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Forum: Shapeways API
 Topic: Error 500 when POSTing an order to the API
Error 500 when POSTing an order to the API [message #117531] Wed, 17 June 2015 10:25 UTC
avatar dhastings  is currently offline dhastings
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Junior Member
I am trying to send an order into an account. I have confirmed that the orders POST endpoint is enabled for my account. Initially responseFromServer was giving me error information such as invalid field. Now its blank and doesnt have any information at all, but the orders are still not showing up.

var request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(posturl);
                        json = "{\"firstName\":\"Kevin\",\"lastName\":\"Green\",\"country\":\"US\",\"state\":\"MN\",\"city\":\"Test Park\",\"address1\":\"1234 test street, NC-1234\",\"zipCode\":\"11111\",\"phoneNumber\":\"1111111111\",\"items\":{\"item\":[{\"modelId\":\"3436393\",\"materialId\":\"85\",\"quantity\":\"8\",\"productDimensionChoiceCombo\":\"0\"},{\"modelId\":\"3436421\",\"materialId\":\"85\",\"quantity\":\"4\",\"productDimensionChoiceCombo\":\"0\"}]},\"paymentVerificationId\":\"T-ORDER\",\"paymentMethod\":\"manual\",\"shippingOption\":\"Cheapest\"}";
            posturl = "";

            request.Headers.Add("Authorization", AuthHeaders);
            request.Method = "POST";
            request.ContentType = "application/json";
            request.Accept = "application/json";

            byte[] bodyBytes = new ASCIIEncoding().GetBytes(json);

            Stream stream = request.GetRequestStream();
            stream.Write(bodyBytes, 0, bodyBytes.Length);

            HttpWebResponse webResponse = null;

                webResponse = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
            catch (WebException ex)
                webResponse = (HttpWebResponse)ex.Response;

            if (webResponse != null)
                Stream dataStream = webResponse.GetResponseStream();
                StreamReader postreader = new StreamReader(dataStream);
                string responseFromServer = postreader.ReadToEnd();

[Updated on: Wed, 17 June 2015 10:34 UTC]

 Topic: API Sample Code - Bulk Uploader
API Sample Code - Bulk Uploader [message #114098] Sat, 18 April 2015 20:04 UTC
avatar stonysmith  is currently offline stonysmith
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Shapie Expert
The question often comes up "How can I upload many models at once?" For a good while now, I've been using the API for various shop maintenance tasks, and I thought I'd share a bulk uploader that I whipped up.

Read the directions in the file. <grin> Check back from time to time.. if someone has suggestions, I'll update the tools.

The tools here require the Python programming language which is available for free from

Disclaimer: This set of tools is not for you unless you have at least minimal programming experience/skills, and/or the of desire to "do it yourself". If you want a completely pre-packaged "one button" solution, hire a programmer.

This code is shared here in the hopes that I can ease some of your frustrations. No warranty is implied.
If you'd like to say ThankYou, I'd be happy to accept donations thru PayPal. <grin>

Patience, Persistance, Politeness - the 3Ps will help us get us to Perfect Printed Products
 Topic: API used by Hero Forge?
API used by Hero Forge? [message #111542] Wed, 04 March 2015 18:15 UTC
avatar braillesigns  is currently offline braillesigns
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Junior Member
I just read the blog entry about hero forge and the shapeways "API".
Did I miss anything , is there a usable api now or is this still the "handle everything yourself, upload it once a day" solution?
 Topic: Get sales stats via model info
Get sales stats via model info [message #110532] Sun, 15 February 2015 06:09 UTC
avatar UtorCase  is currently offline UtorCase
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Dear SW Dev team,

Would be great if we could get simple sales stats per model via the API. Even one simple field like number of purchase attempts would be great (so you dont have to factor in the rejections, cancellations etc).
 Topic: Wix App for API
Wix App for API [message #104542] Mon, 08 December 2014 20:27 UTC
avatar CESM  is currently offline CESM
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Junior Member

I have been hunting high and low for any sort of app or code that can connect shapeways API to the wix sites. I currently am building my site and the only way for customers to buy my products is to redirect them through shapeways. I need a way that shapeways products can be automatically synced to the wix store, and when a customer buys a shapeways product the order is sent to shapeways. When customers buy products directly from me, then I get the order and I fulfill my part.

As an app this would be great, as it would make it possible for anyone with a wix site to buy from shapeways.

I am really looking forward to an app like this!

