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Forum: Bug Reporting
 Topic: False shop 404 bug
False shop 404 bug [message #7242] Mon, 12 October 2009 17:16 UTC
avatar TomZ  is currently offline TomZ
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I just noticed that the shop URL's do not work of they end with a forward slash. works

but doesn't.

I rest my case.
 Topic: Double markup
Double markup [message #7094] Tue, 06 October 2009 07:26 UTC
avatar Magic is currently online Magic
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Shapie Expert
Shapeways Crew
Hi all,

Here is another crazy suggestion of mine (I apologize in advance Very Happy ).
There are some cases where you need collaboration between 2 modelers (you know, the guys/girls creating the models): some are better into inventing structures or mechanisms, other are better into adding details or decorations.
For instance Mamélie needs Youknowwho4eva to make a blank dice and would like to add the dots by himself, or Randomblink would like a Photoshaper model from Shapeways to modify it.
Another example would be me asking for someone else to make decorations on the double-marble-pendant.
The problem is: how do you share revenues on this new object that is the result of the work of two modelers?
My suggestion would be to have the option to put 2 markups on one object.
In this way, each one of the modelers would get its own markup each time such an object is sold.
Of course, it is not so easy, since at least one of the guy has to share its model (its IP) with another so there is always a matter of trust. And there are also the technical issues.
But if it works, I think that the added value could be interesting.
Is it something feasable, and would it help the community?

 Topic: JING for Support Issues
JING for Support Issues [message #6925] Wed, 30 September 2009 14:59 UTC
avatar randomblink  is currently offline randomblink
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I've seen ALOT of issues mentioned by other users, some issues I've run across myself. I've also watched people try to 'explain' a bug or irritation, and others try to 'walk someone through' how to resolve an issue. I believe I have found an easier way of taking care of these.

JING Project

This is a FREEWARE software app that allows you to EASILY take a screenshot, add annotations to it, and upload, email or IM an URL to it for sharing with others. It also has a video option for capturing up to 5 minutes of screen activity alongside voice-overs.

If Shapeways encouraged users to use it to snapshot their issues or video-shot them and post on the messageboard, it MIGHT make resolving some issues easier. The Shapeways team could even post their own snapshots and video walk throughs for explanations in their replies and their FAQs.

Just a thought...

[Updated on: Wed, 30 September 2009 15:00 UTC]

Welcome to Costco, I love you.
 Topic: White Glaze Feedback
White Glaze Feedback [message #6621] Thu, 17 September 2009 08:20 UTC
avatar joris  is currently offline joris
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This is THE place to tell us what you think of White Glaze. shoot...
 Topic: problem under "my designs"
problem under "my designs" [message #6179] Sun, 30 August 2009 21:51 UTC
avatar raalst  is currently offline raalst
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Hi all,

I deleted a model of mine like I have done before, but now it stays
saying "preview unavailable" and when clicking on it it says : invalid model ID

can the webmaster have a quick look ?

<edit> next time I logged on the offending model was removed and the new model uploaded. so, no problem after all.

[Updated on: Sun, 30 August 2009 22:08 UTC]

 Topic: Stampermaker Beta release
Stampermaker Beta release [message #4679] Fri, 29 May 2009 13:11 UTC
avatar pp  is currently offline pp
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Today we have launched our Stampmaker Creator.


Our goal with this creator is to inspirer and enable everybody to make their own personal stamps.

To ensure we can improve were required and develop what is needed I would appreciate it if you could leave your feedback right here.
Question can also be posted here or mailed to:


Cheers Peter Paul

[Updated on: Fri, 29 May 2009 13:48 UTC]

