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Forum: Bug Reporting
 Topic: New notification
New notification [message #8525] Wed, 23 December 2009 21:53 UTC
avatar photosfromrob  is currently offline photosfromrob
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Senior Member
I just received an email notification that one of my designs had gone to production; I'm very impressed. It's such an improvement over the old system. The email and the PDF invoice is so much more professional and makes it easier to keep track. Good job
 Topic: repeated photos on homepage
repeated photos on homepage [message #8221] Thu, 10 December 2009 18:52 UTC
avatar dadrummond  is currently offline dadrummond
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Senior Member
Often, but not always, I see repeated photos in the Featured Shop Models section of the homepage. It's happened over months, with many different models. Feels like a cache problem (but it recurs) or a slight hiccup with the server.


Thought I'd point it out in case it's a SW-side bug.

Elytra on Shapeways:
 Topic: Site Translation
Site Translation [message #7782] Tue, 17 November 2009 11:23 UTC
avatar D_man  is currently offline D_man
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Hi all,

I know there was a topic where Joris asked what improvement we'd like for Shapeways but I couldn't find it back so I post a new one !

I'm frenchies and some of my customers asked for a french version of the site !

... ok french are not really good at foreign languages...

Anyway, what about having Shapeways in different languages ?

If needed, I'd be happy for french translation.

 Topic: Design Printability Validation Service
Design Printability Validation Service [message #7724] Wed, 11 November 2009 15:29 UTC
avatar B1lancer  is currently offline B1lancer
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Quite a few models I produce I want myself so I am happy to buy the initial test print, however some I don't want and I end up printing a test model that I don't really want just to make sure the customer won't get the "Model too thin to print" error etc. Normally it's an error I can correct in a couple of mins.

What I'd like is a service which costs maybe $10-15 where your model is sent to the operators and they check to see if it will print and then send you a confirmation telling you the model will print without any problems or if problems are found how to rectify them followed by a re-check.

Kindest Regards, Jack

 Topic: Problem with your View in 3D button on your website
Problem with your View in 3D button on your website [message #7675] Sun, 08 November 2009 22:43 UTC
avatar SpaceMonkey  is currently offline SpaceMonkey
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Junior Member
I have a problem with your View in 3D button on your website.

I’m running Windows and using Firefox.

When I was looking at peoples models and I click on the View in 3D button it use to work for me (in Firefox) but I got this window which pop up and recommended that it disabled something in Java to make it work better. It said:

For best robustness of OpenGL applets on Windows, we recommend disabling Java2D’s use of DirectDraw. This setting will affect all applets, but is unlikely to slow other applets down significantly. May we update you to turn off DirectDraw for applets? You can change this back later if necessary using the Java Control Panel, Java tab, under Java Applet Runtime Settings.

I agreed and it crashed my computer. Shocked

When it started up again I went to your website and tried to View in 3D button but all I got was just the original photo of the object (no spinning view of the model). Also it has disabled the ad blocking plugin in Firefox.

I tried using the View in 3D button in Explorer and it works fine. I get the same window poping up and asking me to disable stuff but I’m not going to agree to that.

I reinstalled Java, no luck.

I reinstalled Firefox and it works again now. Surprised
Problem the ad blocking is still broken.

Suggestions: If you come across this window do not agree to it.

Question: Why are you guys asking to disable something in Java? Are you aware of this problem?
 Topic: False shop 404 bug
False shop 404 bug [message #7242] Mon, 12 October 2009 17:16 UTC
avatar TomZ  is currently offline TomZ
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Senior Member
I just noticed that the shop URL's do not work of they end with a forward slash. works

but doesn't.

