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Forum: 3D Design
 Topic: Online service for cutting CNC carbon anyone?
Online service for cutting CNC carbon anyone? [message #28120] Tue, 24 May 2011 18:23 UTC
avatar jorrie  is currently offline jorrie
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I know this might not be the right forum to post this in, my apologize for that, but... is there someone that knows a online service like shapeways for cutting 2mm thick carbon plates?

Kind regards
 Topic: Pendant eyelet size
Pendant eyelet size [message #26167] Mon, 18 April 2011 14:15 UTC
avatar Razorcut  is currently offline Razorcut
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Hi, I am working on some pendant designs and I have been looking at several other peoples designs trying to determine how small the eyelet can be in steel. It looks like most people are using a smaller cross section then the wall thickness suggested. Can someone share the size of eyelet that works.

Thank you,

 Topic: Creating better lives with 3d printing!
icon4.gif  Creating better lives with 3d printing! [message #26026] Wed, 13 April 2011 22:01 UTC
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I've started my own foundation. If you buy my 3d printed crane, all the profit (100%) will go to the charity! My goal is to build housing and provide care for people in destroyed areas. Japan for example. I hope you will all help me in promoting and spreading this concept!
Together, we can achieve a lot!



[Updated on: Fri, 15 April 2011 16:52 UTC]

 Topic: Walk and Climb 3D Animation Created in Blender
Walk and Climb 3D Animation Created in Blender [message #25472] Thu, 31 March 2011 03:36 UTC
avatar patricia3d  is currently offline patricia3d
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Walk and Climb 3D Animation Created in Blender
Please watch the animation here

My More Animations created in Blender

Blender Animations
 Topic: image on a flat surface
image on a flat surface [message #24803] Sun, 13 March 2011 19:26 UTC
avatar B.Caw  is currently offline B.Caw
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So I have been modeling with solidEdge for a while and I was wondering if there is any good way of taking an image and making it moderately three dimensional (raised and dropped) on a flat or curved surface without having to completely wing it.

Even importing the image to place it on a flat surface would be helpful. If anyone knows how to do something like that please let me know.

 Topic: Coffin Joe cartoon statue
icon4.gif  Coffin Joe cartoon statue [message #19011] Wed, 13 October 2010 16:30 UTC
avatar Spectoys  is currently offline Spectoys
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i hope you like !

[Updated on: Mon, 18 October 2010 18:58 UTC]

 Topic: How dense the mesh needs to be?
icon5.gif  How dense the mesh needs to be? [message #18529] Wed, 29 September 2010 01:13 UTC
avatar javierdl  is currently offline javierdl
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It would be good to see some examples along with your reply.


 Topic: Can it be various intersecting meshes?
Can it be various intersecting meshes? [message #18284] Fri, 24 September 2010 02:34 UTC
avatar javierdl  is currently offline javierdl
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Thanks in advance,

 Topic: New collada importer?
icon5.gif  New collada importer? [message #13476] Tue, 08 June 2010 19:59 UTC
avatar jvo  is currently offline jvo
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I've been having some issues with an update of one of my models. The earlier model was excepted and printed fine. Now I only get errors. So, finally, I went back to my original collada export (last modified April 12th) and tried to upload that one. And that one is also not excepted anymore.

I noticed that colors now also appear in the previews, while they were previously just white, so I'm estimating that shapeways is using a different collada importer.

So, I have a collada export here that was excepted before and prints fine, but I can't upload it again anymore. What happened?
 Topic: Simpler Design process
Simpler Design process [message #12033] Fri, 23 April 2010 08:46 UTC
avatar seac02  is currently offline seac02
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This initiative has the goal of providing the international market an innovative platform that is also aligned with the needs of the environment.
“Green Digital Marketing Platform” is dedicated to making digital prototypes available to technical and non-technical staff during the development phases.
Using today’s modern rendering software, in conjunction with Augmented Reality, it is possible for real-time browsing, modification of digital models: thus means a vision of a simpler designing process, letting the designer focusing on his or her ideas and not on technical matters about the software. As of today, thanks to software like Think3 Design and LinceoVR, any change becomes a realistic visualization of the prototype in real time, the design materializes in the surrounding environment with the augmented reality, product placement and benchmark become instantaneous as well as the sharing of information.

Connecting to the website can be viewed the video and have a live test of online augmented reality.