 Topic: Contest notifacation
Contest notifacation [message #1663] Tue, 21 October 2008 13:16 UTC
avatar Dalhimar  is currently offline Dalhimar
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I am thinking that because some people do not check the blogs on a regular basis, that there should be some sort of banner on the front page that is linked to the current contest entries so more people will know about them and be able to vote.
I my self have just recently started looking at the blogs on a regular basis, and know how fast some entries go by.
Because of that, some people may not even know about current events on shapeways including contest, or promotional things such as the 66.6% discount that was availible last week. But most people did know about that, if not from the forums, blog or word of mouth, they could see the large banner that was on the front page everytime they got onto the site.
I dont know about how others feel about this but i myself would appreciate some sort of notifacation on the front page about events such as these. Be it a banner, or a info box(such as the hot topics), or maybe even and audio clip playing in the background =P(might annoy some).
 Topic: country of origin
country of origin [message #886] Thu, 14 August 2008 11:29 UTC
avatar janis  is currently offline janis
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it could be useful if the country of origin are being displayed in the forum.

if you have question/problems and can't write it in English maybe there is some one that have the same language you can ask him..
 Topic: View in 3D - error?
View in 3D - error? [message #878] Wed, 13 August 2008 19:29 UTC
avatar Christel  is currently offline Christel
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The "view in 3D" feature doesn't work for me anymore. The page just refreshes with the same image.
Is anyone else having this problem?
 Topic: Feature request- slight UI change
Feature request- slight UI change [message #753] Fri, 08 August 2008 15:22 UTC
avatar benstabler  is currently offline benstabler
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On the 'comments' box on the 'model detail' page: the comments are paginated, however the page selector is below the 'write comment' box. Could it be moved above the 'write comment' box? This would make it a lot easier to see!

Ben Stabler
 Topic: something strange going on.. somethings wrong
something strange going on.. somethings wrong [message #745] Fri, 08 August 2008 12:09 UTC
avatar sid  is currently offline sid
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I cannot access the forum with Opera anymore,
I'm redirected to the /login,
but without the actual login (see attached screenshot)!

I can access every other page, I can edit my details, add new models and so forth,
so I guess I'm logged in properly.


PS Next problem, new thread Wink

PPS Topic based on RunDMC - Ghosterbusters Rap

  • Attachment: login.jpg
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[Updated on: Fri, 08 August 2008 12:25 UTC]

 Topic: Populair 3D events?
Populair 3D events? [message #743] Fri, 08 August 2008 09:08 UTC
avatar jochem  is currently offline jochem
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I'm curious on which events you'd hope to meet the Shapeways team? This will be useful input for our travel planning Very Happy


Forum: 3D modelers for hire
 Topic: Design or Scan
Design or Scan [message #136830] Fri, 12 February 2016 15:27 UTC
avatar THOR  is currently offline THOR
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My name is Mike Nellis

About Me:

I have a bachelors degree in Engineering Technologies from the University of Dayton (class of 1997)

I have a full-time job as an Engineer/Program Manager/Continuous Improvement Manager. (Six Sigma/Lean)

I'm located in Ashtabula, OH.

I can take on projects part time. Lead time is 1-3 weeks depending upon the complexity of the project.


I design with SolidWorks (engineering software I use for designing my own toys, R/C components, model kit parts, real car parts)


I scan with Faro/Polyworks (anything size-wise within reason)


I modify existing files with Meshmixer or Meshlab

I can hollow .stl files to make your model cheaper to print

I can typically make files that aren't printable, printable.

I can scale things up or down to your liking.

 Topic: 3D Industrial Designer For Products.
3D Industrial Designer For Products. [message #136498] Sat, 06 February 2016 12:17 UTC
avatar rhinojosa1989  is currently offline rhinojosa1989
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Junior Member

Available Services

Mechanical Design (roller bearings, belts, bushings, nuts, bolts etc.)
Manufacturing/Industrial Design Consultation
Animated and Exploded View of Parts and Assemblies
Real Life Renderings
Export Part file to STL for 3D Printing
Drawings for Patent Applications
Stress Analysis
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Sheet Metal Designs
Many more services available! Feel free to contact me.
Why should you hire me?