I rest my case.
 Topic: Double markup
Double markup [message #7094] Tue, 06 October 2009 07:26 UTC
avatar Magic  is currently offline Magic
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Senior Member
Hi all,

Here is another crazy suggestion of mine (I apologize in advance Very Happy ).
There are some cases where you need collaboration between 2 modelers (you know, the guys/girls creating the models): some are better into inventing structures or mechanisms, other are better into adding details or decorations.
For instance Mamélie needs Youknowwho4eva to make a blank dice and would like to add the dots by himself, or Randomblink would like a Photoshaper model from Shapeways to modify it.
Another example would be me asking for someone else to make decorations on the double-marble-pendant.
The problem is: how do you share revenues on this new object that is the result of the work of two modelers?
My suggestion would be to have the option to put 2 markups on one object.
In this way, each one of the modelers would get its own markup each time such an object is sold.
Of course, it is not so easy, since at least one of the guy has to share its model (its IP) with another so there is always a matter of trust. And there are also the technical issues.
But if it works, I think that the added value could be interesting.
Is it something feasable, and would it help the community?

 Topic: JING for Support Issues
JING for Support Issues [message #6925] Wed, 30 September 2009 14:59 UTC
avatar randomblink  is currently offline randomblink
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Senior Member
I've seen ALOT of issues mentioned by other users, some issues I've run across myself. I've also watched people try to 'explain' a bug or irritation, and others try to 'walk someone through' how to resolve an issue. I believe I have found an easier way of taking care of these.

JING Project

This is a FREEWARE software app that allows you to EASILY take a screenshot, add annotations to it, and upload, email or IM an URL to it for sharing with others. It also has a video option for capturing up to 5 minutes of screen activity alongside voice-overs.

If Shapeways encouraged users to use it to snapshot their issues or video-shot them and post on the messageboard, it MIGHT make resolving some issues easier. The Shapeways team could even post their own snapshots and video walk throughs for explanations in their replies and their FAQs.

Just a thought...

[Updated on: Wed, 30 September 2009 15:00 UTC]

Welcome to Costco, I love you.
 Topic: White Glaze Feedback
White Glaze Feedback [message #6621] Thu, 17 September 2009 08:20 UTC
avatar joris  is currently offline joris
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Senior Member
This is THE place to tell us what you think of White Glaze. shoot...
 Topic: problem under "my designs"
problem under "my designs" [message #6179] Sun, 30 August 2009 21:51 UTC
avatar raalst  is currently offline raalst
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Junior Member
Hi all,

I deleted a model of mine like I have done before, but now it stays
saying "preview unavailable" and when clicking on it it says : invalid model ID

can the webmaster have a quick look ?

<edit> next time I logged on the offending model was removed and the new model uploaded. so, no problem after all.

[Updated on: Sun, 30 August 2009 22:08 UTC]

 Topic: Stampermaker Beta release
Stampermaker Beta release [message #4679] Fri, 29 May 2009 13:11 UTC
avatar pp  is currently offline pp
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Senior Member
Today we have launched our Stampmaker Creator.


Our goal with this creator is to inspirer and enable everybody to make their own personal stamps.

To ensure we can improve were required and develop what is needed I would appreciate it if you could leave your feedback right here.
Question can also be posted here or mailed to:


Cheers Peter Paul

[Updated on: Fri, 29 May 2009 13:48 UTC]

 Topic: Contest notifacation
Contest notifacation [message #1663] Tue, 21 October 2008 13:16 UTC
avatar Dalhimar  is currently offline Dalhimar
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Senior Member
I am thinking that because some people do not check the blogs on a regular basis, that there should be some sort of banner on the front page that is linked to the current contest entries so more people will know about them and be able to vote.
I my self have just recently started looking at the blogs on a regular basis, and know how fast some entries go by.
Because of that, some people may not even know about current events on shapeways including contest, or promotional things such as the 66.6% discount that was availible last week. But most people did know about that, if not from the forums, blog or word of mouth, they could see the large banner that was on the front page everytime they got onto the site.
I dont know about how others feel about this but i myself would appreciate some sort of notifacation on the front page about events such as these. Be it a banner, or a info box(such as the hot topics), or maybe even and audio clip playing in the background =P(might annoy some).
 Topic: country of origin
country of origin [message #886] Thu, 14 August 2008 11:29 UTC
avatar janis  is currently offline janis
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it could be useful if the country of origin are being displayed in the forum.