Best Regards,
David Cutting

-- David Cutting CEO, Cutting Edge Scale Models
DOES ANYBODY WORK HERE? [message #104219] Wed, 03 December 2014 12:58 UTC
avatar NickLilavois  is currently offline NickLilavois
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There are questions here that have been around for many years, including mine, and they remain unanswered.

Does Shapeways take it's small, independent developers seriously?

Is there any plan to make the API functional, and provide actual documentation, and example code in programming languages?

This is my program:

So far, it only works with iMaterialize, since iMaterialize has actively helped me integrate with their system. They seem to really want to encourage developers to support their service.

Sculpteo is now helping me work with theirs as well for my next version.

It is an iPad program, thus written in Objective-C.

I need ANY example code in Objective-C that performs OAuth and has been shown to work with Shapeways.

Every OAuth library I have been able to find for Objective-C is either intended for OAuth 2.0, while Sahpeways needs OAuth 1.0, or the library is very old and not maintained, and not compatible with iOS 7 and 8.

I have sent numerous emails, and I have gotten no response.

There MUST be a solution for this.

 Topic: Confusion about how a ShapeWays app is built !
Confusion about how a ShapeWays app is built ! [message #102438] Wed, 05 November 2014 22:04 UTC
avatar Rielaiz  is currently offline Rielaiz
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Junior Member
Hi, I am new here.

I have recently been learning how to program.

I am interested in building a ShapeWays App.

I have confusion, as on the developer page, I read the following:

- This How To Guide will take you through the steps necessary to create a working Shapeways App.

With this in mind, may I ask what the actual steps are necessary to create a working ShapeWays App.

Do I use JavaScript. Is there a tutorial please ?

Thank you, I have so many ideas, this would be a great opportunity for me.

Best Wishes

 Topic: verifier_invalid or signature_invalid with OAuth in Delphi XE
verifier_invalid or signature_invalid with OAuth in Delphi XE [message #101882] Tue, 28 October 2014 11:44 UTC
avatar Yggdrasil  is currently offline Yggdrasil
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Junior Member

I'm trying to develop a working API-access using Delphi XE.
To achieve this I rely on an "library" to handle most of the the OAuth stuff (see attached file) because I'm not that familiar with the whole Web and OAuth stuff.
Lucky me got it working to retrieve the request token and the authentication url which the user has to visit to get the verifier (pin).

function RequestToken(out ARequestToken, ARequestSecret: string): string;
  tokenPos, delimPos: integer;

  apiSvc: string;
  http: TIdHttp;
  oAuthConsumer: TOAuthConsumer;
  oAuthRequest: TOAuthRequest;
  oAuthSignMethod: TOAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1;
    // set api service url appendix used by this function
    apiSvc := 'oauth1/request_token/v1';
    // create http object to send get request
    http := TIdHttp.Create(nil);
    http.ConnectTimeout := 15000;
    http.ReadTimeout := 15000;

    // create OAuth objects
    oAuthConsumer := TOAuthConsumer.Create(Shapeways.SW_ConsumerKey,
      Shapeways.SW_ConsumerSecret, Shapeways.SW_APIURL + apiSvc);
    oAuthSignMethod := TOAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1.Create;
    oAuthRequest := TOAuthRequest.Create(SW_APIURL + apiSvc);
    oAuthRequest := oAuthRequest.FromConsumerAndToken(oAuthConsumer, nil,
      Shapeways.SW_APIURL + apiSvc);
    oAuthRequest.Sign_Request(oAuthSignMethod, oAuthConsumer, nil);
    oAuthRequest.HTTPURL := Shapeways.SW_APIURL + apiSvc;
    // send GET request and decode response
    result := http.Get(Shapeways.SW_APIURL + apiSvc + '?' + oAuthRequest.GetString);
    result := TIdURI.URLDecode(result);

    // extract the request token from the response
    tokenPos := Pos('oauth_token', result) + 12;
    delimPos := Pos('&', result);
    ARequestToken := Copy(result, tokenPos, delimPos - tokenPos);

    tokenPos := Pos('oauth_token_secret', result) + 19;
    delimPos := LastCharPos(result, '&');
    ARequestSecret := Copy(result, tokenPos, delimPos - tokenPos);
    // free runtime instances

SW_APIURL points to ''
SW_ConsumerKey points to my shapeways app key
SW_ConsumerSecret points to my shapeways app secret

With this code I'm able to get the authentication url. When I open it in my browser I'm able to allow my app to access my account and as a result the verifier code is displayed (6 digits).
Unfortunately when using a similar function to create the access token url (with all parameters like signature, verifier, request token) I'm not able to get a successfull response (neither when opening inside a browser nor when using Delphi's IdHttp class).

