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Forum: It arrived!
 Topic: Silver Pendant Arrived
Silver Pendant Arrived [message #45882] Fri, 23 March 2012 19:21 UTC
avatar MarkHeuvelman  is currently offline MarkHeuvelman
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Allthough I think polished would be nicer my sister asked for a non-polished version of this pendant.
I originally designed a ring for her 40th birthday, but the printed testversion quickly showed it wasn't very practical for her.

I converted the ring into a pendant and today I received it from Shapeways.




I'm quiet pleased about it and tomorrow I will bring the gift in the nice Shapeways box to my sister.

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[Updated on: Fri, 23 March 2012 21:22 UTC]

I'm not asking you what's possible,
I'm asking you to push the boundairies
 Topic: Testing different materials
Testing different materials [message #45881] Fri, 23 March 2012 18:16 UTC
avatar rwd  is currently offline rwd
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Some new test pieces:

FUD--the stones fit perfectly!

White Detail:


Another White Detail:

And one last White Detail--amazing how different the material looks depending on the object:

 Topic: Board Game miniatures!
Board Game miniatures! [message #45856] Fri, 23 March 2012 04:35 UTC
avatar RotVar!  is currently offline RotVar!
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Hi all Smile
Thank to shapeways we finished our Board Game, complete with Miniatures!
You can find here our NEW board game, RotVar

and here the miniatures (made by shapeways!)
let us know what do you think about it.
 Topic: Round Speaker Wall Mounts
icon10.gif  Round Speaker Wall Mounts [message #45815] Thu, 22 March 2012 03:39 UTC
avatar Rawrlers  is currently offline Rawrlers
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I received both my first 3D printed commission and my first WSF models today and couldn't be happier with how they turned out, they feel incredibly strong and durable. These are adjustable speaker mounts that have a 60 degree range. The small slats are mounted on the wall via drywall anchors, the adjustable mounts are screwed onto the speakers and then the speakers slide onto the mounts.

Full Album:



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[Updated on: Thu, 22 March 2012 16:08 UTC]

 Topic: silver carnival mask pendant
silver carnival mask pendant [message #45743] Tue, 20 March 2012 16:36 UTC
avatar thvoelker  is currently offline thvoelker
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inspired of the carnival of venice I designed this pendant

[Updated on: Wed, 21 March 2012 13:39 UTC]

 Topic: Green / Blue Lantern Ring design
Green / Blue Lantern Ring design [message #45725] Tue, 20 March 2012 05:46 UTC
avatar fearghus56200  is currently offline fearghus56200
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I know there are a lot of Green Lantern designs on here, but I wanted something a little different, so I designed what I call a Power Seeping Ring. Like I say in the item description, the idea was that the ring is in use so that power is flowing out of it. I'm not the best 3D Modeler, but I had some experience, so I took a go at it. I'm sure it can be done better, but I'm rather satisfied with it. I thought maybe I'd share it with you guys, see what you thought of it. My blue lantern design arrived today.

I only designed the green lantern and blue lantern rings so far, but I do plan to do the entire spectrum eventually.

What do you guys think? Here's my shop:

I can't afford better materials, so I have only bought the White Strong and Flexible so far.
Take a look:
 Topic: The Keychain Mini Crowbar
The Keychain Mini Crowbar [message #45709] Mon, 19 March 2012 21:26 UTC
avatar Innovo  is currently offline Innovo
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Senior Member

Another entry for my Keychain Tools collection.

The Mini Crowbar is both a decorative as well as practical keychain accessory. It can be used for screwing, puncturing or simply as a keychain hanging hook.

Available here.




Innovation & Design
 Topic: Tentacle Rosette Pendant
Tentacle Rosette Pendant [message #45528] Thu, 15 March 2012 01:57 UTC
avatar ceramicwombat  is currently offline ceramicwombat
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I received my Tentacle Rosette Pendant in stainless steel (top right) and antique bronze glossy (bottom left). They are shown strung with hemp cord but the holes at the end of the tentacles are made to accommodate any cord up to 2mm in diameter. The model can be found here.