if you have question/problems and can't write it in English maybe there is some one that have the same language you can ask him..
 Topic: View in 3D - error?
View in 3D - error? [message #878] Wed, 13 August 2008 19:29 UTC
avatar Christel  is currently offline Christel
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Junior Member
The "view in 3D" feature doesn't work for me anymore. The page just refreshes with the same image.
Is anyone else having this problem?
 Topic: Feature request- slight UI change
Feature request- slight UI change [message #753] Fri, 08 August 2008 15:22 UTC
avatar benstabler  is currently offline benstabler
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Junior Member

On the 'comments' box on the 'model detail' page: the comments are paginated, however the page selector is below the 'write comment' box. Could it be moved above the 'write comment' box? This would make it a lot easier to see!

Ben Stabler
 Topic: something strange going on.. somethings wrong
something strange going on.. somethings wrong [message #745] Fri, 08 August 2008 12:09 UTC
avatar sid  is currently offline sid
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Junior Member

I cannot access the forum with Opera anymore,
I'm redirected to the /login,
but without the actual login (see attached screenshot)!

I can access every other page, I can edit my details, add new models and so forth,
so I guess I'm logged in properly.


PS Next problem, new thread Wink

PPS Topic based on RunDMC - Ghosterbusters Rap

  • Attachment: login.jpg
    (Size: 42.21KB, Downloaded 412 time(s))

[Updated on: Fri, 08 August 2008 12:25 UTC]

 Topic: Populair 3D events?
Populair 3D events? [message #743] Fri, 08 August 2008 09:08 UTC
avatar jochem  is currently offline jochem
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I'm curious on which events you'd hope to meet the Shapeways team? This will be useful input for our travel planning Very Happy


Forum: Suggestions
 Topic: Exclude admin pageviews of model pages
Exclude admin pageviews of model pages [message #94761] Fri, 25 July 2014 20:06 UTC
avatar giorgio79  is currently offline giorgio79
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I noticed Google Analytics tracks pageviews when I am logged in with my shop owner account. Would be great to make this optional as this distorts my stats.
 Topic: Specifying markup directly no longer possible
Specifying markup directly no longer possible [message #94702] Fri, 25 July 2014 05:35 UTC
avatar giorgio79  is currently offline giorgio79
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I just noticed how the markup input changed on the model edit page. Now, we have to specify the total price instead of the markup, and the markup is calculated auto.

I liked the previous input method better, where I had to specify the markup in an input field and the total price was calculated. Could this be brought back, or the current one changed so either the total price or the markup can be specified?

PS: Also, in case Shapeways decreases price due to advancing tech, Shapeways could easily recalculate the price based on the markup.

[Updated on: Fri, 25 July 2014 05:41 UTC]

 Topic: Amazon Partnership?
Amazon Partnership? [message #94685] Thu, 24 July 2014 20:50 UTC
avatar Big_Mike  is currently offline Big_Mike
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Junior Member
I recently stumbled upon Amazon's 3D Storefront. The selection is no where near what Shapeways has available. There are a few competitors that are featured but they are not nearly as easy to work with as a designer then Shapeways. I think is would be great to feature Shapeways content on Amazon. Perhaps there could be a opt-in button in each sellers storefront settings.

Big Mike
 Topic: Label ceramics as "not frost-safe" on materials page
Label ceramics as "not frost-safe" on materials page [message #93945] Mon, 14 July 2014 22:33 UTC
avatar mkroeker  is currently offline mkroeker
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Senior Member
as per this posting by bluelinegecko.
 Topic: Add this 3D software to the 3D software list
Add this 3D software to the 3D software list [message #93682] Thu, 10 July 2014 04:13 UTC
avatar numarul7  is currently offline numarul7
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Senior Member
MeshMixer -> Good for beginners made by a freelancer , now owned by Autodesk and it is FREE

I personally use Blender 3D , but I think MeshMixer it is good for all ages , being a sculpting and combining software.