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 Topic: Materials for 3D Studio MAX
Materials for 3D Studio MAX [message #11616] Sat, 10 April 2010 07:34 UTC
avatar viel mehr  is currently offline viel mehr
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Has anyone made photo-realistic 3DSMAX materials of the materials available here, yet?

If not, please create some and upload them, I am bad at this.

[Updated on: Sat, 10 April 2010 07:34 UTC]

 Topic: Model image showing up inverted
Model image showing up inverted [message #11143] Fri, 26 March 2010 22:13 UTC
avatar Dag-um  is currently offline Dag-um
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Hello there!

I'm new to this site and I just uploaded a piece but it shows up inverted in the thumbnails. I also cannot view my models in the 3d viewer.

The image shows up like this in my viewer:

When the model is like this in my 3d applications:

I hope this will have a resolution. I'm still a little lost.

Very Happy

- H.J. Dag-um
 Topic: Deleting Disjointed meshes in Rhino
Deleting Disjointed meshes in Rhino [message #10973] Fri, 19 March 2010 18:13 UTC
avatar tesb  is currently offline tesb
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Hi Everyone

I'm trying to delete some disjointed meshes that have appeared in a scanned part that I'm trying to clean up. I can't see them within the mesh so is there any way that you can select them and delete them. I am unable to surface the mesh whilst they are still there unless I'm doing something wrong Confused .
I'm fairly new to both Rhino and part scanning.

 Topic: The Blender Have I seen the best scene
The Blender Have I seen the best scene [message #10972] Fri, 19 March 2010 16:43 UTC
avatar joris  is currently offline joris
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You want to enter the Have I seen the best scene contest? Post your scenes here.
 Topic: Manifold Problem
Manifold Problem [message #10055] Sat, 20 February 2010 06:39 UTC
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I created my design in Google Sketchup, and followed the tutorials on the Non-manifold errors. I had someone look at my design to clean it up, but still get errors. I am not sure where to turn.

Here is the file: "

Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

[Updated on: Sat, 20 February 2010 06:41 UTC]

 Topic: help with my image
help with my image [message #9657] Sat, 06 February 2010 19:15 UTC
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hi to all i would like an image that i mad up to be easily terned in to 3d model if tried lots of different software but nothing that i tried worked the way i wanted to

so that make badge or 3d stamp the idea is to us it to help make a casting of that in clay so that i can then in tern make metal

but if the 3d printing is strong then i us it as badge

so am hoping some one can help

the image is in png


 Topic: Is there a way to merge Collada files together?
Is there a way to merge Collada files together? [message #7900] Thu, 26 November 2009 15:38 UTC
avatar TreadshotA1  is currently offline TreadshotA1
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First of all, i'm a rookie at CAD design. So i made the mistake of making all the parts of my first complex project as separate files.

Given that they are all drawn to scale with each other, and to size with the desired actual product, can the files be merged into one collada file (without altering the size of any of the parts)?

I've attahed a folder with all the parts in it to this message. The copies are deliberate, as i will need two of those parts. If anyone can merge them (copies included), or at least direct me to something that could, it would be much appreciated.

 Topic: loft spline created from poly?
icon5.gif  loft spline created from poly? [message #6541] Tue, 15 September 2009 04:22 UTC
avatar berky93  is currently offline berky93
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I made an object from an editable poly. I then selected all of the edges and created a spline from them. The problem is, I can't loft with this spline. I've tried with other splines created the same way, to no avail. Is there a way to get loft working with these types of splines, or another way to add real thickness? (as opposed to thickness only in the viewport/render - these objects are designed to be printed, so just adding viewport thickness doesnt work right?)

I'm using 3ds max 2010

Check out my new shop Illogical!
 Topic: Tap and Drill guide
Tap and Drill guide [message #5848] Thu, 13 August 2009 17:24 UTC
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Ever been making a model and needed to make a hole for a screw to fit into? Wondering just how big that hole is supposed to be? Well the attached document should answer that for you!!

Document is in PDF format and is printable.

Find the screw that you want to use in the left column and then find the proper hole size in decimal inches and millimeters in the last two columns. The guide also lists the exact drill to use as well.

Hope this helps!!