When I include the oauth_verifier field with the verifier I got displayed in my browser inside the request before building the signature I get
{"result":"failure","reason":"Authentication Error","oauth_error_message":"oauth_problem=signature_invalid&debug_sbs=GET ... }

followed by my access token request url as far as I can identify it.

When I append the oauth_verifier field after building the signature I don't get the invalid signature result but an invalid verifier result.
{"result":"failure","reason":"Authentication Error","oauth_error_message":"oauth_problem=verifier_invalid"}

Do I have a significant wrong approach for the access token request and do I have to include other data or the existing one in a specific order?
The results I receive don't help me at this point and I'm stuck and left to try and error random things coming to my mind.
Does anyone have done API calls to shapeways using Delphi XE and give me a hint what to consider to solve my issue?
Or does anyone can point me on what I'm doing wrong at the moment.

Kind Regards

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 Topic: Identifying if models have been purchased via API
Identifying if models have been purchased via API [message #100071] Thu, 02 October 2014 14:07 UTC
avatar zunath  is currently offline zunath
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Junior Member
We want to send follow up emails to users of our site based on whether they have ordered a model.

Is it possible to determine the number of times a model has been ordered via the Shapeways API? I couldn't find any information on this in the documentation.

Please let me know if there's a way to do this. Thanks in advance!
 Topic: Model Digital Preview
Model Digital Preview [message #99042] Mon, 22 September 2014 10:44 UTC
avatar Vira  is currently offline Vira
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Junior Member
Hey all,

I am excited by new Digital Preview mode that Shapeways implemented few months ago. Could anyone explain how Digital Preview renders the model exactly in the material that was chosen? Is it possible to create such preview for shop that outside the Sapeways?

As an example, I would like to have a sandstone fullcolor digital preview on the site.

 Topic: OAuth question
OAuth question [message #98085] Sun, 07 September 2014 16:11 UTC
avatar leforthomas  is currently offline leforthomas
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Junior Member
I have a web app which helps the user generate a 3D model.

From teh web app, I have an "Upload to Shapeways" button at teh end of the creation process, but also a download the model button.

I don't want the user to leave my web app to sign in to shapeways, so I'm opening a new popup with teh auth URL I get from the Shapeways OAuth service. Problem is I'm getting stuck in many ways and my limited brain could do with a good example or workflow of how to proceed. Is there a suitable example I could use? all the ones I've seen leave the app or require signing in first (which I really don't want).


 Topic: Can you buy shapeways modeling portion of their API and 3d print in house?
Can you buy shapeways modeling portion of their API and 3d print in house? [message #96415] Mon, 18 August 2014 18:11 UTC
avatar legacyb4u  is currently offline legacyb4u
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Junior Member
i was just curious if shapeways offered options to print in house with the use of their api?
 Topic: About PHP api
About PHP api [message #94843] Mon, 28 July 2014 05:02 UTC
avatar chikiuso2  is currently offline chikiuso2
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Junior Member
Hello, is there a PHP sample shop source code? I would like to start building something with it, thanks.
 Topic: Email based alternative to API
Email based alternative to API [message #94537] Tue, 22 July 2014 17:39 UTC
avatar eXtrudy  is currently offline eXtrudy
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to be honest - the API seems a little bit too complicated for using it in small, non-commercial software projects. It would be much easier just to send a mail from the user's mail client to shapeways, which contains the created stl file as attachment and a standard text. Minutes later the user could then receive a reply mail with a link to his uploaded object and then decide if he wants to create an account or sign in if he already has one. No need for consumer keys, developer authentication etc. Of course this wouldn't be an option for business owners, but an interesting alternative for hobby developers.

best regards, Hendrik
 Topic: how to create a shapeways based shop within my website?
how to create a shapeways based shop within my website? [message #93498] Sun, 06 July 2014 15:09 UTC
avatar mknowland  is currently offline mknowland
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Junior Member

I'm new to shapeways, and I want to be able to create my a shop on my business website where people can select and buy the 3d prints the same way they would do if they went directly onto my shop in the shapeways website. Presumably this is what the API business is that people are working on here? I'm not entirely sure.

Is this possible? From what I've seen it looks like it, but where do you start?


[Updated on: Mon, 07 July 2014 21:33 UTC]

 Topic: Price api currency (Euro vs USD)
Price api currency (Euro vs USD) [message #89207] Tue, 06 May 2014 09:35 UTC
avatar siets  is currently offline siets
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Junior Member

How does the price api determine the currency that is returned? I'm only getting the price in USD, but my primary audience will be interested in the price in euros.

