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 Topic: Like & Win 3D printed Full Color figurine !
Like & Win 3D printed Full Color figurine ! [message #84627] Sun, 09 February 2014 20:18 UTC
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! Like our Facebook page & Get a chance to win !
Shipping included all around the world !!

[Updated on: Mon, 10 February 2014 10:57 UTC]

 Topic: Forget the Rubik's Cube - This puzzle designer has taken Shapeways by storm
Forget the Rubik's Cube - This puzzle designer has taken Shapeways by storm [message #84081] Wed, 29 January 2014 22:46 UTC
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Article I wrote for about one of Shapeways' talented users.

Forget the Rubik's Cube – This Puzzle Designer Has Taken ShapeWays by Storm


ShapeWays has become the go to marketplace for designers who wish to create a 3D design and have it brought to market. Over the past couple years, the site has really taken off, and has gotten a lot of media attention.

One man, by the name of M. Oskar van Deventer, has been a member of ShapeWays for close to 5 years. In that time, he has built up an incredible storefront where he sells over 250 different puzzle games, most of which are considered to be, by many 'Rubik's Cubes on steroids'.

These puzzles range in price from an affordable $15.62 to a staggering $1,625.80, and believe it or not many of the expensive puzzles actually sell quite often.

Entre article at er-has-taken-shapeways-by-storm/

Hope you don't mind me post this here.

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 Topic: VAT for intra EU orders
VAT for intra EU orders [message #83962] Tue, 28 January 2014 08:23 UTC
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Hi, i'm new to shapeways, I have a question about the VAT.
I have a EU VAT number and i would love to buy without VAT from shapeways since most of the produts will come from europe.
I would like to know if is possible to have then an INTRA EU VAT invoice.
 Topic: gold plated brass wear
gold plated brass wear [message #82971] Fri, 10 January 2014 15:47 UTC
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It appears the gold is wearing off in spots of one of my Honey Rings, it's worn by a friend about 1-2 days a week and was bought last August.

Any one else see this issue? I already contacted customer service to let them know of the issue.



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Jeff Bare
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 Topic: Help for my thesis on 3D printing!!!
Help for my thesis on 3D printing!!! [message #82708] Tue, 07 January 2014 15:34 UTC
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Hi guys,
I'm Pierfrancesco Telesca a student of Bocconi University doing his final dissertation about 3d printing. Would be great if you can help me with a simple survey. mmunities
Thanks in advance to anyone is going to help me and I catch the opportunity of making you my wishes of good new year.
Pierfrancesco Telesca
 Topic: Has anyone made a pin back?
Has anyone made a pin back? [message #82539] Sat, 04 January 2014 15:21 UTC
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I am trying to find a pinback model that I could download that I could put on the the badge model I made which would allow the badge to be pinned on a jacket. Has anyone seen one?

This is the only good image I could find as to what I am talking about. jpg
 Topic: Animation of a double-lidded box shows how it works
Animation of a double-lidded box shows how it works [message #82213] Sun, 29 December 2013 17:27 UTC
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Shapeways doesn't seem to allow embedding of a video, so here's a link:

Techno-Impressionist Museum:
Art and the Zen of design:
The Bookstore:
3D Art Store:
Shapeways shop:

[Updated on: Sun, 29 December 2013 18:01 UTC]

 Topic: Space Fantasy Toyline chat
Space Fantasy Toyline chat [message #82094] Fri, 27 December 2013 02:58 UTC
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Greetings Shapeways. I am designing a Space Fantasy toyline and I was hoping to talk it out with some other 3D toy enthusiasts before proceeding.

Ultimately, I want to create a continuity universe which can be applied to multiple media, including toys, games, animation, books and so on. Hopefully something like the Star Wars or Star Trek universes, or even like the modern My Little Pony line. My plan is to start by making a few (or a lot of) toy prototypes and send them to established toy companies for evaluation.

My toyline universe, Rune Star, will feature fantasy races, such as elves, goblins and centaurs, that have gained the "technological" capacity to explore space. I have often wondered what would really stop a magic-capable society from venturing beyond the atmosphere. Magic is capable of anti-gravity levitation to escape the gravity well, and faster-than-light teleportation to cross the distances of space, so all it would take is for the mages to change their magical fortresses into airtight magical ships, and the adventure through space begins. The Rune Star toyline will start at a point in history where great nations and empires have already been established across the stars. Fantasy and Sci-Fi implements have melded together, for example, a laser-gun is actually an advanced magic wand, power cores are actually giant magical crystals and rune-grids, robots are called cyber golems, and so forth.

