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Forum: 3D Design
 Topic: Manifold Problem
Manifold Problem [message #10055] Sat, 20 February 2010 06:39 UTC
avatar redbenn  is currently offline redbenn
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Junior Member
I created my design in Google Sketchup, and followed the tutorials on the Non-manifold errors. I had someone look at my design to clean it up, but still get errors. I am not sure where to turn.

Here is the file: "http://redbenn.com/oval_32_fixed.da

Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

[Updated on: Sat, 20 February 2010 06:41 UTC]

 Topic: help with my image
help with my image [message #9657] Sat, 06 February 2010 19:15 UTC
avatar natwilaniwartri  is currently offline natwilaniwartri
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Junior Member
hi to all i would like an image that i mad up to be easily terned in to 3d model if tried lots of different software but nothing that i tried worked the way i wanted to

so that make badge or 3d stamp the idea is to us it to help make a casting of that in clay so that i can then in tern make metal

but if the 3d printing is strong then i us it as badge

so am hoping some one can help

the image is in png


 Topic: Is there a way to merge Collada files together?
Is there a way to merge Collada files together? [message #7900] Thu, 26 November 2009 15:38 UTC
avatar TreadshotA1  is currently offline TreadshotA1
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Senior Member
First of all, i'm a rookie at CAD design. So i made the mistake of making all the parts of my first complex project as separate files.

Given that they are all drawn to scale with each other, and to size with the desired actual product, can the files be merged into one collada file (without altering the size of any of the parts)?

I've attahed a folder with all the parts in it to this message. The copies are deliberate, as i will need two of those parts. If anyone can merge them (copies included), or at least direct me to something that could, it would be much appreciated.

 Topic: loft spline created from poly?
icon5.gif  loft spline created from poly? [message #6541] Tue, 15 September 2009 04:22 UTC
avatar berky93  is currently offline berky93
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I made an object from an editable poly. I then selected all of the edges and created a spline from them. The problem is, I can't loft with this spline. I've tried with other splines created the same way, to no avail. Is there a way to get loft working with these types of splines, or another way to add real thickness? (as opposed to thickness only in the viewport/render - these objects are designed to be printed, so just adding viewport thickness doesnt work right?)

I'm using 3ds max 2010

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 Topic: Tap and Drill guide
Tap and Drill guide [message #5848] Thu, 13 August 2009 17:24 UTC
avatar WiKKiDWidgets  is currently offline WiKKiDWidgets
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Senior Member
Ever been making a model and needed to make a hole for a screw to fit into? Wondering just how big that hole is supposed to be? Well the attached document should answer that for you!!

Document is in PDF format and is printable.

Find the screw that you want to use in the left column and then find the proper hole size in decimal inches and millimeters in the last two columns. The guide also lists the exact drill to use as well.

Hope this helps!!


 Topic: Request/Suggestions : "3D-parts database"
Request/Suggestions : "3D-parts database" [message #5628] Sun, 02 August 2009 09:55 UTC
avatar Yeahvle  is currently offline Yeahvle
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Junior Member
I wish there was templates for Blender for bottle-corks that fits PET-bottles.
Someone said that there are templates for that sort of stuff within the plastics industry (but probably for autoCAD)

I have some neat ideas for a couple of gadgets that i would like to be able to incorporate with the function of closing a PET-soda-bottle:
Tripod for a small digital camera
( http://charlesandmarie.com/lifestyle-gems/search/search/prod uct/bottle-cap-tripod-1/?tstmp=1249206688 )

Pick-Nick-Tray, that can be used to carry your lunch on top of the bottle (or a low & small side-table for 3-4 PET-bottles)

Holder for straw, that can be cool if combined with a figurine la Manneken Pis ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manneken_Pis )


What other everyday objects could be put in the 3D-parts database to make cool things out of???
 Topic: strange manifold prob
strange manifold prob [message #4979] Sun, 21 June 2009 15:57 UTC
avatar Jettuh  is currently offline Jettuh
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Senior Member
Hi all,,

i making a model, and just to test before i continue working on it, i checked if it was upload able.

both Accutrans (watertight) and Meshlab (remove manifold thing) said that it was watertight and that there is nothing to remove (no manifolds error)

but still i get a manifold error on shapeways,

could some1 do a quick check?

i think i found the problem, the object was just to small (scaled it to much Very Happy

[Updated on: Sun, 21 June 2009 16:07 UTC]

 Topic: Inverted Normals Problems
Inverted Normals Problems [message #4104] Mon, 27 April 2009 23:25 UTC
avatar whosdadog  is currently offline whosdadog
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Junior Member
No matter what I do, I can't fix the normals in my project. I have a very limited idea of what they are. I've inverted the polygons from text that I Boolean differenced, and inverted the polygons from the hollow middle. I have no Idea what to do next.

