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Forum: Feature this!
 Topic: Customizable Lightning Bolt Bottle Opener (Feature This for the Holidays)
Customizable Lightning Bolt Bottle Opener (Feature This for the Holidays) [message #98438] Thu, 11 September 2014 19:07 UTC
avatar Phits  is currently offline Phits
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Shapeways Crew
The customizable lightning bolt bottle opener came about at my company's monthly Beer-O-Clock event. Everyone was always looking for a bottle open so myself and a co-working came up with the idea of creating an opener based on our departments lightning bolt logo. It can be personalize with a short name or initials and is a great gift for the holidays or special occasion. Thank you for considering the customizable lightning bolt bottle opener to be feature this for the holidays.



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 Topic: who likes old fish?
who likes old fish? [message #98253] Tue, 09 September 2014 15:05 UTC
avatar tinarity  is currently offline tinarity
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here is my fresh out of the printer fish bones pendant and it doesn't even smell. My Mum favourited it out of all my models (she likes to eat fish) Being a first mate on a sailboat we come across a lot of fishbones but none as nice and decorative as this one. I should ask the fishermen what they think of it. But your opinion is also very appreciated (always good to get some feedback)

The idea came when I saw a graffiti on some wall in an harbour and realized that it could actually look quite nice in the maritime section of my shop. Maybe in the near future I'll make a whole (uneaten) fish, so there would be a bit more choice.


more pics here : http://shpws.me/vCsc

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 Topic: the gecko again
the gecko again [message #98252] Tue, 09 September 2014 14:51 UTC
avatar tinarity  is currently offline tinarity
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my 'old' gecko arrived yesterday in a new dress (i.e. material). Its super snug in your hand in stainless steel, which is about to become my favourite material. I spend a lot of time designing it but I am quite happy with the result. You can see more pics here: http://shpws.me/vkcp . I adore geckos as they are beautiful and useful (eating all the horrible mosquitoes). Thanks to shapeways who's done a great job. I hope you out there like it as much as I do.

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 Topic: Moby Maze in metal by OSKAR
Moby Maze in metal by OSKAR [message #98025] Sat, 06 September 2014 12:36 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Moby Maze is a mechanical maze based on a Mobius Strip. Half of the maze is at one side, the other half is, well, at the same side. The object is to remove the ring. It was originally prototyped by George Miller of PuzzlePalace.com. This version is made of 3D-printed metal.It is very strong, impossible to cheat. :D

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Non-Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.



 Topic: "Yooper" Ring Amazing Level of Detail
"Yooper" Ring Amazing Level of Detail [message #97779] Thu, 04 September 2014 00:01 UTC
avatar Armstrong3D  is currently offline Armstrong3D
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This ring design is an amazing testament to the level of detail Shapeways is capable of.
I was speechless when I tried it on.

Thank you Shapeways for making my "Yooper" Ring possible! It's going viral!

-Justin (Armstrong Design)

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 Topic: My First Print: Golden Rectangle Pendant
My First Print: Golden Rectangle Pendant [message #97758] Wed, 03 September 2014 21:02 UTC
avatar Paco9104  is currently offline Paco9104
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Hello everybody!

This is my first post in this forum, and I'm posting my first 3D Print ever.
As a self-taught designer, I loved the idea of 3D printing since the first time I heard about it, and when I first read about the existence of this awesome 3D printing community I was simply amazed.
With both of my parents being architects, I've always been familiar with Golden Ratio-based designs, which inspired me to create this pendant for my first ever 3D print.
After almost 4 weeks of waiting, I have finally received my 3D model. I will never forget the feeling of opening the little box and seeing for the first time an item that was originally conceived in your mind and brought to life from what started as a box primitive in 3DS Max.


Material: Stainless Steel

Here is the link to the product page: http://shpws.me/v0aw (It is still in Beta)
I hope you like it!
Feedback is welcome :D

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 Topic: Great accessories for DJI Phantom
Great accessories for DJI Phantom [message #97574] Tue, 02 September 2014 05:25 UTC
avatar fusionimaging  is currently offline fusionimaging
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Weve been working away creating some cool DJI Phantom accessories, Check them out.






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Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/fusionimaging.com.au
 Topic: Dark Victorian style rings and pendants! Check out our new shop!!
Dark Victorian style rings and pendants! Check out our new shop!! [message #96957] Sun, 24 August 2014 19:58 UTC
avatar JCGCCY  is currently offline JCGCCY
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Junior Member
Hi everyone,

We are a new member of the shapeways community and I hope everyone can check out our work.
Our shop name is "The Old Ones", the main inspiration for the shop is H.P Lovecraft and his mythical creatures. We are focusing on creating organic chunky jewelries. Steel and precious metal is our material of choice.

