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Forum: Bug Reporting
 Topic: Shop Inventory page missing results
Shop Inventory page missing results [message #64406] Tue, 19 March 2013 06:03 UTC
avatar DavidAlan  is currently offline DavidAlan
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I only have 52 models that are displayed to the public, but when I click on the "Shop Inventory" page, I get a message saying "Sorry, we didn't find any results. Please try searching again." All I want to do is change the default order my models are displayed in. I tried a workaround, updating the models with a new copy of the file, but that didn't work. I set up different categories, but the default is still to display all shop sections, and I'd like to put them in some kind of order without someone having to change to a different display order option.
 Topic: Sipped in Future?
Sipped in Future? [message #64249] Sat, 16 March 2013 10:00 UTC
avatar wedge  is currently offline wedge
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Senior Member
I know shapeways has slogan: Made in the Future
But they alreddy complette Shipping in future Wink


I was browsing thro my old orders, and this order was shipped 2012 ...

[Updated on: Sat, 16 March 2013 10:01 UTC]

 Topic: Incorrect Link on Community Page
Incorrect Link on Community Page [message #63540] Fri, 08 March 2013 07:57 UTC
avatar AmLachDesigns  is currently offline AmLachDesigns
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Shapie Expert
On this page the link to the Latest Shapeways Forum Posts has this url

i.e. the wrong one.
 Topic: Model's Shop Section Tags not visible
Model's Shop Section Tags not visible [message #62373] Tue, 19 February 2013 12:28 UTC
avatar Dragoman  is currently offline Dragoman
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Senior Member

When editing a model, the "Categories" and "Tags" are always visible. However, the "Shop Section" is only displayed, when the model is visible to ohter and for sale.

I like to have everything organized before I put a model up for sale. Can this be changed so that the "Shop Section" is always tehre?

Happens on Firefox and IE.

 Topic: PayPal experiencing issues temporarily
PayPal experiencing issues temporarily [message #60958] Mon, 28 January 2013 16:17 UTC
avatar natalia  is currently offline natalia
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Senior Member
Hi Guys,

Just to let you know, PayPal is experiencing issues at the moment and payments made to Shapeways (we use PayPal) are going through but your order does not show up in "My Order" right away.

Rest assured your order is going through, it's just a delay on the side of PayPal so no need to order twice. If you did order twice, please contact and we will refund you straight away.

PayPal is working to resolve the issue, as we are, so please bear with us it shouldn't be long!

Natalia ayment-notifications-ipns-jan-27

[Updated on: Mon, 28 January 2013 17:20 UTC]

Ex-Shapeways Community Manager <3
 Topic: Can't update model
Can't update model [message #60061] Sat, 12 January 2013 00:06 UTC
avatar iSay  is currently offline iSay
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Junior Member
Hi, I'm trying to update my model ( ) but it seems to do nothing after I've uploaded the new model. I'm sure I remember doing it before, has anything changed?

 Topic: Increase the size of allowed file attachments to PMs
Increase the size of allowed file attachments to PMs [message #59363] Sun, 30 December 2012 12:08 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
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Shapie Expert
The max allowed filesize for attachments to forum posts is 64MB - for some reason the max filesize I can send via PM is 977KB.

More and more recently, I find myself helping other people with their model files - for those model files that are 'broken' the only options for the client to send the file over are direct via email (if their email provider allows 'larger files') or by using a 3rd party service such as dropbox.

Please can the PM filesize allowance be upgraded so that decent sized files can be sent via PM.


p.s. Thanks for upgrading the amount of PMs that can be stored Smile

 Topic: VRML 2.0 Color NOT Supported
VRML 2.0 Color NOT Supported [message #57100] Mon, 19 November 2012 17:03 UTC
avatar dbgarlisch  is currently offline dbgarlisch
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Junior Member
My VRML 2.0 files were being rejected at upload.

I determined that the Shapeways VRML reader did not like the Color array method for specifying part colors.