 Topic: Solidworks overloaded
Solidworks overloaded [message #1589] Thu, 16 October 2008 21:02 UTC
avatar EdZ  is currently offline EdZ
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Junior Member
I'm trying to export a level-4 Menger Sponge I've created in solidworks, but when I try and un-suppress more than one extruded-cut at once, the whole program grinds to a halt as it tries to render the preview. Is there a way to disable the view entirely, in order for me to un-suppress all the cuts at once and thus export the STL?
 Topic: Exporting directly
Exporting directly [message #1581] Thu, 16 October 2008 11:37 UTC
avatar Pelle  is currently offline Pelle
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Junior Member
is it possible to Export my model from 3Ds max with out using accu trans as final export program. i've checked my model in Accu trans for any mesh holes

[Updated on: Thu, 16 October 2008 17:25 UTC]

 Topic: Model Converter
Model Converter [message #1342] Wed, 17 September 2008 00:44 UTC
avatar Dalhimar  is currently offline Dalhimar
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Senior Member
I was finnaly able to find a converter that i used a long time ago, it can do i believe over 150 formats, with at least 50-100 in the evaluation version.
 Topic: Part 3: Configurations & Modular Design
icon1.gif  Part 3: Configurations & Modular Design [message #862] Wed, 13 August 2008 00:43 UTC
avatar Jamalali  is currently offline Jamalali
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Junior Member
(For those interested,
Parts 1 & 2 of this tutorial
can be found on my blog
CAD Craft.)

In Part 2, I walked us thru the steps of creating configurations in SolidWorks, and some keys regarding how dimensions in a sketch, features in a part and even parts in an assembly can be managed & coordinated in the creation and articulation of configurations. I have attached an STEP AP214 version of the Gear Drive Assembly in a Zipfile for those who would like to interrogate the model. (Unfortunately, while STEP captures the parts in the assembly, it does not reflect the configuration options within a SolidWorks model when you open it in SolidWorks. I also uploaded an STL of the assembly to the gallery for the community to peruse.)

To conserve space, see Part 1
for a discussion of the definition, advantages and implementations of configurations
in design & manufacturing.

At this stage, we're ready to engage the concepts & principles of modular design -- its advantages, and how it helps to more effectively leverage one's resources.

Modular design can be very empowering as an approach, on a lot of levels. When you're doing designs in CAD or Second Life, the capacity to organize your parts and components such that they can be re-used in many different arrangements & assemblies keeps costs -- materials, inventory, time/energy/effort -- as minimal as possible. This comes into play in at least a few areas:

• Scale -- A part or component may be proportionally the same in the design of its features, such as a hexagonal plate. If you realize that you can use this same detailed design in an assembly as a piece of jewelry, as a piece of furniture and a building as well, then you recognize that the similarity of the parts is fundamental, whereas the difference is a function of scale. Yantras are a cultural example of this which addresses design in a transcendent context. Yantras can be flat, like a drawing, or 3D -- like the 12th image -- in many sizes or scales, such as a building, furniture or a piece of jewelry you could wear around your neck. It's also worth mentioning that this consideration -- in tandem with pattern propogation -- flirts with the fringes of the idea and implementation of fractals in design.

• Size/dimension -- A bolt or screw is a good example here. These items have a series of common parameters: diameter, length, pitch or density(threads @ inch), material, etc. So, for a bolt of the same diameter, say 1/4 inch, the same pitch, say 20 threads @ inch, the thing which sets each apart bolt from the others is the length of the screw, and/or the length of the threaded portion of the bolt.

• Features -- The bolt or screw may be the same diameter, the same length, the same density, even the same threaded length. However, they may differ by the type of head they have -- hex head, phillips, slot, socket, etc. They are the same screws or bolts, except for this difference.