 Topic: Request/Suggestions : "3D-parts database"
Request/Suggestions : "3D-parts database" [message #5628] Sun, 02 August 2009 09:55 UTC
avatar Yeahvle  is currently offline Yeahvle
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I wish there was templates for Blender for bottle-corks that fits PET-bottles.
Someone said that there are templates for that sort of stuff within the plastics industry (but probably for autoCAD)

I have some neat ideas for a couple of gadgets that i would like to be able to incorporate with the function of closing a PET-soda-bottle:
Tripod for a small digital camera
( uct/bottle-cap-tripod-1/?tstmp=1249206688 )

Pick-Nick-Tray, that can be used to carry your lunch on top of the bottle (or a low & small side-table for 3-4 PET-bottles)

Holder for straw, that can be cool if combined with a figurine la Manneken Pis ( )


What other everyday objects could be put in the 3D-parts database to make cool things out of???
 Topic: strange manifold prob
strange manifold prob [message #4979] Sun, 21 June 2009 15:57 UTC
avatar Jettuh  is currently offline Jettuh
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Hi all,,

i making a model, and just to test before i continue working on it, i checked if it was upload able.

both Accutrans (watertight) and Meshlab (remove manifold thing) said that it was watertight and that there is nothing to remove (no manifolds error)

but still i get a manifold error on shapeways,

could some1 do a quick check?

i think i found the problem, the object was just to small (scaled it to much Very Happy

[Updated on: Sun, 21 June 2009 16:07 UTC]

 Topic: Inverted Normals Problems
Inverted Normals Problems [message #4104] Mon, 27 April 2009 23:25 UTC
avatar whosdadog  is currently offline whosdadog
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No matter what I do, I can't fix the normals in my project. I have a very limited idea of what they are. I've inverted the polygons from text that I Boolean differenced, and inverted the polygons from the hollow middle. I have no Idea what to do next.

 Topic: Solidworks overloaded
Solidworks overloaded [message #1589] Thu, 16 October 2008 21:02 UTC
avatar EdZ  is currently offline EdZ
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I'm trying to export a level-4 Menger Sponge I've created in solidworks, but when I try and un-suppress more than one extruded-cut at once, the whole program grinds to a halt as it tries to render the preview. Is there a way to disable the view entirely, in order for me to un-suppress all the cuts at once and thus export the STL?
 Topic: Exporting directly
Exporting directly [message #1581] Thu, 16 October 2008 11:37 UTC
avatar Pelle  is currently offline Pelle
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is it possible to Export my model from 3Ds max with out using accu trans as final export program. i've checked my model in Accu trans for any mesh holes

[Updated on: Thu, 16 October 2008 17:25 UTC]

 Topic: Model Converter
Model Converter [message #1342] Wed, 17 September 2008 00:44 UTC
avatar Dalhimar  is currently offline Dalhimar
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I was finnaly able to find a converter that i used a long time ago, it can do i believe over 150 formats, with at least 50-100 in the evaluation version.
 Topic: Part 3: Configurations & Modular Design
icon1.gif  Part 3: Configurations & Modular Design [message #862] Wed, 13 August 2008 00:43 UTC
avatar Jamalali  is currently offline Jamalali
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(For those interested,
Parts 1 & 2 of this tutorial
can be found on my blog
CAD Craft.)

In Part 2, I walked us thru the steps of creating configurations in SolidWorks, and some keys regarding how dimensions in a sketch, features in a part and even parts in an assembly can be managed & coordinated in the creation and articulation of configurations. I have attached an STEP AP214 version of the Gear Drive Assembly in a Zipfile for those who would like to interrogate the model. (Unfortunately, while STEP captures the parts in the assembly, it does not reflect the configuration options within a SolidWorks model when you open it in SolidWorks. I also uploaded an STL of the assembly to the gallery for the community to peruse.)

To conserve space, see Part 1
for a discussion of the definition, advantages and implementations of configurations
in design & manufacturing.

At this stage, we're ready to engage the concepts & principles of modular design -- its advantages, and how it helps to more effectively leverage one's resources.

Modular design can be very empowering as an approach, on a lot of levels. When you're doing designs in CAD or Second Life, the capacity to organize your parts and components such that they can be re-used in many different arrangements & assemblies keeps costs -- materials, inventory, time/energy/effort -- as minimal as possible. This comes into play in at least a few areas:

• Scale -- A part or component may be proportionally the same in the design of its features, such as a hexagonal plate. If you realize that you can use this same detailed design in an assembly as a piece of jewelry, as a piece of furniture and a building as well, then you recognize that the similarity of the parts is fundamental, whereas the difference is a function of scale. Yantras are a cultural example of this which addresses design in a transcendent context. Yantras can be flat, like a drawing, or 3D -- like the 12th image -- in many sizes or scales, such as a building, furniture or a piece of jewelry you could wear around your neck. It's also worth mentioning that this consideration -- in tandem with pattern propogation -- flirts with the fringes of the idea and implementation of fractals in design.