I may pick it up in silver as well because the detail became a bit futzy in stainless.

 Topic: More silver pendants
More silver pendants [message #45324] Sun, 11 March 2012 19:27 UTC
avatar SaGaDesign  is currently offline SaGaDesign
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The latest pendant I designed finally arrived, finally got some decent photos of it Smile


 Topic: Cufflinks and Dice
Cufflinks and Dice [message #45111] Fri, 09 March 2012 01:52 UTC
avatar Ray716  is currently offline Ray716
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I've been sooo busy as of late that I've not had the chance to post any pics of the things I've designed and ordered. So with out any further adue...

The first is a set of cufflinks based on the show "Dr Who" and the Tam of Rassilon. I think they came out GREAT and can't wait to order them in silver!

Second is a set of 3 dice. Each one has 8 runes from the Elder futhark. Great for an instant reading or even a kewl new set of dice. I used the Chessex lay out to distribute each rune.

Hope you enjoy!


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 Topic: Black Ceramic Coaster & 2 FCS Mini Snowboards
Black Ceramic Coaster & 2 FCS Mini Snowboards [message #45024] Wed, 07 March 2012 16:41 UTC
avatar underitall  is currently offline underitall
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Hello all.
*Quick side note: Ordered on 24th Feb, arrived today after a 48hour UPS delivery, quick turnaround again, Thanks Shapeways!*

When I saw SW was introducing Black Ceramics I thought it's about time I tried Ceramics, see what they're like. They were announced and the following morning I quickly made a Coaster to try and see what it's like, and ordered it along with the two mini Snowboards.

This is a very basic model but it turned out better than I was hoping, I thought the Glazing wouldn't stay on the sharp edges but it does quite well. Also the TRN (My initials) looks better with the slight build up of glazing around the letters:

The little feet worked wonders!

It's intended use:

And the two Mini Snowboards, they measure about 10.5cm Long, and I used a model of a board from Google 3DW & UV mapped in Blender:

Overall I am very happy with Black Ceramics (And the order in general), I just need to think of something else to make in it now. Spoon maybe?
Still waiting for Squishy, Strong & Flexible I have a simple Watch Strap ready to be printed, Can't wait.
 Topic: Fidget Bracelets
Fidget Bracelets [message #44912] Mon, 05 March 2012 17:02 UTC
avatar kcwinter  is currently offline kcwinter
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These are the first two pieces I have made for my "Fidget" series. I'm currently a graduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and taking a course titled Advanced Sculpture: Kinetics; these pieces are the first "sketches" pretty much for the final collection to be presented at the end of the semester in May. My background is in fashion design, with some extensive experience with jewelry/small metals work, and my instructor has allowed me to stray from the format of the class to make wearable pieces. I had stared out on a much larger and complicated piece, but decided to throw together these two just so that I could have them physically in front of me to make any changes to the design before I committed to paying for a larger piece (ultimately some sort of necklace).

Basically the entire concept was to make a bracelet that would give someone who is prone to fidget (such as myself) something to play with, rather than space out during long presentations, etc.... I wore the small one during a long critique and it kept my fingers happily preoccupied enough that I could stay involved in the conversation.


Right out of the box, nice and white. But I've seen a lot of posts about being able to dye WSF, so since these were just prototypes, I decided to give it a go. I ended up using iDye Poly by Jacquard in Blue for both. The differences in color come from different concentrations of dye in the bath, as well as only partially submerging the piece to get the most vivid colors. Then I put two coats of Blick matte varnish on the whole thing to seal in the dye (I showed them in class during a quick critique/brain storming session before I added the varnish and everyone ended up with blue fingers. oops!).


Being able to play with them definitely gives me a jumping off point for further designs. Also, I would totally recommend using the iDye Poly dye, it really provides a solid saturation in the material.