Here are some stills for our products so far:

If you wanna see more please check out our shop: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/TheOldOnes

Thanks for checking it out and please leave a comment!

 Topic: Joi Konpurekkusu Torii
Joi Konpurekkusu Torii [message #96787] Fri, 22 August 2014 17:37 UTC
avatar JoyComplex  is currently offline JoyComplex
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Shapeways Crew
I am very pleased with how my latest sculptural piece came out. It's called the Joi Konpurekkusu Torii (ジョイコンプレックス鳥居) and it's my whimsical interpretation of Torii that pays homage to traditional forms.

The goal behind this little sculpture is to request that those purchasing it use it as a traveling companion. I hope to see my little Torii posing in neat places all around the world!

Check it out HERE




 Topic: Check out my New Rings + Pendant!
Check out my New Rings + Pendant! [message #96670] Thu, 21 August 2014 08:38 UTC
avatar AlessandroAzzolini  is currently offline AlessandroAzzolini
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Hi everyone, these are my latest creations.
I hope you like them! ;)


Soap-Opera Ring (link)


"Soap-Opera is a cute, nice, feminine and fun ring, inspired by soap bubbles.
This ring is composed by 38 tangent bubbles of different dimensions that join freely but harmoniously."


Ελλάς Ring (link)


"Ελλάς is a tribute to Greece and all the Hellenic culture.
The inspiration for this ring was born during a wonderful trip to Athens.
Simple and elegant, light but solid, classic and modern at the same time. "


Futurist Ring Pendant (link)


"An ode to work, strength, geometric design and mechanics.
It's the result of 11 circular extrusions.
It can be used as a ring, but even better as a pendant. "

Alessandro Azzolini
 Topic: CYCLES
CYCLES [message #96472] Tue, 19 August 2014 09:08 UTC
avatar kiorodesign  is currently offline kiorodesign
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Senior Member
Hi everybody.
This is our CYCLES, the first try with intricate shapes. Pendant, Keychain, or simply to have on your desk to admire its intricate geometry. There is also a little bit of our aeronautical background...
Hope you like it.



KIORO'design Team Ciro & Giovanna
 Topic: Reading glasses
Reading glasses [message #96446] Mon, 18 August 2014 23:09 UTC
avatar mrfinius  is currently offline mrfinius
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Junior Member

Got them a week ago, they fit me perfectly.
Exquisite geometry, floating lens system and a unique bridge design that assures perfect balancing while wearing them.

The spacing between the two lens holder is exactly 4mm allowing for standard optical screws.
The nose clips are round and flat, allowing you to fit a small piece of cork for additional comfort.

I simply cannot wait to wear them.
Please feel free to "Feature This for Holiday"

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 Topic: Rough products
Rough products [message #96392] Mon, 18 August 2014 14:13 UTC
avatar AdrienneBrooks  is currently offline AdrienneBrooks
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I have just started doing cad design at the beginning of this year, and am so proud to be able to create and have my shapeways product sent to me so that I can see and hold it.
This ring was designed with my husband in mind...he is 6'6" and needed a manly ring. The rough texture on this ring is not enough to hurt or bother his fingers, but enough to give it a natural feel.



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 Topic: Xiaozhuan Cufflinks bring back history from 2000 yrs ago
Xiaozhuan Cufflinks bring back history from 2000 yrs ago [message #96379] Mon, 18 August 2014 12:49 UTC
avatar PlainOrb  is currently offline PlainOrb
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Hi This is my , so far, favorite design : Xiaozhuan Cufflinks. Xiaozhuan is a font popular in antique China some 2000 yrs ago when it was Han dynasty. As a super fan of antique east culture, I was so happy to see these cufflinks unboxed. Shop link http://shpws.me/t6ZO





More info:

This design makes a perfect combination of east classic and west classic. The bridge between the two buttons are inspired from stems of plants, this shows off the beauty of simplicity of the nature. The entire structure is solid, steady and compact. I'm looking for a feature-this for them :P