• Size/dimension -- A bolt or screw is a good example here. These items have a series of common parameters: diameter, length, pitch or density(threads @ inch), material, etc. So, for a bolt of the same diameter, say 1/4 inch, the same pitch, say 20 threads @ inch, the thing which sets each apart bolt from the others is the length of the screw, and/or the length of the threaded portion of the bolt.

• Features -- The bolt or screw may be the same diameter, the same length, the same density, even the same threaded length. However, they may differ by the type of head they have -- hex head, phillips, slot, socket, etc. They are the same screws or bolts, except for this difference.

Configurations engage this aspect by allowing you to take a single model, say of a bolt, and make many iterations or versions of it within the same file. This way you can have one file which represents a single bolt or screw in 20 different sizes &/or configurations. When you pull that part into an assembly, you can bring up a dialog which allows you to specify the configuration for that particular iteration in the assembly. You may use the same model file many many times, yet most can be different based on the configuration used. This allows for a much more compact file library, and is the basis of the Toolbox feature in SolidWorks.

Similarly, modular design empowers you to create designs which may be largely similar in overall envelope(dimensions), yet have some features which are distinct. By varying the combination of components which go into a given assembly, you end up with many different versions of essentially the same thing.

Consider, for instance, that when you go to buy a car, you want one with your preference of features, chosen from a broad list of possibilities. However, the chassis, majority of body panels, steering wheel, perhaps even seats are identical to every other copy of that model, yet yours feels unique to you because of your combination of options.

To take this a step further, some of you know, for instance, that the chassis, and in some cases even the engine, drive train and other primary components of the Chevy Camaro and the Pontiac Trans Am were the same. Yet, 'Chevy guys' and 'Pontiac guys' would argue and race like they were totally different. This is modular design in practice, and you can see how it saved a great deal of money for General Motors while generating definitive branding, brand loyalty and prestige, not to mention significant profits, simply because most folks did not look any deeper than the skin -- the molded sheet metal -- to make their judgments, and we know how foolish this can be.

[Updated on: Thu, 14 August 2008 05:11 UTC]

 Topic: Blender tutorial
Blender tutorial [message #615] Tue, 05 August 2008 13:13 UTC
avatar janis  is currently offline janis
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Member 8

 Topic: 3ds max 2009 tutorial
3ds max 2009 tutorial [message #608] Tue, 05 August 2008 10:55 UTC
avatar janis  is currently offline janis
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<a href=" eling" target="_blank">3ds max tutorial 2009</a>

ipaper online readable


[Updated on: Tue, 05 August 2008 10:56 UTC]

 Topic: A little TopMod3D Contest
A little TopMod3D Contest [message #231] Fri, 13 June 2008 10:22 UTC
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Shapie Expert
Today I received my TopMod print and it's *cool*! To promote TopMod3D a bit, I started a little challenge: TopMod3D - Give it a Try, Win a $50 Print

Have fun,


Community Manager Europe | Shapeways
Forum: 3D modeler needed
 Topic: digital sculptors needed for 36mm WWII miniatures
digital sculptors needed for 36mm WWII miniatures [message #113723] Mon, 13 April 2015 10:19 UTC
avatar baueda  is currently offline baueda
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I'm looking for professional 3D sculptors to work on a new range of 36mm WWII miniatures, the digital sculpts will be 3D printed to make the production masters.
The basic concept of the whole project is to do a WWII historical setting game but treated with all the glam and style of state of the art SF and Fantasy themed games. Accordingly the style of the sculpting work will be portraying some larger than life heroic character possessing extraordinary courage and bravery as well as side support characters which will introduce elements of variety and humour. The range characters will take inspiration from movies like Kelly's Heroes (1970) and Inglourious Basterds (2009). We don't want to do a very boring series of old school stiff historical miniatures, plenty of action and fun for all is guaranteed, but there will be no compromise on quality.
The initial series includes 12 miniatures with many more to follow. Sculptors need to have exceptional talent, dedication and attention to detail and the capacity to work within a schedule, follow directions and sometime even accept a little constructive criticism. Previous experience modelling for 3D printing and the ability to test print parts is obviously a big plus.
If you think this is something that may interest you and your team let me know and we can discuss it further... message me here or on facebook at