Configurations engage this aspect by allowing you to take a single model, say of a bolt, and make many iterations or versions of it within the same file. This way you can have one file which represents a single bolt or screw in 20 different sizes &/or configurations. When you pull that part into an assembly, you can bring up a dialog which allows you to specify the configuration for that particular iteration in the assembly. You may use the same model file many many times, yet most can be different based on the configuration used. This allows for a much more compact file library, and is the basis of the Toolbox feature in SolidWorks.

Similarly, modular design empowers you to create designs which may be largely similar in overall envelope(dimensions), yet have some features which are distinct. By varying the combination of components which go into a given assembly, you end up with many different versions of essentially the same thing.

Consider, for instance, that when you go to buy a car, you want one with your preference of features, chosen from a broad list of possibilities. However, the chassis, majority of body panels, steering wheel, perhaps even seats are identical to every other copy of that model, yet yours feels unique to you because of your combination of options.

To take this a step further, some of you know, for instance, that the chassis, and in some cases even the engine, drive train and other primary components of the Chevy Camaro and the Pontiac Trans Am were the same. Yet, 'Chevy guys' and 'Pontiac guys' would argue and race like they were totally different. This is modular design in practice, and you can see how it saved a great deal of money for General Motors while generating definitive branding, brand loyalty and prestige, not to mention significant profits, simply because most folks did not look any deeper than the skin -- the molded sheet metal -- to make their judgments, and we know how foolish this can be.

[Updated on: Thu, 14 August 2008 05:11 UTC]

 Topic: Blender tutorial
Blender tutorial [message #615] Tue, 05 August 2008 13:13 UTC
avatar janis  is currently offline janis
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http://www.scribd.com/doc/2053248/Blender-Art-14-January-200 8




 Topic: 3ds max 2009 tutorial
3ds max 2009 tutorial [message #608] Tue, 05 August 2008 10:55 UTC
avatar janis  is currently offline janis
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<a href=" http://www.scribd.com/doc/2606931/3ds-max-2009-tutorials-mod eling" target="_blank">3ds max tutorial 2009</a>

ipaper online readable


[Updated on: Tue, 05 August 2008 10:56 UTC]

 Topic: A little TopMod3D Contest
A little TopMod3D Contest [message #231] Fri, 13 June 2008 10:22 UTC
avatar bartv  is currently offline bartv
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Shapie Expert
Today I received my TopMod print and it's *cool*! To promote TopMod3D a bit, I started a little challenge: TopMod3D - Give it a Try, Win a $50 Print

Have fun,


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Forum: 3D Applications
 Topic: Autodesk inventor fusion problem
Autodesk inventor fusion problem [message #105556] Thu, 18 December 2014 20:37 UTC
avatar 321DLCR  is currently offline 321DLCR
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Junior Member
got all my parts and selected them but when I upload it only shows one part
If someone could convert it for me that would really help

[Updated on: Thu, 18 December 2014 23:37 UTC]

 Topic: App for Designing Name Jewelry
App for Designing Name Jewelry [message #103991] Sun, 30 November 2014 05:09 UTC
avatar orolife  is currently offline orolife
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Junior Member
We are want to develop Web & Mobile App for designing Name Jewelry which is user friendly and feature rich applications for desktop, modern mobile devices, across platform such as, Android, I-Phone, Blackberry, and Windows operating system.

This App should be able to create design by interlocking letters of buyers name after in input them from selected font styles and can further add clip art to enhance the design, he should be able to select font, clipart, metal, stone, colour, dimensions, chain design, chain length and more. Once design is created he should see the preview live online, if editing is required he should be able to do and can confirm the order by making payment online, he should get the confirmation and we should get the payment confirmation, order, and design artwork created by buyer in required format. The designer tool app will be used to create name interlocking for Rings, Necklace, pendant, Bracelets, Key Chains, Cufflinks and more.

Pls contact at imports@orosilber.in

cheers, anil
 Topic: photos to 3d, point cloud
photos to 3d, point cloud [message #103133] Tue, 18 November 2014 14:03 UTC
avatar Keymaker  is currently offline Keymaker
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Senior Member
Shapeways Crew
Hi there,

I would like to know your experience with creating point clouds and printable models from it. So far i tried several softwares (like 123d catch), but nothing is working for me and i have no idea what am i doing wrong.