It is like Sculptris with steroids! :)

numarul7 jewelry and design
 Topic: Cloisonné enamel for metallic objects
Cloisonné enamel for metallic objects [message #93147] Tue, 01 July 2014 17:19 UTC
avatar aws357  is currently offline aws357
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It's an article that appeared on Blendernation that gave me the idea... A blender user designed medals in 3D. But my guess is that they where handpainted after. ce-commanders-coin-using-open-source-software/

But it got me thinking there might be a way to add color to medals or jewels printed by shapeways using the cloisonné enamel method described in this wikipedia entry :

Basically, colored glass powder is put where you wish to add color and then put in a oven where the powder fuse into a smooth glass panel.

Some cloisonné jewels are quite remarkable when it comes to vividness of colour.

So... Just putting the idea here in case someone @Shapeways find it to be feasible with their current hardware.
 Topic: Affiliate Marketing Program for Shapeways
Affiliate Marketing Program for Shapeways [message #93041] Mon, 30 June 2014 15:17 UTC
avatar Phits  is currently offline Phits
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I am thinking about going to Affiliate Summit in New York City this August. I am interest in learning how affiliate marketing can help promote my Shapeways shop. Does anyone know if Shapeways is working on a affiliate marketing program?
 Topic: search options need to be more flexible
search options need to be more flexible [message #92712] Wed, 25 June 2014 14:16 UTC
avatar dracinowsk  is currently offline dracinowsk
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Need to be able to search using multiple levels of categories I.e. models, trains, n scale, mow. Within lowest level of category, need to sort by newly added items or oldest items first.

If cannot add categories then at least add sorting for newest or oldest items first.
 Topic: 2D-3D stud earrings app
2D-3D stud earrings app [message #92002] Mon, 16 June 2014 13:52 UTC
avatar knil  is currently offline knil
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I think it would be cool and (supposedly) not very difficult, to create an app that allows people to design 2D models and put them in 3D, like the one Shapeways already has, with the addition of an option to insert the 'stick' for stud earrings or even the piece used for handcuffs. I think the idea could become really popular and at least I would like to use it :) (I know it's not difficult to do it myself in 3D but sometimes sizes drive me crazy XD).
 Topic: Material suggestion
Material suggestion [message #91597] Mon, 09 June 2014 12:09 UTC
avatar kenforst  is currently offline kenforst
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Is there a specific reason COPPER isn't an available Shapeways material? I think it's more attractive than brass, and not as easily tarnished.
 Topic: Make the Search button for Forums more obvious.
Make the Search button for Forums more obvious. [message #91204] Wed, 04 June 2014 13:37 UTC
avatar jcbear  is currently offline jcbear
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Junior Member

This is a relatively minor suggestion. It would be handy if the Shapeways Search box, which leads to shopping options, were 'disappeared' from the Forums pages. The much smaller Forums search feature on the right disappears by comparison, leaving users [or me at least] to rummage through years of forum postings of distinctly varying relevance, before we eventually find it.
 Topic: Make changes in design guidelines obvious.
Make changes in design guidelines obvious. [message #91202] Wed, 04 June 2014 13:34 UTC
avatar jcbear  is currently offline jcbear
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Junior Member

I have previously fallen foul of changes in design guidelines for strong and flexible plastic. [For the later instance, see the posting " Step line in large models."]