I am an affordable option, and will save you money.Â
I will work day and night to make sure your goals are met.
I have a passion for mechanical engineering/design
All of my CAD models are easily modifiable
KEYWORDS: Modeling, Rendering, 3D, Industrial Design, Presentation, Presentations, Animation, 3D Animation, Animations, Mechanical, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering, 3D Modeling, CAD, 3D Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Conceptual Design, 3D Sculpture, Sketching, Design, Drafting, Draft, Draftsman, Drawing, 3D Drafting, Reverse Engineering, Visualizing, Visualization, Visualizations, Blueprint, Blueprints, Renderings, 3D Rendering, 3D Renderings. 3D Sketch, 3D Sketching, CAD design, CAD engineering, Computer Aided Design, Freelance CAD, Patent, Patent Drawing, Drafting Services, CAD drafting, CAD services 3D CAD Drafting, 3D CAD Drawing, 3D CAD Conversion, 3D CAD Modeling, Drawing Conversion, Napkin CAD, CAD Conversions, Paper to CAD, Blueprint to CAD, Inventor inventor services, product development, mechanism development, mechanism design, invention manufacturing, manufacturing, prototyping, inventors, inventions, mechanical design services, cad drawing service, mechanical engineering service, 3d cad drawing, CAD 2D Drawings, concept design, consulting engineers, industrial design product design, industrial designers, industrial product design, mechanical designs, product design industrial, product designs, Engineering design services, cad drawing service, mechanical engineering drawings. mechanical engineering autocad drawings, sketchup mechanical engineering, google sketchup mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering sketchup, mechanical engineering design work, mechanical engineering drawings, simple mechanical engineering cad drawings, mechanical engineering work , mechanical engineering drawing standard, mechanical engineering website, cad service, cad services, 3D cad service, 3D cad services, cad design services, drafting services, 3d drafting services, cad drafting services, cad, computer aided design, design, drafting, cad drafting, cad drawing, cad drawings, design drafting, architectural drafting, mechanical drafting, engineering drafting, CAD outsourcing services, CAD drafting services, AutoCAD drafting, autocad drawings, 2d cad drafting services, inventor help, invention help, help for inventors, help with an invention, help with inventions, invention design, autodesk inventor, autodesk inventor professional, sheet metal design drawings

 Topic: Freelance Miniature Designer for hire
Freelance Miniature Designer for hire [message #136374] Thu, 04 February 2016 15:30 UTC
avatar minichua  is currently offline minichua
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My name is Olivier. I am an experienced 3D modeler and designer. I am located in Europe.

I have designed hundreds of animal figurines for my business and other clients. I have included samples below. I have experience with sandstone, metals and plastics (color and size constraints, details, etc.)

You can check my Shapeways workshop here:

My preferred modelling tool is zBrush. From your pictures, I can create and texture models for any colored or plain material available on Shapeways. The model will be ready to be printed and optimized for your budget.

Please submit your design inquiries through my Shapeways shop contact details or directly at: I will send you a quote depending on the complexity of your model.

Can not wait to bring your imagination to life!

Photo to figurine sample:


Sandstone figurine sample:


Other material sample:


Design sample:


  • Attachment: Materials.jpg
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  • Attachment: JTR.jpg
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  • Attachment: designs.jpg
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  • Attachment: Sandstone.jpg
    (Size: 327.40KB, Downloaded 26 time(s))

[Updated on: Thu, 04 February 2016 15:32 UTC]

 Topic: 3d modeler who can finalize designs and make ready for rapid prototyping
3d modeler who can finalize designs and make ready for rapid prototyping [message #136013] Sun, 31 January 2016 23:47 UTC
avatar gumbow2012  is currently offline gumbow2012
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No Message Body
 Topic: STL Edited
STL Edited [message #134917] Sun, 24 January 2016 08:25 UTC
avatar rudendem  is currently offline rudendem
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Hello, I have a STL of a pendant that needs to be re-sized and edited/put in pieces; let me know if it can be done. Details to follow, PM. Thanks
 Topic: Engineering Designer For Hire
Engineering Designer For Hire [message #134901] Sun, 24 January 2016 04:07 UTC
avatar Vodkaman  is currently offline Vodkaman
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Junior Member
Hi there, my name is Dave.

My background is 30 years CAD engineering design in the aircraft and automotive industries. Current software used CATIA V5.

As a professional design engineer, I can turn my hand to any subject and help turn your ideas, sketches, drawings into models, working prototypes to final product. I can help you with engineering solutions to your problems and advice and suggestions if you require.