What software do you use?

The only thing that limits us is our imagination.
 Topic: Maze Bolt (Image to cylindrical design?)
Maze Bolt (Image to cylindrical design?) [message #98552] Sat, 13 September 2014 19:59 UTC
avatar Blastpod  is currently offline Blastpod
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Junior Member
Hi, Blastpod here. I'm looking for some help on a very important issue. I need to find an app that can create a cylindrical 3D model using a grayscale image, and most importantly one that will allow editing of said model.

This is because I am working on making a Maze Bolt. For those of you who don't know, a maze bolt is a cylindrical key inserted into a negative to unlock something. I have my maze designed and ready, but it's in a 2D format. I need to design a 3D maze to operate the bolt lock on a custom machine.

See the problem?

Help is appreciated. I will provide any knowledge I can that will help the cause, but will not disclose the maze image itself as this could be replicated and make the machine be less of a family secret.
 Topic: Wall thickness not recognized by Shapeways. (3d Max)
Wall thickness not recognized by Shapeways. (3d Max) [message #91686] Tue, 10 June 2014 12:32 UTC
avatar MasterSport  is currently offline MasterSport
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I created a model in 3d Max. In order to keep prices down I made it hollow by creating 1,5 mm thick walls, using shell modificator.
But shapeways system keeps thinking it's solid and gives me the same volume for the solid and hollow models.
Anybody could help identify the problem?

[Updated on: Tue, 10 June 2014 12:40 UTC]

 Topic: Booleans Made Easy
Booleans Made Easy [message #90506] Tue, 27 May 2014 14:36 UTC
avatar LaurieMBerenhaus  is currently offline LaurieMBerenhaus
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I work here
I just wanted to share this new tool that I'm really excited about! It makes editing boolean operations easy and creates a clean mesh for printing.

http://www.3dprinterworld.com/article/foundry-announces-mesh fusion-plugin-for-modo-3d-modeling-software

A teacher of mine was one of the beta testers for this and shares his work on it here:

Content Consultant @Shapeways www.Laurie3d.com
 Topic: Archicad
Archicad [message #83671] Thu, 23 January 2014 00:46 UTC
avatar Cullen  is currently offline Cullen
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Junior Member
Has anyone had success using models created in Archicad?
 Topic: Maya 2014 > OpenCOLLADA Export
Maya 2014 > OpenCOLLADA Export [message #83410] Sat, 18 January 2014 14:17 UTC
avatar andy625  is currently offline andy625
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Junior Member
Hi, can anyone give (or a link) to a definitive way to do this? this is killing me.

I just want to install the plugin so i can export as a DAE file,

im presuming this is the best way using this

i've tried the cmake way hasn't worked, and i've tried using maya's plugin manager and its not recognising the bundle.
i've had a search and can't really find a solid answer for this.
any help very much appreciated, this really shouldn't be so painful, thanks in advance.

EDIT: for Mac

EDIT2: Right from everything i can gather the 2013 collada release isn't compatible with 2014 Maya,and i can't find a way round, if anyone can shed more light on this it would be very appreciated.

[Updated on: Sat, 18 January 2014 14:56 UTC]

 Topic: Cubify Design 2014 - STL
Cubify Design 2014 - STL [message #82295] Tue, 31 December 2013 03:08 UTC
avatar lgrfbs  is currently offline lgrfbs
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what is the best best setup for STL in Cubify Design 2014 ?
Cubify Design 2014 was Alibre Design in the begin of 2013.

Member of JemtRallarna
 Topic: is there a good program that i could use to make robots or minifigurs
is there a good program that i could use to make robots or minifigurs [message #82228] Mon, 30 December 2013 04:34 UTC
avatar Darkai175  is currently offline Darkai175
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No Message Body
 Topic: Does anyone use Hexagon 2.5 by Daz Studio
Does anyone use Hexagon 2.5 by Daz Studio [message #81819] Fri, 20 December 2013 21:16 UTC
avatar BlackJack  is currently offline BlackJack
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Junior Member

I have hexagon 2.5 does anyone use this for creating 3D models to 3D print, is it reliable when it comes to printing your model 3D.