  • Attachment: IMG_0360.JPG
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 Topic: Nugget puzzle by OSKAR
Nugget puzzle by OSKAR [message #44808] Fri, 02 March 2012 21:09 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Nugget is a take-apart puzzle. The object is to remove the gold nugget from its cage. However, the nugget fits only through one of the holes and in only one orientation.

Nugget is based on a rhomic isocahedron, which has 120 isometric orientations. The frame has 6 holes. And out of those 720 combinations, there is only one where the nugget fits through the hole.

Watch the YouTube Video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Non-Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.








 Topic: Dragonfly Wing Rings!
Dragonfly Wing Rings! [message #44669] Wed, 29 February 2012 21:25 UTC
avatar SheilaMunro  is currently offline SheilaMunro
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These are Dragonfly Wing Rings available in any ring size for $12.95




 Topic: My hex box arrived!
My hex box arrived! [message #44666] Wed, 29 February 2012 21:06 UTC
avatar mygadgetlife  is currently offline mygadgetlife
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This is a refinement over my very first print, the earbud case, making this my second ever print!

To start, I switched the opening to the narrower dimension - this makes the insertion of wrapped earbuds much easier. Then I rounded off the edges - as I write I realise this aesthetic is borrowed from my iPad charger Smile Next, I introduced a hex cutout to reduce the amount of material used and therefore make the item cheaper to print.

WSF is remarkably strong and lightweight - so while it looks fragile, it really isn't.

Finally, I'm using neodymium magnets to hold the two halves together. These are 3mm by 4mm diameter, with recesses in the model slightly oversize to accommodate.

I was being really tight with the tolerances of the two parts - they fit together perfectly with a little push but I expect this will loosen over time - the magnets are just right to hold the lid on.

I'm really happy with the end result and can't wait for my next batch of designs to be shipped.

Showing the little loop to hold the pieces together during production.

The parts fit neatly together

The intended use...

Small but very strong...

 Topic: Silver Dragon Wing Earrings
Silver Dragon Wing Earrings [message #44614] Tue, 28 February 2012 21:18 UTC
avatar SheilaMunro  is currently offline SheilaMunro
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Here's a look at some Silver Dragon Wing Earrings designed by my sister Sheila Munro. They are approximately 44mm in length.
Only $26.08 in Stainless Steel





 Topic: Tiny Hand Hearts arrived!
Tiny Hand Hearts arrived! [message #44605] Tue, 28 February 2012 18:13 UTC
avatar dhawktx  is currently offline dhawktx
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I loved the Hand Heart at Valentines, but wanted it for my dolls' scale (tiny).

HarryApeMan was wonderful and rescaled them for me. They are AWESOME and I'm going to be going 'neeners' to all my doll friends, at least until THEY have a chance to get their own!

Shown here with an 11.5 cm tall doll for 'scale':

WSF, WSF - flip side, and Antique Bronze Glossy
 Topic: CROX Ring Glossy Silver - resized -
CROX Ring Glossy Silver - resized - [message #44465] Sat, 25 February 2012 10:27 UTC
avatar DarioScapittaDesign  is currently offline DarioScapittaDesign
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It arrived! yesterday I've received this two new version of the CROX ring that a my customer ordered for her and for her husband.
The ring is a little bit smaller on the top. The glossy quality is very nice also inside the ring.

Thanks SW team, well done!

Dario Scapitta Design

Here some picture.






Dario Scapitta Design
 Topic: Personalize your Treasure Chest by OSKAR
Personalize your Treasure Chest by OSKAR [message #44464] Sat, 25 February 2012 10:01 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

You may remember the romantic story of Matthew Farnsworth and his girlfriend Mindy. Matthew commissioned my Gift Cube puzzle to ask her to marry him. She said yes, and now they are married.