Plain Orb
 Topic: Lucky Heart Pendant for a Necklace or Keychain (Feature This for Holiday)
Lucky Heart Pendant for a Necklace or Keychain (Feature This for Holiday) [message #96111] Wed, 13 August 2014 19:36 UTC
avatar Phits  is currently offline Phits
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Shapeways Crew
@elisarichardson The lucky heart pendant was inspired from an app I created for iOS called the Crystal Carousel of Magic Fortunes which you can download for free at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/free-crystal-carousel-magic/ id552608595?mt=8 . I raised the money to be able to build the app through a successful Kickstarter campaign which you can view at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/phits/crystal-carousel- of-magic-fortunes-universal-app-f . I am hoping to create more 3D Prints from the crystals within the Carousel of Magic Fortunes app. Shapeways did an incredible job printing the Lucky Heart Pendant and I got a great comment and photos from @embrick that I truly appreciate. Thank you for considering the Lucky Heart Pendant for Feature This and Feature This for Holiday!


John Fitzpatrick




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 Topic: Republic Credit
Republic Credit [message #95474] Wed, 06 August 2014 15:25 UTC
avatar sedstiskyfaller  is currently offline sedstiskyfaller
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Hello all!

My shop contains models inspired by things seen in the Star Wars universe.

I would like to showcase a model I recently had printed and made available in my shop. It is one of my three Republic Credit designs inspired by those used in as currency for the Republic. The one below is printed in Polished Gold Stainless Steel to give it an authentic look and feel:

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3919/14657988419_823ca3498f.jpg https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5562/14864502463_57bf37400a.jpg

Here is the product page: https://www.shapeways.com/model/2221453/republic-credit-2.ht ml?li=my-models&materialId=6

Thanks for looking,

Sedsti Skyfaller

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 Topic: Lilith Bloodrose the Vampire Girl
Lilith Bloodrose the Vampire Girl [message #95092] Fri, 01 August 2014 10:34 UTC
avatar crusader1245  is currently offline crusader1245
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I recommend my character to be featured. Up to you if you actually want to.



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 Topic: Cold Fusion metal
Cold Fusion metal [message #94779] Sat, 26 July 2014 07:22 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Cold Fusion is a six-piece burr, but not a classic one. The pieces are helical and the puzzle is taken apart and put together by pushing the pieces in a helical motion. This version is made of metal.

Watch the YouTube video of the metal version.
Watch the YouTube video of the nylon version.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Buy a fully colored and assembled sample (limited edition) from PuzzleMaster.
Read more at the Non-Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Read more at the Puzzle-Place Forum.
Check out the photos below.



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 Topic: These Rings Have Charm! ;D
These Rings Have Charm! ;D [message #94592] Wed, 23 July 2014 11:20 UTC
avatar PTElephant  is currently offline PTElephant
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I designed this ring based on one I'd had when I was very young. I inherited it from my mother and it was one of the first pieces of jewelry she was given after she immigrated to the United States from Cuba. Even though it stopped fitting pretty early on, I always kept it with me and wanted to find a way to keep wearing it.
Shapeways gave me an opportunity to design a new version of the ring that I can wear in pretty much any color I want! Being that the ring has interlocking pieces, it can't be printed in metal like the gold one I had as a child, but the plastic is lightweight and makes a nice accessory for pretty much any outfit!

Check out the ring here: http://shpws.me/vhvW

Also, I'm trying to come up with a new name for my shop, as I plan on adding some new products soon. Any suggestions are most welcome! <3 Thanks so much for reading!


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 Topic: this my stuff ive made
this my stuff ive made [message #94293] Fri, 18 July 2014 18:41 UTC
avatar chad121590  is currently offline chad121590
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Junior Member

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chad brady
 Topic: Chaos Pendant - The Butterfly Effect
Chaos Pendant - The Butterfly Effect [message #94143] Thu, 17 July 2014 15:17 UTC
avatar MiroCreatio  is currently offline MiroCreatio
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Junior Member

I would like to introduce to you my first product in my shop.
The Chaos pendant is a symbol that visualize the dependency of events based on the "Chaos Theory".
It is a study of mathematics and I intended to give it an elegant form which can hold its symbolical power.

I was inspired by the example, that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly in one place may later cause a hurricane in an other.
It can be also a symbol of emotions, events, influences that caused changes in the future. You name it : )

I hope you will like it and it could be featured on Shapeways.
The picture shows the pendant beautifully printed in Polished Brass.


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 Topic: The DIVA has arrived on stage !!!!
The DIVA has arrived on stage !!!! [message #93866] Sun, 13 July 2014 22:31 UTC
avatar Inspired_By_Architecture  is currently offline Inspired_By_Architecture
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Hi Shapeways Team,

The DIVA has entered the stage!