Hand editing the files to use a Material spec fixed the upload issue.

Please add support for the Color specification.
 Topic: Erratic site behaviour
Erratic site behaviour [message #56262] Sat, 03 November 2012 17:18 UTC
avatar megmaltese  is currently offline megmaltese
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I'm having some problems with Shapeways website.
It loads randomly at distance of minutes.
Some times it's slow, some times it loads parts of the site, no images or no css etc.

I can't track down if the problem is due to the tornado still, or it's my ISP playing with DNS.

My connection should be ok though, because I can load other websites without problems.

BTW I'm in Italy.

 Topic: Uploading .wrl files seems to be allot harder these days...
Uploading .wrl files seems to be allot harder these days... [message #56153] Mon, 29 October 2012 12:18 UTC
avatar tristan_bethe  is currently offline tristan_bethe
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Not sure if this is a bug or a user error but just incase please see my post here: 2&#msg_56152


See more of my 3D scanning/printing adventures here: or
 Topic: Creator 2d to 3d fails, Browser and OS information inside.
Creator 2d to 3d fails, Browser and OS information inside. [message #55873] Wed, 24 October 2012 19:49 UTC
avatar eanmeyer  is currently offline eanmeyer
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Junior Member
When I try and use the 2D to 3D Creator using this link: I am sent to the below page:

There is no text on this page. I receive no email later. Nothing shows up in my Gallery.
I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I have tried in Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94 m and IE 9 Version 9.0.8112.16421 Version 9.0.10 and Firefox Version 14.0.1 and 16.0.1.

I believe this is the same issue experienced in this thread: amp;start=0&

I hope this helps.



 Topic: PayPal (yes, again)
PayPal (yes, again) [message #55513] Wed, 17 October 2012 17:34 UTC
avatar countzero  is currently offline countzero
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Junior Member
As a new ShapeWays customer and long-time Business Analyst, I have to voice my view to you regarding PayPal.

PayPal is a great tool for the very small business, entrepreneur, or housewife selling items out of the house. But, once a business begins to grow, PayPal is not the best choice for credit card payment fulfillment.

As has been documented many, many places online, PayPal can and has frozen users' accounts without having to provide a reason. Also, they do not have any appeals process in place; so, getting an account released takes weeks or even months if you are lucky. What would happen if one disgruntled customer calls PayPal and they get that one sympathetic customer service rep who decides to freeze ShapeWays' account? How long could you operate like this? What would happen to your customer base?

On top of this, PayPal's latest Terms and Conditions take away the users' right to sue them. Users are forced to use an arbitration process of PayPal's choosing.

PayPal's fees are outrageous. Enough said on that.

Last, but not least, PayPal is not a bank or financial institution, so they are not bound by any country's Laws, or Banking Rules & Regulations with regard to customer protection and rights. They are free to charge what they want and do what they want, without fear of any retribution.

Have your CEO or CFO stop by your local bank and inquire into setting up a merchant account to accept credit card payments online. Continue to accept PayPal along with your new ACH account and I think you will see the benefits right away. A huge benefit is that payments get deposited into your account within 24 hours and not after 7 to 10 days.

This post turned-out to be a lot longer than I anticipated, but I do feel really strongly about this. I stopped using PayPal years ago simple for the fees and their not having to follow any banking rules – it was just too risky, even for my personal use.

Please, offer your customers another option for credit card processing other than PayPal.

Robert L.
aka CountZero

 Topic: not all added tags are saving, must refresh every 3 tags
not all added tags are saving, must refresh every 3 tags [message #55484] Wed, 17 October 2012 11:20 UTC
avatar  is currently offline
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When I try to add 27 or so tags to my model, only the first 10 gets added, then I can only add 3 tags at a time, otherwise none of the rest are saving. I have to refresh the page to continue adding in sets of 3. Sometimes only 2 tags are saved. Sometimes just 1.