There have been already five Gift-Cube weddings up till now: Matthew & Mindy, Carlos & Tina, Michael and Andrea, Chris and Eva-Maria, and Darryl & Michel (Gift Pyramid). A sixth one is on its way.

Recently, has picked up the Gift Cube and turned it into Oskar's Treasure Chest.

To thank Matthew for the inspiration, I sent him a Treasure Chest to which I added a customized center piece. I would be happy to make such a customized center piece for you.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the customized center at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.








 Topic: Tiny tiny rings arrived!
Tiny tiny rings arrived! [message #44452] Sat, 25 February 2012 00:55 UTC
avatar kiki-chan78  is currently offline kiki-chan78
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Woot!!! Not the first time receiving a model, but this is my first time posting here. I finally finished spiffing out a set of rings for one of my 1:3 scale obitsus. One of the rings was printed up in gold-plate glossy, and the other is WSF. Not sure why, but I've always liked the texture/detail on the WSF over WD.

I'd originally ordered this in WSF, Black SF, WD, BD, and a single ring in gold plate glossy. For the life of me, I can't find the WD; it arrived, but might've accidentally gotten thrown out. Not that it's important, since it ended up not being right for what I wanted.

The rings, are a little less than 1cm all around. Yikes!

These two are WSF. The yellow one, I started to paint. They are just fun to handle. ^___^

But, it's these two that are my 'babies'. The gold plated one, and the WSF. After painting the WSF in silver, I carved out a space on the 'flat' ring, and glued a blue tanzanite into it.

Gotta say, I couldn't be more pleased with how these little rings turned out. Yay!!!



[Updated on: Sun, 26 February 2012 22:43 UTC]

 Topic: Lego compatible pieces
Lego compatible pieces [message #44418] Fri, 24 February 2012 08:13 UTC
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Yesterday, my latest order arrived, containing several Lego compatible pieces and minifig accessories.
Unfortunately, they didn't fit perfectly, probably because I ordered them in WSF Polished and the polishing scrubbed off material. Should've chosen White detail or WSF, but too late now.
Check out close-up photographs on my flickr account.

[Updated on: Fri, 24 February 2012 10:57 UTC]

 Topic: By Your Side
By Your Side [message #44367] Thu, 23 February 2012 12:09 UTC
avatar yoogy  is currently offline yoogy
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This sculpture is a symbol of love
and the idea of belonging and understanding

looks great
20 cm high

THX Shapeways


[Updated on: Thu, 23 February 2012 12:11 UTC]

 Topic: my second ring in silver
my second ring in silver [message #44258] Tue, 21 February 2012 10:56 UTC
avatar a.wieneke  is currently offline a.wieneke
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i would like to say, that the model i made came out very good in silver. Here it is. The pictures shows, how it came from shapeway. Really nice printing and casting. Thank you to shapeway.


 Topic: Dicky - the Elephant
Dicky - the Elephant [message #44171] Sun, 19 February 2012 09:50 UTC
avatar yoogy  is currently offline yoogy
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Junior Member
and sooo cute Laughing

Thx Shapeways


  • Attachment: Dicky.jpg
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IT LOOKS GOOD IN DIFFERENT MATERIALS [message #44165] Sun, 19 February 2012 08:54 UTC
avatar  is currently offline
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index.php?t=getfile&id=14708&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=14707&private=0just arrived, the

Kor design
 Topic: Airships!
Airships! [message #44105] Wed, 15 February 2012 18:08 UTC
avatar brasskitten  is currently offline brasskitten
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Man looked at the birds with envy, dreaming of worlds beyond his reach and the adventures they might hold. Their most enlightened engineers built the first air-faring vessels, carrying them through the aether to far away lands, and for a time man was content.

Then he took his wars to the skies.

Miniature airships for wargaming! I'm very pleased with how much detail the SWF-polished retained. They're also remarkably rigid, I think I over engineered the insides and will probably thin them out a bit at some point.