Claudio Berni

Creative Director

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 Topic: Need to add detail to low poly model
Need to add detail to low poly model [message #113488] Mon, 06 April 2015 09:16 UTC
avatar SpartanT96  is currently offline SpartanT96
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Hi there, I'm looking for someone who is able to take all the little details seen in the textures of a model, and apply them to model itself, so it becomes a high detail model (ideal for 3d printing)

For example, here is the basic model: As you can see it's pretty simple.

This is the model with textures applied:

I want all the little grooves, raised surfaces, edges, details etc seen in the textures, such as here: put onto the actual model, so it can be printed with all those details. (Not the paint/scuff marks though, those can just be painted on later)

In other words, I'd like the final model to look like this: this: this: or this:

The original shape of the model still has to stay the same though, just add the detail to it. I also have a few weapon models that would need similar treatment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
 Topic: New Freelance 3D modeler looking work!
New Freelance 3D modeler looking work! [message #113032] Mon, 30 March 2015 00:22 UTC
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I am a driven artist/ 3D modeler that is very capable in both Maya and Zbrush. I graduate from Full Sail next February with a BA in Game Art, and I am looking to start my career a bit early. I have not yet built anything for a 3D printer but understand the underlying rules and am sure that I can preform well. I hope to build a working relationship with my employers, so making sure that you are 100% happy is my goal. I really hope that you are my first customer. Please, give me the opporotunity to show what I am worth as an artist and professional. k=prof-0-sb-preview-primary-button

[Updated on: Mon, 30 March 2015 00:32 UTC]

 Topic: Novelty ID Cards / Driving Licenses
Novelty ID Cards / Driving Licenses [message #112996] Sun, 29 March 2015 01:15 UTC
avatar krispoppleton  is currently offline krispoppleton
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Junior Member
I know this isn't a 3D Job, but the talent I have come across on the forum is outstanding, I am sure someone will posess these skills.

I am looking for a designer to make me tenplates of some Movie ID Cards and some Novelty Driving Licenses.

Things like Austin Powers, James Bond, Batman etc.

Please PM me here or email me at for more details.



[Updated on: Sun, 29 March 2015 15:38 UTC]

 Topic: Transformers Conversion Kit: Warbugs
Transformers Conversion Kit: Warbugs [message #112646] Sun, 22 March 2015 08:07 UTC
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Junior Member
Hello. Like anyone else in this part of the forums, I'm looking for a designer for a little project.

First think worth noting to anyone reading and interested, is that THERE IS a market for this idea. Transformers collectors abroad would love to get their hands on conversion kits that would result from this project. So if you're worried about money, there's some to be had here. I'm just hoping someone can make these so I can get a set of my own as a collector. Now, on to the project!

MATERIALS: I'm thinking any kind of plastic. Strong & Flexible seems to be the go-to material for other TF stuff on here, but I'd like all plastics and colors be available if possible. However, designers' experience in these matters is appreciated.

The short version:

I'm looking for someone who can take a look at these... d-41/fansproject-ca-04-ca-05-not-insecticons-pre-order-up-an d-new-images-172468/

...and make a conversion kit that will turn them into these... ion/859511-fansproject-war-bugs.html

More images and information on these can be found by searching for phrases like "Transformers FansProject Insecticons Warbugs". Also, more on FansProject can be found here...

...and here...

The long version:

The first link is for a third party Transformers Insecticons product, produced by FansProject. Third party stuff caters to collectors with a little more money to spend on more highly detailed items. The second link is for a variant of these called "Warbugs", first hinted at in 2011-2012. As of 2015, the word around the internet is that these are no longer going to be produced and released, as FansProject are no longer interested in the Insecticons.

If one looks closely, the same basic mold is used for the main body, but several of the extremity pieces (which are easily detachable) are swapped out, changing their transformation altmodes from insectoid to cool looking vehicles. I am willing to supply as much reference material as needed that I can, such as pictures, measurements, scale reference (specifically, detailed images of the connecting pieces and how they work in order to make the conversion kit(s) fit right, and exact measurements so that these kits are scaled as near perfectly as possible).