Each fantasy race is an alien species with its own style of ships and weapons. There are at least 20 different races that I'd like to include in the long-run, but the 5 core races that I'd like to start with are:

Dwarves - Short, stout anthromorphs with rounded features. Infantry prefers melee weapons like axes, hammers and shovels, with heavy armor and shields. Ships are blocky and geometric, as though carved from stone.

Sylves (wood elves) - Lithe and elegant anthromorphs with long ears. Ships and weapons are made from exotic forms of wood, as Sylves have bio-magically engineered plants to grow into whatever shapes they require. Infantry prefers magic and ranged weapons.

Goblins - Predatory anthromorph with claws, fangs and acute senses. Known for producing wickedly sharp blades. Goblins like to psyche out their enemies, so their ships and weapons are designed to look fearsome. Gremlins and Ogres are vassal races to the Goblins' empire (known as The Maw), so goblin toysets may include these other races as well. This is sort of what Rune Star goblins will look like.

Centaurs - Anthromorphs with equine lower bodies. Rune Star Centaurs will have proportions more like those of ancient greek art, as I feel that the modern work-horse centaurs look kind of stupid. Centaur infantry use mounted weapons like lances and cavalry sabers. Centaurs love speed; their ships and weapons have extra engines and wheels and that sort of thing.

Vanara - Anthromorphs that combine features of humans, apes and monkeys. Although you may think you've never heard of them before, Son Goku and the Saiya-jin of Dragon Ball and the pokemon Infernape are based on a Chinese version of Vanara, the anti-hero Sun Wukong. Vanara infantry use bashing weapons like Hanuman's Gada or Sun Wukong's staff. Since humans are absent, Vanara will probably inherit the Generic Human Space Ship aesthetic.

Humans will be absent from the Rune Star universe. Other, eventual races will include Alphar (grey elves), Drow (dark elves), Gremlins, Ogres, Saurians (lizard men), Furrities (furries), Naga, Tengu, Rakshasa, Satyr, Zwergar, Gnomes, Trolls, Antaurs, Bugbears, Psychovores (mind flayers), Dracosapiens, Dryads, Yaksha and others.

Which brings me to the question of what kind of toys should I make to portray the Rune Star universe. I loved the old War Planets toyline by Trendmasters and similar sets, like Zee-Bots or Mighty Max, so I thought I would start by making some sets for each of the core races. I don't know if I would want to try making something like the planet-case from War Planets yet. If I were going to do it, I think I would use city-ships or space cruisers rather than planets, or possibly something like a lunchbox that has a fantasy-alien terrain inside (more like a Mighty Max set). Using spaceships as the toycase could become very limiting in design, since an Enterprise shaped ship, for example, would have a hard time fighting lots of smaller units inside it. City-ships on the other hand should be inherently large and blocky, so that would be less of a problem.

I think I would do more infantry units than War Planets, to get more Fantasy feel to it. So where War Planets usually had only "commanders" and "drones", Rune Star would have warrior, rogue, mage, and some kind of racial specialty, like Sylvan rangers, Dwarven defenders, Kentauroi knights, and so on. In addition to generic race-class minions, I might do a few sets that have a "hero" unit of some sort, who is meant to represent a specific individual. Heros might have titles like Glidbar the Stone Breaker, Dwarven Geomancer, or Metaros the Heavenly Hoofed, Kentauroi Paladinator, and that kind of thing. I'd also like to do powered-armored-exoskeleton units (Powmors) for each race. There might be a few monster units, like an Earthwyrm or Stone Golem for the Dwarves, but I don't have quite as many ideas in this area. Mecha would be limited to a few models per race, in the form of Fighter, Bomber, Panzer(tank) or Anthromech (humanoid robot). Larger ships would either be handled as the toy cases, or as a separate line with a different sense of scale.

One thing I'm wondering is whether to make the toys fit with existing size conventions, for example, if I should make the infantry units the same size as D&D miniatures or Warhammer. I think it would be fun to come up with some kind of game that one could play with the toys, but I wouldn't anything to interfere with the toys capacity to just be toys. I always get annoyed when I want to buy a simple dwarf soldier or USS Enterprise miniature to have or play with, but the only things available are crazy expensive because they are game pieces of some kind.
 Topic: White House holiday card is 3D
White House holiday card is 3D [message #82008] Tue, 24 December 2013 16:09 UTC
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It failed the wall thickness test, but printed anyway.