[Updated on: Wed, 17 October 2012 11:23 UTC]

 Topic: Product Variants Mod goes to blank page
Product Variants Mod goes to blank page [message #54859] Thu, 04 October 2012 14:29 UTC
avatar Gilligonia  is currently offline Gilligonia
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Junior Member
When I use your Product Variants Mod and click the link to add the product to the shopping cart, often, though not always, the next web page served is BLANK! (see attached image file) This is quite disconcerting, as one suspects something has gone wrong! The item is correctly added to the cart.

I've tried several browsers and it happens in them all.


 Topic: Friday Finds got lost
Friday Finds got lost [message #54192] Tue, 18 September 2012 01:51 UTC
avatar PlainOrb  is currently offline PlainOrb
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Senior Member
Hi, this is 7Plain. One of my designs had been featured in Friday Finds of Sep.14. I happened to update some pictures of that design after the Friday Finds, which resulted in the losing of the picture posted in the Friday Finds. Could anyone fix it ? Here is the link to the Finds: Printed-Designs-From-the-Shapeways-Community.html

 Topic: Exclude Vendor From View
Exclude Vendor From View [message #53393] Thu, 30 August 2012 20:35 UTC
avatar arcanemethods  is currently offline arcanemethods
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Junior Member
Before I can spend any more time browsing vendor offerings at this site I need to get the option to exclude any given vendor from my view. This exclusion list should be a part of my profile and I should be able to place a vendor on that list by right clicking on the vendor's name and marking it excluded (there might be other useful options available with such a right click.)

There are vendors that are creating very special purpose parts and their list of parts goes on for pages when browsing certain categories. There are also vendors who produce things of absolutely no interest to me and vendors who offer just plain junk. Until I have the ability to filter them out of my browsing results I will be absent and spending no money on any vendor. When I get one of the regular Shapeways emails saying that this feature has been implemented I'll be back.

 Topic: profile pic?
profile pic? [message #53087] Fri, 24 August 2012 15:42 UTC
avatar zero_hour  is currently offline zero_hour
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Junior Member
There does not appear to be a way to add a profile picture. The "edit" button allows for file selection but then nothing is done with the selected file.

It needs to be fixed, or needs instructions/error messages added.

0 hr: art & technology ( )
 Topic: Bog preview, any tips?
Bog preview, any tips? [message #52822] Sun, 19 August 2012 11:02 UTC
avatar Fredd_fred5  is currently offline Fredd_fred5
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Junior Member
So, i have recently made a model using the Mineways program, and the file/model/whatever looks fine on my machine, but the preview seriousely is bogging up. e.html?key=b32f1dfd925e7bf95eb51e136b166454

How it looks for me atm:

How it is local:


Managed to make it function better, put still, i have problems... Now some parts of it are white, still looks normal here though.

[Updated on: Sun, 19 August 2012 11:19 UTC]

 Topic: Pages need titles
Pages need titles [message #52111] Mon, 30 July 2012 22:05 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
Messages: 3192
Registered: June 2010
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Shapie Expert
I looked at the design rules page for large WSF models earlier today and wanted to go back to the page to check some dimensions and wall thicknesses - easy, just look in my history folder... D'oh! Here's what most of Shapeways pages look like in IE8.0 History


Please can Shapeways webpages have titles (i.e. title meta tag), not only is it easier for us mere mortals to find what we've already looked at, but search engines find this information useful too.


 Topic: Forum titles are blank
Forum titles are blank [message #51803] Tue, 24 July 2012 23:51 UTC
avatar stannum  is currently offline stannum
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Shapie Expert
All the forum pages (threads or indices) are titled "Shapeways", no info at all.

While at it, Preview message is not decorated as button. Yesterdat Submit one wasn't either, but today it is in the post form. None of them are in the preview area.
 Topic: My Models page Default Behaviour
My Models page Default Behaviour [message #51633] Sat, 21 July 2012 02:11 UTC
avatar Granthus  is currently offline Granthus
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Junior Member
Is it possible to set the My Models page sort order to anything other than Newest as the default load behaviour?