IBA12 - DIVA. The diva ring can be customized with your favorite snap-on 'attitudes' in the colors of your choice.

The first attitude available is the Urban Rose attitude. New attitudes will be added every now and then which allows you to have multiple-rings-in-one. You can even snap the attitude off again and change it to match your dress of the day. Just buy more attitudes with the ring.

"I was so excited when receiving the package from Shapeways. Due to printing tolerances, metal shrinkage and material differences, it was quite a challenge to make two items that would allow to snap-fit together and yet be able to come apart again. So when I held the two items in my hands and snap-fitted them together for the first time it felt really awesome."

"When creating the design I wanted to make a ring that could actually change its attitude, style and color. Yet, I wanted the ring to express a high quality standard by choosing the material to be Premium Silver and then combining it with a colorful material to add an interesting visual contrast. I have never seen such a ring before and the idea only came to my mind because I belive it fits perfectly with the whole concept behind shops on Shapeways."

The clever eye will see that the ring is a symbol of a woman :-)

I hope you find it interesting and will feature it!

IBA12 DIVA ring:

Join the Official Facebook page for Inspired by Architecture (By Michael C Poulsen) to follow updates:


Michael C. Poulsen / Inspired By Architecture

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By Michael C. Poulsen
 Topic: Shift Happens by OSKAR & BRAM
Shift Happens by OSKAR & BRAM [message #93799] Sat, 12 July 2014 09:49 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Shift Happens is a meshing-gear puzzle in the same vein as Pentafold and Gear Fold. Bram Cohen wanted a set of six gears with an unequal number of teeth. After some discussion, he proposed the numbers 10-20-16-12-18-15. The initial idea was to have the gears in a triangle, but the gear set would not mesh that way. The alternative was a hexagonal pattern. As Pentafold and Gear Fold are rather floppy due to their hinges, Shift Happens uses a shifting mechanism similar to Gear Shift, but flat instead of spatial.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below. More photos here.



 Topic: Copenhagen Butterfly just landed
Copenhagen Butterfly just landed [message #93782] Fri, 11 July 2014 23:12 UTC
avatar Inspired_By_Architecture  is currently offline Inspired_By_Architecture
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Hi Shapeways team,

Thanks for featuring my CROSSROADS ring in the latest newsletter. Hope you like my new design the Copenhagen Butterfly which has just landed in my shop. Hope to see it featured :-)

More photos in the shop!



By Michael C. Poulsen
 Topic: Wearable Optical Illusions in Metal-
Wearable Optical Illusions in Metal- [message #92980] Sun, 29 June 2014 15:25 UTC
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index.php?t=getfile&id=63535&private=0 It is personally important that my artistic efforts are as original as possible. This item is the result of experimenting with my original 'solid' Hidden Hearts design.

Beginning some years ago and using Sketch Up, I had been working on a much larger use of the same basic Hidden Hearts form as an environmental sculpture (and I still hope to get that funded through Hatchfund.com.)

Anyway, somewhere in those long months of refining the design, researching materials and trying to pretend I was a mechanical engineer on the sculpture concept, I heard about Shapeways.

I thought: "Hmmm... the HH thing might work with this..." It took me many attempts and failures to finally get it to a satisfactory end product. So I was temporarily satisfied. And I sold a few. index.php?t=getfile&id=63540&private=0

But I couldn't leave it alone. So I worked and worked and came up with a ring. index.php?t=getfile&id=63537&private=0

Still not satisfied, I reworked the design and opened up the solid form. Doing that gave it more interest, more possibilities for seeing the heart illusion- plus rectangles, triangles and other things. It also cut back on the weight and cost of the piece. And I'm selling a few. And that's very encouraging. index.php?t=getfile&id=63538&private=0

So for now I can go back to the HH sculpture project- in the open style. index.php?t=getfile&id=63539&private=0 I would encourage others to consider making their successful Shapeways-sized items into super sized ones. It worked for Claes Oldenburg.

 Topic: CROSSROADS by Inspired By Architecture
CROSSROADS by Inspired By Architecture [message #92235] Wed, 18 June 2014 22:09 UTC
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IBA10 - CROSSROADS – Our lives are defined by all the choices we ever made. Each time we made such choice, we have been standing at a crossroad. This ring symbolizes how we got to where we are today. Available in Premium Silver, 14K Gold, Black Matte Steel, Raw Bronze, Gold plated Brass, Polished Brass.

Material shown on photo is Premium Silver.