If you are worried about discretion, we can work something out in private for the designs. If you don't care about discretion and are looking to make a buck, you don't need me for that. These kind of kits will make money on their own once Transformers collectors find out about them. One would simply need to post in the popular Transformers forums about such kits to pique curiosity and desire, and the rest will handle itself. Fans and collectors had mixed feelings about the third party Insecticons at first, but they highly desired the Warbugs variants, and people are feeling the loss that these will never be made.

I personally simply want to see these become available and make a purchase for my own collection, being that I'm a collector as well.

If anyone is interested in getting the FansProject Insecticons for this project, they can be found on eBay easily enough. Even if they are KOs (knock offs), those would serve well enough to make these conversion kits.

PLEASE NOTE: If anyone is interested in this project, I WILL NOT send my own collected figures to you. This may be the "make or break" for anyone interested in this. But let's be real here: I don't know you, you don't know me, I'd be practically asking to never get them back, and I'm not in the market to prove myself the fool. This reason is why I'm willing to supply anything else needed, such as detailed pictures and proper measurements. I've worked with a few shapies in the past via emails and messages on here, and some of these have worked out well with simple pics and measurements, with a good detailed product as a result. So I know better.

[Updated on: Sun, 22 March 2015 08:30 UTC]

 Topic: 1/64th model farm objects
1/64th model farm objects [message #112160] Sun, 15 March 2015 00:15 UTC
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please delete thread thanks

[Updated on: Sun, 15 March 2015 10:00 UTC]

 Topic: Want to collaborate
Want to collaborate [message #112157] Sat, 14 March 2015 23:22 UTC
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Hello! I am interested in creating fully custom transforming toys, but lack the resources and money, to buy/waste material in troubleshooting. I am looking to collaborate my ideas with a sufficiently talented 3D modeler.

At the moment I have about four or five good ideas, two of which are more or less perfected, sans the minor details. All of my designs are mostly mass shifting, with little to no 'fake parts'. If anyone is interested please let me know on the forums, or by personal email:
 Topic: cheap 3d modeler looking for work
cheap 3d modeler looking for work [message #112094] Fri, 13 March 2015 16:04 UTC
avatar spukeanimation  is currently offline spukeanimation
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I am a 3d modeler looking for new projects
my website:-


 Topic: Spidey character collection
Spidey character collection [message #111973] Wed, 11 March 2015 13:31 UTC
avatar briarena  is currently offline briarena
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Junior Member ssories/spidey-character-collection

|| REALISTIC Spidey character ||

Spidey character collection from original games.
Detailed model of a Spidey character.
This is a printable sculpture. Reconstruction of real sculpture.
This is a 7 cm height version.
This model is suitable for use in broadcast, high-res film close-ups, advertising, design visualization,
3D printing, prototyping, etc.

The character was modeled in real-world scale with ideal proportions.
lightning and scene setup included in 3dsmax file.
The character has anatomically correct athletic body and has very detailed topology. The Spidey character sculpted in ZBrush,
in 3ds Max and final images rendered with Mental Ray.
If you need a different size, just use the obj or OBJ file and export it again with any dimension you want.

This model is available in the following formats:
.max 2011

Please visit my gallery (by clicking on my username) for other printable figurines/ sculptures.
Please RATE this product if you are able to. Thank you!

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 Topic: suspension
suspension [message #111696] Fri, 06 March 2015 19:15 UTC
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Looking for working suspension and steering for a 1960 stariliner 1 24 scale model
 Topic: NJ Maker's Day 3/21 Vendors Needed!
NJ Maker's Day 3/21 Vendors Needed! [message #111636] Thu, 05 March 2015 20:07 UTC
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Calling all Makers!

Be part of the first annual NJ Makers Day – a statewide celebration of Maker and DiY culture. The Morris Museum will be one of the 130+ host sites around New Jersey where Makers can demonstrate what interesting and innovative objects they make and how they make them. Show them, share them, talk about them! Makers make everything, from high-tech, to lo-tech, to no-tech. Robotics to traditional craft. Practical to whimsical. Prototype to finished product.

What the Morris Museum would provide would be a table for your set up, marketing and sponsorship of your products and brand.

If you are a Maker, send your information and proposal to Selections will be finalized and notification of participation will be given March 13.

NJ Makers Day – Saturday, March 21, 2015 – 11am -4pm.

Get your STEM and STEAM on!

Visit for the full NJ Makers Day story.

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