This earlier instance involves small dyed prints. I acknowledge that the models involved, again human/ devil figures, are not too easy to get powder out of. Nevertheless, my experience has been that a couple of months ago some [not all] could be dyed successfully, while some could not. I was contacted about the powder problem with these prints, cancelled those that could not be dyed, improved the model's escape holes, and re-submitted the adjusted model. This time, the prints were simply cancelled by Shapeways. And then I noticed another passage in the design rules, which, again, I think includes recent editing to emphasize difficulties with dyeing:

In products contain hollow cavities, they are often filled with powder even after they are removed from the build tray. If escape holes are not large enough, or the geometry of the product makes it difficult to shake or blast the powder out, we cannot successfully clean it. This is especially important for our water-based dyeing process as models cannot be successfully dyed if they cannot be successfully cleaned inside and out. To ensure a successful, cleanable product, make sure to include sufficiently large escape holes for each hollow cavity in your product. Multiple escape holes are recommended for large hollow parts. A single escape hole at the end of a cavity will not allow material in the corners near the escape hole to fully escape; so, multiple escape holes at both ends of the cavity are recommended. If your escape holes are insufficient, try enlarging them, adding more, or filling in the hollow space.

So, I am left to infer that things once possible are now deemed not possible, with the rules adjusted to reflect this.

Now I can appreciate that Shapeways is turning out prints at high volume, and that its economics therefore require that not too much time be spent on fiddling with any one print. I can appreciate that production problems will emerge as the sorts of models ordered evolve – more people will try large prints as they become familiar with the process, more people will want relatively complex dyed prints, and so on.

So if Shapeways encounters production limitations of this sort, and chooses not to solve them (I hope, not to solve them immediately), you might at least give people clear warning that the rules – the 'fine print' – has changed.

Not in some general statement, not buried in months of forum postings, but in a prominent button labelled 'CHECK HERE FOR RECENT CHANGES IN DESIGN RULES' which goes to a full, dated, list of the changes. I think this will make life easier, or at least lessen customer irritation.
 Topic: Ceramic post support during firing
Ceramic post support during firing [message #88469] Fri, 25 April 2014 04:57 UTC
avatar MrNib  is currently offline MrNib
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I was wondering if it would be possible to optionally support a ceramic during firing in the kiln with some kind of ceramic support post or rod. This would allow top heavy designs or designs with relatively narrow bases to be be fired without falling over in the kiln. It would also allow complex designs to be properly glazed on the bottom surfaces except for where the post support hole is located. (The support hole could always be plugged or filled later.) You might need to establish some standards such as specific support hole diameters and depths, support post height options, and a maximum value for the height of the ceramic design when placed on the support posts.

For example, here's a design of a small cup shown cut in half. You would want the top edge to be glazed so you can drink out of it but obviously it would want to fall over without a supporting post stuck in the bottom cavity at the narrow end.


 Topic: loads of favorites...
loads of favorites... [message #87701] Fri, 11 April 2014 12:26 UTC
avatar axd  is currently offline axd
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Junior Member
Hello Shapeways,

I'm suffering from a variant of GAS (*): there's so much good stuff on Shapeways, that my Favorites is becoming unmanageable.

How about introducing a tag concept so that I can bring some order in this madness? Currently, 'Favorites' and 'Wishlist' could become two such tags.

But I would also like to order my favorites by (just an example) color, type, material, price category and general category (and other criteria), or for example by 'order now','order next week', 'great', ...



* Gear Acquisition Syndrome

edit added: especially when one sees that models get tagged a volonté - but by the designers.
(sorry, wasn't aware of the Suggestions forum - thx)

[Updated on: Fri, 11 April 2014 19:20 UTC]

 Topic: Material Status page updates
Material Status page updates [message #87014] Mon, 31 March 2014 20:08 UTC
avatar mkroeker  is currently offline mkroeker
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Senior Member
I think it would be nice if the material status page was updated more regularly, and/or contained a notice when to expect the next update.
Case in point - is Ceramics still delayed (indefinitely?) by unspecified machine issues two weeks after the notice was posted ?
 Topic: "Musical Instruments" category for shop?
"Musical Instruments" category for shop? [message #86483] Thu, 20 March 2014 19:40 UTC
avatar Portable_Music  is currently offline Portable_Music
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Junior Member
Hi there,

I have just posted a penny whistle for sale on Shapeways.