A happy and a merry to one and all.

Techno-Impressionist Museum:
Art and the Zen of design:
The Bookstore:
3D Art Store:
Shapeways shop:
 Topic: How long does it take for your products to get on google search results
How long does it take for your products to get on google search results [message #81647] Thu, 19 December 2013 02:01 UTC
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Wondering how long it takes to get on google search results I've been waiting for a week lately usually it was quick to get on there.

Hi you can reach me at
 Topic: Like a kid on xmass eve waiting for morning.
Like a kid on xmass eve waiting for morning. [message #81407] Mon, 16 December 2013 22:17 UTC
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Ship date for my shot glass feels like an eternity

Blogging about shapeways, inventor, and anything else that crosses my mind
 Topic: Google Analytics: Chaange to Universal Analytics
Google Analytics: Chaange to Universal Analytics [message #81321] Sun, 15 December 2013 09:04 UTC
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Recently I found on my Analytics side a reamrk about the ongoing change to another tracking mechanism.

Due to Goggle all trackings will be changed to the new methode.

For changing that other.js scripts have to be referenced. Due to a quick view I thonk Shapeways uses the old ones?
( one is analytics.js)

Has shapeways already discussed how to deal with that?

(I think the difficult topic is that every single property has to be changed. So all shop owners having to migrate or Shapeways has to use the old method or new nethod based on the Google tag. )


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 Topic: Geared Snowman
Geared Snowman [message #80982] Tue, 10 December 2013 17:44 UTC
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I am 16 year old designer Alex Maund who owns the shop 'Maundy'.

First off, I understand this post may be regarded as 'spam' and if it against forum rules e.t.c then feel free to just delete it.

I entered a competition a couple of weeks ago to win an Ultimaker 3D printer at the website which required you to design a Christmas themed object and I designed the object 'Geared Snowman' shown above, the winner is is the designer whose design receives the most downloads, as you can tell from the objects in my shop, I would love to own a 3D printer and I would gain a lot of use from it so if you like my design then I will be very grateful if you could please download the design for free before tomorrow at midnight (GMT) here, you can view the other entries here for a fair comparison.

Geared Snowman Description:
'This design is intended to look good and catch everyone's attention, be fun to use, and of course be useful and practical. I have designed a unique and tactile ornamental snowman design which consists of a snowman body with 8 snowflake inspired gears attached (printed separately and attached after) around the body that all mesh with each other resulting in a unique mesmerising pattern produced when any one of the gears is rotated as all the other gears will also rotate. The snowman has unique facial features which consist of holes that travel all the way through the head, this is repeated in a circular pattern around the head to make a total of 4 faces. The snowman has 4 arms (shared between the 4 faces) which extend upwards and outwards from the shoulders that can hold the 'candle plate' (printed separately) which a candle can then be placed upon to make a very unique table centrepiece. Lastly there is a loop at the top of the head which allows a thread or ribbon to be threaded through so (with the 'candle plate' removed) it can be hung on a Christmas tree to make a unique and tactile Christmas tree decoration.'


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 Topic: Ceramics Guidelines - a friendly reminder!
Ceramics Guidelines - a friendly reminder! [message #80439] Tue, 03 December 2013 21:31 UTC
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Hi guys,

Now that ceramics is so much cheaper, we're seeing way more orders which is awesome and I'm really glad people are trying it out!

Our ceramics manufacturer is swamped and we're unfortunately having to do a lot more rejections. When we looked at them, it seems almost all of them do not meet the minimum guidelines or material properties.

So just as a quick reminder here's some tips:

3D printed ceramics is not like the other materials, the material behaves like wet sand as we print it, then it is carefully transferred and then fired and glazed in a traditional kiln.

Ceramics is one of the trickier materials to design for because you need to design a model that is printable, glaze-able, and can withstand the high heat of the kiln and the structural changes the oven causes to your model. For example, the model will deform at different rates in the kiln, so sharp edges are likely to crack. Softer, curved edges are preferred and will glaze without risking cracks in the material surface. For some designs with clear bottoms, the bottom side may remain unglazed. This is because we need to stand up the designs when putting the glazed piece in the oven. For all other designs, we will put the design on setters, which mean very small portions of your model (where the setter touches the model) will not be glazed. Due to the nature of glazing some geometries may cause uneven distribution of the glaze on pieces. The glaze will add thickness to features on pieces.