 Topic: About the homepage
About the homepage [message #50806] Wed, 04 July 2012 17:02 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
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Shapie Expert
It just struck me that the first thing new visitors to Shapeways see is this;


Create, share, upload, discover - where's purchase?

Also, looking at it from another angle - perhaps 'Discover' could also have links to what Shapeways is all about?

 Topic: When is a URL not a URL?
When is a URL not a URL? [message #50459] Wed, 27 June 2012 16:11 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
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Shapie Expert
So I just uploaded a video, however the URL I was trying to copy & paste into the product pages kept getting rejected as 'Not a YouTube Video'- I figured out why though, it was because I was trying to c&p the link from my YouTube video manager whilst signed in where the URL is formed as (still a valid URL but not recognised by Shapeways website)

Anyhow, this is more as an FYI rather than bug report for others that may experience the same 'problem'.

 Topic: 6/6 Release Notes
6/6 Release Notes [message #49500] Thu, 07 June 2012 02:48 UTC
avatar ChristianA  is currently offline ChristianA
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I work here
Today we released a few new features as well as improvements and a bug fix. Here are the notes from today's release:

- 3D render is updated immediately when a new version of a model is uploaded.

- Wall thickness checks are displayed on product detail edit pages. Read more here.
- BETA Shop Inventory Management has been released. Users can switch to the old shop inventory. Read more here.
- Display notification added to experimental squishy material on the product detail page.

- The order of materials in the product detail edit page is the same as the product detail page.
- Updated the default forum avatar image.
 Topic: Images Update
Images Update [message #49205] Thu, 31 May 2012 00:57 UTC
avatar bdickason  is currently offline bdickason
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Hi guys, we've released a small update today to the way images are handled on the site. Images that were previously stretched or skewed should be properly sized now and images that are much wider or skinnier than 'standard' image sizes have a small border placed around them. This is similar to movies being letterboxed when a widescreen version is shown on a smaller TV.

We're still working on a long term solution that will involve redesigning a few key pages to elegantly accomodate image sizes, but this should help.

There is currently one issue with this release that we're aware of:
1) The default forum avatar looks funky.

This should be resolved shortly.

One additional benefit of this release is that most public images are now loaded from a CDN, which should make most pages load a bit faster Smile

Director of Product - Shapeways
 Topic: Model Available / Not Available views
Model Available / Not Available views [message #48680] Sat, 19 May 2012 12:52 UTC
avatar lensman  is currently offline lensman
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Shapie Expert
Let's say you're viewing all your models with the "Not For Sale" tab checked... Now you click on one of those models to go to its detail page... Done, now click your Back button in your browser and you should return to the page you were just on, right? Wrong. You get taken back to page One with ALL your models viewable again.

If you want to continue where you left off you now have to repeat the whole procedure...

Not a huge bug considering all that still needs to be addressed here, but worth mentioning anyway.


Glenn ------ My Website Third Dimension Jewellery
 Topic: CSV price bug
CSV price bug [message #47927] Sat, 05 May 2012 13:20 UTC
avatar MeatballRocketry  is currently offline MeatballRocketry
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It appears that model page edits or markup page edits can yield strange values in the PRICE column of the downloaded CSV. I had made some changes to some models via their edit mode pages which resulted (in the subsequently downloaded CSV) in zeros or negative values for the prices. The negative PRICE values were the same as the correct MARKUP values, only negative. I then found the markup editor page via the forum ( and made changes to some of my items while reordering all of them. Immediately afterward I downloaded the updated CSV which now shows ALL negative versions of the MARKUP values within the PRICING column. Still the MARKUP column is fine.

The same incorrect price values show when importing into both OpenOffice and Google Docs.

This seems to defeat the purpose of having a CSV for markup changes in the first place, as it's necessary to see Shapeways' prices in order to decide on a reasonable markup value.