Design experience in fabrication, stamping, forming, vacuum forming, molding and injection molding. Many of my personal projects go to 3D printing for prototype purposes or making master molds for production of silicon molds.

My current projects are an electric vehicle for Philippine market (18 months) and several fishing lure projects for both customers and personal.

I am new to Shapeways. No job too big or small, I provide quality design and honest help.


  • Attachment: bg2.JPG
    (Size: 52.01KB, Downloaded 44 time(s))

  • Attachment: bg1.JPG
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  • Attachment: p1.JPG
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  • Attachment: p2.JPG
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[Updated on: Sun, 24 January 2016 04:08 UTC]

EXCEPTIONAL HIGHLY SKILLED MODELER [message #133621] Sat, 16 January 2016 09:05 UTC
avatar Ming  is currently offline Ming
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I'm a exceptional HIGHLY SKILLED 3d modeler for over 15 years and have done TONS of 3D modeling .
I've done numerous jobs for shapeways members and was choosen and listed as a reliable modeler
in shapeways " HIRE A DESIGNER " page.

I'm fast & prompt and can model almost anything similarly based on references provided.

You may view my works at my website : l

If interested, please email me at :

 Topic: Services for Shapeways user
Services for Shapeways user [message #131528] Thu, 07 January 2016 08:33 UTC
avatar Shizamori  is currently offline Shizamori
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I want offer some service for shapeways users (some for free, other with payment). I work with 3ds Max (principally) and Lightwave.


-Check (free);
-Repair (free for simple repair);
-File conversion (free);
-Convert your drawing (ideas) in 3d printing model (20 $/hour),
no character (I do not have much time);
-Texturing for full color sandstone (quote).

For any question or request:

Thanks for looking
 Topic: Organic 3D Modeler/Digital Sculptor
Organic 3D Modeler/Digital Sculptor [message #130984] Tue, 05 January 2016 19:35 UTC
avatar travisleebarker86  is currently offline travisleebarker86
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Travis. I'm a freelance digital sculptor/3D modeler who specializes in organic models for 3D printing. My prices are reasonable and I'm an out of the box type of thinker. Feel free to view my my work at

Thank you,
 Topic: Freelance 3d modeler looking for work
Freelance 3d modeler looking for work [message #130962] Tue, 05 January 2016 13:10 UTC
avatar spukeanimation  is currently offline spukeanimation
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Hi guys,
I am a 3d modeler looking for work


Email me or PM me :)

 Topic: Rendering Services/Product Visualization for Hire!
Rendering Services/Product Visualization for Hire! [message #130664] Sun, 03 January 2016 23:49 UTC
avatar DesignbyDalton  is currently offline DesignbyDalton
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Do you want to sell more items on shapeways? Do you need a fresh marketing strategy? Something good and juicy for your social media feed?

I can help you. I can take your 3d files and make them look clean, perfect and even real. I can make them move, make them shine and make them sell. If you don't have a 3D file yet, tell me what you want made and I'll see what I can do. Send me your drawings, or some photographs, I can make almost anything.

My prices vary depending on the workload. Send me an email at if you are interested and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with a quote.

My Shapeways Shop speaks for itself :


[Updated on: Sun, 03 January 2016 23:50 UTC]

Like my renders? Send me an email at for a quote to make your items look just as good.
 Topic: A custom 3D printable design of a lightsaber internal chassis that I can sell on Shapeways.
A custom 3D printable design of a lightsaber internal chassis that I can sell on Shapeways. [message #130221] Mon, 28 December 2015 19:38 UTC
avatar Propsandprototypes  is currently offline Propsandprototypes
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Design a 3D printable design similar to example for use and sale on shapeways.

A custom 3D printable design of a lightsaber internal chassis that I can sell on Shapeways.

Some links below to other companies products, looking for my own variation to use and sell.

Around 5"-51/2" long and 1" outer diameter.

Around 5"-51/2" long and 1" outer diameter.