Kind Regards
Ammo Box Games

 Topic: Convert 3D PDF to IGES or OBJ
Convert 3D PDF to IGES or OBJ [message #80677] Fri, 06 December 2013 13:40 UTC
avatar Dotsan  is currently offline Dotsan
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Senior Member
Hi, I have a file in 3D PDF format. Is there anyone on the forum who can convert this to IGES or OBJ to be read in Rhino 3D?
Thanks for looking.

 Topic: Shipping abroad
Shipping abroad [message #80502] Wed, 04 December 2013 14:27 UTC
avatar Kandam90  is currently offline Kandam90
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Junior Member
Today we noticed this phrase in the explanation about shapeways shipping system:

We're working to make it easier for you to send gifts to friends and family across the world. Currently, to guard against online fraud, we require that the country of your Ship To address matches the country of your Bill To address.

Does it work also for applications or it's just for "normal customers"

Thanks for your help

 Topic: 3D printing for Architects using 3DS Max 2013 and ZBrush 4R6
3D printing for Architects using 3DS Max 2013 and ZBrush 4R6 [message #78547] Sat, 09 November 2013 01:30 UTC
avatar JGarrett  is currently offline JGarrett
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Junior Member
I'm looking for feedback on a blog I wrote today. Part One of the article is near completion and I believe some Shapeways users could benefit and share ideas with me. Cheers,

 Topic: Maya - custom scripts - more maya users?
Maya - custom scripts - more maya users? [message #75469] Wed, 25 September 2013 15:14 UTC
avatar vileraisin  is currently offline vileraisin
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Junior Member

I'm not sure how many Maya users are out there, but if there are any I figured it might be useful to exchange any custom scripts etc. people use specifically for 3D printing / Shapeways. Perhaps this could turn out into a nice collection thread.

Anyone have any custom scripts or workflow that is invaluable to the process?

I don't have much myself, but I'll start, perhaps this will be to use to someone.

I have a command on my shelf that finds all open border edges on a mesh, using selection constraint:
(select a mesh and then run this command)
polySelectConstraint -mode 3 -type 0x8000 -where 1;

Also found another script to measure the distance between 2 nodes/vertices:
(select two nodes / vertices and run getDistance()Wink
// from: http://www.montu.biz/2010/03/measure-distance.html
// select 2 nodes / vertices, run getDistance()

global proc getDistance(){
    string $currentsel[] = `ls -sl -fl`;
    if ($currentsel[0] == "") error "You must select two nodes or vertex to measure the distance";
    else {
        int $numofvertex = size($currentsel);
        if($numofvertex > 2) error "More than 2 nodes selected. Make selection again with only two nodes to measure distance between them";
        else {
            if(`objectType -isType "mesh" $currentsel[0]` || `objectType -isType "nurbsCurve" $currentsel[0]`) {
                vector $va = `pointPosition $currentsel[0]`;
                vector $vb = `pointPosition $currentsel[1]`;
                vector $distpos = $va - $vb;
                float $d = `mag <<$distpos.x, $distpos.y, $distpos.z>>`;
                string $unit= `currentUnit -query -linear`;
                print ($d + " " + $unit + "\r");
            else if (`objectType -isType "transform" $currentsel[0]`) {
                vector $va = `xform -q -ws -a -rp $currentsel[0]`;
                vector $vb = `xform -q -ws -a -rp $currentsel[1]`;
                vector $distpos = $va - $vb;
                float $d = `mag <<$distpos.x, $distpos.y, $distpos.z>>`;
                string $unit= `currentUnit -query -linear`;
                print ($d + " " + $unit + "\r");

Measure the volume of a mesh:

Also because I like to make full use of the grid, I have 1 command that centers the pivot to absolute 0,0,0 (center of the scene), and another to move the mesh to absolute 0,0,0

Move pivot to center of the scene:
xform -a -ws -piv 0 0 0;