The context of my question is the following:
I'm building a site that can generate a customizable 3d model (using ShapeJS!). When the customer is satisfied with the model, the site will upload it to shapeways as a private model to my store. There the customer can buy the model using a shapeways account.

Prior to uploading the model I'd like to display the price (in Euros and USD).

How can this be done? Or is there a preferred alternative approach?


 Topic: cannot get authentication URL
cannot get authentication URL [message #85992] Sun, 09 March 2014 01:20 UTC
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Hi Team,

I am a bit stuck using the python wrapper for the shapeways API.

The example documentation shows the following:

client = Client("key","secret")
url = client.connect()

only when I am printing this url out in my logging it is a nonetype. The object is capturing all of the necessary parameters and encoding them, but when the post request is made, it is note successful. Does anyone else have this issue?

My stack is: Python, Google App Engine, and Blobstore. Please let me know if I should add more detail to my question.

Google App Engine Log:
2014-03-08 17:03:42.543

"POST /oauth1/request_token/v1 HTTP/1.1" 401 None

D 2014-03-08 17:03:42.544

Redirect URL:

D 2014-03-08 17:03:42.544


D 2014-03-08 17:03:42.545

if Nonetype above, authentication request has failed.

 Topic: Posting model data in C#?
Posting model data in C#? [message #85840] Wed, 05 March 2014 16:27 UTC
avatar paulbird  is currently offline paulbird
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Junior Member
Hi, I had a look at the github for the C# code.

It has functions for logging in and verifying. (Even though they don't work very well but I modified them). So I think I got that at least.

But I don't see any functions for actually posting any model data? All the functions are GET functions.

What do I need to do to post model data in C sharp?

Do I need to post paramters such as token "oauth_signature" or should they be URL parameters such as: b8e59f2060cdb6e19ab561&oauth_nonce=s1vzsx0pp
&oauth_token=be5b37605cd1a2ff61cc983f1&oauth_version =1.0a

Do I need to send all these parameters like a form? And if so what about the encoded json data itself? Does this have a parameter name too? I guess "file" and "filename". Even though in the information these are both in the same Json data.

( I presume I have to send some sort of auth_signiture otherewise how will it verify that this is the correct user?)

[Updated on: Wed, 05 March 2014 16:54 UTC]

 Topic: VB.NET
VB.NET [message #84655] Mon, 10 February 2014 12:16 UTC
avatar jjzwaard  is currently offline jjzwaard
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Junior Member
I am looking for anyone who has experience with the REST API and VB.NET. If you have any examples you can share, please share!

Kind regards,


 Topic: Get existing shop data?
Get existing shop data? [message #84516] Fri, 07 February 2014 17:55 UTC
avatar berky93  is currently offline berky93
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Looking at the shop documentation, it seems to be mostly geared towards apps that create content and upload them to Shapeways. My question is, is there a way to get data from an existing shop? For instance, could I somehow retrieve a list of models in my shop, or retrieve the name, prices, photos, etc. of a given model that was uploaded using the standard interface on this website?

Check out my new shop Illogical!
 Topic: Deprecating the SOAP API : April 30th
Deprecating the SOAP API : April 30th [message #84276] Mon, 03 February 2014 16:57 UTC
avatar natalia  is currently offline natalia
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Hey guys,

In order to continue providing the best possible software tools and service, we are planning to deprecate and discontinue support for our SOAP API, and in the process, migrate existing SOAP applications to use our REST API.


If you have an active app that connects to the SOAP API framework, we highly recommend you transition it to the newer REST API.

We understand that re-working some of your application's code to interface with our newer API might take some time and wanted to provide an advance notice. We will be deprecating our SOAP functionality on Wed April 30, which is roughly 3 months from now.

In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, our API team will be providing help and assistance with getting your applications transitioned to our REST API. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the team at

We appreciate your patience and your understanding as we move onwards and upwards at Shapeways.


[Updated on: Thu, 24 April 2014 20:56 UTC] by Moderator

Ex-Shapeways Community Manager <3
 Topic: View price without user login
View price without user login [message #80794] Sun, 08 December 2013 19:24 UTC
avatar framp  is currently offline framp
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Junior Member
Is there a way to access price data without having an user log in?

I'm working on an application which needs shapeways pricing data to calculate how much an object will cost and I don't even have a browser to display my authentication_url.