Inspired By Architecture is a jewellery brand representing architect made conceptual jewellery. The products are characterized by their urban minimalist style and how they communicate stories and symbolism.

  • Attachment: IBA10_PS1.jpg
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By Michael C. Poulsen
 Topic: Catan Card Holders
Catan Card Holders [message #91779] Wed, 11 June 2014 20:23 UTC
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They just arrived today and they are phenomenal. A set of playing card holders for the board game Settlers of Catan. I recently got more into playing board games, and Catan has quickly become one of my favorites. One problem I kept having is who ever the dealer ends up being, the game slows down when they have to clean up the mess of cards that end up all over the place. I've seen card holders before, but nothing that fit with my new found love for the game.

So I made my own! For myself and anyone else who struggles with the same problem, I made a few versions for different budgets and needs. One where I took a few days to model all the icons for above each slot, as a visual aid to help distribute the cards more efficiently, another without the icons, as the icons ended up almost doubling the production cost, and finally a bare bones version that would just work enough to hold the decks in place.

Please take a moment to check them out:

Making these was extremely rewarding, and I plan to continue making things for board games as well as more jewelry and stuff for around the house. I hope to get some good feedback, and I'm completely open to anyones ideas or opinions.

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 Topic: Roman Dodecahedron
Roman Dodecahedron [message #91434] Fri, 06 June 2014 16:05 UTC
avatar JACANT  is currently offline JACANT
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[Updated on: Tue, 10 June 2014 18:40 UTC]

 Topic: Gin Time Cucumber Slice Cinema Advert
Gin Time Cucumber Slice Cinema Advert [message #90672] Thu, 29 May 2014 12:41 UTC
avatar Barratomica  is currently offline Barratomica
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I've added a cinema ready advert to my product description. Summer is coming! Summer is coming!





 Topic: 'Rosey The Sprite'
'Rosey The Sprite' [message #90632] Wed, 28 May 2014 21:07 UTC
avatar Roganski  is currently offline Roganski
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So this is 'Rosey' the main character from a game I worked on. I got the full colour sandstone print done to use for promotional purposes. It's about 16.5cm tall, which is about the same size as Rosey is in the game, so I thought some garden photos of her in among the flowers etc. might make some good marketing material.
I have applied varnish and some acrylic paint to the model in order to get it ready for roughing it in the garden. In the first print her side locks broke off (first picture) so Shapeways kindly did a reprint which came out perfect. She's completely hollow so I've filled this particular model with a quick setting resin which has given her a nice weight now. I've included a couple of shots as well as a touched up promo shot at the end.

She makes a decent garden gnome actually.....................
Anyway, she's available here in case anyone's flowers need protecting. :)

https://www.shapeways.com/model/1769403/16-5cm-rosey-the-spr ite-high-res-model.html?li=my-models&materialId=26




Promo shot after some photo editing.

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[Updated on: Thu, 29 May 2014 18:55 UTC]

Roganski 3D
 Topic: Universal Wall Dock
Universal Wall Dock [message #90337] Fri, 23 May 2014 16:56 UTC
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This Universal Wall Dock Can be mounted to almost any flat surface by using Command's Wall Adhesives. By having a freestyle adjustment system, the possibilities of what this can dock is only limited by your imagination. Have a case on your phone? This dock can fit most light-medium cases creating a more snug fit. I even use this to dock my iPad Air!

Recommended Command Wall Adhesive Strips: http://amzn.com/B005GITTB2

Universal Wall Dock: http://shpws.me/tdrj

[Updated on: Fri, 23 May 2014 16:57 UTC]

I think therefore I Innovate.
 Topic: Pancake Cube by OSKAR
Pancake Cube by OSKAR [message #89860] Sat, 17 May 2014 08:18 UTC
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Pancake Cube is a twisty 3x3x27 shaped to a cube. It is functionally similar to the WitEden 3x3x9, albeit with many more layers.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photo below.



 Topic: Panohood
Panohood [message #89313] Thu, 08 May 2014 11:59 UTC
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This small accessory allows photographers using the Fuji XF 18-55mm lens to take tripod-less panoramas. Panohood's handle turns the camera around the no-parallax point of the lens at 18mm focal length. To use, clip the Panohood to the shortest end of the hood.

This is a simple and-yet creative solution for wide-angle indoors photography.