A slot to hold 1 18650 battery
A spot to hold a 28mm speaker
A spot to hold a soundboard
A spot to hold crystal chamber-star-wars-lightsaber?li=search-results-2&optionI d=58507959 gniter-mini-chassis-1-24-quot-od?li=shop-results&optionI d=43215364 3-5-master-chassis-part1-main?li=shop-results&optionId=5 7873491

 Topic: Professional 3D Artist
Professional 3D Artist [message #129880] Fri, 18 December 2015 10:20 UTC
avatar ZagreusEnt  is currently offline ZagreusEnt
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Hello Friends,

Zagreus Entertainment is an animation and vfx studio specializing in high-end, talked about games, animation, vfx, illustration, and design projects for clients worldwide. We provide unparalleled passion + crucial professional expertise and artistry in every project. We define ourselves as artists and a team first.

Affordable Services:

Character Design
Game UI / Screens
3D Character creation - lod variation
Gaming Props / Assets - lod variation
PBR texture
Biped Rigging / High Quality Rigging
Facial UI / Blendshapes
Game Animation
Animation - HQ .. etc

Contact Details:
skype: zagreusent

 Topic: 1/1000 Conversion Kit Designer- needed.
1/1000 Conversion Kit Designer- needed. [message #129845] Thu, 17 December 2015 14:55 UTC
avatar Moongrim  is currently offline Moongrim
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What I have in mind- a 1/1000 scale kit part.

The ship I desire: ttlecarrier_fredrikstad.jpg

The Primary Hull and the Warp Engines are something I can get from a Polar Lights Kit.

It's the Secondary Hull that I'm interested in having someone design.

Thank you.
 Topic: Freelance 3d modeler looking for work
Freelance 3d modeler looking for work [message #128468] Mon, 30 November 2015 18:35 UTC
avatar spukeanimation  is currently offline spukeanimation
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Junior Member
I am a freelance concept and 3d artist looking for work
Please check my website:-


 Topic: 3D jewelry modeler freelance
3D jewelry modeler freelance [message #128100] Thu, 26 November 2015 14:22 UTC
avatar alesya_kalm  is currently offline alesya_kalm
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Hello, my name is Alesya, I'm from Ukraine and I'm looking for a new customers. My specialization is 3D jewelry models. I'm working in Ukrainian jewelry company as a 3D modeler. I have a 5 years experience, not much, but I do my best and the quality is guaranteed. Please, look at my work. If you have any questions, feel free to contact with me in PM or e-mail!






Thank You for your time ;)

[Updated on: Thu, 26 November 2015 14:28 UTC]

 Topic: College Student looking for experience and willing to do things for cheap
College Student looking for experience and willing to do things for cheap [message #126433] Tue, 17 November 2015 20:44 UTC
avatar andrew_18  is currently offline andrew_18
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Junior Member
I am a college engineering student with limited experience in CAD but am looking to broaden my knowledge and am willing to take on projects for cheap. Attached are a few simple designs that I have created to date. Thanks in advance for your consideration

attached renders are of:
chrismas tree ornament
a simple pencil holder for your desk
necklace pendant designed for my girlfriend for christmas

[Updated on: Tue, 17 November 2015 20:47 UTC]

 Topic: Custom Christmas ornaments made to order For your company ,school , or family members
Custom Christmas ornaments made to order For your company ,school , or family members [message #126136] Sun, 15 November 2015 17:06 UTC
avatar kronos242  is currently offline kronos242
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Make a keepsake today....Any logo ,photo what ever you can imagine....Happy Holidays


 Topic: 3D modeler with 12+ yrs experience available.
3D modeler with 12+ yrs experience available. [message #125403] Fri, 13 November 2015 00:42 UTC
avatar philnolan3d  is currently offline philnolan3d
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About me:
Hello, my name is Phil Nolan. I've been working in 3D as a freelancer since 2002. Along with my freelance work I also enjoy making and selling my own models on Shapeways.

I specialize in modeling and sculpting as well as texturing. I also work in animation and other areas if you have need for that.

Over 12 years working in 3D animation, including film, television, corporate videos, and of course 3D printing. I have worked with a number of people from these Shapeways forums, some are repeat customers.