The ugly way means faking a login of a fake user to get the price, but it's not something I'm willing to do.
Maybe the most important question is: Isn't there an API for non-end-user related activities?
Ideally I think, given an application key and secret, we should be able to access public data such as pricing.

Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance
 Topic: How to add an html description?
How to add an html description? [message #77382] Wed, 23 October 2013 16:43 UTC
avatar UtorCase  is currently offline UtorCase
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How can I pass html description?
For example
		$data = array("fileName" => "$filename",
			"file" => rawurlencode(base64_encode($file)),
			"title" => "Test",
			"description" => htmlentities("<li>Testing HTML <a href=\"\">here</a> a list  that you can edit as well</li></ul>"),

Looks like JSON is dying along the way due to the html characters. How about changing this to be base64 encoded so we can pass it in?
The error is "A fatal error occurred during model fetch exception Exception : Invalid auth/bad request (got a 401, expected HTTP/1.1 20X or a redirect)"

I also tried urlencode but then the html shows up as urlencoded...
 Topic: Getting "unknown error" when trying to upload a photo for a model
Getting "unknown error" when trying to upload a photo for a model [message #74696] Thu, 12 September 2013 21:28 UTC
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Junior Member
I'm not really sure why. I used the exact same code that I used to properly encode the image file as I did with the model (which I can successfully upload) except the response is

{u'reason': u'Unknown error', u'result': u'failure'}

I also noticed for models I can't upload binary stl files. They always seem to fail. Since images are always binary, I'm wondering if this is a similar issue
 Topic: Setting defaultMaterialId and uploadScale not working
Setting defaultMaterialId and uploadScale not working [message #73205] Fri, 16 August 2013 23:19 UTC
avatar levlalmanzar  is currently offline levlalmanzar
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Junior Member

$data = array("fileName" => "$filename",
"file" => rawurlencode(base64_encode($file)),
"hasRightsToModel" => 1,
"title" => "testName",
"isPublic" => 0,
"acceptTermsAndConditions" => 1,
"uploadScale" => 0.0254",
"defaultMaterialId" => 26,

I am using the php method to upload my models but several of the parameters aren't working. When I print the return JSON it shows that I the defaultMaterialId setting has been set to 26, like I wanted. But when I view the model's JSON file on shapeways it shows that it's set itself back to 6 every time. And the uploadScale isn't taking effect either. I also can't figure out how to correctly set the "materials" parameter. All of the other parameters are setting correctly. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.
 Topic: POST models/v1
POST models/v1 [message #70023] Tue, 18 June 2013 11:16 UTC
avatar Rafferty  is currently offline Rafferty
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Junior Member

I'm using the POST modes/v1 API to upload a model.

The API documentation describes values of "price" and "basePrice" returned within the Material elements. However, all I am receiving for each material is {\"materialId\":6,\"markup\":0,\"isActive\":1}

Is there something I need to set to specify to get the price calculation. I am specifying a particular material - but am getting a long list of materials back (including the one I specify)..

Thanks in advance

 Topic: Looking for experienced programmer to design app (webgl, java) for web and mobile
icon6.gif  Looking for experienced programmer to design app (webgl, java) for web and mobile [message #68817] Wed, 29 May 2013 12:13 UTC
avatar oddartlover  is currently offline oddartlover
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Junior Member
Looking for experienced programmer to design app (webgl, java) for web and mobile. Much like the API design apps you see here, we wish to have a step by step "Real Time" design changes app that is web based and possibly designed also for ipad/iphone/android.

We have been granted a budget for a qualified person/firm that has similar work in their portfolio and can produce quick turn around and work with us on changes as they go.

Please contact me.

Chris 423.316.5571 Tennessee, United States
 Topic: Private models
Private models [message #66085] Sat, 13 April 2013 04:14 UTC
avatar Bathsheba  is currently offline Bathsheba
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Senior Member
Shapeways Crew
I perceive a change here:

Grep it for "secretKey".

 Topic: Misc questions about the API
Misc questions about the API [message #59613] Fri, 04 January 2013 14:43 UTC
avatar subvs  is currently offline subvs
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Junior Member
I have a few miscellaneous questions regarding the Shapeways API, which I'm using to upload models from my mobile app.

- It appears when I upload my model from my app and visit the resulting model's page in Shapeways, the "description" property, "markup", etc. appear fine, but "tags" appears empty. The value I give in my request is the following comma-delimited list:
<tags>egg,easter,painting,magic 3d easter egg painter,subvs,subversus interactive,iphone,ipad</tags>

Is there anything more I need to do to get those tags to show up?