Move mesh to center of the scene:
proc moveToZero(int $option)
string $selObj[] = `ls -sl`;
for($obj in $selObj)
    float $startingCoord[] = `xform -q -ws -rp $obj`;
    float $xOffset = $startingCoord[0] * -1;
    float $yOffset = $startingCoord[1] * -1;
    float $zOffset = $startingCoord[2] * -1;

move -rpr -x ($startingCoord[0] + $xOffset) -y ($startingCoord[1] + $yOffset) -z ($startingCoord[2] + $zOffset) $obj;
    if($option == 1)
        makeIdentity -apply 1 -t 1 $obj;
        move -rpr $startingCoord[0] $startingCoord[1] $startingCoord[2] $obj;



Anyone else?
 Topic: Creating textured x3d/wrl for sandstone printing
Creating textured x3d/wrl for sandstone printing [message #70707] Sat, 29 June 2013 06:22 UTC
avatar flyingcat  is currently offline flyingcat
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Junior Member
Hello everyone,

I model with alibre (now geomagic) and like it. Now, for the first time, I want to create a colored object for full-color sandstone printing - an architectural model of a house.

Alibre does not support exporting to x3d or wrl, so I tried zbrush and a few other applications. However, they all seem more tailored towards artistic texture painting rather than scientifically accurate coloring. I'd like to be able to assign a color to each triangle/quad in my mesh, whereas these applications allow me to assign a color to vertices, meaning adjacent triangles share a color around a common point, which is not what I want (because, for example, a wall and a floor have different colors but share a corner).

Any recommendation how best to achieve this or which software to use would be greatly appreciated. Software license costs are, within reason, not a problem.

Thank y'all!

 Topic: Ring design, tricks to attaching mesh objects? (3ds max)
Ring design, tricks to attaching mesh objects? (3ds max) [message #70626] Thu, 27 June 2013 22:18 UTC
avatar meshfx  is currently offline meshfx
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Junior Member
Hey all,

I was trying to find this info on the site but it seems all the image links are busted. I am looking at doing some ring and pendant designs but not sure about attaching the ring body (the over the finger part) to the object that is going to be the focus point of the ring.

Basically I have a few ring templates I have created for the various finger sizes and then when I design the object for the ring I am going to attach them. I was just wondering from others experience in using 3ds Max for Shapeways if you have had dramas printing when combing poly objects.

From what I understand, my workflow would be to have the 'ring' and the design piece as editable polys, attach them and then weld some verts from the ring to the base of the object so my mesh is all one piece with no overlapping polys?

I was looking for some ring design tips but couldnt see a tutorial or guide specific to this.

Can anyone help me with some tips or experiences when it comes to attaching different objects together to prepare for printing.


 Topic: Any 3ds Max users out there want to help a guy out?
Any 3ds Max users out there want to help a guy out? [message #66809] Wed, 24 April 2013 15:08 UTC
avatar paulelderdesign  is currently offline paulelderdesign
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Hi guys

I have a file in max that I want to bake but I keep getting unknown exception errors in the script. The one time I got the file baked when
it was uploaded to SW it came was missing geometry and texture. Sad

It's a phone cover and very small file but I need to get it up soon and I'm pulling my hair out to where I went wrong. I would like the texture baked into
the model and exported as a VMRL file.

If anyone can help then I'll send yo the MAx file with textures.

Thanks in advance


[Updated on: Wed, 24 April 2013 15:09 UTC]

 Topic: Can anyone help me with a 3DS Max model?
Can anyone help me with a 3DS Max model? [message #65996] Thu, 11 April 2013 15:20 UTC
avatar paulelderdesign  is currently offline paulelderdesign
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Hi guys I have a bit of a problem exporting to vrml. My Max file is all set up and the texture mapped. Can anyone help or possibly do it
for me? It's a simple iphone cover with a mapped texture (see image)

Would be great if someone can help as so far I have only uploaded my models in STL and OBJ so this is new to me Shocked


PROBLEM IN EXPORTING TEXTURES FROM C4D [message #63993] Wed, 13 March 2013 14:08 UTC
avatar ormaybenot  is currently offline ormaybenot
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Hi! I need to create a parallelepipedon (40x40x3mm) with smooth edges with a small hole and apply two different textures on the two opposite sides, then send it to Shapeways for 3D printing in fullcolor sandstone.
I'm doing it this way:
- I create the solid with VectorWorks (by subtracting an extruded cilinder from an extruded parallelepidedon with smooth edges); I also tried to extrude the square with the hole in it, but I got a worse result in the dxf export
- I export the model in dxf format and open it with C4D release 10
- I select the polygons that form the side I want to apply the texture to, and I apply the texture to the saved selection keeping the solid as one object
- I do the same with the second side and apply the second texture
- I export to vrlm 2 format, but the file I get doesn't reference the textures (my version of C4D doesn't offer any setting for exporting in vrlm 2)