Apologies for the blurred photos, I'm still figuring out this camera... I shall now paint them up and steam them into battle!
 Topic: Stealth Drone - RQ1701D
Stealth Drone - RQ1701D [message #44044] Wed, 15 February 2012 01:27 UTC
avatar rcshop  is currently offline rcshop
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Turned up pretty nice:

Get it at my shop! h_drone___rq1701d.htm

 Topic: Minecraft Grass Earrings
Minecraft Grass Earrings [message #43772] Fri, 10 February 2012 03:29 UTC
avatar AyameDeude  is currently offline AyameDeude
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Hey Guys!

I got my Minecraft Earrings in not too long ago. I don't have any pictures of them hanging, (I asked that some earrings loopies be included in future orders) but I tried hanging them from some string and they look really nice. ass_.html?gid=sg126336
 Topic: second time the charm
icon14.gif  second time the charm [message #43750] Thu, 09 February 2012 18:10 UTC
avatar ychirea1  is currently offline ychirea1
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Thanks to my designer and modeler for being so patient with a newbie - I am very happy.

Maybe try again soon Surprised
 Topic: Baltimore Unboxing Video
Baltimore Unboxing Video [message #43729] Thu, 09 February 2012 07:36 UTC
avatar baltimore  is currently offline baltimore
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Senior Member
Shapeways Crew

watch! =)
 Topic: Barrel Monkey PEndant
Barrel Monkey PEndant [message #43702] Wed, 08 February 2012 23:29 UTC
avatar schreerdesign  is currently offline schreerdesign
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We love this little one, but we think we'll offer a bigger one too.

 Topic: Oh my heart !
Oh my heart ! [message #43677] Wed, 08 February 2012 17:34 UTC
avatar NovastarDesign  is currently offline NovastarDesign
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Hi everybody ! i want to share the pictures of my model Oh my heart I think the result is quite to hear what you think about it


 Topic: Two tealight holders
icon7.gif  Two tealight holders [message #43609] Tue, 07 February 2012 14:12 UTC
avatar Spozzfreund  is currently offline Spozzfreund
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Well, it arrived a few month ago, but I always wanted to create a short video for better presentation. The video is available now. Cool

But so far I haven't tested them yet with an activated tealight. Rolling Eyes

Video in 720p:
or in standard:

So, what do you think?

Greeetings Smile

[Updated on: Thu, 09 February 2012 12:07 UTC]

My render animations:
 Topic: Uncanny Mixup by OSKAR
Uncanny Mixup by OSKAR [message #43446] Sat, 04 February 2012 13:04 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Uncanny Mixup combines concepts from the Uncanny Cube and the Mixup Cube. This combination was suggested by Bram Cohen, who also came up with the Uncanny Cube idea. Around the same time, this "unbandaged" Uncanny Cube was also suggested by Vladimir Yaroslavskiy, inspired by the Bermuda Cubes. And also Khaled Habbab suggested unbandaging after playing with his Uncanny Cube sample.

The development of this puzzle took me three rounds of prototyping. The first version was unstable. I added floating anchors (lengthening pieces towards the middle) to keep the pieces upright. The second version worked better, but some moves were blocked. The third prototype, the one demonstrated on the video, works perfectly.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.








[Updated on: Sun, 05 February 2012 10:04 UTC]

 Topic: New box of NANOLETS! (unboxing video!)
New box of NANOLETS! (unboxing video!) [message #43308] Wed, 01 February 2012 23:00 UTC
avatar Vapour  is currently offline Vapour
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Junior Member
Hey guys, just wanted to share an unboxing of our Nanolets. We just got a box of all the colours. Check out a video of the unboxing here


Ben Smile

[Updated on: Wed, 01 February 2012 23:01 UTC]

 Topic: Intricate Icosohedron Earrings
Intricate Icosohedron Earrings [message #43148] Mon, 30 January 2012 21:28 UTC
avatar baltimore  is currently offline baltimore
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Shapeways Crew
I got a bunch of these earrings in, and they jut look so awesome, inside and out!
 Topic: 1st model arrived :)
1st model arrived :) [message #43071] Sun, 29 January 2012 23:10 UTC
avatar pdb  is currently offline pdb
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numero uno!