- In a related question, is there a way to specify the "categories", "shop section", or preview photo through the API? Will there be a way?

- Is there a recommended way to construct the URL given the model's ID? I've noticed sometimes the following format results in a "Redirect Loop":

The following format seems more reliable:

Is there a format we should adhere to that will be guaranteed to always work?

- Is it possible to ask submitModel to send its response after the model has been processed? Directing our users to a URL that says "Rendering Image..." in place of the preview image is confusing. Currently I just wait 30 seconds after receiving the model ID before directing them to the URL, but I was hoping there's a better way.

- What is the meaning of properties such as specular_color, shininess, opacity, translucency, etc on MaterialArray? I understand these concepts in the context of 3D computer graphics but with real-world objects and light sources, how can these properties affect appearance?


[Updated on: Sat, 05 January 2013 14:15 UTC]

 Topic: getModelPrice
getModelPrice [message #59013] Fri, 21 December 2012 11:22 UTC
avatar mfussi  is currently offline mfussi
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Junior Member
Hi there,

i am trying to implement the getModelPrice Method, but my request always only returns 0 USD. I also tried your provided demo implementation, which also does not return any valid prices.

Are there any changes made to this method, or am I using it wrong? I'm submitting the volume in cm³ and the correspondig material ID, which is appropriate referred to the API documentation.

Greetings Markus
 Topic: Product appears as not for sale even though it is for sale :o
Product appears as not for sale even though it is for sale :o [message #45958] Sun, 25 March 2012 16:15 UTC
avatar eSculpt  is currently offline eSculpt
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Hey guys. As the topic states, one my items appears as not for sale even though it is for sale. This since the site ui changes I think, but honestly I'm not quite sure when it started.

Any way to fix this?

edit: hmm actually it just shows as not for sale in "my models" page... seems ok elsewhere

[Updated on: Sun, 25 March 2012 16:17 UTC]

Eric Solomon
 Topic: WSDL 2 JAVA compilation error
WSDL 2 JAVA compilation error [message #41677] Wed, 11 January 2012 11:17 UTC
avatar aditya  is currently offline aditya
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Junior Member
I am trying to generate Java classes for given wsdl at
However, the compilation tools are giving me syntax errors with the wsdl.
Details below
~/jboss/bin/ -k
Could not find log4j.xml configuration, logging to console.

Loading FrontEnd jaxws ...
Loading DataBinding jaxb ...
wsdl2java -compile -exsh false -d /home/dasher/Sunglass/temp/output -verbose -classdir /home/dasher/Sunglass/temp/output -allowElementReferences
wsdl2java - Apache CXF 2.4.1

Failed to invoke WSDLToJava org.apache.cxf.wsdl11.WSDLRuntimeException: Fail to create wsdl definition from :
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	at org.apache.cxf.wsdl11.WSDLDefinitionBuilder.parseWSDL(
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	at org.apache.cxf.wsdl11.WSDLManagerImpl.getDefinition(
	at org.apache.cxf.wsdl11.WSDLDefinitionBuilder.parseWSDL(
	... 18 more
 Topic: Possible Interface for mass changes
Possible Interface for mass changes [message #38066] Sun, 06 November 2011 16:17 UTC
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That worked for me to reset a model state: model=<your model number>&isPublic=0&forSale=0

1.) Can anybody please check that
2.) Shapeways can you clarify if that interface can be used by experienced designers for our own purpose.

Would allow to generate shop specific interfaces to deal with quick mass changes for our shops.
I.e. materials and pricing which should work similar.


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 Topic: Security upgrades need on API
Security upgrades need on API [message #36639] Fri, 14 October 2011 15:21 UTC
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I need a way to access any shop through the API without the shops password but only if shops have given me access.

Ideal method: you have a api page where users can check what api's are allowed to access there account. Then I can log in to any account that has checked it using my username and password. Also each API should be restricted in what they can do. I would tell you what I need access to, you would list this on the API access page in bold so people can chose to give access to that or not.

Less ideal but easier to implement. Provide each shop with a 64byte api password. I can sha1 there password with my api code(not my password) and store this in my database and log on using my username and the combined password. In this way if I get hacked the password is only good until my api code is changed, there is no way to get the users api code and they can invalidate my access by changing theres, or if I am found to be unreliable you can shut my access off by deleting mine.

The current method opens up a lot of security risks. I need to store real passwords which means if someone hacks me they have full access to peoples accounts.

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