Short video presentation http://youtu.be/F09TBJR15t8
Panohood website with detailed explanations http://ad-3d.com/panohood/
Link to the project on shapeways http://shpws.me/szPr
Design & Photography Aleksandar Dimitrov

hope you guys like it :)

product deisgn, visualisation & photography www.ad-3d.com www.adphoto.fr
 Topic: Brand new designs for a brand new shop
Brand new designs for a brand new shop [message #89305] Thu, 08 May 2014 05:31 UTC
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I've just officially launched my new shop Illogical and, with it, have released five new models (with more soon to follow!). I think you guys will really like them and, just maybe, you'll help me promote my work. Check 'em out:

The first item is my Concentric Hexagons Pendant, shown here in Polished Gold Steel. It's a simple design based on concentric hexagonal forms.

Next we have the Revolved Reuleaux Triangle, shown in both Royal Blue and Coral Red Strong & Flexible. These small solids are really cool because, despite not being round, they can be rolled between two surfaces just like a sphere. This is thanks to them being the same width in every direction. Pretty cool, huh? Rolling a few of them around between a book and a table always mystifies and intrigues people.

Shown in Raw Brass, my Helix Pendant is based on the familiar form of DNA, simplified into an elegant pairing of metal ribbons.

The Icosa-Octahedron, presented in matte black steel, is great as a keychain, a pendant, or just another desk toy. It features a wire representation of an octahedron encompassing an icosahedron, demonstrating their intersecting properties (the points of the icosahedron divide the edges of the octahedron into the golden ratio) while creating a complex and interesting form.

Finally, I present a Polished Gold Steel version of my Umbilica, a unique form that is similar to the classic Mobius Strip. The object, an umbilic torus, is a solid form whose sole edge loops around 3 times. In addition, a cross section of this object is another cool mathematical shape called a deltoid. Isn't math fun?

Thanks for checking out my work!

[Updated on: Wed, 14 May 2014 01:05 UTC]

 Topic: The Guardian (Figure)
The Guardian (Figure) [message #89231] Tue, 06 May 2014 19:35 UTC
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Hello everyone! This is my first 3D print and I'd love to get some feedback.

https://www.shapeways.com/model/1861711/the-guardian-3-5inch .html?li=my-models&materialId=62

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 Topic: Spiral mobius pendant
Spiral mobius pendant [message #89080] Sun, 04 May 2014 15:46 UTC
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My new pendant arrived, and I think it looks stunning in polished bronze so I thought I should share it!

I originally designed a larger pendant in steel, which was my first ever print, and is still available on my shop, but it was a bit big for everyday wear to work, so this is quite a bit smaller. For this one, I added a single twist, making it a mobius strip. It was prototyped in Black Detail, and then I took the plunge and printed it in polished bronze. Hope you like it! You can buy it on my shop at http://www.shapeways.com/shops/astosia


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 Topic: Xbox One meets UtorCase - mount your smarthphone or small tablet on your controller
Xbox One meets UtorCase - mount your smarthphone or small tablet on your controller [message #89029] Sat, 03 May 2014 04:59 UTC
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Just finished shooting the promo video for the Xbox One UtorCase.
Buy at https://www.shapeways.com/shops/utor-case?section=Xbox+One&a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;s=0

UtorCase mounts your smartphone or small tablet on your controller, so you can:

UtorCase for the Xbox One controller comes in two flavors, one for the plain controller, and another one for the controller with chat headset attached, since the chat adapter completely changes the controller geometry. The case is tailor printed for over 1400 different smartphones and small tablets for a perfect fit.
PS3 and PS4 coming in a few weeks.

[Updated on: Sat, 03 May 2014 05:34 UTC]

 Topic: Get em to the front page!
Get em to the front page! [message #88818] Wed, 30 April 2014 12:51 UTC
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They deserve to.
These are the first 4 prints of 30+ models I have created so far



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 Topic: My Keychain just arrived. Please feature this.
My Keychain just arrived. Please feature this. [message #88811] Wed, 30 April 2014 11:08 UTC
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Here is my keychain. Whole alphabet can be found at https://www.shapeways.com/shops/marval
Please feature this.
What do you think about it ?





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 Topic: Ok this is the best week EVER !!
Ok this is the best week EVER !! [message #88750] Tue, 29 April 2014 17:59 UTC
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Shapeways Crew
This article is so fun to read, seriously we love it so much.

FabMe Jewelry is a great example of what happens when girl meets boy and both meet a 3D printer.
http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/04/30/3d-printing-democra tisation-fabme-jewelry/

Wesley Günter - FabMeJewelry.com - Set a course, for the future !
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