(its an iphone 4 case)


  • Attachment: DSCF1606.JPG
    (Size: 2.86MB, Downloaded 510 time(s))

  • Attachment: DSCF1611.JPG
    (Size: 2.94MB, Downloaded 491 time(s))

  • Attachment: DSCF1588.JPG
    (Size: 2.76MB, Downloaded 488 time(s))

[Updated on: Sun, 29 January 2012 23:26 UTC]

 Topic: Tanacube Too by OSKAR
Tanacube Too by OSKAR [message #43042] Sun, 29 January 2012 17:13 UTC
avatar Oskar_van_Deventer  is currently offline Oskar_van_Deventer
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Hi Shapeways fans,

Tanacube Too is a put-together cube puzzle with tangram-shaped faces. It was Oskar's answer of a challenge by George Miller and Peter Rasmussen. Size: 60x60x60 mm, same as a Rubik's Cube.

Watch the YouTube video.
Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.








[Updated on: Sun, 29 January 2012 17:14 UTC]

 Topic: First model: tennis ball puzzle
First model: tennis ball puzzle [message #42979] Sat, 28 January 2012 16:43 UTC
avatar hagman  is currently offline hagman
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Junior Member
My first design and first order arrived this week. It is intended as a specialized birthday present packaging, to contain a gift certificate for a friend who is keen on visiting the Australian Opens. Therefore it has the shape of a tennis ball. It is also a little puzzle as it does not fall apart when trying to lift the top half of the ball. But if you turn it around (after all, he wants to travel to "down under") the then bottom (i.e. original top) half falls off easily, thus releasing the packaged gift certificate.
The trick is done by a little cylinder interlocked with the bottom part, which can move like a screw up and down a bit by its own weight, thus opening or closing a "lock" for the other part.

The print is extremely accurate. It seems there is one line on one of the shells where it suffers from a very tiny displacement (visible under extreme shallow light), but otherwise it looks just as on screen Smile
There are a few problems "by design" (i.e by me):
1) In its "rest" state the top half falls down too far; apparently I forgot to add something stopping that. So it looks like the ball has lost "air". I hope I can make it look better by suitably folding the gift certificate.
2) One has to shake the thing a bit in order for the lock to unlock; this is obviously due to the (expected) friction and I'm not yet sure whether to count it as a bug or feature Wink
3) I wish there were less tolerance. The parts can move somewhat freely about because of the required 0.7 mm gaps between parts. I submitted the seperable half separate so that a few gaps could be cut down to 0mm, but I wish the moving cylinder could be tighter. Sad

The material shows its remarkable properties: It is white, it is strong and it is flexible.
The strongness is so impressive that I apparently could have been much more courageous when hollowing out the central axis parts.
The flexibility (esp. of the three "antennae" get inserted into the "lock") is so impressive that I should have used a different approach (thus solving the gap/tolerance problem) by producing three separate parts and using a one-time "click" mechanism to interlock the two parts to be interlocked.
The whiteness is also impressive, but this thing really sucks in dirt. I better keep it in its delivery bag until its time has come.

Admittedly, the price of such a print is somewhat high if it is in fact just the equivalent of a one-time gift-wrap - but it was fun making it Smile
The pictures are not very good - I tried to improve detail by underexposing, but tehy are also badly focused (also due to bad lighting).

 Topic: Valentine's Pendants and Hairpins
Valentine's Pendants and Hairpins [message #42919] Fri, 27 January 2012 21:16 UTC
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Two new jewelry objects.



........ derived from my original infinity heart pendant.


there all available now, check them out.

This is some much fun.

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