Top Design Tips:
Sandcastle Rule: If this structure was made of wet sand, would it break? - There's a part in the production process for ceramics 3D printing during which the model is fragile and brittle. It's basically like wet sand. When you design, ask yourself this question: if I made this out of wet sand or brittle clay, could I lift the design without it breaking? If the answer is "no," then your design might break in production.

Your model should have a strong and obvious base - These pieces need to be glazed. While they're being glazed (meaning it is toasting in the oven), they needs a base to support it. Pieces with a clear base will be much more likely to glaze well than pieces without a clear base. For pieces without a clear base, we have support structures, but the support structures might leave small dents or craters in the surface of the glaze.

Glazing adds thickness. - Glazing will reduce definition of design details, such as grooves will fill with glaze. Up to 1mm of glaze can be added in certain areas. This also dulls details. Glazed Ceramics is a material for large and rounded features, not sharp details.

We really want to print all your orders in time for Christmas, so help us out by double checking that your model works with the design guidelines before you order it!

Thank you!

Ex-Shapeways Community Manager <3
 Topic: MASSIVE SALE!!! Save up to $50 on Shapeways this weekend!
MASSIVE SALE!!! Save up to $50 on Shapeways this weekend! [message #80111] Thu, 28 November 2013 16:11 UTC
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Hi Awesome Shapeways community!

We here in marketing have been cooking up some deals and I want to make sure you guys get to take advantage of them too!

Starting NOW these sales will be live!

Holiday Weekend Deals: Save $10 on Orders $75+, Save $25 on Orders $125+, Save $50 on Orders $200+

Just enter these codes at checkout: save10 for $75+, save25 for $125+, save50 for $200+ - don't worry, there's a prompt on the cart

And because we know you love Shapeways and want to share the magic with your friends, here's two handy ways to share the deal:

Here's an auto-tweet link:

and here's one to post it to your Facebook:

(the text is: Save up to $50 at @Shapeways this weekend! Click here:

Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to those in the US, and have a great weekend everyone!

Natalia and the community team

Ex-Shapeways Community Manager <3
 Topic: Polished Strong and Flexible - any feedback on how well it wears over time?
Polished Strong and Flexible - any feedback on how well it wears over time? [message #79982] Wed, 27 November 2013 16:14 UTC
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Shapie Expert
Can anyone who has bought any polished Strong and Flexible jewellery give any information about how it wears?

Does it get dirty? Does cleaning really work (e.g. in dishwasher)? Do the colours fade badly?

I'm particularly interested in untreated objects - I don't know many people who buy jewellery and as soon as they get it say "Great, now I just need to buy some sealant from the hardware store and then I can wear this"!

 Topic: Please Help!!!
Please Help!!! [message #79443] Wed, 20 November 2013 23:33 UTC
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I am a high school student that actively competes in DECA. Basically DECA is an entrepreneurship club/class that meets for a few hours every day, and then competes at district, state, and national levels. I am now doing what is known as a manual. In this manual, you basically have to write a 30 page report on a proposed business. My business, as I am an avid 3D printer myself, is a 3D printing service (yes, I know there are a few now). Please just help me by filling out a quick survey at 7GejXXtjXCk0rQKQ/viewform. Thank you so much for your help! If the file doesn't work, I attached a Word document with the URL.

 Topic: (Poll ) Which of the product is your most favorite product
(Poll ) Which of the product is your most favorite product [message #79215] Mon, 18 November 2013 08:29 UTC
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Which of the product is your most favorite product[ 1 vote(s) ]
1.Furniture 0 / 0%
2.3d printed photo 0 / 0%
3.toy 0 / 0%
4.Art 0 / 0%
5.Home appliances 0 / 0%
6.Fashion 1 / 100%

and at the same time, I have a wish to get a 3d printed photo. However, when I see the product arrived ( &start=0&), it makes me worry about the quality of the photo.Some one can tell me what the real quality of the 3d printed photo is?