Is there any chance you could add a "Musical Instruments" category, for models like this. There are a few musical instruments on Shapeways now, it'd be a good category to have.

All the best

Donald Lindsay
 Topic: The future?
The future? [message #86229] Fri, 14 March 2014 18:26 UTC
avatar stop4stuff  is currently offline stop4stuff
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Senior Member
Have a watch,

Stratasys' multimaterial technology has been around for a looong time now.
Can this 3DP technology be incorporated into Shapeways list of materials?
If so, you know that the 1 million triangle limit needs to increase 2, 3 or even 5 fold to make this possible.

Will this be in Shapeways future?


 Topic: Urgent to can delete the 3d public view
Urgent to can delete the 3d public view [message #86126] Wed, 12 March 2014 12:14 UTC
avatar HOLDEN8702  is currently offline HOLDEN8702
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Senior Member

3d rotating public view is working wrong in some full color models.

It's necessary to can delete this wrong view from the list of photos in the model page.

I'm reporting this bug in the appropiate section of the forum 25#msg_86125

and finally Mitchell Jetten admits this is running odd.

Best thing is that this runs ok in the end, but if we can delete it, then we can choose.


 Topic: Primered/Sealed WSF
Primered/Sealed WSF [message #85702] Sun, 02 March 2014 19:10 UTC
avatar AcetheSuperVillain  is currently offline AcetheSuperVillain
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Junior Member
We know that WSF's porous nature makes it a little finicky when it comes to painting your models. Primer coats are a must, and many shapers have also suggested applying a sealant, such as floor wax to make the outside watertight.

So I'm wondering, would it be reasonable for shapeways to offer primered or sealed WSF models so that painters can skip that step? I feel like Shapeways' factory of the future should have access to more advanced materials and techniques than a lone hobbyist such as myself would, or at least be able to provide the outer coating at a cheaper rate due to economies of scale.
 Topic: Website suggestions
Website suggestions [message #85646] Sat, 01 March 2014 09:19 UTC
avatar mkaselis  is currently offline mkaselis
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Junior Member
Over the last couple of months I have twice placed an order, cancelled it, then placed (and went through with) another one. There are a couple of things that I found very irritating:
- there is no way to suppress the "not for sale" entries. Wading through 30 or 60 pages of stuff and having half of them not for sale is frustrating. Even just being able to sort them to the end of the list would be an improvement.
- the "store credit available" field in the ordering dialog is very small and easy to miss - I certainly did the first time round, and effectively ended up paying twice after cancelling my first order. I eventually used this credit for my second order, so no harm done in the end. Making it much more visible, or a popup asking whether to use it or even always using it by default would be a great help.
 Topic: All Section on Shops
All Section on Shops [message #85323] Mon, 24 February 2014 00:00 UTC
avatar Batjeepster  is currently offline Batjeepster
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Let us hide it if we don't want it. Since you have to make everything public in order to do some types of code the all section is a cluttered mess. Either that or bring back the ability to choose material at checkout so we can use the app that is in the lab for those of us with multiple sizes of models.
 Topic: Orientation
Orientation [message #85208] Fri, 21 February 2014 16:03 UTC
avatar AGAH  is currently offline AGAH
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Junior Member
Currently I understand that the orientation chosen by Shapeways is to get the best loading , which presumably means the most economical. How about charging a premium for choosing your own orientation ?
 Topic: Can we move the delete away from the reply in private messaging ?
Can we move the delete away from the reply in private messaging ? [message #84934] Sat, 15 February 2014 12:06 UTC
avatar tebee  is currently offline tebee
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Senior Member
Several times now I have clicked delete accidental when I meant to reply to a private message - can we change it so they are not right next to each other so stupid old fools like me don't delete things they don't want to !

Alternatively ask for confirmation

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