NB: in one previous attempt I applied one texture only to the entire object wich was in that case a parallelepipedon with no rounded corners and no hole in it and - with the same exact procedure - it worked and the vrlm 2 file had the texture referenced.
I checked the vrlm file with a text editor and saw that it didn't reference at all the texture files, so It's not a matter of embedding the texture into the zip file.
Even re-opening the vrlm file in C4D shows a no texture solid.

Can anybody help me please?

Thank you very much,
 Topic: Texture problems, EDIT: Solved it I think.
Texture problems, EDIT: Solved it I think. [message #59652] Sat, 05 January 2013 06:22 UTC
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Hi, so, I'm new to 3D printing, and I'm also pretty new to 3D modelling. I've been using Blender, and I converted an .obj file to .x3d, then tried uploading it, but got a message saying "It seems your product is missing the textures it needs to be 3D printed. Please check the uploaded file to make sure the texture is in the root directory (we don't support textures in subfolders). ", anndd I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

I tried uploading the .x3d file on it's own, that didn't work, I tried putting it in a zip file with the texture(a png file), that didn't work, I don't really know what I'm meant to do, sorry if this is an incredibly n00by question but I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Nevermind, I'm still not sure what I did wrong, but I tried another model and it worked fine, I guess there was just something wrong with my last model. Now to find out why a 2 inch figure is going to cost $50. I suck at this.

[Updated on: Sat, 05 January 2013 08:37 UTC]

 Topic: Rhino Users - Naked Edges
Rhino Users - Naked Edges [message #59518] Wed, 02 January 2013 21:24 UTC
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I often have problems with naked edges in my rhino models. I am never quite sure how I got there and it is often hard to repair. I run the check - for naked edges and when the pink areas come up. I try join edge but it appears as though there is only one naked edge and nothing to join it too. I also try to repair it by meshing the model and then doing doing match mesh edges or fill mesh holes but again this has not worked. It is also hard for me to often understand how I got the naked edges because generally the naked edges appear on an area that was built similiarily to another but they only show up in one place. I am wondering if any Rhino users out there could take a look at my model and give me some feedback on what is going on with the pink/naked edges - (1) how they got there (2) how to fix them. If you respond here, I can send the model to you. Thank you for your help in advance!
 Topic: 3dsmax units setup
3dsmax units setup [message #53341] Thu, 30 August 2012 00:04 UTC
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I just recently noticed that it seems to be a pretty big deal if you keep your units setup as 1unit = 1inch... this will cause a lot of errors when uploading to shapeways.

The correct scale settings inside 3dsmax should be 1unit = 1mm. This is under Customize > units setp > system units in 3ds. Real important 1unit = 1mm... or there's a big chance your model will fail the automated checks.

I say "recently noticed" because I have already printed two models at 1unit = 1inch... both uploaded and printed fine... but now if I export and upload at that setting the obj or stl will fail nine times out of ten. I was pulling my hair out for a week or so trying to figure out the problem, seems obvious now.

Note to shapewyas: It might be wise to mention 3dsmax unit setup settings in the shapeways tutorials for 3ds users.... I didn't anything about that when looking ( http://www.shapeways.com/tutorials/3d_modeling_in_3d_studio_ max_for_shapeways)?


 Topic: Trouble with balance point testing (Softimage)
Trouble with balance point testing (Softimage) [message #49113] Tue, 29 May 2012 20:13 UTC
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I am trying to hang up my pendant and test its balance point, but when I do it I hang it up and then do gravity simulation it falls through the thing I hang it on? how do I get it to work?

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 Topic: Download ParaCloud iRing 3D for Ipad
icon9.gif  Download ParaCloud iRing 3D for Ipad [message #48225] Thu, 10 May 2012 22:50 UTC
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I have done the video tutorials and want to try this. But...
I can't find it in itunes store from the ipad or from the desktop searches..
Please help me find it. I have lots of tutorial videos but no app.
I'd love to try.
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