 Topic: 3D printing for Architects using 3DS Max 2013 and ZBrush 4R6
3D printing for Architects using 3DS Max 2013 and ZBrush 4R6 [message #78548] Sat, 09 November 2013 01:33 UTC
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I'm looking for feedback on a blog I wrote today. Part One of the article is near completion and I believe some Shapeways users could benefit and share ideas with me. Cheers,

 Topic: New forum: Shapeways Crew
New forum: Shapeways Crew [message #78140] Mon, 04 November 2013 13:01 UTC
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We're seeing more and more community-powered events pop up. Some are small and informal, like local Shapeways members meeting in a bar for a nice chat on 3D printing, and others are bigger like events or conferences. We love working with our community on these. If you'd like to participate, make events happen and meet other members, then pop over to our new Shapeways Crew forum.

See you there!


Community Manager Europe | Shapeways
 Topic: Yess ! We love the new Bronze.
icon14.gif  Yess ! We love the new Bronze. [message #77649] Sun, 27 October 2013 21:54 UTC
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Shapeways Crew
Hi shapies we're just back from attending 2 wonderful days at the Dutch Design Week Shapeways Stand and just wanted to show you the amazing bronze prints we've recieved

( no they weren't shipped by UPS but by the Shapeways crew and they handed the prints to us at the stand Smile )

*FabSpheres Necklace Polished Bronze
*FutureChique Necklace (Metal Edition) Raw Bronze
*GeoLux Earrings (Metal Edition) Raw Bronze


A selection of our jewelry collection at the shapeways stand.

It was really fun meeting some of the other designers and the amazing shapeways crew, we've received a lot of positive feedback from the visitors making it an awesome experience.

All of our 350 flyers and 100 business cards seem to be missing, glad they didn't took our products Wink

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[Updated on: Sun, 27 October 2013 21:56 UTC]

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 Topic: Iphone 5 case fitting question
Iphone 5 case fitting question [message #77575] Fri, 25 October 2013 22:39 UTC
avatar shariff  is currently offline shariff
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hello, can someone tell me how u'd go about measuring an Iphone case design with right fittings, would I make the section the phone would fit into the exact same size as the iphone 5 cases height and width. It's hard when trying to make something that fits to something else, I can never be sure.
 Topic: Another Halloween Contest!
Another Halloween Contest! [message #77570] Fri, 25 October 2013 17:14 UTC
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I work here
My favorite 3D printing service, and my favorite rendering software are teaming up for a frightening contest. Shapeways is sponsoring the 2013 KeyShot Halloween Rendering Contest!

Head to their forum for complete details, but here's a rundown.

Create a scary Halloween render or animation using KeyShot and post it on their forum. They give you a 15 day trial if you don't already have access to their software.

The Grand Prize winner will get:

Grand Prize Animation (total value $3,025):
KeyShot Pro + Animation (total value $2,495)
3D Print of the 3d model (total value $400)
1 year subscription to 3D World magazine (total value $130)
100% cottony soft KeyShot t-shirt

Grand Prize Rendering (total value $2,525):
KeyShot Pro (total value $1,995)
3D Print of the 3d model (total value $400)
1 year subscription to 3D World magazine (total value $130)
100% cottony soft KeyShot t-shirt

Such awesomeness!

[Updated on: Fri, 25 October 2013 17:14 UTC]

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 Topic: Commonwealth Games/ Queens Baton 3D Printed Lattice
Commonwealth Games/ Queens Baton 3D Printed Lattice [message #76624] Sat, 12 October 2013 11:46 UTC
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index.php?t=getfile&id=42813&private=0 owned-with-3d-printed-titanium/

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 Topic: Projet 3500 HD wanted
Projet 3500 HD wanted [message #76410] Tue, 08 October 2013 23:44 UTC
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Shapie Expert
Looking to purchase a 2nd hand/used Projet 3500 HD (you know, the one that prints Shapeways FUD)
Preferably southern UK.

 Topic: The world's craziest toothbrush cleans your teeth in six seconds and is 3D printed
The world's craziest toothbrush cleans your teeth in six seconds and is 3D printed [message #76040] Thu, 03 October 2013 20:10 UTC
avatar Magic  is currently offline Magic
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Shapie Expert
Shapeways Crew our-teeth-in-six-seconds-and-is-3d-printed/

So many teeth to brush, so little time...
 Topic: Maker Faire Experiences
Maker Faire Experiences [message #75768] Sun, 29 September 2013 18:54 UTC
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There were tons of people from the Shapeways community at last weeks World Maker Faire. I saw Kostika Spaho , Todd Blatt, Ryan Kittleson, Mohammed Alaswadi, and many more. If you've never been to a Maker Faire, I'm sure there's one happening close by very soon, so go check it out!