Josh T.
 Topic: zip file as attachment
zip file as attachment [message #47368] Mon, 23 April 2012 10:54 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
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Shapie Expert
When a zip folder is attached to a PM, the folder becomes corrupt and the contents can not be unpacked.

 Topic: A Typo on the Blog
icon4.gif  A Typo on the Blog [message #46887] Thu, 12 April 2012 19:56 UTC
avatar CharGyse  is currently offline CharGyse
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Hello! I tried to comment on the post itself but it seems my boyfriend's laptop doesn't have cookies enabled or something.

Anyways, there is a typo on the recent blog post about how to get your product featured on Shapeways. An "l" is missing from the third word in the phrase "Display to Public"... So it actually says "Display to Pubic"! Thought I should try to let someone know so they can change it, haha.

Enjoys spending 98 hours a week learning, making and designing stuff. The picture of me as a kid is... pretty much what you're dealing with.
 Topic: Forum comment error?
Forum comment error? [message #46569] Fri, 06 April 2012 02:21 UTC
avatar Apocraphilia  is currently offline Apocraphilia
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Junior Member
Hi guys, just a heads up - the comment option in link that you email out?

(Like this: 574acbbf1f0e2a5f472e ) a 500 error.
 Topic: gluing together and priming Frosted Ultra Detail parts
gluing together and priming Frosted Ultra Detail parts [message #46429] Wed, 04 April 2012 03:51 UTC
avatar PopeDesign  is currently offline PopeDesign
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Hi Everybody,

Quick question, besides using crazy glue or epoxy, are there any other good options for gluing together Frosted Ultra Detail parts? What about model cement from Testers (for styrene and ABS plastic kit models)? Or how about "welding" liquid styrene glues that can be applied with a syringe that basically melt parts together?

Also, has anyone had any luck with using primers on Frosted Ultra Detail parts? If so, what has worked without melting the material?



-Jon Pope

 Topic: Model view distorted
Model view distorted [message #39720] Fri, 02 December 2011 07:58 UTC
avatar Salorian  is currently offline Salorian
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Junior Member
on the model page there are those "steering buttons" which are RIGHT in the middle of the box, thus in the middle of the model.
I understand the "intuitive" concept, but nevertheless, those buttons should not cover 50% of your model view ... Rolling Eyes
My idea is, put those buttons elsewhere - a user who is doing 3D should be able to handle the model rotation from outside the box as well.
If not, well, those ones will never be 3D customers anyway ^^
Here an example, of what I mean: Nice steering bar , hehe ..^^

Leave your EGO behind and the universe will open up ....
 Topic: Add Pewter as a Material
Add Pewter as a Material [message #38703] Wed, 16 November 2011 21:13 UTC
avatar Psyckosama  is currently offline Psyckosama
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Junior Member
According to to your Silver page the process uses Lost Wax casting to make the item. I'd like to suggest that you add English Pewter to your list of options.
 Topic: Blender
Blender [message #38185] Tue, 08 November 2011 19:51 UTC
avatar CyberGolem  is currently offline CyberGolem
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Junior Member
I apologize if this issue has already been addressed, but I was wondering why Blender isn't offered as a link on the Creator page along with Sketchup, Wings, etc., ? It is a feature-rich opensource program that is offered for free download and seems to be ripe for a site like this... at least with my noobie-shallow understanding of it anyway Very Happy
 Topic: Shop inventory managment (old)
Shop inventory managment (old) [message #37301] Tue, 25 October 2011 10:38 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
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Shapie Expert

When using the old shop invetory manager to move models about, clicking on a different page results in the 'My Shop' main page being reloaded, it is then necessary to click on the 'Shop Inventory' tab again to get to the inventory manager... too much clicking.