My personal portfolio:
My Shapeways shop:

Rate: $35/hr

[Updated on: Fri, 13 November 2015 00:42 UTC]

 Topic: Looking for Designer to Quote Roccat Nyth Buttons
Looking for Designer to Quote Roccat Nyth Buttons [message #124779] Sat, 31 October 2015 06:34 UTC
avatar draimomdpdr  is currently offline draimomdpdr
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Junior Member
Looking for a designer to create a button set for the Roccat Nyth or to edit the public 3d file to suit my design brief.

Background Information

I recently purchased a new gaming mouse, the Roocat Nyth.
My previous mouse was the original Razer Naga, which I used for the last 6 years or so and now has a faulty left mouse click.

I have chosen to buy the modular Nyth over getting a new model Razer due to the fact that Razer's 'upgrads' are, in my opinion, design flaws.
(keep this in mind if you compare the new design to the original)

Roccat Nyth is a brand of mouse that includes a modular design which allows for the 12 thumb buttons to be swapped out.
They have advertised that custom buttons can be obtained through shapeways and they provide 3D files for the standard buttons.

What I need designed

I need a set of 12 buttons that are more ergonomic and elegant then the default set. The Buttons should be as similar to the original Razer Naga as possible. Which is basically flat, very inline and low heights. Also need to change the numbering on the buttons but this is optional.

I would like to work closely with a designer to produce the design I have in mind.

At this stage I'm after quotes as I've never hired a designer and am unfamiliar with the costs.

Additional Info on the product:
Roccat Nyth Official Web Site -
3D data for existing buttons -
Origianl Razer Nage - gallery7.jpg

[Updated on: Mon, 02 November 2015 03:04 UTC]

 Topic: 3D for Italy
3D for Italy [message #124386] Thu, 22 October 2015 01:29 UTC
avatar Nicholas_Pendle  is currently offline Nicholas_Pendle
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Junior Member
Welcome to Shapeways, the connection between designers like myself, and those with creative minds such as yourself.

I have been 3D modelling for two years now through classes in Highschool. Yes, you read that correct, Highschool. At this point, you may think that my age makes my incompetent, but I assure you that is not true. I am currently trying to fund a tour of Italy and Greece for Spring Break of 2017. and thought what better way to use my skill in 3D modelling than by selling it?

If you have any ideas for figurines, symbols, models, simple or complex, I would be more than happy to help. However, I am quite busy with schooling, drama, robotics, and other events so my available time is limited. Nevertheless, I look forward to working with you.

-Nicholas Pendleton
 Topic: Looking for 3D digital artist
Looking for 3D digital artist [message #124110] Thu, 15 October 2015 04:36 UTC
avatar jonathan_s_skinner  is currently offline jonathan_s_skinner
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Junior Member

I wish I had a modicum of artistic talent, but alas, I cannot draw/paint/sculpt/render, to save my life.

However, I can write. I'm finally working on the first of (what I hope to be) a series of YA horror/action books. I'd really like to have a pic of the hero, for inspiration, when I write, but, again with that "can't draw", thing.

I'm painfully new to all of this, so, that said,

I'm looking for someone who can create a digital 3D picture of my character. Not looking for a sculpt/model, just yet, I'm simply wanting an image to stare at when I hit a writer's block. Nothing over the top or worthy of the's personal, for me. And my desk. Or wall.

Of course I'll pay, but, my budget for such a thing is nominal, but, I'll do as much as I can, for the product I'm looking for.

If interested, email me at, and put Horror Hero i the subj line, so I don't scroll past you. I don't need to see anything you've already done, yet. Find out what I'm looking for, then decide if you're even interested. We can go from there.

Thanks in advance!!
 Topic: Mold creation
Mold creation [message #123852] Fri, 09 October 2015 16:01 UTC
avatar kronos242  is currently offline kronos242
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I have have found a work flow to make reverse molds from any file format (.obj .stl .stp ) Pm if you need some work done

 Topic: 3d artist with Zbrush
3d artist with Zbrush [message #123816] Thu, 08 October 2015 18:56 UTC
avatar mitashki76  is currently offline mitashki76
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Junior Member
I'm a 3d artist, available for freelance work. I'd like to work on projects for repairing meshes and cleaning up scans for 3d printing. My skills: Zbrush, 3ds max, Photoshop. You can see some of my models here:
 Topic: Modeling for Porcelain
Modeling for Porcelain [message #123813] Thu, 08 October 2015 16:59 UTC
avatar Ziko  is currently offline Ziko
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Junior Member
I have a model that was previously 3d printed in Ceramic before it was discontinued.
I need an experienced modeler to re-evaluate the design for Porcelain, and modify/ optimize where applicable.

