to splurge a little more.

I'd want to be able to pick from charities, of course. Things get so political these days.
 Topic: Please add a purchase order field to the payment section of checkout, invoices and packing
Please add a purchase order field to the payment section of checkout, invoices and packing [message #76101] Fri, 04 October 2013 14:47 UTC
avatar mfoster3  is currently offline mfoster3
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Many businesses keep track of purchases with an internal tracking system that issues purchase order numbers. These numbers are commonly supplied to vendors to be included on invoices and packing slips to aid receiving and accounts payable departments with cross referencing vendor order numbers to the internal accounting process. I can't think of a single major vendor that I deal with that doesn't supply a field of this type in some section of their checkout process. You can see what I mean at,

a voxel is a three dimensional pixel
 Topic: Categorize "3d modeller needed"- section
Categorize "3d modeller needed"- section [message #73508] Thu, 22 August 2013 19:19 UTC
avatar cadpro  is currently offline cadpro
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Junior Member
Could you pelase categorize this section in:

technical designer/modeller :

-> nurbs, bezier- ,modelling with f.e. alias, solidworks, catia, icem surf


character designer/modeller :

-> polygonmodelling with f.e. 3ds max, blender

it would be much easier and faster for everyone to check the topic he is interested in.

kind regards,

 Topic: Adding a mechanism to sell complete model design pages
Adding a mechanism to sell complete model design pages [message #72933] Sun, 11 August 2013 19:27 UTC
avatar MrNib  is currently offline MrNib
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Senior Member
I'm not sure how modelers sell their services to people wanting to purchase custom models but I imagine it's mostly done outside of Shapeways. How about having a designer be able to "sell" a complete model page, including the design file, descriptions, pricing, and photos to someone else and within the Shapeways framework? Such a mechanism might also let designers bid on a custom project requested by someone else.

A potential pitfall I see is what happens if a design ends up not being manufacturable, or if Shapeways decides down the line that a model can no longer be manufactured. But if the item has been fabricated a posted photo of the item in their model file could be proof of manufacturability. Or Shapeways could include a process approved list for the design based on their design rule checking in advance of manufacture and model sale. Shapeways could also delay transfer of proceeds of the model sale until an item is successfully fabricated. There are probably several ways around such a problem. I'm envisioning this more as a one time sale and complete transfer of the model and associated information from one user to another.

Here are some situations in which such a mechanism might be useful;:

1) A store owner decides to move on and no longer sell items through their store. Or they have left this earthly realm and passed on to a higher plane of existence. This would be a way to liquidate designs and transfer value and future royalty payments to another user. In this case providing a sales history of the item would also be nice to help establish value.

2) It provides a mechanism for a customer to solicit work from various designers via a bidding process and purchase one or more designs that they like. Any design service fees, etc. could be included in the model sale price.

3) It provides a mechanism for one person to transfer a design to someone else in a trade or as a goodwill gesture, or to fix an error in or update a previously sold design.

4) It allows a user with multiple accounts to transfer items between stores either to consolidate items into one store or to open specialty stores without losing model page information.

5) It allows for the development of "club" groups where people with shared interests could consolidate and share designs to further their hobby. Actually in this case you may also not want to transfer the model, but you might want to share the display of your model in the club group. The original designer would still retain full control over their model page but it could be displayed in different user club accounts.

I suppose Shapeways could charge a small percentage or a flat fee for such sales or transfers. And if Shapeways likes these ideas they can always send me a substantial store credit!

[Updated on: Mon, 12 August 2013 04:17 UTC]

 Topic: Shapeways should get a Selection Deposition Lamination printer for paper
Shapeways should get a Selection Deposition Lamination printer for paper [message #72876] Sat, 10 August 2013 03:11 UTC
avatar pshao  is currently offline pshao
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I think shapeways should look into offering full color paper 3D printing. it's relatively cheap and durable. Thoughts?
 Topic: Item and Shop Promotions
Item and Shop Promotions [message #72002] Tue, 23 July 2013 14:38 UTC
avatar instrumaker  is currently offline instrumaker
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Junior Member
I've read suggestions for linking discount promotions from facebook to shapeways which is a good idea.

I'd like to add that it would be nice to be able to assign promo codes to either our entire shop or individual items independent of facebook as well.
 Topic: Suggestions Guidelines
Suggestions Guidelines [message #71582] Sun, 14 July 2013 20:12 UTC
avatar Youknowwho4eva is currently online Youknowwho4eva
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I work here
Hi guys!

Uservoice is gone for good, so we are breaking up Bug Reports and Site Feedback into 2 sections.

In this topic, feel free to share any changes you'd like to see with the website, your shops, your models, or your overall experience. This is the place to help us make the Shapeways experience more enjoyable. So tell use your improvement ideas.

For issues with specific orders or uploads, please email

Thank you!

[Updated on: Mon, 15 July 2013 12:26 UTC] by Moderator

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