The amount of 3D-printed design on display was overwhelming, and the Faire was more packed than ever (somewhere around 70,000 attendees). The only organizational slip I see is that it was scheduled too close to Burning Man, so the Burners couldn't bring the awesome rusted metal, fire-breathing vehicular insanity that they normally would. Some of my team are Burners, and they had barely recovered by the time World Maker Faire rolled around.

I put together a video, mostly taken around my booth since I wasn't able to walk around much. I set it to music by Ada Pasternak, a talented singer/songwriter/violinist who played her beautiful songs at the ThreeForm booth. Take a look!

Ada Pasternak - "A Little Bit In Love" at World Maker Faire 2013

Anyone else have any images or video to share from the booths or around the event? I have been checking out Flickr but there are thousands to sort through (over 300 journalists and photographers registered for the event). If anyone found any real gems, I'd like to see. And I'm sure somebody with the Shapeways crew had a camera, right?
 Topic: Anyone Own a 3D Print Shop
Anyone Own a 3D Print Shop [message #75578] Thu, 26 September 2013 18:08 UTC
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Just curious if 3D Print shops are viable business models now-a-days? I know a couple have opened in NYC recently. Anyone here own such a shop?
 Topic: join Official Deviant Group for 3D printing
join Official Deviant Group for 3D printing [message #75293] Mon, 23 September 2013 15:17 UTC
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For all the Deviant Art members and art/photography fans, come join the 3D printing group at Deviant art: CLICK LINK HERE Post your newest creations and 3D renders of print ready items, join in discussions, get your work shown to a bigger audience, and list your shops. Very Happy

Have another group on DA with 3D printing? please post a link in this thread.

[Updated on: Mon, 23 September 2013 15:18 UTC]

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 Topic: New 3D Printing Idea!
New 3D Printing Idea! [message #75265] Sun, 22 September 2013 23:29 UTC
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3D Printing Business Idea[ 5 vote(s) ]
1.How familiar are you with 3D printing? 5 / 100%

Hello everyone,

I did help on a homework assignment.

I have included a link for a surveymonkey survey I have created there.
Please help and share with anyone willing to help out.


 Topic: Introducing ShapeJS
Introducing ShapeJS [message #74742] Fri, 13 September 2013 16:15 UTC
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I work here
Shapeways is launching a new system to create 3D printable objects. ShapeJS is a Javascript language that makes it easy to create customisable 3D objects. We provide a web-deployed system to easy edit and visualize the scripts. Once you're happy with the object you can print it for yourself or quickly turn it into a creator for others to use.

ShapeJS is a partner in the Shapeways API ecosystem. A common question we get it is how to create printable objects. With ShapeJS you can easily make items. The underlying system is a voxel based system. A voxel is similar to a 2D pixel but it represents a volume element in 3 dimensional space. ShapeJS provides mechanisms to easily set the desired voxels using a series of data sources and transformations. A common operation is to take a 2D image and map it into a 3D object. You'll find lots of examples that create some really interesting objects from a simple 2D image.

The system is currently in beta. We are looking for feedback on the language itself, the operations it supports and the user interface of the visualizer. Once we leave beta we'll offer backwards compatibility between releases. Until then please understand the language might change in incompatible ways in response to your feedback. Please use this forum to suggest improvements and share scripts you develop with others.

Try out the new system at and give us feedback. We've created a new forum to discuss the ShapeJS system, it's
under the Developers section, called ShapeJS.

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 Topic: Exhibit on a Maker Faire?
Exhibit on a Maker Faire? [message #74563] Wed, 11 September 2013 09:17 UTC
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I already mentioned this in our last Community Journal: we'd love to support you showing your Shapeways work on a Maker Faire!

Mini Maker Faires are happening all over the world, check out the list of upcoming events. Would you like to show your work there and promote Shapeways? We'd be happy to rent a table for you and support you with sample models, food, drinks etc. Get in touch and we'll get you on your way!

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 Topic: NYC 3D Scanning Services - Sophie Kahn
NYC 3D Scanning Services - Sophie Kahn [message #74357] Fri, 06 September 2013 17:46 UTC
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Just wanted to pass along a recommendation for 3D scanning services in NYC. I had the pleasure of working with Sophie 2 weeks ago for an orthotic project I'm working on. She scanned my legs for 2 hours and was extremely professional and very accommodating. Her website and portfolio are very impressive and her rates are very reasonable. I'm posting her original post below. Happy scanning!