 Topic: Product design and Stress Engineer (English & Spanish)
Product design and Stress Engineer (English & Spanish) [message #123662] Sun, 04 October 2015 08:12 UTC
avatar jorgeantoniogm  is currently offline jorgeantoniogm
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Hello, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering ( four year technical degree), with more than 10 years of experience as a mechanical designer and stress engineer.I also know how to calculate the mechanical behavior of the structure using FEM (Finite Element Method) software, so that you can see the maximum displacement of your design or if the structure is designed to support all the applied loads. I am also familiar with the Arduino enviroment, so I can implement electronic devices (servos, microswitches, etc), and program the Arduino board. I am from Spain (Europe), so my mother tongue is Spanish, but I can also speak in English

Some of the format file I can use are step, iges, stl.

Hola, soy Graduado en Ingenieria Mecánica, con más de 10 años de experiencia como diseñador mecánico y analista de estructuras. También se como calcular el comportamiento mecánico de la estructura usando software FEM (Finite element method), de tal manera que puedes conocer cuánto se deforma tu diseño o si soporta las cargas aplicadas sin romperse o sufrir deformacion plastica. . Tambien estoy muy familiriazido con el entorno Arduino, puedo implementar en el diseño componentes electronicos (servos, finales de carrera, etc), y programar la placa Arduino. Soy de España (Europa), así que mi lengua materna es español, pero también puedo hablar en Inglés

Algunos de los formatos de archivo que uso son step, iges y stl.

Example of a recently project I have done:


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 Topic: Organic 3D Modeler for Hire(reasonable rates)
Organic 3D Modeler for Hire(reasonable rates) [message #123547] Thu, 01 October 2015 03:13 UTC
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Hello everyone,

My name is Travis. I have experience in designing 3d models for printing and for animation. I've designed 3d models of jewelry, people, animals, characters, etc. I'm very creative and have a back ground in 2d art as well. Here is a link to my online portfolio<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

My rates are very reasonable, I'm not trying to get rich I'm just trying to make a living as an artist. I love to be creative so if you just have a basic idea of what you want I have no problem helping you out.

Here are some of my past models. If my services can be of use to you then please feel free to email me at

Thank you,

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 Topic: Hello, this is Tiberlabs! We deliver High Quality 3D work for Low Rates!
Hello, this is Tiberlabs! We deliver High Quality 3D work for Low Rates! [message #123265] Thu, 24 September 2015 09:49 UTC
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Hello, My name is Simone Silvestri and I'm part of a group of artists that very recently founded an Art Outsourcing company. We are four friends, three of which are 3D Artists and we are currently looking for more work.

Please check out our portfolio:

We are already providing our services to a few companies. We offer a full 3D Pipeline for a very reasonable price since we're looking for new customers.

What we do:

    3D Environments, Props, Vehicles, Weapons and Characters

    2D/3D Texture Tiles

    Realistic Style with full PBR Workflow

    Hand-painted style with or without pre-sculpt

    Rigging and Animations

The Softwares we use:

    Maya for modeling

    Zbrush for sculpting

    Photoshop, Substance Painter and Substance Designer to Texture

    Unreal Engine

    Unity Engine

We are open to learn any software necessary to complete our work in the most professional way possible.

We also own a 3D Printer: a Lulzbot Taz5 with a large printing area, so we can make a prototype of anything we're asked to model.

All of us have at least three years of experience and a couple of published titles on our backs. We're professionals and we work hard. We also have our own studio, which means that whatever product we're working on is constantly under the watchful eye of the whole team. Granting our customers a wider array of skills and feedback at any given moment.

Our standard rate is 25$ per hour but we can negotiate this price around something more fitting for each customer.

Please reach us at
Or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!
the Tiberlabs team.
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