 Topic: Sizing options and shop entities
Sizing options and shop entities [message #37268] Mon, 24 October 2011 19:05 UTC
avatar HenryAlfredo  is currently offline HenryAlfredo
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Junior Member
Hi, maybe its been requested before but here are some possible suggestions for improvement

when model upload set default model size to for example iches or millimeters which can be set in the user account. i know its just 1 click but i like automation

linking several models in your shop to a parent entity so that multipart designs in different materials can also be bought as 1 product in the shop, this way multipart or set products can be offered at a set price

autorendering a 30 frame animated gif of a rotating uploaded model. put it on a nice platter so ppl can easily put their designs in the spotlight by pushing to social media. make it reflect the material chosen.

the java plugin still causes hickups for me here and there. sometimes the plugin just needs a page refresh. sometimes the controls center on the plugin window. i fear not many shop visitors have the plugin, and call me lazy but i try to concentrate on the design not on the renders. in the end photos are much better though.

i used a firefox plugin a while back which lets you slide between photos on flickr, i think a similar environment to explore designs on keywords for shapeways would be nice. a virtual 3d shapeways gallery would be brilliant.

also consider people ordering a nice silver pendant, it would be nice to offer the customer a nice selection of cords. or say the designer orders 20 silver chains for a pendant, delivers them to their shapeways ´postbox´ and links them to a certain product in the shop. users could be charged per volume used for storage.

or, facilitate or support community bulk buys of such products. this will result in lower purchasing costs. this idea can apply to other categories like robotics where people design the chassis and parts, and the required components eg arduinos for a working design are delivered by shapeways. i know you could just link to an external site for these items to be ordered, but on the extra postage the buyer saves, shapeways maybe could make money, especially on bulk prices. and, most importantly, the designer can offer a more complete product for a better price.
 Topic: video
video [message #35861] Tue, 04 October 2011 15:10 UTC
avatar jeff  is currently offline jeff
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Senior Member
just wanted to say I'd prefer vimeo for embedding the videos on the product pages. no ads is the main reason, but it's also a cleaner & smoother player in my opinion.

Jeff Bare
Industrial Designer
 Topic: New theme!
icon10.gif  New theme! [message #30758] Tue, 12 July 2011 23:48 UTC
avatar Lozzie  is currently offline Lozzie
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Junior Member
I was thinking, a new theme is required for the outdoor environment. There could be some beautiful designs for pot plant pots, water features, pond bases, outdoor sculptures, a bird bath, feeders etc... the possibilities are endless! Please post with your ideas! Also, pet accessories might be another avenue of creative exploration. Smile
 Topic: Communication options
Communication options [message #28932] Sun, 12 June 2011 17:20 UTC
avatar dynath  is currently offline dynath
Messages: 53
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I've only been on Shapeways a couple of months but I already have run into things like the Wall Thickness Lottery. I know that Shapeways contacts the buyer and cancels the order but it would be really nice if there was a way of the creator being able to contact the customer to tell them when the model has been fixed and such. Its very easy to lose an impulse purchase through not being able to tell people what's going on with your models. For that matter some form of limited shop blog would be awesome. Someplace you could post updates on what is being worked on or maybe polls for requests. It doesn't even have to be shapeways run, something like a webpage embedded in the store's face site that links to a Blog Spot blog or some such.

Check Out my blog
 Topic: Polygon limit
Polygon limit [message #28623] Sun, 05 June 2011 14:35 UTC
avatar TomZ  is currently offline TomZ
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Senior Member
First off, thank you for implementing the 1M polygon limit. It's been great and has allowed me to fit many of my puzzles in to a single file for printing.
However, it's still not enough. Many puzzles I'd like to print have just over 1 million polygons, usually 1.2 to 1.5M polygons. This forces me to split the puzzle in two files, which is undesirable since it's confusing for my customers and it kills off the density discount. I usually stack my parts fairly efficiently and splitting them up does not increase the efficiency of my stacking, which is bad for you.

Can you perhaps consider adding some more server capacity? Or, as a different approach, what about having an option that very large models are added to the site without being checked (showing an appropriate disclaimer)? For me, it's a very rare occurrence that models are rejected or fixed during the initial checking. Furthermore, malformed models could still be spotted by the printer operators.
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