Hi everyone,

I wanted to post a quick note to let you know that I'm starting a 3d laser scanning business in New York. I'm particularly interested in working with artists and designers. My site is I can also assist with prepping 3d scan files for 3d printing with Shapeways.

Please get in touch via my contact page if you have a project you'd like to discuss!

cheers, Sophie
 Topic: Need help seeing if this is fit for print
Need help seeing if this is fit for print [message #73301] Tue, 20 August 2013 06:29 UTC
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I'm new to 3D printing, but want to give my model a try.

Before i fork out $60 i want to know if it will come out half decent.

If you have the time please take a look and let me know.



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 Topic: Ideas on how to create a "snappable" object where you can snap things and they stick?
Ideas on how to create a "snappable" object where you can snap things and they stick? [message #72805] Thu, 08 August 2013 12:07 UTC
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Are there any thoughts on how to create a snappable object?

I have this pipe/tube I want to create an object I can snap this in so it clicks and sticks...

Are there any guides on measurements?
Im using the white detailed material and solid works but its hard to find out how to do this because im not sure how much
the plastic would "bend" and when it would snap.

Please see enclosed image for more details
Hope someone can help me out with some suggestions on how to to best get this result

 Topic: A 3D printed ho me for your hermit crab!
A 3D printed ho me for your hermit crab! [message #72603] Sun, 04 August 2013 05:34 UTC
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 Topic: Desktop Injection Molding Machine for ~$1500
Desktop Injection Molding Machine for ~$1500 [message #72598] Sun, 04 August 2013 04:45 UTC
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I thought the community would like this, as it could be the next step for small scale mass-manufacturing, after 3D printing. They've just finished a successful Kickstarter for the machine, so that's a good sign!

Pssst! I wrote a book to help you quickly get your Sketchup models ready for printing. Click here to get it on Amazon
 Topic: First crowdsourced 3D printed sculpture
First crowdsourced 3D printed sculpture [message #72589] Sat, 03 August 2013 17:54 UTC
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We've gotten an internationally known artist and a small web platform to let you participate in the world's first crowdsourced 3DP sculpture.

You don't need CAD skills or a printer to participate. We can extrude photos for you which you can then upload to shapeways. More advanced users can download the STL and model whatever they like onto it.

We'll be featuring the best designs on our website and social media accounts, and we're filming the whole journey of creating this sculpture.

Who's interested? Sign up here

Tom from PrintToPeer
 Topic: Show/Tell: Make interactive 3d printing web apps without any code
Show/Tell: Make interactive 3d printing web apps without any code [message #72503] Thu, 01 August 2013 17:06 UTC
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Hey all, gonna do a little show n tell here. My company, Mixee Labs, recently released a Blender add-on that enables you to take models and using Blender, set parameters others can tweak via in-browser interactive web app. Others can tweak your model using parameters you set and purchase online. There's a quick video & more info here:

Using Blender's Shape Key feature, you can create objects that morph, deform, and twist. Let others play and tweak your designs, we use Shapeways for production so any material available on Shapeways is game for us! Basically, you set a base shape in Blender, apply a Shape Key, and then make some changes to the mesh. The flow from base shape to changed mesh becomes a slider on Mixee Labs. So for example, you can set a parameter for others to resize a ring but maintaining wall thickness of the ring band. The user drags a slider to select the ring size, see the ring model change in real time, and there's also some rudimentary renders to showcase the model in the different materials.

Go from this:

To this:

Still reading? Awesome!

Here's a quick 3min video explaining the add on and Mixee Labs:

New to Blender? I made a more in-depth tutorial (10 min long) that shows how to use the plugin and use Blender to resize a ring while maintaining wall thickness:

Happy to hear feedback and your thoughts on this feature!!


PS. No Stony, this is not a ploy to get more people to use Blender... though Blender is awesome!!!

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 Topic: Necessary Roughness necklace
Necessary Roughness necklace [message #72412] Tue, 30 July 2013 22:10 UTC
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I just finished watching the Necessary Roughness episode Swimming With Sharks. I posted a screen cap of a girl wearing what looks like a 3D printed necklace. Is it?

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